Article Marketing the Top 30 Article Directories



Article Marketing is one of the most successful types of marketing a business can do. This type of marketing strategy can help bloggers acquire new visitors and increase sales on their websites.

Article marketing is also one of the cheapest ways to market a company. According to wikipedia article marketing has been used by professionals for nearly as long as mass print has been available.

The advantages of article marketing

1.Increasing brand awareness – A company can use this marketing strategy to establish a good relationship with their readers.

2.Increase in page rank and SEO- An advantage of article marketing is that if the articles are good enough,their search results will get higher ranks.

3.Free way to make money -By doing article marketing the company will not have to spend money to advertise.

4.Articles may go viral – If a company writes a great article it may become viral and their site traffic would increase.

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The disadvantages of article marketing.

Can be expensive – Hiring a freelancer can cost especially if freelancers are great content writers.

Time consuming -The process of presenting articles can be time-consuming.

There are many places on the net where you can upload your articles,some are free and some make you pay for exposure.
Let’s look at a few marketing communities.

Is a very convenient article marketing community that is free and allows you to post affiliate links directly within the main text of your article.

Article marketing will definitely help spike your traffic,but you should have your website ready to convert the traffic into sales.

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Direct Marketing

Not all article marketing is done through a distribution service.Direct marketing seeks to drive a specific “call to action” Direct marketing emphasizes traceable measurable responses.

You can offer to provide free content in exchange for them allowing you to include your links directly within your article.

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An Article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects.

Sometimes article directories are referred to as content farms.They definitely are gaining in popularity.Here are the Top 30 Article Directories.


Alexa ranking 1,397 1,458 2,016 3,256 5,481 8,228

7.biggerpockets 10,142

8. 12,358 13,684 18,236 20,406 22,289 23,111 24,314 30,480

16.technorati -35,959 38,635 41,384 43,928 46,124 48,020 48,101 50,738 53,122 59,136 61,684 63,142 71,893 89,355 90,124

Well guys that is all we have today,if you have used article marketing,let me know which ones you used and did it increase your traffic?,in the comment section.

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57 Tools to Step Your Blogging Game Up !


Just like you guys,I spend a lot of time in front of my Mac,
researching, writing and promoting my content.

“Hello guys,It’s your guy Darrell,Making Cash Online’s blogbanger,with just a quick share today.”

I really enjoy meeting my readers touch base with me on Twitter

This post is about my favorite tools that save me time and money.
Not an affiliate with any of these tools,but have used all of them at least once.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with a few of these tools so get to know all “57 Tools to Step Your Blogging Game Up”.


1.Buzzsumo -content analysis tool that can give you endless ideas for new content.

2.Dribble -huge amounts of creative inspiration from designers all over the world.

3.Qualaroo -get insights from your website visitors to understand what they want to see from you.

4.Survey monkey -great tool to run polls and surveys.

5.Worldometers-real time world statistics.

6.Yutongo -crowdsourced brainstorming and ideas platform.

7.Balsamiq -easy to use design wireframing software.

8.Quantcast -gather stats on millions of websites.

9.Nerdy data -source code search engine

10.Evernote -organize all of your campaigns and have a central location to store your ideas.

11.Basecamp -project management platform simple to use and can save you a lot of time.

12.Trello -free project management platform that’s great for organizing content from multiple authors.

13.Consumer favorite library of infographics.

15.Feedly -Rss reader for storing a feed of all the best blogs within your niche.

Read one of my most read postand # 1 work from home recommendation -consumer insights from all over the world.


17.Licecap -free software for creating animated gif images.

18.Camtasia -screen recording and video editing suite.

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19.Tagcrowd -create simple word clouds from any text. -create interactive step-by-step guides.

21.Writtent -hire good quality content writers.

22.Hype my hangout -create cool Google+ videos to promote your content.

23.Press books -turn your content into an online book that’s ready to go into the kindle store and more.

24.Recite This -Turn a sample quote into a beautiful image.

25.Pinwords -overlay text to your images for sharing in Pinterest. Simple but effective tool.

26.Piktochart -create your own infographics,reports and presentations.

27.Slideshare -create and promote online slide shows. -free infographic tool.

29.Speech pad -Speech to text and video transcriptions.

30.Google Fusion tables -create interactivecharts and tables for free.

31.Grammerly -checks spelling mistakes.

32.48hourslogo -Desgn content community,designers bid to work for you.

