Is Swisscoin REALLY a Scam ? The Honest Truth


Good morning to my fans and all my readers (bigcashers) I have received hundreds of comments and questions just in the last week about  Swisscoin.  Asking me , “Are they legit imate?”.  “Well here is the honest truth”.

It’s Darrell back at you today, a beautiful cool 68 degree sunny morning ,with a very important and serious share.

This  post titled “Is Swisscoin really a scam? The honest truth” should clear things up for my readers (big cashers) where I stand, that’s what we do here at  the cash blog we draw the line in the sand if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck ………………………’s a  duck.     

If you are looking for more information about Swisscoin you are not alone. The Swisscoin website provides no information at all about their opportunity and consist of basically a signup page.

When a company does not publicly reveal information about how they operate their business it’s usually because they have something to hide.

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Swisscoin Products

Swisscoin offers no retail products. All products and services offered by swisscoin ( training packs ) are only available to be purchased by and from affiliates.


Swisscoin Compensation Plan

The Swisscoin compensation plan is based on investments in tokens as follows:

Trainee ( 25 Eur) – 200 tokens

Tester-50 ( 50 Eur) -500 tokens

Tester-100 (100 Eur) -1,000 tokens

Tester-250 (250 Eur)-2,500 tokens

Tester 500 (500 Eur)-5,000 tokens

Trader 1000 ( 1000 Eur)- 10,000 tokens

Crypto Trader ( 2500 Eur)-25,000 tokens

Crypto Maker (5000 Eur )-60,000 tokens

Crypto Broker (7500 Eur)-90,000 tokens

Crypto Manager (10,000 Eur)-120,000

Crypto Director (15,000 Eur)-200,000 tokens

These tokens are later converted into Swisscoins which are a digital currency developed by Swisscoins.

The value of a swisscoin is solely set and established by the owners of Swisscoin and Swisscoins are not available for purchase by the general public. Therefore Swisscoins have no real external value.

The Conclusion:

We have  seen it all before. Swisscoin  is another case of an MLM company attempting to capitalize on the allure of cryptocurrency though the company actually has nothing to do with digital currency at all.

Essentially affiliates are investing in a fake currency that does not exist outside of the Swisscoin ecosystem and worse the vvalue of this fake currency is an arbitrary number set by the company.

Swisscoins are not traded on any crypto exchanges and cannot be used to purchase anything outside of the Swisscoin website.

In short, Swisscoin is a scheme designed to prey on  unsuspecting investors  and crypto newbies and and separate them from their hard earned money. As a former investor  always remember the old adage . “If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is”

I  personally won’t be investing in Swisscoin and I would wisely advise  my  readers (big cashers) who sent questions and comments to me to think about it long and hard before doing so. Let me know if you agree with “IS Swisscoin Really a Scam the honest truth.”

Until next time be sure to share all you have heard about Swisscoin in the comments section, and spread the word about the cash blog.  You my readers are the future and voice of this blog. Thanks and take care.

57 SEO Terms You Should Know


Good morning  everybody especially to my readers (big cashers) it’s a sunny but chilly 53 degree  morning here in Iowa.

I just eat a huge ham and cheese omelette ,so I’m nice and full. It’s Darrell back at you guys today for an informative share, what a beautiful day.

Ladies and gentlemen if you have a website or a blog, or if you work with anything related to the internet, you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO).

A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the most common terms of the trade and below you ‘ll find  57 of them. ( For those who already know use this post as a refresher.)   Titled  “57 SEO Terms You Should Know”.

Have you heard? About Me.

1. Domain Authority: A system devised by SEO software company Moz to estimate how a website will rank in search engine results. Points are awarded for each factor Moz believes search engines use to rank any domain and the cumulative score out of 100,is a site’s Domain Authority

2. Google Analytics (GA): A tool Google provides to help you analyze your website’s traffic and learn key information about your audience, allowing you to tailor your content toward your readers and gauge the success of your marketing techniques.

3.Search engine optimization:Tools,techniques,and best practices related to improving a website’s ability to be on the internet and ranked highly among search engine results

Rand Fishkin is cofounder of, and a huge leader in the field of SEO.

4. Digital marketing strategy:The goal-driven approach a company takes to market its products and services online.

5.Content marketing: A modern marketing strategy in which sellers provide potential customers with relevant, valuable and consistent content in order to establish authority and a trusting relationship in the hopes that it will eventually lead to sales.

6.Direct traffic: Users who reach your website by clicking a direct link.

7.Inbound marketing :Marketing techniques that bring potential customers in to your company by providing their valuable content. Contrasted with outbound marketing.

8.Bounce rate:The percentage of visitors who leave a website after arriving on the landing page rather than clicking through to more pages.

9.Content management system:The system used to manage all aspects of publishing a website’s content including creation,modification,formatting publication,index,search and removal.

10.Blog: A webpage with multiple entries called post,which is updated often and usually displayed chronologically. They vary from personal to informational.

11.Gray hat SEO: SEO strategies that toe the line of search engine guidelines. They are questionable but not in violation of guidelines as black hat SEO tactics.

Read this fun strategic  post  my Backlink strategy.

12.Cost-per-thousand-mpressions (CPM): The price paid for every thousand views of an ad.

13.Adwords:Gooogle’s advertising services that allows your business to appear at the top of the search results page.

14.Graphic display ads: Also known as banner ads. Ads appearing at the top of webpages which usually consist of image and text.

15.Link juice:A link to a webpage that provides SEO value to that page.

Last time I read  the  semrush blog  I came  away with some clever  Seo  tactics.

16.Internal linking: Also known as page to page linking. Links between one page on a given website to another page on that same site.

17.Landing Page: The webpage a potential customer reaches after following a search engine result or advertisement.

18.Cookies:Cookies are files used by websites to track your movements on the site and remember you after you leave.

19.Click-through-rate (CTR):The percentage of times an ad was clicked on out of the number of times the ad was shown.

20.Long-tail-keywords: A keyword phrase containing at least three words, often used when searching for something specific.

21.Cost-per-click (CPC): In a pay-per-click system, CPC is the price a business pays each time a user clicks on its ad.

