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Make Money With You Tube Videos


You Tube is becoming a popular venue for entrepreneurs. Have you seen American Idol, The Voice, America’s  Got Talent, well you know everyone wants to be a star these days. People sign up with You Tube with visions of a huge following and big paychecks.

Of course almost everybody fails at making big money off their original video content. However there a ton of You Tube “rags to riches” success stories.

So if you are looking to make a fortune,or just some extra cash,heads up!!! If you know the proper methods,you can make big cash from You Tube in no time.

Methods For Monetization

1.Becoming a Partner-Partnering with You Tube is the most common way of making money from the site.

By doing this you will split all of the money made from ads. This applies to both the advertisements that play before your videos,and the ads that are displayed to the right of your video.

The reason partnering with You Tube is the most common monetization technique is because it is convenient.

It is easy to set-up and start earning revenue immediately. However it is hard to make a fortune with this method.


2. Signing up Sponsors-If you are fortunate enough to accumulate a large audience,then you can sign up sponsors for your programming that wish to advertise to your demographic. This method is dependent on your audience,the potential sponsors and their budgets.

3.Merchandising-If you are providing free video content,there is a huge opportunity for you to promote other products  that are sources of revenue for yourself.

If you manage to carve out popularity and a devoted fan-base,you can market your own products that your fans will be more than happy to pay for. Of course this method will require you to build your own website.

4.Utilize a Paywall-A “freemium” business model is a good way to persuade your audience to purchase your paid product.

Give away the bulk of your content for free on You Tube but hide some of your best stuff behind a paywall on your website. If you have a large audience,chances are some of them will be willing to pay for your exclusive videos.

5. Affiliate Deal-If you do not have your own product to sell,find somebody that does and collect commission on sales that you refer to them.

An affiliate deal can be difficult if there is no obvious partner to your channel but the opportunity is huge if you can effectively promote somebody else.

Read my post on affiliate marketing( for more information

Beyond You Tube

If You Tube isn’t your thing, there are other options for generating revenue from your videos. These are some alternatives.

1.Dailymotion-Dailymotion is one of the more popular alternatives to You Tube. After you become a “motionmaker” you will be able to upload your videos and earn a portion of the ad revenue.

2. Vimeo-Instead of relying on ads. Vimeo utilizes a “tip jar” model. Viewers have the option of tipping a video from $1–$500.Producers  receive around 85% of the tips. you manage to get a video onto’s home page,you will be offered $400 for the video (or $200 to license the video)

4.Viddler-At Viddler you can sell access to your channel,either on a weekly or monthly basis. So if you do not wish to give away your content for free,Viddler can set-up a paid content model for you. is another site that will allow you to generate revenue through advertisements.


Tools and Research

There are plenty of tools that will help you out with video production. If you want a successful  income through video content,you would be wise to become familiar with these tools.

1. Content ID-If you are making legitimate money from You Tube you need to defend your revenue stream against people who steal content. Content ID allows you to  identify your material and retain the earnings that would otherwise go to copycats.

2. You Tube Insight-This is an analytics tool that provides you with information on your audience.

3.You Tube Trends-Subscribing to You Tube Trends will allow you to stay “in the know” on trends and it is a good place to look for inspiration for making videos.

4.You Tube Playbook-This is designed to aid You Tube partners in building their audience and maximizing their earnings.

5.You Tube Keyword Tool-This is another tool that helps you determine what people are searching for within You Tube.

6.Official You Tube Blog-Another great way to stay up to date on all of the current You Tube trends.

7. Free You Tube Channel Report-SimplyMeasured will give you a free report on your You Tube channel.

8. You Tube Charts-A site that provides information on the videos that are popular now,and the videos that have been successful in the past.

9. YTtalk–This is a Huge You Tube community forum. It is a great place to go for inspiration or to ask any questions you may have.

I believe that You Tube is the wave of the future  when it comes to making money online.

If you wish to pursue this,I suggest you build your own website.If you have a website.,you can direct your You Tube audience to it and generate further income.