33.99designs -huge base of designers that can create all kinds of content on a budget.

34.Resize it -resize and crop any image.

35.Print friendly -Turn any webpage into a compressed PDF.

36.Punchtab -competition/giveaway platform.

37.Swiftly -cost effective small design jobs.

38.Rafflecopter – Run giveaway and sweepstakes promotions.

39.Kuler– fantastic color wheel tool from Adobe.Create your own color palette.

40.Crowd spring -top online logo and web design.


41.TubeAssist -Automated You Tube marketing tool.

42.StumbleUpon Paid Discovery -StumbleUpon’s paid advertising service.

43.’s advertising service.

44.MuckRack -tool for connecting with journalist and bloggers via social media.

45.PitchBox -prospecting influencer and relationship platform.

46.HARO -Connect with journalist and bloggers.

47. UK-focused journalist enquiry service.

48.BuzzStream -blogger outreach tool ,link building and digital pr tools.

49.Buffer -social media sharing tool

50.Mail chimp -email marketing software.

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51.Social Locker plugin for WordPress allow users to access locked content in return for sharing.

52.Wisestamp -custom email signatures that allow you to insert a link to your latest post.

53.SproutSocial-social analytics

54.Outbrain -Paid content delivery network.

55.Imageraider -Reverse Image search tool.

56.Pinstamatic -Pinterest marketing tool.

57.Boomerang for Gmail -free app for Gmail to schedule email sending an automate follow-ups.

Bonus 58. Wealthy Affiliate University -the #1 online university for work from home income.

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Who Else Wants to Enjoy 14 Dofollow Forums to Increase Backlinks ?


We talk a lot about the importance of backlinks here at Making Cash online.It’s Darrell,back at you “Who else wants to enjoy 14 dofollow forums to increase backlinks?

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Dofollow Backlinks are a strong search engine ranking factor and one of the easy ways to get them is to build relationships on forums and leave relevant quality comments. Why?

Because this helps in your OFF-page SEO strategies. I know there are different methods to earn backlinks to your blog.

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The best is actually when you write super content and the

world just gets to linking back to it. But that means you have
to wait for your readers to start linking.
Forum posting is a SEO technique which will never die.Forum posting to get backlinks is underestimated but it is very effective to get quality backlinks.

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What are dofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are simply links pointing back to your site from other sites without the rel=”nofollow” html link

property. That means search engines are allowed to transfer

page rank to your site from the site where the link is placed. It’s like a positive vote for you from this site

Dofollow blogs and dofollow forums use the dofollow attribute and that helps you to boost your backlinks and give link love.

Link juice from a high PR blog or forum is good for your
blog to boost your Google page rank.

Especially if you are active in a niche forum which allows dofollow backlinks,you
will not only get a quality link to your site but you will also be getting targeted traffic.

Here is a list of dofollow forums which have Google page rank,register there use your blog link as signature and make sure that you stay active because these forums are very active and you will get backlinks as well as traffic.

1.Siteowners Forum
2.Joomla Forum
3.Cnet Forum
4.Mysqi Forum
5.Digital Point Forum
6.Affiliate Marketing Forum
7.Site Point Forum
8.Warrior Forum
9.Geek Village Forum
10.Html Forum
11.Webhosting Forum
12.PhpBB Forum
14.V7n Forum

I’d like to hear from you

What do you think about getting dofollow backlinks from dofollow forums and blogs?
Do you have any tips to share that can help us get more backlinks?
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Want More Money ? 5 Blogging Tips That Get Huge Results


Recently I’ve been critiquing and experimenting with various blogging strategies to find those little things that get huge results. Guys today I want to share 5 that are working for me.

1.That “You Can’t Miss” Headline

A compelling headline must promise some kind of benefit or reward for the reader,in exchange for the valuable time it takes to read me.I have recently noticed headlines that have just “a little something extra” in the titles of blog posts on popular sites like lifehacker and copyblogger.Read more about that in a post just about headlines

2. Start with a Story

We love stories. We can’t help but finish a story that we’ve started,so when you start your article with a story,people are likely to continue reading,and the further down the page they go,the likely they are going to keep going.
On blog posts where I do start with a story,the bounce rate (which is a user who only visits one single page and leaves within 30 seconds) is significantly less. With that said start with a story and put the hook in them and it’s all good.

3.Check Analytics. Add Opt-in Forms. Enjoy a bigger list.

