Is Swagbucks A Scam or Not?


swagbucks scam

Is Swagbucks a scam or  not ?…..  That was my immediate response when I came across this site.

So I’m going to join and document my experiences so you can see for yourself its a scam, waste of time or maybe your new payday .

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a website that has captured a really unique business model.  From first glance, it seems to be a search engine.  Except this, search engine really pays off with its results!!!  now it may only pay you a penny or two for your troubles but you get paid to search.

This site is designed to look like a normal yahoo type search engine homepage where you can browse videos or get right to the browsing via the search bar.

That means if you just use this site as your homepage  Instead of say, google then you get a few cents here or there for your normal daily actions.

Swagbucks so far seems to be like a harmless way to earn a low income online.  That may have undersold it some.  If you want to pay for a candy bar a month from your online ventures you might be able to do that browsing Swagbucks.

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What are SB points?

SB points or, swag bucks is the form of currency you get paid in.  This is a form of MICRO TRANSACTION PSYCHOLOGY meant to make the participant DISSOCIATE  the Swagbucks from actual currency.

Plain and simple one SB is worth one penny.  But having 10000 swag bucks feels like a much bigger accomplishment than making 10 dollars.

Also, SB can ONLY be redeemed for gift cards or in a sweepstake.

This means that no matter what the little money you might make is already promised to another corporate entity.  No way of paying your bills like that.  In fact, many of the task associated with the bigger (20 cents) payouts, are so time-consuming that you are better off browsing and taking the free candy bar.


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What they have done was find a way to pay for advertising and viewership at one time cheaper than anyone else.  You the payee is actually the consumer and you’re being paid a VERY  small portion on the traffic you’re generating that they are turning around selling.

it’s quite ingenious on their part.  They tie your time up give you nothing and earn an income off of the hard work you ARE putting in.

you want the SB points  there is plenty to keep you busy here.

The reason it tricks people so well, is it markets the skills they already have.  Because you actually can use those same social media skill to really achieve money in today’s online marketplace.

But in their program there just paying you to make them money.

Most people think its not a bad deal since they do it for free already anyway.  But what happens is they get you to view the content of people they get paid for to drive traffic.

So they make dollars and you make cents.

But the thing I see when looking at this is that people would love to earn money by using the internet and are willing to spend time to make it happen.  You my friend are in need of something that the time you put in actually pays off.

And Swagbucks is simply not it.

Spell it out!


  • free sign up
  • Get paid to browse online
  • Earn gift cards


  • Swag bucks are worth 1 penny
  • tasks take way too long to complete
  • Swag bucks can ONLY be redeemed for gift cards or sweepstakes
  • Impossible to earn a living online here
  • Huge waste of time

Don’t get me wrong, any method of earning money online is going to take you putting in time!!!  But it’s suppose to be different than the normal type of time you put in from a normal 9-5 job.

My Verdict

It has always blown my mind how fast  so many people have given up their valuable time in pursuit of some income from home.

The dream is a great one but the majority of sites out there (Swagbucks included) just get people to waste away time that is actually growing the scam sites business for them

.Because Swagbucks can only be redeemed for gift cards or sweepstakes and its impossible to earn a living online there,and its a huge waste of time.

SWAGBUCKS verdict is it’s a SCAM.I am sure my readers will unanimously agree with this  verdict.

Making money via Swagbucks can be fun. However, earning rewards is a slow process unless you are looking for some part time income that earns you some gift cards and pocket money.

To earn up to thousand points, you will be required to spend most of your time on the screen and do a lot of clicking.

My advice is, Don’t expect big income working with Swagbucks, it will not make you rich.

Let’s examine an example here. Let’s assume I receive an invitation to a 10-minute online survey to earn Swagbucks.

The reward is 10 Swagbucks. That simply means I will be approximately 60 cents per hour if I get an hour online surveys. Do you think it is worth spending one hour to earn 60 cents? To me, it is not worth it.


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9 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks A Scam or Not?

  1. Well hello John thanks for stopping by and I hope your online career is doing much better than the last time we visited,I highly suggest you read my Swagbucks review so you get the whole picture and the complete story of Swagbucks

  2. Hello John thanks for stopping by,I’m glad you enjoyed my Swagbucks Review and I would highly suggest you read my article #1 work from home recommendation,I feel this article will point you in the right direction John,as far as getting your online career started. Keep me informed about your progress, email me at

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  4. One of my friends recommended me to work in Swagbucks and earn money. And I was looking around to read more information of this site. Whatever shared here about Swagbucks in this post looks good to me and I’ll give this site a try.

  5. Never really heard of Swagbucks before! This is the first time I just checked that site. I don’t that site is scam or not, but I’m looking forward to give it a try to see what happening on that site.

  6. Hello Ross great hearing from you again and thanks for stopping by,Ross it has blown my mind how fast so many people have given up their valuable time in pursuit of some income from home.The dream is a great one but the majority of sites out there just get people to waste away time that is actually growing the scam sites business for them.Ross would you rather an actual Online opportunity that has made me and others very successful read my post Wealthy Affiliate University my #1 recommendation and lets get you started with a free trial membership,let me know at

  7. Hello Frankie yes the cons definitely outweigh the pros in my Swagbucks review so let me point you in the right direction.Myself I have gone from a desire to work online to a actual career.Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few genuine online programs that offer you guidance,support and step by step training.Please feel free to check out my article on Getting Started and get your free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate Frankie instead of wasting time and money with scams and sites paying pennies,Your friend,

  8. The cons far outweigh the pros here, in my opinion. It seems enticing because it appears to be a way to make some money by doing the same things you’d normally be doing otherwise – searching the web – but when you look at the details it just unfortunately isn’t worth it.

  9. I do think they suck you in a little bit with the whole Swag Bucks thing, because you’re right, 10000 SB does look a lot more appealing than $10! I can understand why people would be excited about something like that, it seems like you’re getting so much, but it’s a bit of a let down when you see what you really have.

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