Best 10 Survey Sites

taking_pictureWell the truth is….surveys is not my favorite way to earn  extra cash online.

Personally,I get really bored filling out the online forms to register to these sites.If you have a computer and like giving your opinion,it’s easy work go for it.

I’ve finally put together my list of the best survey sites.

Now,when you first sign up for a survey site they are going to ask you questions  about your age, background and household.

That’s because they need to know your demographics before matching you up with the correct surveys.

It can be a little time consuming but I suggest you sign up for all 10 survey sites. It will definitely be worth your time

1. Survey Savvy-Is one of the very few online survey panels that accept people from all around the world.

They have members in 195 countries and have been around since 1999.With Survey Savvy,you can take online surveys for cash and get paid by check.

They pay in U.S dollars regardless of what country you live in.

2.Opinion Outpost-Is a free community where members are rewarded for sharing their opinions in different types of paid surveys of new and current topics and products. Opinion Outpost has been around for more than a decade

.Opinion Outpost is very unique,in that your pay is delivered almost instantly after requesting it.

No need to wait for surveys with,Opinion Outpost just log into your account for additional surveys and studies to participate.

3.Swagbucks-This site is definitely some folks favorite because of the wide variety of ways to make extra cash.Swagbucks lets you earn for taking surveys,watching videos and shopping online.

They are famous for handing out free swagbucks at random just for being a member.Plus they give you $5 just for signing up.You can redeem your points (they”re called SB) for cash or gift cards to a number of popular stores including

Swagbucks has over 13 million members and is based in Los Angeles,Ca.Only thing about Swagbucks is its impossible to make a living online.

Completing the task take a lot of time and the site is a huge waste of time.Its basically for people who just want some extra money for gas.

4.My Survey-My Survey offers online surveys on a variety of topics.Typically you earn between 10-500 points for each survey you complete.

My Survey will exchange your points for a payment to your paypal account (1200points = $100 paypal payment,exchange your points for a e-voucher from different retail stores,(1,100 points=$10 gift card) exchange your points for a cash donation to charities (1,100 points= $10 charity donation)

My Survey recently introduced it’s members to taking webcam surveys.

5.Inbox Dollars-I’ve made some easy money signing up for trial offers on their site.But they also offer several short daily surveys that you can take.If you take all four each day,you could earn an extra $730/year.

Well I told you guys personally survey sites wasn’t my favorite way to make money online and since we are half-way thru the best survey sites I’m going to tell you about the Top place to make money at home online.




If so,you’re probably going to want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate University.Myself I have spent a lot of time inside this program,learned and developing content It has really taken me from just a desire to work online to a actual career.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and are known as SEO experts in the business,this means they can help you understand how to get your content to rank on google!

.That’s why if you’re really interested in learning how to make  a living online my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate

.With there level of support and training and ability to get a starter membership free makes it like nothing else I’ve come across on the web.


6.Harris Poll Online-This is another favorite of mine,because it’s run by the Neilsen company (so you know they are legitimate)A friend of mine was asked to participate in a focus group for 2 hours about food,and he earned an easy $80.

7.Pinecone Research-They have a  large amount of  surveys,but what’s unique about this company,is that you get paid cash after every survey you take. There’s no minimum to cash-out (pays via paypal) The surveys pay $3 for each one completed.

8.Mintvine-Take surveys worth between 150-300 points and once  you’ve reached  1000 points in your account,you can redeem for a  $10 cash payment.Since,Mintvine has a low threshold for payment you should be eligible for your first cash-out  in a couple of weeks.

9.Toluna-Is one of the most popular paid-survey and marketing research companies with over 800 employees globally.It’s headquarters are in Paris,France.It was started in 2000 by Frederic Petit.For survey takers Toluna membership is free. Membership is only available for those 18 and over.

10.Vip Voice-Is a online research panel owned by NPD Group.Vip Voice has associated with some the leading companies.

Vip Voice conducts more than 12 million annual surveys.It’s surveys help businesses improve their decisions regarding,planning,product development,sales and marketing.Its free to register with them.

Those are the top sites,with most of them,you will only earn a supplemental or extra gas money income  get your survey grind on and    Please Leave a Comment.


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  2. Personally I don’t also like to earn money from survey site. I’ve give this type of job to my little brother and looking forward to recommend to use these sites as well for earning some extra cash.

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  5. You’ve posted some sites I’ve never heard of…I may give them a shot. I did apply with several sites and my only issue is for the big money surveys, it is very, very hard to get picked. I have never gotten offered more than $2. And don’t know of anyone else who have done a survey that paid more. I guess it all adds up though.

  6. Nowadays, its easy to earn exra income online. With this Surveys site, sure, I will try my luck on them.

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