7 Ways To Find Opportunity Seekers

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7 Ways to Find Opportunity Seekers.

You have started a new business online. Now your assignment is finding home business opportunity seekers who are eager to start an online business to increase the growth of your business. Finding new leads for your business now days has become more frustrating to many  business owners.

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The important step is finding out what does your business offer to people.What value are you offering to prospects?

It’s true things have changed in today’s world people have become smarter when it comes to business opportunity. So it’s important to offer people some kind of value or solve some kind of problem that really helps them.

There are a lot of people looking to start a business online. These are people ready to leave the hustle and bustle of their 9-5 jobs.So finding these opportunity seekers looking for a way out is not easy,but with persistence and determination it can be done.

Below are 7 Ways to Find Home Business Opportunity Seekers

1. Buying Solo Ads-This has to be one of my favorite methods to finding home business seekers.

Solo ads has been around for a while now,but first you must understand what solo ads are and why you should buy solo ads for your business

.Solo ads are target advertisement that you pay for clicks to your landing page or squeeze page. Although the seller of the leads is not responsible for conversion of their list.


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They are responsible for the amount of click deliver. It’s up to you to have a good valuable offer to convert leads into your business.

One reason why you should buy solo ads for your business. Because you can target people who you are looking for in your business opportunity

These are people who have already opt-in and looking to make money or start a business online

This is where your business will fit right into these people needs by offering them help to get started.

The cost of some solo ads are very expensive range from $100-$500 in price,but there are also some cheap good solo ads ranging from 0.21 cents to 0.50 cents per list averaging about $25-$50.00 in price.


2. Forums-Work at home business opportunity forums can be a great place to find home business opportunity seekers.

Search for forums related to home business,then be active in the forums that you join.Let people know more aboutyour business and let them know how you can help them get started with setting up their website. Be sure to read the forums rules for posting.


3. Message Boards- are an online discussion group where you can hold conversations about your business.

Be aware that there are tons of free message boards that you can join. In many cases  you can remain anonymous or you can choose to register for the message boards.

The good thing about these boards is you can post discussions and you can ask for feedback that can lead to a potential lead for your business.

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4.Business Cards-Business cards are valuable to your business.

This method increases chances to get people to visit your website. Your business card can be placed in local shops and stores to let people know how they can start an online business.

While you are on the go,keep business cards on hand at all times,you never know who you will come across hopefully customers or prospects for your business.

5. Word of Mouth- is a free tool to find home business opportunity seekers. Spreading the news about your business with friends and family.

Also using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Linked In and Reddit are excellent free tools for spreading the news about your business.

Post in groups on these social media outlets and you have the potential to meet thousands of like minded people looking to start a homebased business.

6.Car Magnets-are a really cool method to find new customers and prospects. Car magnets do the advertising while you are on the go.

This step can take your business to a whole another level for advertising,although some car magnets can be expensive.

Do your homework to find the best prices for creating car magnets for your business.

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7.Buying Home Business Leads-thought this might be the easiest method,based on my experience.

Most lead generation companies tend to use old and outdated leads. Be cautious,there are some companies that will try to scam you.

My suggestion when buying leads from companies is to do your research the company and read some reviews about their history.

Cutting Edge Media is a good company to start generating good leads for your business.


If this article helped you or you think it would help someone you know. Please share to your social media outlets. This is one of the biggest ways you can help me out,if you wish to do so. Thanks,Darrell


8 thoughts on “7 Ways To Find Opportunity Seekers

  1. I just read your “7 ways to find” post and have a couple of questions for you.
    What’s the difference between Message boards and forums and are there any in particular you would recommend registering too?

    I’m keen to learn about solo ads, how do i create them and where do I get them from?
    I see you’re earning $7K per month and I want to earn that and more.
    Thank you

  2. Hello Rocky thanks for stopping by and and leaving your valuable input,it is very much appreciated.Of course the best way to measure the effectiveness of any ad Rock is the amount of sales that were made my friend.Any more questions contact me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  3. Dear Darell,

    You have a magnificent website. Actually I am on the same business and I am searching for such high end and honest content. The information that you have shared are so useful, realistic and practical.
    My question: How can you rate the effectiveness of buying solo ads nowadays? I ask the question because I have read some articles that, it is now being ineffective nowadays. I just want to take some information from expert like you.

    Thank you so much,

  4. Hi there Darrell, I loved you website. You told it like it is. You know what you are after. Great business leads. I just started trying to figure out how to generate some good leads. I am going to check out Cutting edge Media. It is good to hear from someone who has accomplished what you set out to do.

  5. Thank you Jenny I am glad you liked my website and thats what we try to do here @makingbigcashonline.com,inform,educate,and review work from home websites.Check back here again we post relevant information daily.Thanks,Darrell

  6. Like your website. And enjoyed reading the 7 ways to find opportunities of home business. Solo ads are also my favourite method. And I Find them very effective.
    There are quite a few things that i never would have thought of like car magnets and buying home business leads.
    Thought your site was very easy to read and well laid out

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