The income generated from your site can be invested back into your original video content which will allow you to make top of the line content and this will build your audience further. It’s a great relationship if you can implement  it effectively.

If you have never built a website,check out my  review on wealthy affiliate.(  Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about monetizing a site. A monetized site will allow you the freedom to concentrate on making more videos.

As always if you have any feedback or questions,leave them below,and don’t forget to share this post to all your friends and your social media sites,it really helps me out guys. Take care and stay cool.



7 Ways To Find Opportunity Seekers

Business People Team With World Map

7 Ways to Find Opportunity Seekers.

You have started a new business online. Now your assignment is finding home business opportunity seekers who are eager to start an online business to increase the growth of your business. Finding new leads for your business now days has become more frustrating to many  business owners.

Let me help you with my wallet grabbing  comments.

The important step is finding out what does your business offer to people.What value are you offering to prospects?

It’s true things have changed in today’s world people have become smarter when it comes to business opportunity. So it’s important to offer people some kind of value or solve some kind of problem that really helps them.

There are a lot of people looking to start a business online. These are people ready to leave the hustle and bustle of their 9-5 jobs.So finding these opportunity seekers looking for a way out is not easy,but with persistence and determination it can be done.

Below are 7 Ways to Find Home Business Opportunity Seekers

1. Buying Solo Ads-This has to be one of my favorite methods to finding home business seekers.

Solo ads has been around for a while now,but first you must understand what solo ads are and why you should buy solo ads for your business

.Solo ads are target advertisement that you pay for clicks to your landing page or squeeze page. Although the seller of the leads is not responsible for conversion of their list.


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They are responsible for the amount of click deliver. It’s up to you to have a good valuable offer to convert leads into your business.

One reason why you should buy solo ads for your business. Because you can target people who you are looking for in your business opportunity

These are people who have already opt-in and looking to make money or start a business online

This is where your business will fit right into these people needs by offering them help to get started.

The cost of some solo ads are very expensive range from $100-$500 in price,but there are also some cheap good solo ads ranging from 0.21 cents to 0.50 cents per list averaging about $25-$50.00 in price.


2. Forums-Work at home business opportunity forums can be a great place to find home business opportunity seekers.

Search for forums related to home business,then be active in the forums that you join.Let people know more aboutyour business and let them know how you can help them get started with setting up their website. Be sure to read the forums rules for posting.


3. Message Boards- are an online discussion group where you can hold conversations about your business.

Be aware that there are tons of free message boards that you can join. In many cases  you can remain anonymous or you can choose to register for the message boards.

The good thing about these boards is you can post discussions and you can ask for feedback that can lead to a potential lead for your business.

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4.Business Cards-Business cards are valuable to your business.

This method increases chances to get people to visit your website. Your business card can be placed in local shops and stores to let people know how they can start an online business.

While you are on the go,keep business cards on hand at all times,you never know who you will come across hopefully customers or prospects for your business.

5. Word of Mouth- is a free tool to find home business opportunity seekers. Spreading the news about your business with friends and family.

Also using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Linked In and Reddit are excellent free tools for spreading the news about your business.

Post in groups on these social media outlets and you have the potential to meet thousands of like minded people looking to start a homebased business.

6.Car Magnets-are a really cool method to find new customers and prospects. Car magnets do the advertising while you are on the go.

This step can take your business to a whole another level for advertising,although some car magnets can be expensive.

Do your homework to find the best prices for creating car magnets for your business.

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7.Buying Home Business Leads-thought this might be the easiest method,based on my experience.

Most lead generation companies tend to use old and outdated leads. Be cautious,there are some companies that will try to scam you.

My suggestion when buying leads from companies is to do your research the company and read some reviews about their history.

Cutting Edge Media is a good company to start generating good leads for your business.


If this article helped you or you think it would help someone you know. Please share to your social media outlets. This is one of the biggest ways you can help me out,if you wish to do so. Thanks,Darrell


Rebooting For Success

People vector set 6 (5)

I could ask you how long you spent preparing for adulthood but I think I already know the answer. Most of us spent a lot of the first third of our lives taking action for success in the second.