22.Lead generation:The practice of getting leads interested in your company’s product or service.

23.Conversion : A marketing term for an audience member taking the seller’s desired course of action. That can vary from clicking on a link,providing contact information to making a sale.

24.Anchor text: The text of a hyperlink which when  clicked will bring you to another webpage.

25.Backlinks:Links on an external webpage pointing back to your own.

26.Algorithm:A set of rules a computer is programmed to follow to solve a basic problem or issue. SEO is essentially about understanding Google’s algorithm.

27.B2B: Business to business selling,as opposed to selling to customers.

Our   social media management service is a great  example of B2B.

28.Content Farm:A website that contains very large quantities of content,typically of low quality.

29.A/B testing:A strategy for measuring the success of a marketing campaign in which two landing pages are created and incoming traffic is split between them to compare the conversion rates of each.

30.Alt tags: HTML code that enables you to tell the search engines what words to associate with an image.

31.Nofollow Links:A link to a website that does not add any search engine value, such  as paid advertisements.

32.Organic traffic :Clicks through to your website that do not result from paid search engine results.

33.Podcast:Digital audio files that are usually part of a series,like radio shows.

34.Rich snippets: The sample of content from your website that appears in search engine results.

35.User experience (UX):A person’s overall experience using a product or service.

36.Wordpress: The leading online content management system platform for websites.

37.SSL : An encryption protocol that renders a website safer for users. SSL-encrypted websites have an “s” added in addresses https:// rather than http://.

Read this useful post about SSL Certificates.

38.Slideshare:A network for sharing presentations and infographics online.

39.Search engine rankings: The ordered listing of organic search engine results.

40.Robots.txt file : Also known as the robots exclusion standard or robots exclusion protocol.

41. Structured data and schema:Special website code that gives search engines extra information about the content on your website: that information is sometimes displayed in search results,such as star ratings.

42.Search engine crawlers: An internet bot that systematically scans the World Wide Web so that it can be indexed.

43.Manual actions: Penalties that Google imposes on websites engaging in practices it does not condone.

44.Outbound marketing ;Traditional marketing techniques that “interrupt” a medium such as a television  program non-associated ads.

45.Organiic search results: Listings that are the natural result of a search engine inquiry as opposed to those that are sponsored (paid for)

46.Online review profile:The  totality of online reviews of your business.

47.Black hat SEO: Aggressive and outdated SEO practices that try to manipulate search engines in order to elevate website’s rankings. These violate SEO guidelines and if caught, will be penalized by Google.

48.Impressions :The number of times a webpage comes up on a search result page that a user has viewed.

49.B2C : Business to customer selling,as opposed to selling to other businesses.

50.Raw URL text:Links that use the URL as anchor text.

51.Linkbuilding:The process of acquiring backlinks to your website.

52. Keyword stuffing:The practice of overloading a webpage’s content and /or tags with keywords. This practice violates search engine guidelines

53.Infographics: Information presented in graphic or image form to make it readily accessible and understandable. 

54.Unique selling proposition (USP)The key factor distinguishing a service or product from it’s competitors.

55.Value proposition: A company’s statement explaining the benefit or feature it offers uniquely well.

56.Warm leads:Someone who has already shown a measure of interest in a company’s products or services such as following it on social media.

57.Webpage template: A predesigned webpage that one can purchase and use as a design for their own content.

Ok that’s 57 terms that will be extremely helpful for those blogging 120 days or less. They will definitely get you up to speed and  and should help in your daily blogging

I know when I started blogging I didn’t understand all the SEO terminology and fell behind because of it .

For my intermediate bloggers these terms will be like a refresher . So everybody leave  me some feedback in the comment section about these terms and how you liked them.

Are they helpful?  And definitely share my post to your friends,family and social outlets. Again thanks for stopping by and for supporting me here at the cash blog  and y’all have a  great weekend.


6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media


Good morning everyone it’s a chilly 51 degree chilly morning in Iowa. It’s Darrell back at you with a serious share today. Get ready y’all I think it’s gonna be a cold winter this year.

As most of you know 70% of our income here at  the cash blog is derived from our social media management service.

Yesterday I was cold calling business owners all afternoon and it really surprised me how many felt that a social media presence isn’t necessary.

With our social media management service  we help establish your brand presence in social media channels, but also tighten the relationship you have with existing customers ,while driving word of- mouth advertising as well as conversions.

So this post is titled “6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media”. so  Let’s Roll.

Social media marketing is one of the greatest developments in the marketing world in the past decade.

Some companies have risen to unbelievable heights solely on their social media  acumen while others have refused to adopt any strategy at all.

1. They don’t understand how ” Social Media work”

Some business owners have convinced themselves that social media platforms are weird and  strange and it’s only for teenagers.

They haven’t taken a moment to learn how Facebook timelines work or  why Twitter is used for different types of interactions than LinkedIn.

Basically a few hours on any platform are all it takes for even a beginner user to grow accustomed to the basics and the basics are all you need to be effective.

Read this helpful post 31 Tips to Get more Facebook Likes !


2. They’re overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google +, Inform are just a handful of the most popular social media.

That number grows bigger everyday and to make things worse there are multiple ways for businesses to use every platform.

The number of options is overwhelming to a novice. The key is identifying which platforms will be your best option.

Listen to what small business owner  Ray Vandenberg said about us.

3. They don’t want to hire someone new.

Social media marketing is usually seen as a new wing of marketing, and in order to tackle it a business person would need to hire someone new who specializes in it.

However a full-time person is rarely necessary  for a social media marketing strategy, except for larger brands who might even need more people.

According to  social media examiner by tracking conversions you can connect a dollar value to your social media marketing efforts.

4. They don’t understand purpose.

The purpose of social media marketing is debatable but too many entrepreneurs are skeptical of it’s benefits simply due to how it’s been presented to them.

The reality is social media marketing isn’t some magical booth that will suddenly flood paying customers to your business.

It has a number of subtle benefits, such as increasing your visibility on the web and providing information to several-savvy customers, but most importantly ti can drive lots of people to your website.

