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Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper


I’m a big fan of Amazon’s affiliate program. I love the program because it’s straight forward and nearly anyone can get started earning money online.

“Hi” guys Darrell again from pointing you in the right direction,so you can get some of that Amazon “cake”.

The “Making Cash Online Book Store” and this websites “Top Amazon Sellers”store are both Amazon affiliate stores.  Check them out 30% of profits are donated to charity.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate read on , we’ll show you how to get in the game and become an Amazon affiliate and prosper.

To sign up for the affiliate program,log in to your Amazon account (if you don’t have one creating an account is free and very self-explanatory.) Continue reading Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper

When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.


When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.

There is still this illusion that job security is possible in this day and age. Even though we see other people lose their jobs,we never really feel insecure about our job until we no longer have one.

There is also this illusion that unless you are rich,you must have a job in order to be financially secure. College grads and high school grads alike; simply end up working a nine to five job,often in an industry or position you don’t enjoy and possibly being under paid.

Then there’s that thing called “retirement” Many of us are aware of the baby boomer’s financial crises.Try finding a decent job after the age of 50.

The BlackRock 2015 Annual Report states that 71% of Americans in the workforce are concerned they won’t be able to retire. Many are unable to save money due to personal debt and household bills.

This means preparation and other strategies are needed,in order to insure that you and your family continues to thrive. Starting an online business is an easy and effective way to earn a passive income or replace your current job.

Wealthy Affiliate University has a step by step training platform that makes learning easy Continue reading When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.

Paydays at Home REVIEW

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Product name:     Paydays at Home


Price:       $ 97 for 6 months

Owner:    Unknown

Overall rank:   10 out of 100

Verdict:  Not recommended


There are many  programs on the web that promise  to get you paid while staying at home and Paydays at Home is one of those programs too. I came across this program about a week ago and decided to do some research for two reasons.

First,if this program is good then I can help my readers find something that can really help them make a solid income online. Second,if it’s not a good program then I can help my readers and save them from another useless scam program.

8 minutes of research was enough for me to get an idea of what Paydays at Home is all about.The bad news is that this program unfortunately belongs to a link posting scam family. Continue reading Paydays at Home REVIEW

Start an Online Business Avoid Financial Crises.


Starting an online business just might be the answer to the retirement financial crises Almost all of us know  someone who is retirement age and unable to retire.

Why? Because most people don’t have enough money saved to retire on.

We can’t blame it all on the economy or the government,although I’m sure they are partly to blame.

When young and just staring out in life,saving for retirement is the last thing we think about.

Have You Heard?Read About Me

Most young adults are focused on buying a house or just moving out of their parents home.

Paying off student loans,getting the first car and so many other things that seem much more important at the moment than saving for retirement.

If you are already retirement age,working from home and being your own boss is definitely better than working for Walmart.

Baby Boomers and The Retirement Financial Crises Continue reading Start an Online Business Avoid Financial Crises.

Are You Making These 24 Hours In a Day Mistakes?


What are you going to do with your 24? Everyday provides an opportunity to utilize the same exact amount of time. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.


It’s what we do with that time that determines  how our lives are going to pan out in the future.

Would you agree what you do right now will determine your future. Right now we could break a law and get thrown in jail. Right now we could begin building the foundation of a business and set the tone for our future.

Everyone has the same 24,from master basketball player LeBron James to top savvy investor Warren Buffet. From the homeless on the streets to the people living in the mansions of the world.

Your life is going to be determined by what you do within every single 24 hour period of your life. Your life is going to be determined by what you’re doing right now.

LeBron James focused most of his 86,400 seconds every day towards mastering everything related to basketball. That’s how he became a master with his craft as a professional basketball player.

Warren Buffet focused most of his 86,400 seconds every day towards mastering the stock market.By doing so he created an empire

The proof is in the pudding,people like these guys focus all of their time towards one thing and they accomplish it.





Don’t Spend Too Much Time Coming Up With Ideas

This does not mean that coming up with ideas within a 24 hour period is what will manifest things into your future.

Execution is essential.Ideas are cheap,action is where the magic happens. It’s the actual execution on an idea,the action required to bring an idea into reality. That’s where manifestation takes place.

It’s rare to see people actually take consistent action towards a goal or something actually worth doing.

Read my article Blueprint to Success.

Some people consistently look for ways to boost their income,some people consistently come up with ideas to build their future,some people  consistently plan out a diet to lose weight.