Track your website performance,individual page performance,banner ad performance and the bounce rate,this strategy only takes a few minutes yet some days hardly anyone follows through with it.

When I learned I had a ton of traffic visiting my AboutDarrell, I immediately added opt-in forms to the page,and after 2 months I experienced a 80% increase in opt-in conversions on that specific page.

This is why I also include an opt-in form at the bottom of all my posts,near the comment form,because it’s one of the most heavily visited areas on the site.

Whether it’s a post or a page,it doesn’t matter.Where ever most people end up on your site,that’s where you want to put an opt-in form.

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4.Isolate Super Important Links

Did you notice how I linked to my Social Media Management service above?

The link is isolated on it’s own line and it takes up the entire line too.

That link is an important link within this post,one that can help a lot of people.

I’m giving this link the best chance possible to be clicked on by isolating it the way you see it there.

How so?

We cannot control the device people use to consume our content. A computer,a laptop or mobile device-that’s not up to us,but our audience.

I learned that while catching a presentation by Greg Hickman from he talked about optimizing our content for the ever-growing mob of mobile users we have coming to our websites.

So how does an isolated link help?

Have you ever tried using your finger to tap on a link on a mobile device,and clicked the wrong link instead?
It happens to most of us,because most websites are not mobile optimized?

It only takes a few seconds to implement,but isolating your important links can mean the difference

between someone easily clicking through and going to where they need to go,or someone not finding their

way around or getting frustrated and leaving for good.

5.After You Hit Publish,This Step Should Be Next

For a long time,I would blog until I hit the publish button. Once I hit that button and confirmed that

the post I just wrote was up on my website,I considered myself done until it was time to start the next


I know that writing a post is just half the battle,and hitting the publish button is actually just the beginning of what blogging really is about

Blogging isn’t just about publishing content,it’s also about marketing that content and getting it out into the world for people to read,share and take action.

There are of course several different ways to market a blog post,and we all seem to understand the

importance of sharing our post on Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels where our audience

hangs out–but even before doing that,there’s one step in between that you should implement that will

help get your content in front of more people who have yet to discover you.

Since hearing,Gary Vaynerchuk say on his podcast “take a little time create an image with some text and your logo on top of it,then I should share it on Facebook and other platforms.

Since starting this strategy my friends,Facebook has become the #1 referring website for Making Cash Online

As far as tools to create these images,I use pixlr or

Well I hope you guys implement at least one of these strategies,all of these tips don’t take very much time to implement except the last tip if you’re not familiar with image editing, but they can get huge results in your blog and online business.

If you would like to add anything or a tip of your own,Just add that into the comment section below.

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How to Write Headlines That Work Like a Professional


Headline writing is probably the first and most important skill you need to learn as a blogger.
Your headline is the first,and maybe only impression you make on a possible reader.

A great headline can also communicate a full message to it’s intended audience and it must absolutely lure the reader into your body text.

A compelling headline must promise some kind of benefit or reward for the reader,in exchange for the valuable time it takes to read me.

In the Copywriter’s Handbook copywriter Bob Bly wrote about 8 time tested headline categories that compel action and rake in sales.

1.Direct Headline

Go straight to the heart of the matter without any attempt of being clever. Bly gives the example of PURE SILK BLOUSES-30 PERCENT OFF as a headline that states the selling proposition directly. A direct blog post might read FREE SEO E-BOOK.

2.Indirect Headline

Takes a more subtle approach. It uses curiosity to raise a question in the reader’s mind which the body copy answers. Often a double meaning is utilized,which is useful online. An article might have the headline FRESH BAIT WORKS BEST and yet have nothing to do with fishing.

3.A News Headline

Is pretty self-explanatory,as long as the news itself is actually well…news. A product announcement,an improved version or even a content scoop can be the basis of a compelling headline.

4.The How to Headline

Is everywhere online and off, for one reason only– it works like a charm. An example would be,um, oh yes the title of this post.

5. A Question Headline

Must do more than simply ask a question,it must be a question that according to Bly,the reader can empathize with or would like to see answered.
He gives this example from Psychology Today? Do You Close the Bathroom Door Even When You’re the Only One Home? Another example used way too much in Internet marketing guru-ville is Who Else Wants to Get Rich Online?