We actively pursued an education we found our interest and practiced them with a passion.,we probably found the love of our life.

(or at leastthe first one) and we may have even started our families during the first third—–all setting up how we were going to spend our “productive” years.

It is time to reset,retool and reboot for success. Practically speaking for me that means getting excited about planning trips to determine where I might want to live during the cold dark winters I now endure instead of enjoy.

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It also  means that rather than being fearful and resentful of life changes. I will be more creative about how and where I spend my time.

“Our real problem,then,is not our strength today:it is rather the vital necessity action today to ensure our strength tomorrow”.                Dwight  D. Eisenhower

The actions for success in the next phase of my life are different than these actions I have previously taken.
These actions are about engaging with my new goals and ensuring that I am ready for the future.

These actions will prepare me for all the opportunities and freedoms that I can look forward to instead of tying me to the “productivity” I now have.


Boomers are expecting to live much longer and much healthier than their parents did. Many of us will keep working because we need the income but many others will continue to work for the mental stimulation and socialization that a job can provide.
That doesn’t mean we have to do the same things we have done for the last 30 or more years.
Don’t get me wrong, I love what I am doing right now.

I just want to expand and grow into someone with more diverse interests than I have right now.

As always I see education as the key to rebooting and the first step in taking action for success. The opportunities for continuing education are great both on—-and offline.
Online we  have access to the best and the brightest
The University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s  first nonprofit,tuition free accredited degree-granting,online university.

World Education University (WEU) also provides students around the globe to better their lives through quality education. Weu  is not yet accredited but is pursuing accreditation.

In addition,list of free online education courses from the world’s top universities can be found on “Open Culture”. Universities represented include Stanford,Yale,MIT,Harvard,Oxford and more. Currently there are over 30,000 hours of free audio and video lectures listed.

There truly is a great availability of traditional free online educational classes. There are multiple targeted online opportunities to expand your education in whatever field you choose.

My personal education goal is to learn to  better monetize my interest so that I am supplementing my income while informing and educating my readers.

My expectation is that what I enjoy doing the most will continue to change and evolve,but if I truly continue to understand online marketing. I will be able to pursue my interest in a way that helps me and also helps the community around me.


Taking action in my educational pursuit. I have enrolled in Wealty Affiliate University.
There are five certificate levels in WA and you can complete the first certification level for free. In addition, you can develop and host two free websites on WA.

However, the learning is never ending and with a premium membership (only $19 the first month) you become a part of an extensive community whose basic premise is to support and grow everyone in the community.  The founders of WA are also very active in the community.

Each lesson in the formal training is very action-oriented. It is difficult to move forward with your training if no action is taken.
In addition, the courses are designed so that if you take action as recommended, the learning is fun and is not overwhelming or stressful.
No one is out to show you how much they know, they just want you to be successful.

There is no question that I have made the right choice in reaching my goals of a delightful and stress-free third third of life.

I  Love Hearing From You

If you have any questions whatsoever or need a hand with anything feel free to contact me. You can also leave me a comment in the comment section below. I Love hearing from you.

Much love & happy writing






Best Residual Income Ideas That Work


Best Residual Income Ideas That Work

Recurring passive income is the king for creating a successful online business.
This is the type of business opportunity where you create the atmosphere to make a sale for a product or service between a company and a customer and you gain a commission.

Opposed to traditional marketing (online of offline)instead of a one -time payment for your work,you are paid again and again. This is recurring monthly income or residual income.

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Hi there, I’m Darrell from makingbigcashonline pointing you guys in the right direction with “Best residual income ideas that work”. There are many residual income ideas that you can create OR that are already available to you.

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If you choose to begin promoting one that is already available such as a Clickbank product,there are a few tips to getthe best ones available.

Tips for choosing the Best Clickbank Recurring Products

  1. Gravity above 100
  2. Always check out the affiliate marketing tools that are available. Is the sales page professional? Would YOU buy the product or at least are tempted?
  3. Check the “Avg Rebill”- this would be approximately your monthly income for each sale.
  4. Don’t be shy about contacting the “vendor” of the product. You’ll be working for them to increase their sales.

