How Long Does It Take to Make MONEY Blogging ?


Most people want to know how long does it take to make money blogging.  It’s a very big and a very important question, especially if you’re thinking about taking up blogging as a means to making a living.

This is a serious topic and should be treated as such.  You have to write a lot before you start to see results.  In about 1% of cases it can be quick if you’re already a great blogger.

They’ve been “in the game” for a while now and they can blog on constantly.  They are super bloggers.  Maybe you have what it takes to be a super blogger and top worker.

Those are the big guys at the top, making thousands and thousands of dollars a month.  Some of them a couple of million a year.  But forget that right now because we ain’t even started yet….Keep Blogging





How quickly has the last one month gone for you?  You understand what I am getting at, don’t you?  That’s right folks, what I’m actually trying to bring your attention to is the fact that NOW is the time to start blogging if you want to monetize.  Content is King and Keywords are queen.


Your very own unique and engaging blog post


a cool and awesome product or service

A good rate of commission


money in your pocket (or paypal etc)

The process above is simplified, somewhat.  That is because those are the core components to consider…

And of course there are little tasks that you must do within each of the main steps laid out above.  I won’t cover them right here – that would be a long blog post.  Those tasks are also contributing to the equation and it gets even trickier.

Is this article  How Long Does It Take TO Make Money Blogging? helpful ?

As a blogger,my main goal is to reach others with my article and try to help people who can relate to my experiences. And as you know sharing to your favorite social media  sites,especially Facebook,Twitter and Linked In, Really help spread the word around. I thank you both for your time and share.


There are a multitude of variables that should be incorporated into that basic strategy listed above.

  • How many words are in your blog?
  • How long each day do you work on your blog/website?
  • How good a writer are you?  Do people read your first paragraph then click away because it seems uninteresting?
  • The title of your blog post might be non enticing.
  • Relevant images in your blog post should have alt tags (for SEO)
  • Your blog should be at least a certain length, I like to say around 1000 to 1500 words long – but don’t go too long, people have short attention spans.  Unless it is a Interesting  read, they won’t read to the end.  Which is right about where you would have a CTA (call to action) button to buy, sign up, register – etc…
  • It takes time to get rankings in the search engines, sometimes you don’t get good rankings – which leads to less traffic.
  • Blogging once a month might not cut it, but blog once a day and you increase your chances of making money by a large factor – google loves websites and blogs that are frequently updated (another way to get rankings is to get comments on your site/blog post)
  • Your website’s loading speed in peoples’ browsers.  Is your site too slow?  you lose a lot of visitors like that.  Try to keep it below 5 seconds.  I aim for 4 seconds but usually fail.
  • The niche you are blogging in
  • Do you love your niche and the products and or services within it?  Would you actually recommend it to yourself?  If you think it is fantastic, chances are a lot of other people will too.  Those are the visitors right there, that you want to entice to your website.
  • Is your blog passionate?  I mean, do you love what you are writing about?  Because it shines through and helps keep readership levels good.
  • So, there so many other little variables….too many to add here – you can possibly come up with another twenty for yourself.  How creative you are?  There’s yet one more variable to add.
  • My point is this – forget the maths, the numbers and stats, the odds and evens, just get going with your content and website.
  • Write your next blog today, not tomorrow.  TWEAK it tomorrow, fine.  But write a new blog post every opportunity you get.  30 minutes spare before dinner?Start writing, maybe finish writing after dinner.

Great thing about blogging is you can start stop like a dvd disk and continue where you left off.  Write Write Write is what you should do.  Get it all out there.  Let your fingers burn up your keyboard, deliver information to the masses the, VALUABLE content it is always crying out for.

Let the people consume your content for breakfast, then fill her up with lunch and dinner and supper too, if you can.

Your readers will love you for it, google will rank you better, your readership will grow and google will love you even more.  Your blogging will improve over time, the more you practice then the faster you publish and start a new one.It’s a snowball effect that can gather pace.  How many snowballs you got?

Get your self 30 good snowballs rolling (30 blogs in a month is reasonable).Set those snowballs off rolling and in time, if they are good, useful blogs and u got good keywords and your blog answers what people are looking for, you are on to a winner.

Keep tweaking it and growing it.  The more you do it the better and faster you become.  Sometimes you can continue to reap the rewards of blogging start today, not tomorrow.  The hard work was done that day when you wrote that blog.  Set it and forget it?  Not quite, but almost. You should now be concentrating on your next  blog.


It’s all about content is king and keywords are queen.  The number ONE best thing you can do to increase your chances of making money blogging quickly.

And as a result of that, I think it highly logical to just forget the stats, get stuck in and do loads of writing blogs, your practice will pay off sooner in the future.

When you work hard the day goes fast doesn’t it?  Add those days together and what do you have?  Lots and lots of content that you can then leverage.  But keep adding content frequently is my advice.

Imagine working hard at writing for a month and u wrote maybe 6 hours a day for that one month?  Who knows what typing speed you have, there is another variable to consider, so heck, I ain’t gonna guarantee anything to anyone.  I can’t do that.  But you can!

It’s up to you, basically.  It means you gotta do whatcha got to do, folks…Write lots every day and you will increase your likelihood of making a living quickly.

Work at it 5 minutes a day and I think it will take a year or two before you see a dime.

So,I hope this article,How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging,answered a lot of my readers questions,the conclusion is it depends on each persons individual effort and consistently,slow and steady wins the race


I ask you to help in the one way that will do the most.

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  1. Hello Sakil,thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed my article”How long does it take to Make Money Blogging” that is our mission here at to inform and educate with concise and clear information. I truly enjoy informing my readers of real and legitimate online opportunities as well as informing them about the bus loads of scams.Come by again Sakil and thanks so much,my friend

  2. For me it took 2 years to earn from my blog. Actually between these two years I was so frustrated and inspired, whole mix up experience happened with me. After long two years of hard work my blog for popular and I right away sold the site. Because I out lot of invest on my site.

  3. Hello Darrell, thanks for sharing another gem. I enjoyed reading and learning how does it take to make money from blogging. I think newbie bloggers will find this post helpful to make money from their blogs.

  4. Well hello TJ thanks for stopping by and checking us out here at and yes having an enticing blog post title is vital for a blog,and I hope the article was helpful to you.If you know anyone who might benefit from this post,please share it with them as well through your social media outlets.As a blogger TJ,my main goal is to reach others with my article and try to help people who can relate to my experiences.And as you know sharing to your favorite social media sites like Facebook,really help spread the word around. TJ thanks for your time and share,Darrell

  5. Well thanks for stopping by John and great hearing from you and yes John when you have a call to action that will usually get more interaction from your readers,John thanks for reading my post and if you know anyone who would benefit from my post, Please share it with them as well and if you have any other questions or comments touch base with me at

  6. One thing that I had never included in my blog posts before was a call to action. I actually never even thought about it or knew that it was necessary. But now that I do think about it I can understand why it’s a good thing to include. I’m eager to see how my blog interactions grow once I include the CTA.

  7. I’ve learned that an enticing blog post title is really one of the best things you can have (and unfortunately, it’s an area I struggle with!). One thing I don’t like at all though is clickbait titles. I think it’s best to give an enticing look at what’s to come, but also an honest look, and promising a fantastic read that ultimately isn’t worth your time is something that would turn me away from any blog.

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