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This is intended to be a guide for building a successful online business.Starting with an interest in something or a niche,you can create a blog to talk about your interest.

The strategic use of keywords in your blog can generate traffic to your website from people searching for something related to your topic.

Affiliate Marketing can then be used to promote products that people can buy,so you can show them where to buy them.

Hi there, I’m Darrell from makingbigcashonline pointing you guys in the right direction with my blueprint to success. This combination creates the framework to generate passive income from your website.


This outline of Blueprint to Success follows the Training available at Wealthy Affiliate including the Hosting,Support and community assistance.


A. Take some time to research the topics you might want to blog about.

B. Use online resources like Google Trends,Google Instant, Amazon and Niche forums.

C. You don’t want something too broad,so use Amazon categories to narrow it down.

CONDUCT KEYWORD RESEARCH  (for each Initial niche researched )

A. Use a keyword tool such as Jaaxy to research each initial niche.

B. Identify a few root keywords for each initial niche on your list.

C. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the root keywords you like.


WEBSITE CONSTRUCTION (using Wealthy Affiliate)

A. Purchase a domain name ( from name cheap or Godaddy and set up name servers.

B. Build the site using the Site Rubix,Site Builder

C. In Site Manager,configure the WordPress Theme, Seo information and plug ins.

D. Configure Google+, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.

E. Construct the pages, post categories and menu items to create a framework for your post.


A. Write a root keyword article containing 1,000 words

B. Review your earlier research.

C. Create readable content mixed with images.

D. Share it on social networks to link readers to your blog.

E. Create an outline of your future blog post.


A. Find other sites similar to your niche.

B. Find forums similar to your niche and join them.

C. Comment on other forums and blogs.

D. Link to other blogs

E. Determine the authorities within your niche and maintain contact with them.


A. Use google analytics to determine how people are finding your site

B. Use google webmaster tools for the keywords used to get to your site.

C. Make any necessary adjustments to increase traffic to your site.


I have not mentioned a timeframe in this outline.

Depending on your expertise and experience, this process could take a few days or a few weeks to get your website up and running,that is totally up to each persons grind level.

Keep in mind that you are building a business and it won’t happen overnite. Take as much time in your niche research and keyword research. Don,t rush through these important steps.

Keep in mind that traffic will increase as your content grows and you are able to analyze your activity using the tools provided by google.

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6 thoughts on “Blueprint To Success

  1. Thanks for stopping by Shawn and I’m glad you enjoyed my article “Blueprint to Success” thats what we try to do here inform and educate our readers about any legitimate online business opportunities,thanks my friend,Darrell

  2. This is a perfect outline of how a website should be created and how to attract people. I’ve come across numerous different sites about the steps you need to take in order to make your website successful. This narrows it down pretty much completely. The only thing I would have added would be descriptions beside each item to clarify.

  3. Hello Donald thanks for stopping by and I am truly always glad to help and be of assistance to my readers,I chose my niche because I enjoy affiliate marketing and would love to pass some of the knowledge I have on to some of the newbies,Donald I would highly recommend Jaaxy read ore about it on my website,”Tools I Recommend” thanks for stopping by and keep me posted as far as your progress at

  4. I’m just starting out myself and so I have been reading everything I can so that I can make my site to bethe best that it can be. The tips that you provide for those starting out are spot on and I will incorporate them into my own daily activities. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for that guide on starting up on the Internet. It was clear and concise in the sense of direction that we can all follow. How did you choose your niche? I was wondering if you would give links to some of the topics covered e.g. keyword research… How do you rate Jaaxy?

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