Few people consistently complete actionable tasks to increase their income,few people consistently take ideas and actually create them to see what happens,,few people consistently eat right and exercise to lose weight.

Everyone is taking action towards something within every single 24 hour period.

It’s what you do with the time that you have –That is what will determine what you’re going to be doing and what you’re going to have in your future.

But I Don’t Have Time………….

I hear that all the time.

If you have a great idea,whether it’s to make extra money online or become a football player then half the battle is won.

If you have a deep desire inside of you to create something that you are visualizing then you’re inevitably going to find the time. A fire is going to burn inside of you and you’re going to do whatever it takes to get it done.

When I first had the idea of building an online business so that I could spend more quality time with my family and friends rather than at the labor service,I wanted it so bad that I spent all of my free time building that kind of lifetime.

Instead of drinking on the weekends with friends,I would watch videos that would show me how to get my website indexed with Google.

Instead of playing video games or watching netflix every night,I would instead spend time implementing what I had recently learned.

I did that every single day.

My desire to have my desired lifestyle was deeper than my desire to relax and to be content with what I already had.

I took this period of time and dedicated it to growing my online work. I wanted to make money online,that’s what I truly wanted to accomplish.

Then one day it happened.

Now,I’m working full-time in the comfort of my home making a very comfortable  living from home.

Don’t Settle,Get Uncomfortable

All in all I was able to create the lifestyle that I envisioned within through not settling for a dirty blue collar job and by getting uncomfortable by learning and getting into something that I thought I never would do.

I spent a lot of time taking action towards my vision.There aren’t many people that actually do that today.

I had never conducted any business on the internet but I knew what working from home would mean to me.It would mean FREEDOM and that IS a beautiful feeling.

Get consistent with leveraging your time towards your life’s goals. Consistently take action towards it’s fulfillment and with patience you will get there.

Want To Work From Home Like I Do?  hit the link


So what are you doing with your time?

TIME is the most valuable thing in anyone’s LIFE.

Do YOU spend your time wisely?


Why I Write REVIEWS Here !


On this site,it is my mission and my passion to help anyone and everyone to avoid the busload of scammers.

There are plenty of people online that want to scam people out of their money.

Why I Write Reviews Here!

Those people are vicious and I have plenty of past experience being apart of the crap that others promote online to “help” people make money when the reality is that they simply want your credit card information and your email……

Money is what gives us freedom.

No it doesn’t buy inner happiness but it sure can help with obtaining things that we want and depending on how our money is made,it can help us have more time to do those things which are most important

Unfortunately money basically runs the world we live in so we’ve got to find ways to create income sources which resonate with our passions because if we are consistently doing what we love and it’s bringing in the income then life is set,life is awesome when that happens.

The internet can be a great place to actually make that happen.

Billions of people use the internet every single day and the power of the internet can be leveraged in simple ways to create income sources based around our passions.


These people tell you that they have “systems” and “programs” to help you make money when it really only exist to get them paid,not us.

I’ve been apart of these fake systems and programs.
I had such an insane desire to create an income source from home online that I was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

When you try and do that online,with no prior knowledge or help,you’re going to run into scammers and you’re going to lose money. It’s inevitable if you don’t have the right kind of guidance.

I’ve tried going into Facebook groups to make money with a system called Simple Money System.I’ve even tried to make money on Swagbucks and SoundCloud.

I was told to try doing these different things from people who said that that’s what they do to make money online but all in all these systems were put in place to make someone else a bunch of money. For the most part,they were scams.

Along my journey I wanted to give up so many times because I really did lose out on thousands of dollars trying to really make money online.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon my # 1 work from home recommendation that I started to make things happen.

So that’s why I Write REVIEWS here!!! 
I want to review these programs,systems and educational platforms so that I CAN HELP people avoid the scammers and time wasters and steer them into the direction that actually works

My passion is to help people pave their way to financial freedom.

As I said,I’ve been all over the place when it comes to making money online.
I’ve been scammed so many times yet I’ve also made a lot of money online .Since I’ve been able to experience both the good and bad,I’ll be able to guide you to the best ways that you should make money online.

So what is the best way to create an income source on the web?

By making your own website ! Before I had my own websites
I was trying to make money on other websites like Facebook,eBay,Amazon and SoundCloud.

But by owning your own website you’re not only able to make it about whatever you want it to be about but you’re able to fine tune it exactly how you want it,you truly are the boss when you have your own property on the web.