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Website Hosting

Some of the major marketing gurus on the net make the bulk of their passive income from web hosting companies.
Typically,the beginning affiliate marketer may go through the Commission Junction warehouse. For their advertisements (also known as creatives) this is a great venue.

But,I like to go direct to the source such as Hostgator,iPage,Bluehost,etc This cuts out any transaction percentages from Commission Junction and just gives me a bit more control.

The commissions here can be huge. $100 per sale.
But,be wary,some hosting companies only pay the one-time commission. Search around though, many will pay you a monthly income as long as the customer keeps their website with that service provider.

But think about it….how many people will move web hosting companies? How many even know how to move an entire website from one hosting company to another. I would say this number is quite low.

My favorite Residual or Passive Income Stream:


If you’re a seasoned online marketer,you already know the benefits of smart passive income.Maybe you’re just reading this to spark new ideas or revitalize some motivation.

Maybe you have tried your hand at a residual income business and it just made enough to buy a lunch if anything at all.


There are so many things,but allow me to just say this,anyone can do it. A seasoned marketer could build a niche website,write great content and engaging media and drawn the search engineslike a magician.
But can you coach and teach others?

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is they have been doing it successfully for 10 years and are simply getting better and better.

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You can signup and totally check it out without spending a dime. You can even earn money as a free member and stay that way if you like.

So,why would I upgrade?

Easy,the commission for upgraded members is approximately double than for free members. There are more features for the upgraded members. Double your monthly recurring income.

Take a look around,what other business opportunity on the Internet allows you to join for Free,absolutely Free,not some trial that’s difficult to get out of.
You get training and live support.

A community of people to run ideas by when you get stuck

. Motivating individuals that have been where you are and will help you get to the next level so Don’t waste any more time Get started at Wealthy Affiliate.( This is where I started my online career guys.)





Recyclix Review Is it a Scam?


You may have heard of a program called Recyclix. You may be wondering if it is a scam or not. I will give you my honest Recyclix review!

I stumbled upon Recyclix a few months ago, and like you I was skeptical. I am very cautious when it comes to investing in anything. Is it worth it? Is it safe? My answers to all are yes!

Growing a passive income in recyclable waste sounds crazy. right? I thought so at first. After testing it myself,I can tell you this program is amazing!

To put it simply you gain a percentage of the profits the company makes after recycling plastic. You first buy the recyclable waste,they grind it,wash it, and sell it. They give you some of the profits from the sale.

Recyclix Review:

Who is Recyclix?

Recyclix is a very unique pioneering company that fuses online opportunities and business to help to help the recycling industry develop efficiently.

Recyclix controls various investment projects in Europe with their head office in Warsaw. They have worked hard to combine ecology and business.

They believe mutually rewarding collaboration with all members is the ticket to success in any project.

What do they do?

They make it possible for users to earn an income by providing open access to the sale and purchase of recyclable waste on the international market using their website.

Their company arranges and controls the recycling process while you simply purchase the raw materials for their following process and sale! It’s made as simple as possible for their users, and does all the work!

Why do they do this?

They want to set the standard for the European recycling model, recycling model,to make it more profitable and technically sound using their online services.

They also aim to provide long-term consistent income to every participant. They want their  partners to earn more because it’s profitable for them too!

Recycling plastics is the most profitable field in the recycling industry.

  • Consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during the last 50 years
  • 86% of European plastics is exported to China:
  • Only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled,the rest is still burned:

Recycling industry profits in 2014 are measured at 372 billion EUR

The industry has a huge potential for growth, and there is almost no market competition. The governments do not support the industry enough for launching the proper amount of facilities.

Currently,the recycling industry is the most promising and profitable investment field with the lowest possible risk.

Currently,they are offering a $20 sign up bonus,which you can start earning with right away!

If you do not invest any additional amounts please note that it will take several cycles to earn enough profit to make a withdrawal as the minimum withdrawal is itself $20.

