Avoid Online Scams

Avoid Online Scams

If you are new to online marketing it is important to know how to avoid online scams. To do that you need to be able to tell the difference.

As a blogger and online marketer for more than four years,I have seen my share of online scams


I have also seen a fair amount of good people fall victim to scammer’s simply because they didn’t realize and are uneducated about the tactics that are often used.

With this guide I am confident that  you will have a much better chance at avoiding being scammed online.

What Is an Online Scam?

The definition of the phrase online scam is a fraudulent business scheme.To avoid them you need to know what they look like.

If  you want to avoid a pothole in the road,you don,t look up the definition—–you try to spot it with your eyes as early as possible. Unlike potholes, online scams aren’t always easy to detect.

They don’t jump off the screen right before you enter your credit card details and slap you in the face.

Unfortunately scams are almost always well disguised to look like great deals and once in a lifetime opportunities that only a fool would pass up.

They are created for the sole purpose of taking your money and giving you as little as possible in return if anything .They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are several ways to spot them as long as you know what to look for.

Common Signs of an Online Scam

No Free Trials

If you are thinking of buying any kind of product or service you should check to see if transparency is offered.

This typically comes in the form of a free trial or some sort of way to see inside the product or service prior to purchase. Free trials can come in the form of a money back guarantee.

But you have to be careful with these as some refund policies are very tricky. Be sure to read all the fine print which is typically located at the bottom of the sales page

Fake Earning  Statements

Screenshots of bank statements,checks and paypal accounts have been a part of the scammer’s tool box from the beginning of online scams.

This doesn’t mean that all earning statements are fake, or that scammer’s are the only one’s that use them. Just know that they can be faked easily and they are most often used by scammers.

Legitimate entrepreneurs don’t usually rely on this tactic because they have other ways of proving their authority.



False Claims of Secret Loopholes; and Tactics

Scammers love to pretend they have found some sort of secret sauce for sales and traffic. They know that most people are looking for an easy button.

And by telling folks they have a special trick or gadget that automates the process to attain sales or traffic. There is no such thing as a secret loophole or hidden strategy.

If someone is telling you otherwise,you can be certain there’s a scam waiting for you,put your seatbelts on.


The next time you are considering buying something online,feel confident about knowing the difference between online scams and something that will provide a real boost to your online success.

Before purchasing a course,membership or anything else online ask yourself if you recognize any of the scummy elements you read about in this post. If so was away

When doing your research be sure to watch out for:

  1. No transparency (No Free Trials)
  2. Fake Earning Statements
  3. False Claims of Secet Loopholes or Tricks






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