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You Tube is becoming a popular venue for entrepreneurs. Have you seen American Idol, The Voice, America’s  Got Talent, well you know everyone wants to be a star these days. People sign up with You Tube with visions of a huge following and big paychecks.

Of course almost everybody fails at making big money off their original video content. However there a ton of You Tube “rags to riches” success stories.

So if you are looking to make a fortune,or just some extra cash,heads up!!! If you know the proper methods,you can make big cash from You Tube in no time.

Methods For Monetization

1.Becoming a Partner-Partnering with You Tube is the most common way of making money from the site.

By doing this you will split all of the money made from ads. This applies to both the advertisements that play before your videos,and the ads that are displayed to the right of your video.

The reason partnering with You Tube is the most common monetization technique is because it is convenient.

It is easy to set-up and start earning revenue immediately. However it is hard to make a fortune with this method.


2. Signing up Sponsors-If you are fortunate enough to accumulate a large audience,then you can sign up sponsors for your programming that wish to advertise to your demographic. This method is dependent on your audience,the potential sponsors and their budgets.

3.Merchandising-If you are providing free video content,there is a huge opportunity for you to promote other products  that are sources of revenue for yourself.

If you manage to carve out popularity and a devoted fan-base,you can market your own products that your fans will be more than happy to pay for. Of course this method will require you to build your own website.

4.Utilize a Paywall-A “freemium” business model is a good way to persuade your audience to purchase your paid product.

Give away the bulk of your content for free on You Tube but hide some of your best stuff behind a paywall on your website. If you have a large audience,chances are some of them will be willing to pay for your exclusive videos.

5. Affiliate Deal-If you do not have your own product to sell,find somebody that does and collect commission on sales that you refer to them.

An affiliate deal can be difficult if there is no obvious partner to your channel but the opportunity is huge if you can effectively promote somebody else.

Read my post on affiliate marketing( for more information

Beyond You Tube

If You Tube isn’t your thing, there are other options for generating revenue from your videos. These are some alternatives.

1.Dailymotion-Dailymotion is one of the more popular alternatives to You Tube. After you become a “motionmaker” you will be able to upload your videos and earn a portion of the ad revenue.

2. Vimeo-Instead of relying on ads. Vimeo utilizes a “tip jar” model. Viewers have the option of tipping a video from $1–$500.Producers  receive around 85% of the tips. you manage to get a video onto’s home page,you will be offered $400 for the video (or $200 to license the video)

4.Viddler-At Viddler you can sell access to your channel,either on a weekly or monthly basis. So if you do not wish to give away your content for free,Viddler can set-up a paid content model for you. is another site that will allow you to generate revenue through advertisements.


Tools and Research

There are plenty of tools that will help you out with video production. If you want a successful  income through video content,you would be wise to become familiar with these tools.

1. Content ID-If you are making legitimate money from You Tube you need to defend your revenue stream against people who steal content. Content ID allows you to  identify your material and retain the earnings that would otherwise go to copycats.

2. You Tube Insight-This is an analytics tool that provides you with information on your audience.

3.You Tube Trends-Subscribing to You Tube Trends will allow you to stay “in the know” on trends and it is a good place to look for inspiration for making videos.

4.You Tube Playbook-This is designed to aid You Tube partners in building their audience and maximizing their earnings.

5.You Tube Keyword Tool-This is another tool that helps you determine what people are searching for within You Tube.

6.Official You Tube Blog-Another great way to stay up to date on all of the current You Tube trends.

7. Free You Tube Channel Report-SimplyMeasured will give you a free report on your You Tube channel.

8. You Tube Charts-A site that provides information on the videos that are popular now,and the videos that have been successful in the past.

9. YTtalk–This is a Huge You Tube community forum. It is a great place to go for inspiration or to ask any questions you may have.

I believe that You Tube is the wave of the future  when it comes to making money online.

If you wish to pursue this,I suggest you build your own website.If you have a website.,you can direct your You Tube audience to it and generate further income.