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6.The Command Headline

Badly tells the person what he needs to do such as Exxon’s old Put a Tiger in Your Tank campaign Bly indicates that the first word should be a strong verb demanding action such as “Subscribe to Makingbigcash Online Today!.

7.The Reason Why Headline

A very effective technique,your body text consist of a numbered list of product features or tips,which you then incorporate into the headline such as Two Hundred Reasons Why Open Source Software Beats Microsoft. This technique is actually the underlying strategy behind the blogger list post such as 8 Ways to Build Blog Traffic.

8. The Testimonial Headline

This headline is highly effective because it presents outside proof that you offer great value.
This entails talking what someone else has said about you,your product or service,and using their actual words in your headline.

Quotation marks let the reader know that they are reading a testimonial,which will continue in the body copy. An example might be “I read making big cash online first thing each morning” admits Angelina Jolie.

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Here are some interesting statistics:

On average 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy,but only 2 out of 10 will read the article.This is the secret to the power of the headline and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.

The better the headline,the better your odds of beating the averages and getting what you’ve written read by a larger percentage of people.

Writing a great headline doesn’t guarantee the success of your writing. The benefit conveyed in the headline still needs to be properly satisfied in the body copy,either with your content or your offer.


The copywriting trainers at American Writers and Artist teach The Four U’s approach to writing headlines.

Headlines,Subheads and bullets should:

1.)Be USEFUL to the reader.
2.)Provide him with a sense of Urgency.
3.)Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow Unique and
4.)Do all of the above in an ULTRA-specific way.

In a recent issue of the Early TO RISE
EZINE,copywriter Clayton Makepeace says to ask yourself six questions before you start to write your headline:

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1.Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading?

2.What specifics could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?

3.Does your headline trigger a strong actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject at hand?

4.Does your headline present a proposition that will instantly get your prospect nodding his or her head?

5.Could your headline benefit from the inclusion of a proposal transaction?

6.Could you add an element of intrigue to drive the reader into the body copy?

Clayton Makepeace’s six questions combined with the basic structure of the Four U’s provide an excellent framework for all of my readers to sstart writing spectacular headlines.

Another tip guys for super headlines use title-generator it’s a great tool that’s helpful for unique headlines the directions are self-explanatory.

Just a quick share with you this holiday weekend. So leave me some feedback in the comment box. Please help post this article on your social media outlets for more exposure. Take care,Darrell

17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Site


Starting a website and making real money with it are are two different things. I read an interesting post last night that 73% of the world’s 100 million bloggers make less than 1 dollar a day.

So today,I’m going to show my readers “17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Site” and get some of this cheddar to have with your crackers. All 3 of my tabby cats are sleep next to me on this couch so let’s get started before they wake up.


is a Google powered platform which gives you freedom to show ads on your blog.
This was my first way I monetized this site,making cash online.

For getting Adsense approval you’ll have to submit your blog on They’ll ask questions on the form like your name,your blog’s URL and your blog’s subject.

Just fill the form out carefully and submit it.
The guys at Google will go through your form manually and approve it if you meet the guidelines.

#2-Display Banner Ads-

This is one of the best methods which all the big companies are using. They charge a fix amount of money from different companies which want to display their banners on their websites.

Display banner monetization methods work on a monthly basis where companies pay the upfront money before displaying their ads on your blog.

The site BuySellAds is one of the biggest market places to buy and sell banner ads.

#3 Write Paid Reviews about Products

Many of the reviews of various products are paid reviews.
Companies pay large amounts to bloggers for writing positive reviews about their products.

So you can pitch some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote it with your blog’s authority.

#4-Affiliate Marketing-

This is my favorite method to make money online,65% of Making cash online’s revenue is generated using this method.

When you join the affiliate marketing program for a company,they will pay 10-75% of every sale you make.

You will get your unique tracking link which will tell the company that a particular sale was made by you.
Like here is the affiliate link of Wealthy Affiliate

This link has my unique affiliate ID (8df9bcff) in this case. So everytime anyone clicks on this link,they will know that person was sent by me.

Read my post that went viral BlueprintTo Success

#5-Text Links in Articles

Many companies just want a text link inside your article for doing SEO of their website. So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert that company’s link anywhere in the post with a suitable context.

#6- Make Videos About The Product

If you have a popular blog,companies will pay you a much higher amount if you can make video review about their products.
Video is a great way to spread the information within a very short time.

#7- Sell Your Own Service

Once your blog has authority in your niche,you can start selling your own services.
You can make any software plugin, write a book or create video courses to sell on your blog.