5. They don’t want to change from traditional advertising and networking.

Some entrepreneurs are so familiar with traditional methods they refuse to change. The traditional and social media efforts can be done in balance to give you the best of both world’s.


6. They don’t see value.

The objective value of social media is hard to calculate  as a result it scares many businessmen away.

Since most of social media’s effects are indirect or hard to measure. As long as people continue using technology as a means of communication there will be a space for social media marketing.

If social media marketing is properly understood and implemented it can yield a positive ROI  (return on investment)  for any business. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, give it a shot , signing up for most platforms is free.

Let me help you elevate your social media presence.  Get Started Now

Well everybody that’s our post for today. Let me know how you feel about having a social media presence. If you are ready to elevate your presence contact me Today.

Please share this post with friends  and your social media outlets. Thanks very kindly and see ya .

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Here are my Top 2 Online Education Recommendations !


Hello to all  my friends, readers (big cashers)  and my loyal 19,000  Twitter fans thanks for stopping by and supporting me.

It’s Darrell back at you on a rainy 68 degree  afternoon with a  real serious share. It’s titled ” Here are my Top 2 Online Education Recommendations”.

I have got lots of questions and comments from my readers  asking me what’s the best place to start  and  make a living online  so Let’s go.

Many people online will try and bamboozle you and tell you that making money online is going to be easy. Run from them fast. 

I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true.  Now what I will say is I find this much easier than going to a boring job, taking orders from a boss and is 1000% more rewarding.

Do you want a actual online opportunity that has made me and many others successful ?

Guys check out Wealthy Affiliate  they are hands down # 1 for online education.  This is where I started and still hang out there.

Dom Wells  of   humanproofdesigns   featured in   Entrepreneur is  a Wealthy Affiliate graduate.

Myself I have spent a lot of time inside this program, learned and developing content. It has really taken me from just a desire to work online to an actual career.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and are known as SEO experts in the business. The owners Kyle and Carson  are two super down to earth guys who have helped me personally and reach out in this community.

Guys take it from me,  an Ivy league type online education from Wealthy Affiliate and persistent hardwork = online success.

You receive step-by-step training that is easy to follow and you can even  Get Started Today

Want to know the secret to making money online?

Here it is :    My # 1 recommendation

You’ll learn how to build a successful online business.

It’s absolutely  Free  to join. No hidden cost.    No  credit card information.

A truly honest way to make a living on the internet.  Try it out.

Get Started Now


Now My  # 2 Online Education Recommendation Guys!

Finally get paid for your writing. No experience ?    No clue where to start? No problem.

The top question I get asked from news writers is if they can really make a living from online writing ? And you know what I tell them?

Yes of course you can! And to be a highly-paid writer, you don’t need previous experience or a writing degree.

Let me introduce  you guys to  Write Your Way to Your First $ 1K

It’s a proven method to help new writers get set up and succeed at freelance writing from scratch. This complete course gives you the tools you need to be a well-paid and sought after freelance writer.

What is Write Your Way to Your First $ 1k

It’s an in-depth writing course,from beginner to professional writer. It has over seven modules, 41 lessons and is entirely writer self-paced

Get paid to write and start making money with your words.


Don’t believe me?  This is what Adam  Connel, of  bloggingwizard has to say about freelance blogging.

The most effective way to earn a full-time living from your blog is to become a freelance blogger. The best thing about this is that no matter how challenging it is to make money in your niche,you can make it happen by leveraging your skills and knowledge as a blogger.”

Make your money back in no time.

This course pays for itself. You only need one client that pays $ 50 a post twice a month. That’s less than five hours of work  and you break even in less than a month. It’s that easy.

And you know what? You can do this all from scratch. No experience necessary (you don’t need a degree).

Guys I have personally seen this course,help my own sister who has a education and admin background to make a living writing on a variety of topics while still able to take care of my nephew and nieces.

You have the freedom to chose the clients you want to work with, pick the writing gigs that interest you and scale your business how you want.

Get Started Now

But here’s the catch .  This course isn’t for everyone.  It does take work, persistence and passion to earn your first $ 1K.

But ladies and gentlemen I can guarantee you that with this course you’ll get the tools you need to find clients faster and at the same time grow your business to have clients come to you.

If you want to be successful  and a highly paid freelance writer this course is for you. If you want the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and control how much you earn this course is definitely for you . When you sign up to Write Your Way To Your First 1K here’s what you get.

when you sign up to Write Your Way to Your First $1k here’s what you get:

  • 7 modules of step-by-step self-guided lessons
  • Enhanced video training on popular tools and best practices
  • Specific exercises within each lesson to help stay on the right track to making your first $1k
  • Ready-to-use templates, email swipe copy,  pitch archive of the exact pitches that landed clients, including the pitch that landed  my very first client – $100 for an 800-word blog post and the current pitch that has awhopping 75% closing rate!
  • The pitching handbook with more tips to help you perfect your pitch and increase your conversion rate.
  • EVERYTHING you need to know to build your writer platform – what will help you attract clients come to you
  • And much more…

Take advantage of this step-by-step guide with action steps, a private Facebook group and enhanced materials. No experience required.

How this works

This is a self-paced online course.

Once you sign up and pay for your course level, you’ll have access to all the modules and supplemental material. You can read all the lessons in a module in one day or take as long as you need to go through each of them.

Each module is full of action-packed, easy-to-follow lessons.

By the end of the course, you should have a solid foundation, a new skill set and the tools and steps you need to earn your first $1k (and more) from freelance writing. So Let’s do it guys.

Get Started Today


If you’re the type of person looking to get rich overnight. I can’t help you. I’ve seen many people create life changing incomes online but they put in work.

You won’t get rich overnight, but if you put in the work you can create a very nice income or if it applies to you 2nd income alot faster than you think.

I hope you guys enjoyed ” Here are my top 2 Online Education Recommendations”.

Please share

As a blogger my main goal  is to reach and help others with my words, especially to those who relate to my experiences but you must take  action.

I recommend both of these programs, take action friends.

As you know sharing to your favorite social media sites like,Facebook,  Google + and Twitter help spread the word around. I thank you for your time and your share , Darrell

5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business ! (Blog)


Hello everybody and a special  “whats up” to all my loyal readers ( big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you today  with a  share titled “5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business”.

