Tips For Bloggers Dealing With Haters



Writing and publishing your blog means facing a harsh reality of being a writer. Your work isn’t for everyone.

There will be people who love you and think you are the greatest thing since peanut butter then there will be the haters,who don’t like you or your writing no matter what you do.

Let me help you elevate your  Social media.

I’m talking about people who hate the work you produce for the sake of hating it. They can drive you to quit if you let them.

People can be mean.And some can be downright evil. The worst ones are the wannabe’s. They want to be like you,they wish they were as daring as you but they are stuck in their own stew,stewing

They could be writing,painting or doing something constructive with their time,but instead they focus on you.

They want you to believe your work isn’t worthy,that you should give in and give up being the blogger that you are.

The more that you attract an audience the more haters you will attract ,thus the article tips for bloggers dealing with haters

.They might post negative or even false reviews and comments online,stir up drama and even try to ruin your blogging career.

So what do you do? You learn to live with them. Take it as a very good sign. You’re building your audience and all large audiences have hecklers. “If you have no critics,you’ll likely have no success” Malcolm X


Much of the criticism from haters has nothing to do with hating you.

For whatever reason, on the internet,negative people seem more inclined to comment than those who are positive.

So while a handful of rude comments can make you feel like the world hates your blog,don’t be discouraged it’s likely just a few loud group of people.



Bloggers take: “I shake it off.Reading is really about the interpretation of the reader and not so much about the writer”   Don Feeney


Just because people didn’t like your blog doesn’t mean they don’t like you as a person. Appreciate that they took the time to read your book and leave a comment or review. Use the feedback to better understand the readers perspective.

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If you must reply to haters,say thank you. Haters seek anger and they want to lash out. If you lash out it could give them a sense of justification and therefore they will continue. If you take the high road,you’ll likely get a gruff,What!! and they will hopefully move on.



You can’t please everyone. This is something we all most come to accept. Thats easy for me to write but you and I know we are all people pleasers in our own ways and we have to work on that. Sometimes some people can’t be pleased no matter what it is. Trying to please these haters will just depress you and waste time you could better spend writing and creating work that matters.


Continue to find various positive ways to remind yourself of who you are and what you are about as a person and writer.

These positives will become your armor. We all can use a good, strong layer of armor to protect us from those who would seek to hurt us with their HATERADE.

Know that you are a blogger and only true bloggers are worthy of haters. If you weren’t, they wouldn’t notice,much less care about you.

As a blogger,my main goal is to reach others with my article and try to help people who can relate to my experiences.

And as you know sharing to your favorite social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter,really help spread  the word around. I thank you for both your time and share.

Do you have some tips for bloggers dealing with haters,how about sharing them in the comments?

4 thoughts on “Tips For Bloggers Dealing With Haters

  1. Marcus thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable comment and you are right haters they only help your SEO anyhow.And make sure you come to my website for you daily updates. Thanks for sharing,Darrell

  2. You’re so right.

    There are so many people that are haters on the internet. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you can be somewhat anonymous on the Internet. Do you agree?

    Just have to shake it off and don’t care about it. In fact it will help your SEO anyhow.

    These haters will start a conversation showing Google that your content is engaging and therefore ranking you higher in Google.

    So learn to embrace the haters because they will make you rank better for your content so you can find more people that love your writing.


  3. Thanks for stopping by Ben and yes bloggers that discuss political or religious topics are prone to haters,thats why you must have society on your website.Well Ben keep me posted on your progress on your websites my friend and dont be a stranger.Thanks,Darrell

  4. Yeah, this applies to all bloggers. Of course, bloggers that discuss political or religious topics are really prone to this, but so are blggers who review scams or other products, like me. Some scammer may get upset that the blgger exposed them and attempt to damage and attack that blogger through hacks and who knows what. It pays to be careful and have a secure site.

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