Best Residual Income Ideas That Work


Best Residual Income Ideas That Work

Recurring passive income is the king for creating a successful online business.
This is the type of business opportunity where you create the atmosphere to make a sale for a product or service between a company and a customer and you gain a commission.

Opposed to traditional marketing (online of offline)instead of a one -time payment for your work,you are paid again and again. This is recurring monthly income or residual income.

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Hi there, I’m Darrell from makingbigcashonline pointing you guys in the right direction with “Best residual income ideas that work”. There are many residual income ideas that you can create OR that are already available to you.

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If you choose to begin promoting one that is already available such as a Clickbank product,there are a few tips to getthe best ones available.

Tips for choosing the Best Clickbank Recurring Products

  1. Gravity above 100
  2. Always check out the affiliate marketing tools that are available. Is the sales page professional? Would YOU buy the product or at least are tempted?
  3. Check the “Avg Rebill”- this would be approximately your monthly income for each sale.
  4. Don’t be shy about contacting the “vendor” of the product. You’ll be working for them to increase their sales.

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Website Hosting

Some of the major marketing gurus on the net make the bulk of their passive income from web hosting companies.
Typically,the beginning affiliate marketer may go through the Commission Junction warehouse. For their advertisements (also known as creatives) this is a great venue.

But,I like to go direct to the source such as Hostgator,iPage,Bluehost,etc This cuts out any transaction percentages from Commission Junction and just gives me a bit more control.

The commissions here can be huge. $100 per sale.
But,be wary,some hosting companies only pay the one-time commission. Search around though, many will pay you a monthly income as long as the customer keeps their website with that service provider.

But think about it….how many people will move web hosting companies? How many even know how to move an entire website from one hosting company to another. I would say this number is quite low.

My favorite Residual or Passive Income Stream:


If you’re a seasoned online marketer,you already know the benefits of smart passive income.Maybe you’re just reading this to spark new ideas or revitalize some motivation.

Maybe you have tried your hand at a residual income business and it just made enough to buy a lunch if anything at all.


There are so many things,but allow me to just say this,anyone can do it. A seasoned marketer could build a niche website,write great content and engaging media and drawn the search engineslike a magician.
But can you coach and teach others?

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is they have been doing it successfully for 10 years and are simply getting better and better.

Their training is BY FAR superior–the best I have seen on the Net. I was on the fence joining them for several years.
Their courses are fantastic,they have step-by-step training that’s easy to follow and they have realistic goals. Additionally,you can learn and earn,But heres the best part………….

You can signup and totally check it out without spending a dime. You can even earn money as a free member and stay that way if you like.

So,why would I upgrade?

Easy,the commission for upgraded members is approximately double than for free members. There are more features for the upgraded members. Double your monthly recurring income.

Take a look around,what other business opportunity on the Internet allows you to join for Free,absolutely Free,not some trial that’s difficult to get out of.
You get training and live support.

A community of people to run ideas by when you get stuck

. Motivating individuals that have been where you are and will help you get to the next level so Don’t waste any more time Get started at Wealthy Affiliate.( This is where I started my online career guys.)





8 thoughts on “Best Residual Income Ideas That Work

  1. Hello thanks for stopping by here Krissy.I am glad we agree Wa is an awesome place.I usually blog 4 times a week and I try to write two reviews a month.Thanks for your input and keep up the great work.later,Darrell

  2. Hi Darrellanton,
    Good review page. I am looking to promote clickbank but still don’t know how to grab the link and promote that product. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome! I also would like to know, have you had success with pay per click? Or have you not done pay per click? How often do you blog? If so how many times do you blog and write up product reviews?
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Alisha I have promoted clickbank but I did so on my website,but I have heard of guys who do promote with ppc campaigns as you mentioned and no I haven’t seen any lessons of Wealthy Affiliate teaching about Clickbank,I will check more into that for you, email me at thanks,Darrell

  4. Hello Ralph thanks for stopping by here at and I am glad you finally started your business and I hope you are doing well.I am glad you think Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start because I also started off there.Thanks for stopping by and good luck,Darrell

  5. Hi Darrell,

    Great post on residual income, I completely agree with you. Let me just say I have been looking for a way to start an online business / website for quite sometime but really didn’t have any idea on where or how to get started. So I checked out wealthy affiliate and to my surprise they walk you through all this, step by step to get your business started. Its a great online resource.

  6. Once I tried to promote Clickbank product without a website and through PPC.I lost my 50 dollars and didn’t get any sale.I know people are making more than 10000 dollars each month solely from Clickbank.
    1.Is it really possible to make money from Clickbank without a website?
    2. Does wealthy affiliate teach about how to promote Clickbank product?

  7. Well hello Sarah thanks for stopping by and Im glad you enjoyed the article if you are interested in having affiliate advertising on your website,I would suggest you read my article “Blueprint to Success” it will point you in the right direction as far as how to do that.Keep me informed about your progress Sarah at

  8. This article was great to read. I’m in the process of having a business website designed and I’m using a hosting site. I’m wanting to have some affiliate advertisement on the sides, but still doing a lot of research. I don’t want my customers to feel overwhelmed or that they are being scammed when or if they click on the ad.

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