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Reality marketing is about people connecting and sharing ideas and helping one another.When you find that connection you form a bond.

That bond can last a long time as long as both people are genuine,ethical and moral and enjoy helping others have success.

They also must keep it real and not have a its all about just me attitude.


I have  found a community online where new relationships are formed everyday. Wealthy Affiliate. Where people give a hand up to total strangers the form of advice and guidance and they are happy to help.

This is Reality marketing at its very best. This makes me proud to be a member with them. If you are interested in implementing reality marketing into your marketing strategies,I strongly encourage this.

Start by asking yourself this important question. When people do sign up with me,do I  follow up with them and let them know I  am available to guide them and put them under my wing.

I never recruit people into anything. I make a friend and develop a relationship.

If they are interested they will ask for more information and then I help them.This builds trust in friendships and business relationships.

People have signed up with me from my website and I always make a point of contacting them within 48 hours and welcoming  them aboard.

This way they know there is a real person behind the program they signed up for.

This gives me the chance to build a real relationship with my new team member. People want interaction with others. They also want to know they can get support when they need it from a real person.

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People who do join,join because of the person.

When you are implementing Reality marketing you have to relate to the person on a personal level and that will build longevity in your friendship and business dealings .

People join or purchase from people they know like and trust. Build the relationship the rest will follow. Remember ,Reality marketing isn’t about how much money you make,it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.


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6 thoughts on “Reality Marketing

  1. Hello and thanks for stopping by and yes this business is a marathon not a 50 yard dash Cristina.Its just like a bank account without any deposits there are no withdrawals hang in there you are here in WA with some of the most helpful people to take you to that next level in your online career. Keep me informed of your progress and if you have any questions let me know Thanks,Darrell

  2. Hello Louis thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger,I absolutely agree with you,you have to engage your visitors and readers,keep me informed about your progress and really great touching base with you. Thanks,Darrell

  3. Well hello Cojo thanks for stopping by and Im glad to ALWAYS HELP,yes Cojo look at this business like it is a marathon and improve everyday do something to improve even if you are just adding content,even though I’ve been doing this 5 years plus I learn something everyday ,build your website my friend and the money will come,if you have any questions touch base here at WA or

  4. I was thinking to give a try to online business as long as the salaries here in Greece are… never enough . to be honest I thought is very difficult to succeed , almost impossible but you make it look so easy and enjoyable..
    Is better , much easier when you have a helpful community behind you and supportive friends:))
    Thanks for sharing and I will sure give it a try :)))

  5. Hey Darrell,
    You really have a very well put together website. Once I learned that you had been at this for 5+ years, it made sense. I have only been at it for 3 weeks!! I have spent 8+ years looking for something like WA. So glad I finally found it! Your story makes me hopeful that I can actually do this. We are in serious financial trouble, and I have to make this work. I have kept your information in case I need help later on! You have great articles and I will be back to read more when I have more time. Take Care.

  6. Hi,

    I think the concept about reality marketing is important. When you engage with your visitors and they find positive response for every question they ask, they tend to trust it more and would like to come back again and again. When you have more repeated visitors, that’s the business opportunities for the next step.

    Thanks for your sharing


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