An example of this is our new Blog Comment Service

#8-Provide Online Training

Once you have a popular blog,it’s easier to sell your online training.

You can find the interest of your audience and build product around it.Like Matthew Woodward did with his Seo courses,he is now easily making $500,000 a month.

#9-CPA Marketing

This is one of the top money making methods which all big internet marketers in the world are using.
With this method you need to drive people to the page and make them do an action.

This action can be filling out a form,submitting details,submitting their credit card details for a free trial offer,or any type of action.

CPA means cost per action/acquistion.
Companies will pay you just for an action. No need to sell the product.

#10-Using E-Mail Marketing

You might have noticed that I am giving away my newsletter on my blog in exchange for your email address. By doing this I am collecting emails of my readers so that I can send them anything when I want.

By giving away FREE goodies on your blog,you build a relationship with your readers and establish trust with them.

By giving away free tips to your readers you build respect and trust. Soon they will start following your suggestions and listen to what you have to say.

#11-Paid Guest Blogging

A paid guest post involves allowing an author to write a guest post on your blog for money or another form of compensation.Of all the monetization techniques that are focused around editorial,this has to be the most profitable

The fact is that most respectable blogs will not do this kind of thing,so it’s not easy to find good quality sites to pay for a guest post.
As a result you can charge a premium.

To learn more about guest blogging readhere

#12-Run Training Courses

A great way to build on the reputation that your blog has is to offer training courses relevant to your niche.
This is done regularly within the online marketing industry and a great example would be Jon Cooper’s link building training course.

#13-Host Premium Webinars

If you have an engaging community and hold a lot of expertise within your niche,you can host private webinars that require payment to be a part of.
There’s loads of software that you can use to do this both free and paid.

Some examples of paid platforms are Mega meeting,Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and infinite webinars.
If you want to go with a free solution then use skype

#14-Paid Blog Membership

If you’ve got a really active community within your blog that are looking to learn more about what you’re writing about, then there could be an opportunity to create a paid membership area.

This would require members to pay a fee to see extra content on your site (usually learning resources).
An example of a blog that does this is the Treehouse blog.

A great article on Problogger goes through some of the top reasons for failure for paid membership schemes, so I’d recommend giving it a read before making a decision.

#15-Run an Event/Conference

This method involves using the blog to promote an offline event/conference that you’re running.

There are some major blogs online that run an event as their core monetization strategy.
One of these blogs isSocial Media Examiner which runs events that turn over around 1,000,000 each year.

There’s a lot of money to be made in running events. Not only can you bring in money from ticket sales,sponsorships,training sessions etc. but you can also start really building your brand and reaching a wider audience.

#16- Private Forum Membership-

If you run a forum (or If you’re thinking about setting one up) then you can make users pay for access to it, or just pay for access to specific areas.

A good example of this in action is with the SEO book forum

If your blog community looks at you as an expert within your niche then your advice can come at a premium -with premium content areas you have a huge potential for making long term revenue.

#17-Sell Your Blog

It doesn’t get much more straight-forward than this-you can make money by selling your whole website. There’s a few different ways that you can go about this and you’ll get a better price if you have proven revenue coming into the site regularly,not to mention an old domain that gets a lot of organic search engine traffic. You can go down the route of finding a buyer on your own (maybe you’ve received a personal offer via email,phone etc.) or you can go through a third party auction site like Flippa.

Just a quick share today guys.So give me some feedback in the comment box,and Please help post this article on your social media sites for more exposure.Thanks and take care y’all.

7 Easy Ways to Increase the Exposure of Your Content


Let’s talk about how you can increase the reach of your content by over 400%. According to eMarketers,60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each week.
But very few of those pieces of content see the limelight.

You can’t publish a piece of content and expect the world to see it when you consider the fact 3 million blog posts are published daily.
So how can you maximize the exposure of your content? How can you ensure that your content gets links,shares,leads and sales?


Content syndication works like this:

a.)You publish a post on your blog
b.)Then you republish it on an established site in your niche.

For example James Clear published “Lessons on Success and Deliberate Practice from Mozart,Picasso and Kobe Bryant” on his blog.
Then he tweaked the article a bit and republished it on lifehacker

Content syndication is a very powerful promotion strategy that makes your content work harder for you.