I love to read and I love to learn. My passion for reading has really helped  me understand people, places and things.

And reading other books were useless. However I have come across some phenomenal reads that have helped change my perspective in my journey to business success.

Ladies and gentlemen if you are considering starting a blog or a business of your own. Do not take a step further until you have read the books I will recommend in this post.

According to  Entrepreneur  17 of the top 100 Kindle books in 2012 were self-published,the number gets higher each year.

Take what you  learn from reading these books and apply it to create a successful path for yourself.

1.The $ 100 Startup ( Chris Guillebeau)


The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

The $ 100 Startup is a book I really enjoyed reading. Chris Guillebeau shows how you can leverage your natural talent or long-loved hobby to build a thriving business.

He shows case studies of entrepreneurs who have built businesses earning more than $ 50,000 from budgets (often $ 100 or less)

If you’re looking to build a small business that allows you to lead a location independent lifestyle this is the book that will point you in the right direction.

Read this post that went viral  What Level Blogger Are You?


2.The 4-Hour Work Week ( Tim Ferrris)

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

This book strongly rejects the traditional approach to life planning where people work their butt off: take very little time off from work over the years and save up money for retirement.

Tim talks about building a business that works for you and not a business that you work for (get it? )  It is about having a lifestyle where you are in control and not one where circumstances dictate your activities

Tim Ferris wrote the 4-Hour Work Week for those looking to maximize their productivity and freedom. The book is an excellent read so good it was on the New York Times bestseller list for years.

Many entrepreneurs consider Tim Ferris the ultimate business guru and he has a huge devoted following to prove it.

So what’s in the 4-hour work week:

It includes Tim Ferris story of having a lifestyle of $ 40,000 per year and 80 work hours per week to $ 40,000 per month and 4 hours per week.

There is a lot of practical advice and case studies in here that will help you rethink and reinvent how you should do business.


3.The Happiness of Pursuit (Chris Gillebeau)

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

This book is basically about finding purpose in life by working to accomplish big goals and seeking out adventure.

Chris Guillebeau decided to visit every country in the world. The people he profiles in the book chose a wide variety of quest,taking a vow of silence.

You can chose to pursue whatever quest happens to interest you. Check this book out it really is a fun read.

4.Starting an Online Businesss for Dummies  (Shannon Belew)

Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies

Shannon Belew’s start-up classic is a great replacement for whatever text book you would use in an entrepreneurship class to prepare for business ownership.

The book offers insider information on a wide range of topics,covering all stages of the start-up process from raising money to motivating staff.

There are plenty golden nuggets of information truly a  very good read.

Read this post 5 Blogging Tips that Get Huge Results.


5.The Lean Start-Up ( Eric Ries)

The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

The Lean Start-Up stresses that start-ups should be more innovative than conventional if they want to survive or bettter still escape competition in the marketplace.

Basically author Eric Ries shares insightful stories from his experience with software start-ups.

Ries presents a number of practices that will help you shorten the product development cycle and measure actual progress. And this without wasting your budget  on seemingly relevant business processes that will take you nowhere.  Super-read. Guys go get your copy.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed ” 5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business”.  Just a short Sunday share.

I  read these books this summer and now that it’s fall and getting colder outside, I definitely will be getting my money’s worth out of that $ 10 unlimited Kindle deal.

5 Book Facts

  • People in Iceland read more books per capita than in any other country.
  • It is predicted that within three years 75% of books will be sold online and only 25% in brick and mortar bookstores.
  • Former American president Theodore Roosevelt read an average of one book per day.
  • Top 3 most read books in the world are: The Holy Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and Harry Potter.
  • The world’s most expensive book ever purchased was bought by Bill Gates for $ 30.8 million.  It was Codex Leicester by Leonardo DaVinci.


How do you feel about these 5 books? Did  I leave off your favorite?  Is there a book not listed here that you would recommend? Please share your thoughts and kindly share this post. Thanks and take care.

6 Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate !

  • amazon-447033_1280

6  Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate

Hey  ladies and gentlemen and a special hello to my readers (big cashers) it’s the chief blogger back at you on a cool Monday night.

I went to Chicago for the weekend to visit my sister , brother,  nieces and nephews. And everybody was doing just fine. It’s about a 5 hour drive from Iowa, so I’m going to do this night time share and get myself to bed ! Let’ s Roll.

I have been getting alot of questions about the Amazon Affiliate program from my readers (big cashers). There are rumors out there so tonight’s post I want to clear things  up read this post I wrote in April to get in the loop ”  Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper

Rated # 1 on the top 20 Influencers on affiliate marketing (per Klout).  He owns over 150 domains also is founder of the  Affiliate Summit.

An  influencer I read  daily Shawn Collins has been an Amazon Affiliate for over 20 years.

The usual reasons I hear  people give for not being an Amazon Affiliate include

  • The commissions are too small. They start at 4% and for most products can go as high as 8% depending upon how many products are sold.
  • Because most people on Amazon buy low priced products like books,so 4% of a $10 product doesn’t add up to a worthwhile commission

All of these are very valid reasons:

One of my favorite bloggers influencer Darren Rowse of  problogger has been an Amazon Affiliate since 2003.

6 Cool Reasons I  am an Amazon Affiliate

The main reasons I still am an Amazon Affiliate (apart from the obvious fact that it converts for me) are:

  • Amazon is a highly  trusted brand

everyone knows Amazon. If someone was going to buy online, Amazon would have to be one of the safest options. I know I trust them. Love unlimited Kindle and Prime.

  • Commissions are higher  on higher value product

while 4% on a book isn’t a high commission if you promote a high value product like a professional camera the commission can be decent

  • People buy more than one item at a time

when you send someone to Amazon you earn a commission on whatever they buy and whatever they end up buying within a 24 hour period. Many people load up their cart with huge amounts of items so commissions can add up fast.

  • Easy Integration

Amazon provides some good tools and widgets to help you integrate the sales channel into your website.

