15 Best Ways To Avoid Online Scams

We have come across a lot of advancement in science and technology.

The internet has been providing us with miracles  every day. It has proved to be mans new best friend. The work which took us hours or maybe years to complete can be done in seconds, all thanks to the internet.

But with these advancements and benefits there comes a serious issue of SCAMS. Offers and sites offering money and other benefits is one example.

Following are some ways  used to cause online scams.

Ways To Avoid Online Scams

  1. Free trial offers:

Everybody has come across these offers while surfing on internet.

This trick has been in use for a long time. Usually the offer is very attractive and affordable so many people go for them and suffer later in the future.

What people miss is the big picture behind the offer. Usually written in almost invisible format are the term and conditions.

These term and conditions can make you bankrupt in no time. So next time you see an offer saying you have won a free trial and some cash, do not go for it.

To save you from these offers always read the privacy policies and terms, conditions on the site. Do a research on the site before doing anything.

  1. Avoid suspicious website:

You are surfing on the internet and a new window opens displaying a new website with all these blinking links and offers telling you that you can earn some extra bucks by click on the links. Shut them immediately. These are scam sites which are specially designed to trap people.

  1. Hyperlinks in the email:

We all get scam emails in our email accounts. Some have hyper links in them leading to some other sites.
Do not ever click on them because these are scam emails .most of them are saying that you won a lucky draw or a jackpot which you never entered though.

These emails ask you to enter your personal information and then use it for their personal gains as well.

  1. Cell phones:

Shopping from mobile apps is the new trend in town. Sometimes you get a message saying that if you buy our product we will give you free products and cash backs.

Do not enter your credit card information or your personal details in your phone because most of the time you are not protected by an antivirus and your details may leak due to this reason.

  1. Social security numbers:

Keep your social security codes and information to yourself and do not disclose them to any spam email. Some scam mails say that you can collect 500 dollars by putting your social id information on a given site. Do not go for it.

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  1. Do not trust strangers:

It is quite obvious and simple rule to keep yourself from scams. Keep yourself to the people who you know. Do not share any details with strangers on face book or twitter. If a person is offering free cash in return for some clicks, do not listen to him

  1. Avoid e cards:

Whether it’s Christmas time or any other occasion, these little attractive cards come into your mail. Some of them say that you get a cash prize on this Christmas. They look appealing and legit but actually they are not.
They usually direct the victim to scam sites which can cause you a lot of trouble. So make sure you know the sender personally before opening the e card.

If you are new to internet marketing you must never trust any product that tells you that you are going to make money easily and with little effort.

These are typical promises that appeal to our human nature,don’t believe them they are just not true. Earning money online takes time and hard work.

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With so many untrustworthy people and “businesses” out on the web today, it’s so easy to fall victim to one of the hundreds of thousands of scams out there if you’re not very careful.

Like they always say, “the best offense is a good defense”. Your defense in this case is knowledge. What signs to look for to identify a scam and what types of scams are being run on the internet. Then stay far away from these types of offers.

First, use common sense. It’s best to always rely on the age old expression,
“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

For instance, if a job or business “offer” is saying you will make thousands of dollars your first week just “browsing the internet”, well, that would be great but we all know that probably is not going to happen.
Most likely they will ask you for money up-front and you will get nothing in return. DON’T DO IT!


  • Envelope Stuffing–You are promised a certain amount of money for each envelope you “stuff”. Sounds like easy money, right? WRONG!Once you pay the “upfront fee”, what you usually will get for your money is a piece of paper in the mail telling you to advertise the same “Envelope Stuffing” job to get others to sign up, but nothing in terms of “payment” from the company you sent your money to.
  • Craft Assembly or “Piece work”–You are promised so much for each piece of jewelry or toy or craft you assemble, that meets their “specifications”.However, you have to purchase all the materials upfront, and they rarely pay for any of the finished product as rarely do any of them ever meet their “specifications”.
  • Home Typist or Data Entry Positions–Again, you are asked for a fee upfront, then sent information on how to place the same ad you responded to! Basically, trying to teach you how to be a scammer just like them!
  • At Home Medical Billing–These ads promise your will make $20 or more per hour working from home, they will provide you with training, software, and all the leads for clients. All you have to do is come up with a few hundred dollars up front and you will be making $50,000 or more per year—even with no experience!Another good example of something obviously sounding “too good to be true”. What actually happens is you are out a few hundred dollars, and you have nothing in return. Another widely used SCAM. Do your research before ever considering anything like this.
  • MLM–You have to be very careful about Multi-Level Marketing as sometimes there is a very thin line between what is legal and what is considered illegal. If you choose to go this route, make sure the company you are working with is legitimate and within the law!


  • Craigs List Ads: Many scam artists use Craig’s List as a way to take advantage of people.
    If you are job searching, DO NOT give out personal information without verifying the company’s information and meeting in person first!NEVER give out your Drivers License number,  Social Security number, or agree to a credit or background check without knowing the company and the job offer is legitimate!Do your research. Look for the company’s website.If they have one, does it appear legitimate? Does it give a business phone and        physical address of the business? Are there customer and/or employee reviews or  employment information such as hours and pay information?
  • If you are answering a “For Sale” ad, stick with local ads and meet in person (it’s always best to take someone with you and meet in a public place if possible). DO NOT send money through the mail or Western Union!If someone wants money “wired” to them, they are most likely scamming you. DO NOT accept cashier  or certified checks or money orders as payment. If they aren’t good, you will be held responsible.
  • Beware of “Shipping deals“. They ask you to ship your product to them and they will send you a check to cover the cost of shipping. Usually over the amount that it will cost so you can “keep the rest of the money”. Sounds good except for the fact that the check is no good and bounces. Leaving you without your product, owing the bank for the bad check, and the scammer gets your product for free.
  • Never rent or purchase anything “sight unseen”!



Identity theft is one of the worst types of scams because once it happens, it can create all kinds of chaos to your credit and your life in general.

Sometimes it can take years to repair the damage that identity theft can do. It’s usually pretty easy to notice when there is a chance that someone is using your identity or attempting to use your personal information.  Here are a few of the things to watch for.

  • Charges on your credit card statement for things you did not authorize.
  • Receiving bills for things you did not purchase.
  • Unfamiliar activity on your bank statements.

Many times your bank will alert you to suspicious activity on your credit cards or attempts made to use your credit card number. At that point they will close the account immediately and re-issue you a new card and account number.

What to do if you suspect you are a victim of identity theft:

  • Contact the company’s affected by the fraudulent activity.
  • File a police report.

Place a fraud alert on with all (3) credit reporting agencies. Get copies of your credit reports from all of them.

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