In an AMA chat on Brian Dean (the founder of Backlinko) confessed to emailing at least 100 people before his post goes live.
Today most of his post rank on the first pages of Google for their target keywords.Alex Turnbull used pre-outreach to get 1,000 subscribers from a single blog post in 24 hours.

Reaching out to influencers can increase the exposure of your content.Influencers hold the key to the readership kingdom.

Just a single tweet from an influencer like Jeff Bullas could send an enormous amount of visits to your blog.


When you need Relevant,High quality COMMENTS……….HIRE ME


Most viral post have thousands of social shares. You may not be aware that most of them were pushed with paid promotion on Facebook and Twitter.
The secret to their traffic is Facebook ads. They create a blog post and push it through advertising on Facebook.
Facebook and Twitter are effective ways to promote your blog post to the right audience.


Repurposing your content is a new way to breed new life into it.

Your content will be exposed to a new audience:
2.)combine a set of blog post and turn them into an ebook.
3.)slideshare presentations.
4.)You tube videos

If you have written a nice blog post,you can turn it into a video.
Doing this will enable you to reach video lovers who might not read your blog post.
The same thing applies to other formats like webinars,podcasts and infographics.


Medium is a great community that can expose your content to a passionate group of people who would share it with their networks.
Benji Hyam said that republishing his blog post on Medium generated 10k views in 4 days.

Smart bloggers are using Medium to get into authority publications like The Huffington Post,Business Insider,Forbes and Entrepreneur.

These authority sites are always looking for content that has been successful on Medium. It’s a win-win deal for everybody.


Quora is a question and answer platform like Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange.But it has a better community feature than both.
Quora is a nice place to build up your profile and communicate with your target audience. Many of your ideal customers are posting their questions on Quora.
Quora let’s you answer these questions and you can even use your blog post to answer. Just copy and paste and link back to your blog. Doing this will enable you to drive traffic that leads back to your blog.


Guest blogging is a powerful marketing strategy that helped Danny Ivy turn his blog into a 7-figure business
Guest blogging is a nice way to market and build abusiness.

But what about using it to promote a blog post?

Matthew Barby used guest blogging to promote content he published on his blog.
As a result,the post got 247 backlinks from 91 domains. This helped the post rank for highly competitive keywords on search engines.
You can use guest blogging to boost the back links to your blog post. As you know,links remain the number one ranking factor on Google.


Weekly and monthly link roundups are a great place to get links while exposing your content to a new group of people.
For example Ana Hoffman publishes weekly roundups on her blog the traffic generation cafe.
This is a great place to get links assuming you’re in this marketing niche.
Getting featured in a link round up helps you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. The more you get featured the more people will pay attention to your blog.

Just another share guys thats all for today,don’t forget to leave your comments below and Please share my post to your social media outlets. I really need the exposure and that helps,take care.

3 Ways to Market Your Website:An Incredibly Easy Method that Works For All


Once you have put together your first online business and it’s looking awesome and you just can’t help but to feel proud of yourself,take a deep breath and put your seatbelt on because the real work is just beginning.
You will need to develop an effective strategy to promote your site so that the general public can find out what you are doing.
You simply will not be able to stay in business very long if you do not get the word out about what you are selling.
There are many different ways you can go about this. Here are some of the best methods to market your website.

Wealthy Affiliate University is the #1 online university for work from home income.


One of the most popular and effective ways to get people to find out about your online business is called search engine optimization,also called SEO.
You may have heard about this before. SEO uses specific phrases and words that have to do with your business. These are phrases and words that people will commonly search for when researching their chosen topic.
The phrases and words are added to your sight in the hopes that the algorithms used by the major search engines will pick up on them.
SEO that is done correctly will allow your site to be positioned at or near the top of the search listings.
This means that an enormous amount of people will see and visit your site who otherwise would have never heard of it. You will more than likely require assistance from someone who has a lot of experience in the SEO field.


There are many ways guest blogging can benefit your website here are a few

a.)For getting high quality targeted and niche specific backlinks.

b.)For driving more targeted traffic to your website.

c.)For increasing your website page rank and search engine rankings for targeted pages and targeted search terms.

d.)For branding purpose

e.)For building relationships with other bloggers and to connect with their blog readers.

f.)To show your expertise about a specific topic or for improving your overall writing skills.