You can make deposits for investment through Paypal,Bitcoin or wire transfer!

When you first recycle your purchased waste (which takes 21 days) you will receive 6% of your total waste purchase amount.

In another two weeks, you have the option to restart the cycle and claim an additional 8% of the difference between granules selling price and regrind selling price.

So for 1 full cycle, 5 weeks, you will gain 14% of your initial waste purchase amount. Although you can choose to sell your finished material for a 25% share of the selling price.

You can also choose to automatically restart cycles and compound profits to increase your earning potential.

Say you deposited $80, with the free $20 bonus your balance would be $ 100. If you chose to simply take the profits and not compound them you would get $14 every 5 weeks put into your withdrawal balance.

If you chose to compound your profits you would start back over after 5 weeks with $114 worth of waste,and then another 5 weeks you would restart with $129.96 and so on.

They provide a calculator on their site to simplify things.

You can also purchase shares of factory equipment to increase your share of the profits. They will only allow you to buy shares of factory equipment when you have enough waste purchased to be worth it.

In their profit calculator if you try to see what would happen if you purchase a lot of equipment shares without much if any waste,you will get this message.



You can also earn referral commissions by referring other members.

The commission only applies to active members,meaning those who have deposited funds into their account.

You will gain commissions from downlines up to 4 levels (10% for 1st level partners,3% for second,2% for third and 1% for fourth level)

Do they pay out?

Of course they pay out! This is a growing business and they would like to continue to grow! Personally I have only made one withdrawal as soon as I passed the $20 withdrawal limit. I made my withdrawal with Paypal,but they will also pay out by wire transfer to your own bank.


  • 14% profit every 5 weeks
  • Global opportunity
  • Refund policy available
  • Very low risk
  • High earning and growth potential
  • Referral commissions
  • Several options to deposit/withdraw funds
  • Passive income
  • Can automatically restart cycles and compound profits


  • Takes time to grow
  • You must check on your account every 2-3 weeks if not restarting cycles and compounding profits automatically.


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Why Not Be Your Own Boss ?


Why Not be Your Own Boss?

Why not take control of your own life? why not be your own boss. There are over 2 billion people using the internet daily —–searching for information and for online purchases.

Finding Your Passion

What does this mean?

Finding your passion means finding something that  you are truly excited about.something that you can’t wait to start something that you don’t want to stop doing,something that consumes your being.This is one of the secrets of life!

All the men and women that achieve great success have this. You must enjoy what you do to be very successful at it.

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No one has ever achieved success,working at something that they did not like. This is where you should begin your journey to becoming your own boss.

Educate Yourself

While it is true that many successful people did not complete high school or college,it cannot be said that these people are uneducated.

It would be very accurate to say that these people are voracious readers,always reading,always studying–always learning. Educating yourself cannot be overly emphasized.

Wealthy Affiliate


Being an ENTREPRENEUR Requires Bravery

Do yourself a favor .

Why not click  on the Wealthy Affiliate link above and begin the journey to becoming your own boss—-do it now… have nothing to lose.

It’s FREE Yes FREE! Have a look at how you can start from being a complete newbie— to finding a niche—building a website—-and monetizing your website.

Included here also is an engaging community always willing to help 24/7/365 Your first week here is free–to explore to see if this is for you.

At the end of the first week—if you decide to stay there is a small monthly fee that is very modest for the amount of knowledge and support that is available here.

First month—19$—-afterwards 47$ month which can be discontinued at any time should you choose to do so.

If you choose to stay,and many people do, with almost 500,000 members to prove it,you can choose to register yearly and pay less than 30$ per month,there is NO OTHER school or university where you can get this much education and support that I am aware of.

8 Ways to Help YOU Build Self- Esteem

  1. woman-1140032_1920

Self-esteem doesn’t have much to do with your ability or talents. It has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.

It can affect anyone———even those who seem to have everything going for them.Many of us were saddened when Robin Williams died.

He filled  arenas with fans in the 1980’s and his comedy is still appreciated by millions of people. Williams confessed to  a reporter,’I had enormous self-image problems and very low self-esteem,which I hid behind obsessive writing and performing’.