Nobody can tell you that you can’t have something on it because you own the rights to it.

When I was making money with eBay,everything was going great,but I got banned from their website as a seller,and my online income was gone that quick.

That doesn’t happen when you own your own website………….

By owning your own website,you are the boss 100% of the time,you’re able to dictate what goes on with the website.

Not only that,I’ve made a  LOT more money online with my own website.

Read about my #1 work from home recommendation

#1 Work from Home University










Infinity Profit System Scam or Not ?



Name: Infinity Profit System


Price: $10 one time (admin fee) $25 per month (starter package) $100 per month (basic package)

Here we are again with another make money online “opportunity” Infinity Profit System (IPS) is being plugged relentlessly by its members They are making outrageous claims of overnight success,which I PERSONALLY do not believe in.

Can these claims be legitimate?

While I doubted it, I decided to try the program out for myself. The following Infinity Profit System Review IS the result of my findings.

I’m going to start this review off bluntly,promoting IPS is risky. The reason being,it is dangerously close to a pyramid scheme.

I’m not outright saying that IPS is a pyramid.The definition of a pyramid scheme:A program where members make money solely by recruiting more members,not selling/promoting products.

IPS actually has products to sell.IPS can not be labeled a pyramid because they are marketing actual products

However,in the world of the internet,digital info products are often created as camouflage to hide a pyramid (which essentially bypasses the law). Any experienced internet marketer that joins IPS does so for the opportunity to enter to enter into it’s commission matrix. They do not join for the products.

The Products

Buying into this system will cost you  a $10 admin fee (which goes directly to the owners of the website) From there you have your choice of two training packages (the products).

The Starter Package will cost you $25/month It will teach you how to brand yourself (essentially turning you into one of those guru types that we all know and hate).

The Basic Package will cost you $100/month It teaches you how to build your business,automate it where possible and outsource work.

Note: I don’t recommend that complete beginners to this industry automate/outsource anything.

When you are building a business,,you need to learn how it operates before you begin to hire outside help.That’s  a good way to burn a lot of capital.

In order to make commission from selling either of these packages to others,you must first subscribe to the packages yourself.

You will only be paid commission up to the level you have purchased. If you purchase the starter package,you will only collect commission on your referrals that do the same.

If one of your referred members purchase the basic package,you will not receive credit for this sale.

To make 100% commissions,promoting this program you will need to pay $125 per month (which includes both packages).

The Compensation Matrix

IPS operates on a 2 up matrix.

This means that the first two people you refer to the program,will be credited to the person in your upline (the person that introduced you to the program)

However,each person you refer (after your first two) will have to pass their first two referrals up to you.

You will collect recurring commission on each person you refer (after your first two) and on the first two people that each of your referrals generates.

While this may sound good,the truth is MLMs (Multi Level Marketing companies) that don’t offer solid products deteriorate over time.

There will come a time when the people at the bottom of this matrix will not be able to generate sales.

When this happens,they will cancel their memberships which will force their sponsors to cancel as well because they no longer have the funds for the system.


This system is intended for teams. I’m sure,if you are reading this review,you have seen the tactics of marketing teams before.

The idea is everyone makes money for their teammates( people in their downline and upline.

If you have a preexisting team,you can have each of  your subscribers pay for this offer and they will enter into your downline and make you more money.

IPS doesn’t have a support channel. The only hope of support will come from your team.

If you want to learn how to market this program,you better hope that you have an experienced marketer in your upline.

My Verdict

Infinity Profit System is a scam. Were it not for their weak products,they would be classified as a pyramid scheme because their entire emphasis is on recruitment.

As it is illegal to knowingly promote a pyramid scheme. I have to advise against this program. IPS may not  be breaking any rules but they are barely within the law.

It’s a shame stumbling upon programs like this that are essentially just designed to make the owners more money.

Don’t make money for other people.Instead you should seek an honest education in internet marketing.

Learn to build YOUR OWN  business Don’t seek to learn how to promote ONE product.( which is what IPS would have you do) Learn how to promote in general and apply this knowledge to any niche you can think of.

My #1 work from home recommendation ( has taught me to do that,it continues to provide me with all of the knowledge I need to succeed in this industry and it allows me to network with fellow entrepreneurs.


Want to Learn how to Make Money Online?

Check Out:  My #1 Work from Home Recommendation

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Any questions? Leave it in a comment below and I will get back to you!!