  • Holidays are booming times

Amazon runs some good seasonal sales. The merchandise sells like hotcakes. Thanksgiving to Christmas can be  a very profitable time to promote and sell. Get on the bandwagon now y’all.

  • Amazon has a wide supply of different products.

Amazon is much more than books these days guys. There are so many promotional options that most niches would probably find something relevant to their audience.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ll never argue that Amazon’s Affiliate program is perfect for every blog but I do think it’s worth checking out don’t  snooze or you’ll ……………

Top Amazon Sellers   and the  Making Cash Online Bookstore are  Amazon technology driven stores and do very well for us here.

Read this helpful Review   Amazon Affiliate Program Review.

Here’s How to Make Money from Amazon’s Affiliate program.

1. Build Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic, traffic, traffic. As with most methods of making cash from blogging,the more eyeballs that see your offers the better chance you have of them converting. Yes it is a numbers game.

Does that mean it’s not worth experimenting with Amazon’s Affiliate program if you don’t get much traffic?

Personally I think it’s definitely worth using early on. You won’t earn a huge amount but you will learn a lot and earning a few dollars is better than none.

In my first 3 months of using Amazon I earned $22.95, it wasn’t much but what would have happened if I’d have let that small amount stop me from trying?

So guys experiment early but starting  out your main focus needs to be on creating great content and building traffic to your blog.


2. Build Loyalty and Trust with Your Readers

Loyalty and trust = sales. While I do get a fair amount of search engine traffic. I’ve found that in most cases search visitors don’t sign up to the affiliate programs on my  blogs. Loyal and repeat readers do.

The main reason for this is that readers who connect with you on a daily basis begin to trust you ( and your blog).

When you make a recommendation or do a review they’re more likely to take that advice than someone who has just arrived from a search engine.

Read one of my Best post  Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Programs.


3. Find Relevant Products to Promote.

This is another common sense tip that many of us screw up. The more relevant your products are to your audience the better chance you’ll have of converting sales.

Promoting IPods on a blog that talks about religion you’re unlikely to make a lot of sales.

Amazon doesn’t work with every topic,sometimes it’s hard to find a product that matches your topic. Try different products related to your topic and track which products convert best for your audience. I hope everybody enjoyed ” 6 Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate”.

Well that’s our night-time share for all my readers I love you. I’m getting ready to have a big bowl of french vanilla ice cream and a big slice of german chocolate cake.

Leave me comments and let me know how has the Amazon Affiliates program worked for you? Sign up for my updates and big cashers don’t forget to share this post with your family,friends and social media outlets.  Take care . Be cool.


19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online While in College

19 Proven Ways  to Make Money Online While in College

Hello ladies and gentlemen it’s Darrell the chief blogger here at euro-317926_1280 the cash blog back at you today for a  epic share.

It’s a rainy cool 60 degrees here in Iowa.  I have been getting hundreds of questions and comments from my readers who are in college asking me “What are the best ways to make money online ? ”  “for them”.

My two kids are grown and long gone,guys I had my first kid at 18 so y’all get the picture. Now  I do have two nieces and a nephew who are in college and they are included in  the ones asking questions and the reason for this  post.

The majority of the information out there regarding  making money is mostly fluff. The fact of the matter is most make money online information is written by a writer who only writes for a living. Never by real entrepreneurs that actually make a living from online.

In internet marketing we would say “they don’t drink their own Koolaid.”

The last four years I’ve made a living working from online since Jan 2016 on a full-time basis. I’ve seen the good ,bad and ugly.

In this post guys  I have provided you with well researched  information you can use and have left out the bad and ugly. I have left out time-wasting programs that will earn you a candy bar  and a coupon at the end of the month.

In case you are thinking who the hell are you lol, learn more about me, read my article   About Us

Even though some freelance and survey companies are legit and serve their purpose, I didn’t include them either. Check my archives  I  did  a previous post on them. But now  Let’s Roll with this post  ” 19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online.”

Digital Products

Guys there has never been a better time in history to make money from online. The internet has made it easy to sell your skills and information to the masses.

The digital age is now and it has never been bigger than today. Whether it’s reading products digitally or watching videos more and more people are getting used to online purchasing and there is no sign it will stop soon.

Please read  Dave Ramsey’s  Complete Guide to Money…………………..Today ….for more ideas.


There are several different platforms you can sell video products on and each will give you a different result. If you want to start a video classroom and teach consumers, the most popular video classroom site is

It’s really a super site that is free to sign up with. I have used this site for both buying and selling video material.

The content and quality of material I have purchased as a customer has been top- notch. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to upload videos even for a non-techie like myself.

The beauty of Udemy and selling digital products online is that the income is passive. Yes, once you are finished making your videos and posting them to the site you no longer have to work on them again.

Think about it while you are in class or even at the soldout football game your income  G-R-O-W-S !

Udemy has a flexible pricing structure. Classes can be free or you can charge in the hundreds based on the content.

It is important that the videos you make contain great content ,because customers will review your courses. As  reviews go up so will your sales. Hey readers, I recommend you add this  revenue stream to your life.

Skillfeed  is another video teaching platform that is starting to gain popularity. Although not  as popular as Udemy. You get paid based on how popular your content is,which is determined by the total monthly minutes played.


Stone River eLearning

If you are well-versed in computer technology,programming , software training or web design then StoneRiver eLearning might be the perfect place to upload your video classes.

The  site allows customers to receive IT certifications. If you are an expert in the technology space, it won’t hurt to post your videos and allow them to grow with Stone River eLearning.


Teaching Game and App Creation  – This site is designed to teach students how to create games  and apps. The site is diverse allowing users to create and sell games on the website itself.  So far the site has received five-star ratings.

I have a few of my techie friends doing really well on this site,guys don’t sleep on Zenva.

Writing for Pay


Kindle has become a great way for many self-publishing authors to get their books into the hands of readers directly. The beauty of Kindle is that it user the Amazon platform, which is the # 1 marketplace on the planet.

When it comes to eReaders, Kindle is king. It owns 75-90% of the eReader market. Want to write a fiction on a topic you’re interested or a non-fiction book helping customers?