‘What you see on the outside may be very different from what is going on,on the inside. When you love who you are,it makes life simpler. You are not always striving to reach some impossible standard of perfection.

You are less affected by the opinions of others and no longer your own worst enemy. It is possible to learn how to build self-esteem and grow to love who you are.I hope this article 8 ways to help YOU build self-esteem does just that.


  • bad childhood experiences such as bullying or criticism from parents or teachers.
  • difficult life experiences like a relationship breaking down or financial difficulties.
  • your personality or temperament -perhaps you have a tendency towards negativity or feeling that you are the odd one out.
  • your relationships–associating with people who are critical,and make you feel bad about yourself.
  • your own mind–you may have fallen into a cycle of destructive thinking.
  • trauma and physical,psychological or sexual abuse.
  • discrimination–belonging to a family or social group not accepted by others.


Low self-esteem has all kinds of effects on your behavior.

You find it difficult to make decisions. You will listen to what everyone else thinks and still second-guess all your choices.

You are highly offended when you feel like someone has slighted you,such as failing to include you in their plans or forgetting your birthday.

You will never do anything on your own,like going to  a movie because it makes you feel like a social failure.

You tend to badmouth others because it makes you feel superior. You cannot be happy when others succeed because you are not happy with yourself.



Low self-esteem makes it difficult to complete tasks,form new relationships,try new activities and over time this may lead to depression.Behavior like drinking or taking drugs is often related to low self-esteem. You do not care enough about yourself to worry about the consequences.


Your internal dialogue:

Do you think about your flaws rather than your accomplishments? Are you more likely to feel’I can’t do that’, than ‘I can beat this’? Do you face  every new challenge with negative thoughts?

Your words:

Are you constantly putting yourself down? When someone offers you a compliment,how do you react? If someone compliments you on what you are wearing,is your immediate response to say you need to lose weight? If someone compliments you on a achievement,do you downplay it because you think you are being boastful if you acknowledge it?

8 Ways To Help YOU Build Self-Esteem

There is no way to transform your thinking and behavior overnight. It takes time to break the cycle and you need to work on it consistently to see the results in your life. You have to break that conditioning that says ‘I’m not good enough” and prevents you from handling any situation where you might be exposed to criticism

Management and treatment of low self esteem can be treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It offers a practical approach where you try out new ways of behaving,and observe the effect that this has on the way you feel about yourself. You learn to:

  1. Physical exercise,diet and sleep all contribute towards improved self-esteem.Working on these areas will not only keep you healthy but make you feel much better about yourself.
  2. Reading self-help books also help you to learn how to develop a positive mindset.
  3. Become more assertive. It is possible to be assertive and set clear boundaries in relationships without being aggressive or obnoxious. We fear being assertive because we think we will be thought of as overbearing if we truly value ourselves,we will not allow others to treat us with disrespect.
  4. Spend time with people who are supportive and have a positive effect on you. Some people will suck you into their mind games,making you feel insecure and bad about yourself.Avoid them altogether
  5. Avid comparisons. Constantly comparing yourself with others is a very destructive habit. Instead you need to look at how far you have come.
  6. Change your internal dialogue–You have to stop that little voice inside your head that that keeps telling you that you don’t measure up. Focus on your strengths.
  7. STOP thinking that you have to be perfect. It is normal to make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up over them,learn from them instead.
  8. Celebrate small victories. When you complete a task or succeed at a challenge,you will feel good about yourself. Succeed at several small goals and the momentum will build.


When low self-esteem issues are not addressed,negative thinking patterns can get worse over time and result in serious health problems such as anxiety and depression. If you are still battling despite trying to help yourself,and feel you need help,you may want to give self-help groups a try.

Conquering your self-esteem issues will transform your life. It will enable you to accept compliments graciously,value your accomplishments,reach your goals and establish healthy relationships.


If this article helped you or you think it would help someone you know. Please share to your social media outlets. This is one of the biggest ways you can help me out,If you wish to do so. Thanks so much


Report Scams


Have YOU been ripped off online? Report those Scams to US !!!

