Is Swisscoin REALLY a Scam ? The Honest Truth


Good morning to my fans and all my readers (bigcashers) I have received hundreds of comments and questions just in the last week about  Swisscoin.  Asking me , “Are they legit imate?”.  “Well here is the honest truth”.

It’s Darrell back at you today, a beautiful cool 68 degree sunny morning ,with a very important and serious share.

This  post titled “Is Swisscoin really a scam? The honest truth” should clear things up for my readers (big cashers) where I stand, that’s what we do here at  the cash blog we draw the line in the sand if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck ………………………’s a  duck.     

If you are looking for more information about Swisscoin you are not alone. The Swisscoin website provides no information at all about their opportunity and consist of basically a signup page.

When a company does not publicly reveal information about how they operate their business it’s usually because they have something to hide.

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Swisscoin Products

Swisscoin offers no retail products. All products and services offered by swisscoin ( training packs ) are only available to be purchased by and from affiliates.


Swisscoin Compensation Plan

The Swisscoin compensation plan is based on investments in tokens as follows:

Trainee ( 25 Eur) – 200 tokens

Tester-50 ( 50 Eur) -500 tokens

Tester-100 (100 Eur) -1,000 tokens

Tester-250 (250 Eur)-2,500 tokens

Tester 500 (500 Eur)-5,000 tokens

Trader 1000 ( 1000 Eur)- 10,000 tokens

Crypto Trader ( 2500 Eur)-25,000 tokens

Crypto Maker (5000 Eur )-60,000 tokens

Crypto Broker (7500 Eur)-90,000 tokens

Crypto Manager (10,000 Eur)-120,000

Crypto Director (15,000 Eur)-200,000 tokens

These tokens are later converted into Swisscoins which are a digital currency developed by Swisscoins.

The value of a swisscoin is solely set and established by the owners of Swisscoin and Swisscoins are not available for purchase by the general public. Therefore Swisscoins have no real external value.

The Conclusion:

We have  seen it all before. Swisscoin  is another case of an MLM company attempting to capitalize on the allure of cryptocurrency though the company actually has nothing to do with digital currency at all.

Essentially affiliates are investing in a fake currency that does not exist outside of the Swisscoin ecosystem and worse the vvalue of this fake currency is an arbitrary number set by the company.

Swisscoins are not traded on any crypto exchanges and cannot be used to purchase anything outside of the Swisscoin website.

In short, Swisscoin is a scheme designed to prey on  unsuspecting investors  and crypto newbies and and separate them from their hard earned money. As a former investor  always remember the old adage . “If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is”

I  personally won’t be investing in Swisscoin and I would wisely advise  my  readers (big cashers) who sent questions and comments to me to think about it long and hard before doing so. Let me know if you agree with “IS Swisscoin Really a Scam the honest truth.”

Until next time be sure to share all you have heard about Swisscoin in the comments section, and spread the word about the cash blog.  You my readers are the future and voice of this blog. Thanks and take care.

8 thoughts on “Is Swisscoin REALLY a Scam ? The Honest Truth

  1. Hello Ryan thanks for stopping by always glad to see a blogger of your stature visit us here. I’m glad you found some value from this post and have a great day.

  2. Hi Darrell,

    All the currency talk not related to hard, established Forex confuses the hell out of me LOL! From Swisscoin to Bitcoin I can’t grasp the concept. Glad you cleared up some lack of clarity on my end, today.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Hello Todd thanks for stopping by again and leaving some feedback. I haven’t heard anything negative about Bitcoin but stay tuned for the review. I only researched Swisscoin after hundreds of my readers continuously asked me about their status and left me comments and questions.

  4. Hello Gary thanks for stopping by again and leaving your valuable input. I’m glad you agree with me specifically anytime you conceal how you operate you can’t be trusted. My job is to inform my readers of scams so that they aren’t taken advantage of and I take THAT very serious. Again thanks for visiting and supporting us here.

  5. Very interesting topic here Darrell. I have a friend who actually works in the field of cryptocurrency and every time he talks about it I am lost, but you explained this very well for me to understand.

    It is good that now I know to avoid Swisscoins.

    Quick questions. Would you say to avoid all cryptocurrencies like usage of bitcoins or just this particular company’s scam?

  6. Swisscoin is a new one for me, but you make a great case that it’s a scam. I’m convinced that MLM is just a thinly disguised Ponzi scheme.

    With Swisscoin, I’m not sure they have a product. They claim they offer “Tokens.” Is that right? But what value do these tokens have? Just the value Swisscoin assigns to them, apparently.

    When you mentioned that they conceal how they operate it’s obvious they can’t be trusted.

  7. Hello Derek thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. Thanks for the compliments. Tell-tale signs are when no information is listed on the website and when there is no transparency consumers should be concerned. Again thanks for visiting and supporting us here and have a great day.

  8. Hi there Darrell,

    Awesome site and glad I stumbled upon it. Highly informative and with the integrity to warn readers and fans of a scam!

    Kudos to you on that one.

    Interestingly, what are the tell tale signs of crypto-currency scam that we should look out for?

    Thank you kindly in advance.


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