You can ask your friend if you can write a guest post on whatever topic the blog is known for.
You can also place a few subtle mentions of your new online business in your blog post

Read about where I started my online career

Be careful not to make your blog seem like an advertisement. Try to write as many guest blogs as you can for your friends who have been blogging for a while,even better if you can guest blog on some influencers in your niche.


Email is the last effective way and probably the best way to get people to find out about your online business. The best marketing methods are the ones that cost little or no money. There are many companies that offer email marketing campaign services. An email marketing campaign is used to target many people who could possibly be interested in what you are selling. Emails are sent to them which include information about your online business. The goal of your email campaign is to get these people to visit your site and spend some money.

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Top 5o Money Making Blogs


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build thought and provide valuable content to your target audience.

Many businesses are using blogs because it is a cost effective and efficient way to publish content online.

Using a blog can definitely increase your online authority,build relationships with potential customers and raise awareness of product and services. When it comes to creating a business blog that gets read, my top 3 tips are.

  1. . Research your audience –It is important to produce quality and interesting content in order to engage with your readers. Start by researching your target audience and gauge what their interest are.
  2. Be Consistent- Regardless of how you use your blog,be consistent. Regularly posting fresh content is important to attracting new readers. If your blog hasn’t been updated in a long time readers will lose interest.
  3. Be  newsworthy-The key here is to think like a reporter. You need to make sure you’re constantly on the lookout for newsworthy stories in your business as well as staying abreast of news items in the media that are related to your business

For many people that are just starting blogging,it is hard to know how much you can potentially earn.

The best examples that you can look at are the blogs that are at the top. It’s me,Darrell again guys just pointing you in the right direction .

It definitely  inspired me to learn just how much money some of the top blogs make on a daily basis.

The following list of 50 blogs are considered the best in the business. These blogs definitely inspire me to make my own site the best that it can be. I hope you are inspired as well.


    Website                 Owner                         DailyIncome                 Value                  Main Income

   1.The Huffington Post    Arianna Huffington   $29,896     $21.82 Million     Pay per click

2.Mashable          Pete Cashmore                      $15,781        $ 11.52 Million    AdvertisingBanners

3.Techcrunch    Michael Arrington                   $14,816         $10.82 Million   AdvertisingBannners

4.Engadget        Peter Rojas                                $9,861              $7.2 Million      AdvertisingBanners

5.Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman        $6,382              $4.66 Million   AdvertisingBanners

6.Tuts+           Collis Taeed                                    $5,068              $3.7 Million     Membership Area

7.Lifehacker     Nick Denton                             $4,821              $3.52 Million     AdvertisingBanners

8.Gizmodo          Attila Talos                                 $3,918             $2.86 Million     AdvertisingBanners

9.Perez Hilton   Mario Lavandeira                     $3,645            $2.66 Million     AdvertisingBanners

10.Problogger   Darren Rowse                           $1,751           $1.28 Million       AdvertisingBanners

11.Kotaku        Nick Denton                                  $1,599          $1.17 Million        AdvertisingBanners

12.Six revisions  Jacob Gube                               $1,587         $1.16 Million        AdvertisingBanners

13.Noupe               Noupe                                         $1,400        $1.02 Million         AdvertisingBanners

14.Venture beat   Matt Marshall                          $1,251         $913,721           Pay per click

15.Copyblogger    Brian Clark                               $1,184          $864,861           Affiliate Sales

16.Abduzeedo    Fabio Sasso                                $983             $718,239            AdvertisingBanners

17.Talking points memo   Joshua Marshall     $887              $647,750          AdvertisingBanners

18.WpBeginner                   Syed Balkhi                 $692              $505,420           Affiliate Sales

19.Matt Cutts                       Matt Cutts                      0                    $488,944            Twitter

20.Steve Pavlina               Steve Pavlina              $664                $485,024           Pay per click

21.Slashgear               Ewdison Then                    $621                 $453,999           Pay per click

22.Smart passive income     Pat Flynn                 $607                $443,406           Affiliate Sales

23.John Chow                    John Chow                     $555               $405,242             Affiliate Sales

24.Freelance switch      Collis Taeed                       $533               $389,517           Membership Area

25.Shoe money             Jeremy Shoemaker          $485              $354,112          Private Advertising

26.Gothamist              Jake Dobkin                            $452              $330,022         Pay per click

27.Entrepreneurs journey     Yaro Starak               $389              $284,170          Affiliate Sales

28.Income Diary               Michael  Dunlop               $382              $279,505          Affiliate Sales

