Recyclix Review Is it a Scam?


You may have heard of a program called Recyclix. You may be wondering if it is a scam or not. I will give you my honest Recyclix review!

I stumbled upon Recyclix a few months ago, and like you I was skeptical. I am very cautious when it comes to investing in anything. Is it worth it? Is it safe? My answers to all are yes!

Growing a passive income in recyclable waste sounds crazy. right? I thought so at first. After testing it myself,I can tell you this program is amazing!

To put it simply you gain a percentage of the profits the company makes after recycling plastic. You first buy the recyclable waste,they grind it,wash it, and sell it. They give you some of the profits from the sale.

Recyclix Review:

Who is Recyclix?

Recyclix is a very unique pioneering company that fuses online opportunities and business to help to help the recycling industry develop efficiently.

Recyclix controls various investment projects in Europe with their head office in Warsaw. They have worked hard to combine ecology and business.

They believe mutually rewarding collaboration with all members is the ticket to success in any project.

What do they do?

They make it possible for users to earn an income by providing open access to the sale and purchase of recyclable waste on the international market using their website.

Their company arranges and controls the recycling process while you simply purchase the raw materials for their following process and sale! It’s made as simple as possible for their users, and does all the work!

Why do they do this?

They want to set the standard for the European recycling model, recycling model,to make it more profitable and technically sound using their online services.

They also aim to provide long-term consistent income to every participant. They want their ¬†partners to earn more because it’s profitable for them too!

Recycling plastics is the most profitable field in the recycling industry.

  • Consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during the last 50 years
  • 86% of European plastics is exported to China:
  • Only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled,the rest is still burned:

Recycling industry profits in 2014 are measured at 372 billion EUR

The industry has a huge potential for growth, and there is almost no market competition. The governments do not support the industry enough for launching the proper amount of facilities.

Currently,the recycling industry is the most promising and profitable investment field with the lowest possible risk.

Currently,they are offering a $20 sign up bonus,which you can start earning with right away!

If you do not invest any additional amounts please note that it will take several cycles to earn enough profit to make a withdrawal as the minimum withdrawal is itself $20.

You can make deposits for investment through Paypal,Bitcoin or wire transfer!

When you first recycle your purchased waste (which takes 21 days) you will receive 6% of your total waste purchase amount.

In another two weeks, you have the option to restart the cycle and claim an additional 8% of the difference between granules selling price and regrind selling price.

So for 1 full cycle, 5 weeks, you will gain 14% of your initial waste purchase amount. Although you can choose to sell your finished material for a 25% share of the selling price.

You can also choose to automatically restart cycles and compound profits to increase your earning potential.

Say you deposited $80, with the free $20 bonus your balance would be $ 100. If you chose to simply take the profits and not compound them you would get $14 every 5 weeks put into your withdrawal balance.

If you chose to compound your profits you would start back over after 5 weeks with $114 worth of waste,and then another 5 weeks you would restart with $129.96 and so on.

They provide a calculator on their site to simplify things.

You can also purchase shares of factory equipment to increase your share of the profits. They will only allow you to buy shares of factory equipment when you have enough waste purchased to be worth it.

In their profit calculator if you try to see what would happen if you purchase a lot of equipment shares without much if any waste,you will get this message.



You can also earn referral commissions by referring other members.

The commission only applies to active members,meaning those who have deposited funds into their account.

You will gain commissions from downlines up to 4 levels (10% for 1st level partners,3% for second,2% for third and 1% for fourth level)

Do they pay out?

Of course they pay out! This is a growing business and they would like to continue to grow! Personally I have only made one withdrawal as soon as I passed the $20 withdrawal limit. I made my withdrawal with Paypal,but they will also pay out by wire transfer to your own bank.


  • 14% profit every 5 weeks
  • Global opportunity
  • Refund policy available
  • Very low risk
  • High earning and growth potential
  • Referral commissions
  • Several options to deposit/withdraw funds
  • Passive income
  • Can automatically restart cycles and compound profits


  • Takes time to grow
  • You must check on your account every 2-3 weeks if not restarting cycles and compounding profits automatically.


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4 thoughts on “Recyclix Review Is it a Scam?

  1. Hello how are you Paul and thanks for stopping by,I heard Recyclix is still paying out my friend so check them out or better read my Review where I break it down for you my friend.

  2. Hey there, I wanna join recyclix but first wanna make sure that is it still paying or not…..????

    Kindly let me know the answer.. Will be really grateful for that..

    Thanking in anticipations.

  3. Well thanks for stopping by again Sarah and Im glad we could inform you about Recyclix that is where I get my most pleasure from informing and educating my readers about all legitimate online business opportunities so that they can take it to another level and prosper as I have done .Thanks for stopping by again.

  4. This was very interesting. I’ve personally never heard of Recyclix, however I think anything that involves recycling is great. I would personally want to do a little more research before I invested money into this company, and I of course would love to see if there’s a USA company similar and support them.

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