Sure no problem, no topic is out of bounds for a platform like Kindle. The digital revolution is truly here so don’t get left behind. Kindle offers a great royalty program.

Giving writers 70% royalties on all books $2.99 or more allowing you to generate passive income month after month.  What is  passive income ?.

Kindle makes it simple to start your writing career today just go to sign up and start making an online income.


Although kindle has most of the market share in  self-publishing don’t sell yourself short. There are other sites that allow you to sell your ebooks as well such as  smashwords, nook ,and apple iBook.

For the best results it is great to sell your books on multiple platforms, some sites will forbid  posting the same book on others under certain conditions.

The key to self-publishing is  building a name brand. With a big enough brand name your fans will sell your books for you.

Physical Books

Did you know you can turn any of your ebooks into physical books for Free ? Yes FREE!

Sites like (owned by Amazon ) is a print on demand company that will print your books as they are ordered and send them off to customers.

Createspace is a great compliment to Kindle  it will lead to additional sales of your books.

Audio Books

More people are not only consuming digital content now more than ever,but are consuming their content by audio.

Sites like (owned by Amazon) allow you to take your books and turn them into audio books. So now your one Kindle book, is now making money for you three separate ways.



I know its a long read guys  but if you’re looking for an all-purpose place to sell audio, video or written products? is your answer. The site has it all allowing you to share and sell any digital product you can imagine.

With Gumroad you are 100% in charge simply direct visitors to your Gumroad page and collect the money as your information sells.


Make Money Writing Articles

You can make money writing for various websites. Sites like offer $ 50 per blog. The site will actually pay you $ 100 for each article you write for them. Keep in mind guys your article must get accepted to get paid.

Prominent magazines like allow freelance contributors to write for them. The site pays up to $1000 for high quality articles and interviews.


Peer to Peer Lending

Did you know you can act as a bank and allow someone to borrow money with an interest rate? Peer to Peer lending allows you to do just that.

Sites like this give you all the tools you need to loan money to consumers,including their credit ranking. Turn your $ 1000 into $ 1250 in just a few months.

The two giants in this space are   Prosper  and I have used Prosper a couple of times.

Each time I chose someone I thought would be responsible. I got all my cash back plus some. You can loan up to $35,000. I would advise you to start much lower and get your feet wet first.


Teaching and Tutoring

Teach  a language to citizens of other countries on sites like ,  and which allows you to teach students one on one.

You will get paid by the hour. Not only is this a good way to generate income you will be helping someone achieve their dream………….of learning a new language……….now that’s Cool !


Smart college kids . Are you smart in subjects like algebra or biology ? Become an online tutor on sites like  or

Another way to teach students is by tutoring for the SAT. You will need to score high on the prep test but if you pass you can earn up to $50 per hour on sites like


Sell Physical Products with No Money Down

One way many people are making money online with no money down is by selling t-shirts. Yep t-shirts. Sites like and zazzle allow sellers to customize their own t-shirts on the website,open a store and start selling them on the spot.

Of course cafepress is going to take a percentage of all your sales. But the site takes care of all the fulfillment for you. All you have to do is electronically make the design.

This can work without spending a dime I started a Twitter page and began to build a following selling my own personal brand just  goofing around and it turned into a few hundred dollars a month. Give it a shot y’all. What do you have to lose?


Affiliate Marketing

One of the most profitable and common ways to sell products for free online is through affiliate marketing. The idea and process of affiliate marketing will take three books  to  explain but I will simplify it so you start to make money today.

The easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to sell products that already exist online. By simply signing up for a site’s affiliate program you are given a special link to the website that you can post anywhere.

When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase on the website you will receive a commission on the sales.

The  Top Amazon Sellers Store   and  my Making Cash Online Bookstore are examples of  Amazon  affiliate stores. One of the most popular and easiest affiliates to sell items from is Amazon.

The program allows you to sell Amazon products from anywhere and keep 4-9% of all sales you make.

Read this Top post  “Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper”.

Read this  in depth  “Amazon Affiliate Program Review

One super aspect about Amazon Associates is even if the customer doesn’t buy your particular item, if they buy anything from your link you will receive credit for it.

There are places such as  and that allow you to be an affiliate for digital products.

Read this post that went viral   “How to Make Money with Clickbank”.

Did you know the second largest internet search site in the world is ? This site receives more visits than most sites in the world combined and is a great platform to be seen and make money.

YouTube works on an advertising model. The more people that visit your site and view commercials the more money you make.

Not only is YouTube good to make money through advertisements but it is great for brand awareness and exposure. Unless you have a video that goes viral it takes time to build an online audience. Well guys those are all the best ways you can make money online with no money.

Read this  insightful post  “Make Money with YouTube”.

Start a Website

The ultimate way to make money online is to start your own website. Having your own website gives you the control that you need and gives you the best chance of financial freedom.

Your own website is 100% yours and gives you unlimited options whether you chose your own products or affiliate marketing. The good news is starting a website is cheap.

Get  your free   website Today.

Whatever you do the website must look clean and be user-friendly. People only buy from websites that look professional and that they feel they can trust.


People love talking about their ideas and dreams, but if you actually start working on them that puts you ahead of like 90% of the people.

Then the other 90% will stop at first hurdles so if you keep going you’ve already got a good chance at success . There is no overnight. The Good news is that now it’s much  easier than ever.

That’s going to be it for today guys, Leave me some feedback about this post below. I hope you enjoyed this  post ” 19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online While in College.”

And make sure you share it with your friends and social media outlets. Also leave me your email address  so you can  get  my updates  first. Thanks for  visiting  and supporting me and  the cash blog.  Take care.



7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers !


“7  Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers “

Hello  to all my readers (big cashers) it’s  Darrell back at you.  The chief blogger at the cash blog, today I’m doing a weekend social media share. Actually it’s evening 6 pm a beautiful 69 degrees here in  Iowa.

Here at the cash blog my  go-to social media outlets are Facebook and Twitter. I already did  my post about Facebook  ”  31 Tips to Get More Facebook likes.”

So I decided to do one  about Twitter  since my readers (big cashers) requested that.   Join my 19,000  Twitter followers and follow me too ! thanks in advance everybody.

