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Have YOU been ripped off online? Report those Scams to US !!!

Did you sign up for that new and exciting program offering to make you a millionaire in just a few days?

Have you tried out any bad businesses just to find out it wasn’t worth the cost,or couldn’t sell their products? Have you signed up for some program just to find out it was a scam?

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Many people get lured into scams with promises of great wealth and quick cash.

Some companies even pay the BBB for a”BBB”accredited logo” just  to get your”business”. They will use pictures of cash,expensive cars,large houses,or even checks written out with large amounts.

Did you get in on that new exciting program thinking there is no way to fail?

Perhaps you saw an ad saying you would never have to advertise or look for leads again if you signed up for their program (why would they be advertising and looking for leads themselves)?

Did you sign up for something that looked very promising but turned out to be just another pyramid scheme? We would like to know about it! Report  those Scams to US.


Please comment with your experience’s with companies that have ripped you off!!  or email me

We’re very sorry that it happened to you,but your input could save someone lots of time and money and that’s what we are all about here at Please keep it professional.

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3 thoughts on “Report Scams

  1. Steve thanks for stopping by and yes you are correct not too many rich people are looking to supplement their income thanks for your input and you are always wlome here at thanks so much,Darrell

  2. Rich people don’t generally look for ways to supplement their income online. it’s usually just us ordinary folk trying to scrape by. So when someone comes on here with the intention of taking our money and leaving us nothing to show for it, well that just makes my blood boil.
    You can be sure that I will be in touch as soon as I find such a site!

  3. Unfortunately, I have been a victim of several scams over the last several years. One even messed up my bank account and credit. However, one thing I’ve learned is if it looks too good or too easy, then it probably is and is a scam. Though I did report some of the scams to the local authorities, unfortunately they weren’t able to help fully. My credit was still ruined and most of the money in my account were just “lost”. However, I do still highly advise anyone to report scams to their local authorities and do your research. I could have prevented from being scammed a few times if I had only researched the company, etc. Now I do.

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