The income generated from your site can be invested back into your original video content which will allow you to make top of the line content and this will build your audience further. It’s a great relationship if you can implement  it effectively.

If you have never built a website,check out my  review on wealthy affiliate.(  Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about monetizing a site. A monetized site will allow you the freedom to concentrate on making more videos.

As always if you have any feedback or questions,leave them below,and don’t forget to share this post to all your friends and your social media sites,it really helps me out guys. Take care and stay cool.



10 thoughts on “Make Money With You Tube Videos

  1. Hello Israel and thanks foe your feedback it was very helpful and I truly want to see you come back agin. Thanks Darrell

  2. Hey Darrel!

    I got a YouTube channel, but I don’t get much. Just some bucks each month. And I was looking for some ideas to boost it a little bit.

    I didn’t know how the other platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion actually worked. Good to know!

    Thanks so much for sharing this tips, they’re are really helpful, I’ll out them into work right away!

  3. Well hello Jeff thanks for your feedback and I can definitely tell that you are in the loop as far as making money legitimately with videos on the YT platform.I have friends who are currently pursuing this revenue stream,some with more success than others,I do think with some creativity, persistence,a great product and consistent video content that it could become a great revenue stream. Thanks for stopping by again,

  4. Hello and thanks for stopping by today,I’m glad we could inform you and you enjoyed the article”Learn How to Make Money With Youtube Videos”,I really enjoy when I get my readers new information,thanks for stopping by again,Darrell

  5. Hi Darrell,
    Great article that you wrote on your website which indicated to readers the many number of legit ways that they could build income off of making videos – especially on the popular YT platform.

    Indeed there have been rags-to-riches tales of people who have earned a lot of money, really selling themselves or products through the creation of videos.

    For example, being a fan of “Dancing With the Stars” reality show for years now I remember recently the success of one of the contestants, Bethany Mota, (partner to Derek Hough) then 19 years old. Ms. Mota still has a few years later an incredibly popular YT channel which she has devoted towards helping viewers younger than she was in coping with the tween/teen years, being a role model, providing them on clothing fashions, make-up, and etc. 20 years ago there would have been no way she could have pursued this venture, also the case of others who have earned quite a bit of $$ exclusively by using YT as a great marketing ideal.

    Great idea to illustrate all of the different strategies that one could tactically use to build income by creating videos – merchandising, signing up of sponsors, paywalls as well as using other internet sources besides YT – Daily Motion, Vimeo and others.

    It is not promised should one choose to pursue this that it would be an easy chore for one to make money in this venture. The person would need to be creative, promote a great product, and consistently post new vid material to grow a following.

    Tell me, as your a member of YT, is this something that you are pursuing with a lot of zeal in your online marketing efforts?

    This was a well-written article, Darrell!

  6. Hi Darrell
    The YouTube information was very informative.

    I would suggest that when referring to the site you not make it two words, I found that a little distracting and it made me question your familiarity with the site.

    I also found it a little distracting that when you have a comma you do not leave a space after the comma.

    I know both of these suggestions are minor details but your content was excellent and I think by correcting these details your audience will be more engaged.
    Good luck!

  7. Hey Darrell,
    I didn’t even realize there were all these different avenues of making money from YouTube. You said it is relatively easy to start off by partnering with YouTube? I use YouTube but wasn’t aware of all the opportunities that were associated with it. I’m going to have to check into it more. Thanks for the great information! Nice post!

  8. Brandy it all depends on what you are looking for,but trust me You Tube videos is definitely the way to go.The type of You Tube video is going to be determined by the type of business you have,make sure you do your homework and do make the right choice and stay in touch ,and let me know

  9. Great post! I have been thinking about making YouTube videos to enhance my personal websites, but unsure of how to effectively produce them. This is a great guide and I will definitely be bookmarking it for my reference.

    Do you think there is a certain style or type of video that is more effective to appealing to the masses?

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