Today’s post “7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Follower’s” took about 4 hours of research  so I am expecting my loyal reader’s to use that donate button today and show me  “some love”. Now back to the post.

Guys instead of focusing on getting as many followers as possible focus on engaged followers.

The difference is that engaged followers with whom you have established relationships  with are more likely to Retweet, and Like your content than someone who only followed you because you followed them first.

Twitter’s 320 million current active user’s represent an all-time high. Of course Facebook is king with 1.7 billion.

However Twitter is a great platform for businesses, brands and professionals with more than 135,000 daily signups.

75% of businesses are on Twitter to engage with their customers.

7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

1. Use Attractive Clear Profile Images, Cover Photo and Background

Only three images can be added to Twitter therefore you need to make the most of these photos. The three areas where you can add a picture are the header,profile and background.

If the profile you have on Twitter is personal you should use a picture of yourself as the image.

The background and header can be used to represent your company. It is for attracting new followers.

Elevate your social media presence with my  Social Media Management service.


2. Asking Questions is an Effective Way To Attract Followers

Questions in your tweets are more likely to get more conversations started. So start tweeting questions to get answers.

Come up with relevant questions about your niche.

When you get responses,make sure to followup with those who answer you. Show them  you’re listening and care.

You may also want to highlight certain answers by retweeting them with a response to keep the conversation alive and inspire even more interaction and followers. I recommend tweeting questions at least three times a week

Read fun post ”  Make Money  with YouTube Videos.”


3. Attach Images for Better Interaction and  Followers

Images always attract more attention from people than text. Images in your text will definitely increase your followers So start adding images with your tweets.

You may not always have time to add images to your tweets, but you’re likely to be rewarded.    ” Tweets with images received

  • 18% more clickthroughs
  • 89% more favorites
  • 28% more followers
  • 150% more retweets

Source:  digitalinformationworld.


4. # Hashtag Your Topic

Your tweets are only seen by your followers. However when you use a hashtag followed by a word they can potentially be seen by any user.

By including the hashtag symbol (#) you categorize your tweets  which make them appear when a user searches the term.

Clicking a hash tagged word shows other Tweets that include the same hashtag.

Please read  Social Media Marketing for “Dummies” for  more ideas.

5. Include Emoji’s and Symbols

Those little icon’s we once called “smileys” have come a long way. Today a lot of emoji’s and symbols appear in tweets and people seem to love them.

Guys try including non-text characters to make your message stand out.

From your smartphone,it’s easy to grab emoji’s straight from the keyboard and catch the eyes of many followers.

6. Face Your Followers

To everybody I want to encourage you to feature yourself in your tweets every now and then.

It will definitely help get more of a personal connection and build trust with followers. Toss a candid selfie on Twitter.

7. Quote Someone

Twitter users really connect with quotes,funny quotes. Toss the occasional quote into your tweet mix, especially when you come across something thoughtful or inspiring.

Don’t let the 140- character limit for tweets stop you from posting a longer quote. Quotes as well as images will attract more eyeballs and get more followers.

Hey I hope everybody liked my post “7 Clever Ways  to Increase Your Twitter Followers”.   Leave me some comments below.

Share this post with your family and friends and social media outlets,    and have a  super weekend everybody.  Thanks for your support, Take Care

27 Easy First Year Blogging Goals ! (my favorite # 16)


Good morning ladies and gentlemen  and my loyal readers (big cashers) it’s Darrell coming at you on a rainy Wednesday here in Iowa. Today I have a serious share with you.

Have you heard ? AboutMe.

I have received  a lot of comments from 1st year bloggers who have quit blogging . So this post is to help and give some encouragement  titled  “27 Easy First Year Blogging Goals”.

Personally what helps me is  I truly enjoy  writing and blogging  I constantly measure my progress  and   see that I have made tremendous  progress .

That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Thanks to all of you.I  am getting over 500 visits a day.   Whoa ! On to the post. Let’s Roll.

Blogging is about having a good idea and working hard to make it a reality. Success  in blogging doesn’t happen overnite. It takes a lot of sweat effort and commitment over a long period of time.  It is a marathon not a sprint.

And the best way to run a marathon guys is to break up the race into smaller segments and set small milestones in order to make the distance more manageable. Same works for a blog.

When I was in the army, at PLDC (primary leadership development course) my favorite instructor Sgt. Lopez used to say to me Harris if you keep winning battles eventually you will win the war.

Same with a blog, accumulating many smaller milestones and wins regularly over a period of time will lead to big results and achievements of large blogging goals.

Think of  Very Simple Yardstick Measurements for Your Progress

Guys no matter where you are at currently the path to where you want to be starts with the step you are taking right now.

Blogging goals are achievable by simplifying it all and taking one small step at a time. Take one day at a time. One blog visitor at a time.

One Facebook like at a time….. think of very simple yardstick measurements for your progress. One mention from Brian Clark  of  Copyblogger  could  increase your traffic immensely.  Big cashers one step at a time.

How can you know for sure that what you’re doing is moving you forward? It’s important to  measure your progress and ask questions. Look for examples. Explore what could go wrong.

Guys there is no magic trick and there is no secret. The shortcut and quick fix promises from certain gurus and their sales pages that you might read online.

Or the secrets and tricks of SEO industry are just empty and will not do the magic trick for you. Instead you must focus on the basics of plain old hard work. If you don’t believe me ask my friend Michael Arrington at  at tech crunch.

Get Strategic and Set Your own Blogging Goals

So where do I start and what do I  do first? And what do I do right now? First of all you have to figure out your goals, set your objectives and plans you want to reach with your site.

What does it mean to be thinking strategically? It means to identify the purpose of your site and start working smart with a plan and goal in  mind.

1. Determine where you want to go. Think about what you want to accomplish in the next year. Things that are important to you and goals you want to achieve.

You need to know what the definition of success. If you don’t have goals you will be like sand in the wind aimless in your blogging and won’t be accomplishing much.

2. Develop where you want to go. Create a roadmap for upcoming weeks and months.

Think about the steps you need to take where you want to go. Break the goals down into smaller and actionable practical steps that you need to take.