29.Chris Brogan                 Chris Brogan                    $371                $271,147         Affiliate Sales

30.Matts marketing blog  Matt Carter                     $302                $220,834          Affiliate Sales

31.Clicknewz                    Lynn Terry                             $239                $174,873         Affiliate Sales

32.dooce         Heather B. Armstrong                         $229                 $167,580         Pay per click

33.coolest gadgets  Allan Carlton                              $227                  $166,069     AdvertisingBanner

34.Tony Robbins         Tony Robbins                         $193                  $135,526       Affiliate Sales

35.Just Creative Designs    Jacob Cass                    $185                  $135,497         Ad Banners

36.David Risley               David Risley                          $137                 $100,588         Affiliate Sales

37.Car advice                Alborz  Fallah                          $127                 $92,886           Ad Banners

38. Sizlopedia              Saad Hamid                              $118                  $86,842           Pay per click

39.Gary Vaynerchuk   Gary Vaynerchuk                    $88                    $64,744           Affiliate Sales

40.Pc mech                  David Risley                                $82                     $59,955          Affiliate Sales

41.Timothy Sykes     Timothy Sykes                           $81                      $59,284          Affiliate Sales

42.Joel Comm           Joel Comm                                   $75                     $55,408           Affiliate Sales

43.Tyler Cruz            Tyler Cruz                                        $74                     $54,736            Affiliate Sales

44.Chris Garret       Chris Garret                                    $67                       $49,327            Affiliate Sales

45.Money dummy    John Aguilar                                $65                      $48,093            Affiliate Sales

46.Retireat21            Michael Dunlop                            $65                     $47,487             Affiliate Sales

47.Revenews             Revenews,LLC                              $64                      $47,122             Affiliate Sales

48.Standout Blogger Thomas Sinfield                       $59                      $43,633            Affiliate Sales

49.Blogbarefoot   Carrie Wilkerson                              $37                      $27,390             Affiliate Sales

50.Carrie Wilkerson Carrie Wilkerson                          $34                      $25,691            Affiliate Sales





Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Programs


Hello guys, Darrell here again to let you in on a secret and point you in the right direction.

For those of you who are searching for the top affiliate marketing companies out there, search no more.

I am going to give you my top 4 right now. This is not a full review.
It’s simply a little bit of information to help you save a lot of time.
When you start, I suggest that you start with  these 4 programs listed below

I truly want to save you a huge amount of time. I have already done the research.

After launching my web site, I  wasn’t really sure of where to go or what to search for.
I read, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, video fruit, Jon Morrow  all gave me superb advice, but I wanted to know who offers the best affiliate marketing programs.

I  was new to the internet world. Guys because I’m  an affiliate with these programs, I can honestly tell you they are the Top 4.

Let’s start from number 4


I have to say that these guys know what they are doing! They have the most major merchants have awesome promotions listed on their site. If you like big and popular brands, this is the place to be.
Read the viral post 4 unusual ways people are Making Money Online.

Their reporting system is easy and quick.

It is also very easy to use. Their website is built perfectly. You can easily find your way around.

For commissions,each merchant is different. Depending on who you choose to represent,the commission amount is always clearly stated before you agree to join.

Let’s start  to  number 3

Amazon the name says it all .They are the biggest store on earthen they are going nowhere any time soon. They have a variety of products,you already know,millions of products.

There website is pretty easy to use,it’s very self-explanatory. there’s no jumping around from page to page,whatever your niche is,they sell it.

As far as commissions are concerned,it really depends on what you sell for more about Amazon read the article  I wrote.

Who’s at number 2?


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As you know Jaaxy is the number one keyword research tool. I have been recommending it,they got me to number 1 on google and it is Free. Yup Check it out.



Wealthy Affiliate

I have seen no program like this on the internet !

It’s  very lucrative and interactive I have written a review about it as well. You should read it. was one of my great decisions.

I have made many great decisions in my life. I have also made poor ones. Who hasn’t.

Well joining Wealthy Affiliate was one of my great decisions. Judge for yourself.Take a look here.

No strings attached.

The best part about the Wealthy Affiliate University is the product stands for itself.

It’s something that is a positive benefit on others and adds value to their lives.

I find great  enjoyment in saving others from the headache of scams and showing them how there is actual opportunity online.

I am apart of all these 4 programs and I love them all, thats the Bottom line.

Any questions or comments  touch base with me at