Did you sign up for that new and exciting program offering to make you a millionaire in just a few days?

Have you tried out any bad businesses just to find out it wasn’t worth the cost,or couldn’t sell their products? Have you signed up for some program just to find out it was a scam?

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Many people get lured into scams with promises of great wealth and quick cash.

Some companies even pay the BBB for a”BBB”accredited logo” just  to get your”business”. They will use pictures of cash,expensive cars,large houses,or even checks written out with large amounts.

Did you get in on that new exciting program thinking there is no way to fail?

Perhaps you saw an ad saying you would never have to advertise or look for leads again if you signed up for their program (why would they be advertising and looking for leads themselves)?

Did you sign up for something that looked very promising but turned out to be just another pyramid scheme? We would like to know about it! Report  those Scams to US.


Please comment with your experience’s with companies that have ripped you off!!  or email me

We’re very sorry that it happened to you,but your input could save someone lots of time and money and that’s what we are all about here at Please keep it professional.

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Four Unusual Ways People are Making Money Online

Four Unusual Ways to Make Money Online.

The Internet is a great place to launch entrepreneurial efforts. People have made moneyby creating useful products and functional websites,while others have found ways to make money in unique and strange ways. Here is a sampling of some unusual online commerce.


New South Korean Fad: Watch People Eat a Lot Online

Mukbang is a combination of Korean words that mean eating and broadcasting and is very popular in South Korea.
Viewers tune in to chat and watch people eat,and donate cash-redeemable coupons to the eaters.

According to a Business Insider video,the most viewed eater on the streaming service Afreeca TV earned a whopping $ 250,000 in 2013.

The eating voyeurs have around 3,500 online eaters to choose from,some of whom are sponsored by restaurants.

So instead of “What do you want to eat tonight?” the question is “Whom do you want to watch eat tonight?”



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Two guys from Great Britain came up with the idea of paying off their student debt in a creative way ___________selling space on their face. Using only a makeup pencil.Ross Harper and Ed Moses sold daily

advertising space on their face for a full year. After initial sales at only a few dollars,the site caught on and the two ended up selling space for $600
.The catch was that the duo would film themselves doing stunts or other attention-getting actions (some requested android for by the client) and post the results on their website, which in turn directed traffic to the clients website.

They managed to retire nearly $ 60,000 of their $ 80,000 debt before shutting down the site.


Mike Merril (aka KMikeyM) decided in 2008 to divide himself into 100,000 shares and offer himself as an IPO for $1 per share.
Shares can be purchased at his website that embraces “Community through Communism”.

Shareholders do not receive or dividends in return,but they can log in to cast votes on aspects of Mike Merrrils everyday life,such as whether or not he should invest in a Rwadan chicken farm (yes) or get a vasectomy (no).
As of this writing, the last vote, was to “produce a live theatre production exploring the issues of identity and celebrity ” with the title of “Understanding Jason Bateman” Bateman is allegedly set to star in a movie being made about Mike Merril’s life.


I  The site is no longer around but its owner Jason Sadler made serious money by wearing t-shirts with a different company logo each day.
In his first year Sadler made $70,000 and ended up making as much as $500,000 a year,according to some reports.

At one point, Sadler had a team of five t-shirt wearers,spread throughout the country and a client base that included Nissan and Starbucks.

To increase the advertising value,Sadler posted videos of himself on social media sites discussing his client of the day.

Sadler has moved on to other ventures but continues to dabble in the world of unusual methods of making money online.

He has legally changed his name twice for advertising money. Auctioning off his name in 2012 earned him $45,000 and the name In 2013 he became Jason for $50,000.

He has most recently changed his last name to Zook,but that was for personal, not professional reasons.

While these are certainly 4 unusual new ways people are making money online rest assured that there is a much deeper level of money making strangeness out there on the internet.

Search for even more unusual ways at your own risk and if you have made money on the internet in a creative or unusual way please  leave me a comment below or at thanks guys.