3. Take the first small step right away. When you know your goals and what you need to do to achieve them, you become more focused,efficient and strategic in your activities.

That will then lead you to the right decisions and will help you make right choices.

In terms of goal setting and planning I learned the smart system in the Army and it still works for me.

  • S – Make your goals specific
  • M- Make your goals measurable.
  • A-  Make your goal attainable.
  • R –Make your goals relevant
  • T- Make your goals time-bound.

Please read  The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris  for more ideas.


Time flies by guys days might feel long but a year is short and sooner than you think it is time to do a yearly review.

If you don’t have a plan and don’t know your priorities the year might go by without you feeling any growth and without achieving any big goals.

You have to sit down and make these decisions for yourself this will put you in control of your time and life.

Figure out meaningful metrics and key performance indicators (kpi) that are aligned with  your goals.

Repeat visitors and time spent on site are so much valuable than than page impressions  for many sites. They show that content works and gets people engaged. It shows quality of your content.

Read one of my 1st Post  the Beginner’s Guide.

The following are 27 goals and ideas I have set for small milestones and tiny wins. I am going after and if you’re in your first year you do too. Some are easier than others.

  1. Registering your own domain name.
  2. Setting up a new wordpress site.
  3. Getting a personalized site design.
  4. Setting up your about page with information and contact form.
  5. Installing Google Analytics and starting to collect visitor data.
  6. Publishing your first post.
  7. Attracting your first visitor.
  8. Publishing another post.
  9. Getting the first comment to your post.
  10. Getting  your first visitor from Google’s search traffic.
  11. Getting your first visitor from social media
  12. Posting your first comment on another site.
  13. Launching your own Twitter profile.
  14. Submitting your first guest post proposal.
  15. Getting your first newsletter subscriber.
  16. Achieving the first day of 100+ visitors.
  17. Making your first affiliate sale.
  18. Getting an enquiry from a company interested in working with you.
  19. Getting your first guest post published
  20. Creating your first product.
  21. Making the first sale of your own product.
  22. Publishing your first how-to instructional guide.
  23. Getting a cool email from a loyal visitor
  24. Starting own newsletter
  25. Recording your first video.
  26. Publishing your first infographic.
  27. Recording first podcast.

Guys everybody that I know who is successful has goals and when they attain them they , wash rinse and repeat it is always good to  have a yardstick measurement for your progress. I hope y’all enjoyed the read “27 Easy first Year Blogging Goals.”

Before you go  Read top post   4 Unusual Ways People are Making Money Online.

and Top  Post    Top 50 Money Making Blogs.

If you like my post subscribe to my updates guys and leave me  comments  below  and  share my post with your friends and social media outlets. Thank you so much. Keep visiting and supporting us here.

Take care.

13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

  • dog-1240645_1280

13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop

Good morning ladies and gentlemen . And hello to all my readers (big cashers), and my 17,000 Twitter followers.

I have to show y’all some love, it’s Darrell back at you 10 am on Sunday morning a cool 74 degrees in Iowa.

Today guys it’s going to be a serious share. Basically for the newbies but it can help  anybody  who needs that “pop” in their content.

I have been getting a lot of questions and comments about my writing(content) most of you guys love my style and flow.

I would say  8 out of 10 so that’s cool with me. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

But today I’m going to share my personal writing tips  Yes ! the one’s I USE when  I write  that engaging content  you guys love.

Most of them I got from  Mrs. Small’s , my  highly respected  9th grade teacher and     some  I  learned from   copyblogger.

So today’s post guys is titled. “13 Beneficial  Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop.”

In 2016 on the blogosphere ,things have changed competition is tough. It has become survival of the fittest. Your content has to be fierce. It has to attract readers and draw them in like a magnet.

Good content begins with knowing what to say and taking charge to say it in your own words.

Read my Top and  helpful post  How to Write Headlines like a Professional.

Too many people don’t do this. They write the facts. It is how you present the facts that really count.  Let’s Roll with the Tips.

1. Aim for an average sentence length of around 16 words.

2.Vary between short and long sentences to give you writing rythym.

3.Use positive inspiring language on what the reader can achieve and will be able to do. Avoid negative terms that might dampen spirit.

4.Leave long paragraphs to novelist and and limit yours to a single thought. Two or three sentences is adequate.

5.Use power words to charge up your writing’s impact such as “revealed” “proven”  “scientific” “breakthrough”.

6..Ensure every word and sentence means something to the reader and adds to your argument.

7.Don’t use words just because they seem impressive.

8.Use facts or personal history to build rapport,empathy and to show the reader that you feel their pain.

9.Write in your reader’s language and the style they’re comfortable with.

10.Break up your page with subheads and bullets to aid skim reading.

11.Split long sentences into two if they’ll survive on their own. Use connecting words such as  “so” and “because”.

12.Get a  axe to flabby language and unnecessary  words.

13. Writing is often compared to a conversation with a friend in a bar. So it should be conversational and sound similar how you speak.  Read aloud to hear whether it flows smoothly.

Guys remember the more beneficial the information you include the more curiosity you’ll generate.

Please read ”  How to Write Great Website Copy That Sells for Small Business” for more ideas.


Let me help you with wallet grabbing   content. click here.


Here are 12 proven words that you can use in headings and titles to gain more interest from your readers.

  • Absolutely
  • Beneficial
  • Dependable
  • Easy
  • Free
  • More
  • Powerful
  • Proven
  • Quality
  • Revealed
  • Secret

Sprinkle some of these words and phrases throughout your content to keep each sentence flowing. And for other super tips   quicksprout  is unbeatable.

  • And we don’t stop there
  • But wait there’s more
  • By the way
  • On the other hand
  • Even better
  • Think about it

Guys  that’s going to be it for today.

Just a serious but short share let me know how you like those tips and if they  are helpful  to you.  Please help me  share and retweet THIS  post. That helps  me out a  lot  guys , thanks in advance.

Leave me comments  below  tell me what’s on your mind topics  you would like me to write about  and  ask  me  questions.

Before you leave read Top post  My # 1 work from home recommendation.

Thanks guys and take care.