Why I Write REVIEWS Here !


On this site,it is my mission and my passion to help anyone and everyone to avoid the busload of scammers.

There are plenty of people online that want to scam people out of their money.

Why I Write Reviews Here!

Those people are vicious and I have plenty of past experience being apart of the crap that others promote online to “help” people make money when the reality is that they simply want your credit card information and your email……

Money is what gives us freedom.

No it doesn’t buy inner happiness but it sure can help with obtaining things that we want and depending on how our money is made,it can help us have more time to do those things which are most important

Unfortunately money basically runs the world we live in so we’ve got to find ways to create income sources which resonate with our passions because if we are consistently doing what we love and it’s bringing in the income then life is set,life is awesome when that happens.

The internet can be a great place to actually make that happen.

Billions of people use the internet every single day and the power of the internet can be leveraged in simple ways to create income sources based around our passions.


These people tell you that they have “systems” and “programs” to help you make money when it really only exist to get them paid,not us.

I’ve been apart of these fake systems and programs.
I had such an insane desire to create an income source from home online that I was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

When you try and do that online,with no prior knowledge or help,you’re going to run into scammers and you’re going to lose money. It’s inevitable if you don’t have the right kind of guidance.

I’ve tried going into Facebook groups to make money with a system called Simple Money System.I’ve even tried to make money on Swagbucks and SoundCloud.

I was told to try doing these different things from people who said that that’s what they do to make money online but all in all these systems were put in place to make someone else a bunch of money. For the most part,they were scams.

Along my journey I wanted to give up so many times because I really did lose out on thousands of dollars trying to really make money online.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon my # 1 work from home recommendation that I started to make things happen.

So that’s why I Write REVIEWS here!!! 
I want to review these programs,systems and educational platforms so that I CAN HELP people avoid the scammers and time wasters and steer them into the direction that actually works

My passion is to help people pave their way to financial freedom.

As I said,I’ve been all over the place when it comes to making money online.
I’ve been scammed so many times yet I’ve also made a lot of money online .Since I’ve been able to experience both the good and bad,I’ll be able to guide you to the best ways that you should make money online.

So what is the best way to create an income source on the web?

By making your own website ! Before I had my own websites
I was trying to make money on other websites like Facebook,eBay,Amazon and SoundCloud.

But by owning your own website you’re not only able to make it about whatever you want it to be about but you’re able to fine tune it exactly how you want it,you truly are the boss when you have your own property on the web.

Nobody can tell you that you can’t have something on it because you own the rights to it.

When I was making money with eBay,everything was going great,but I got banned from their website as a seller,and my online income was gone that quick.

That doesn’t happen when you own your own website………….

By owning your own website,you are the boss 100% of the time,you’re able to dictate what goes on with the website.

Not only that,I’ve made a  LOT more money online with my own website.

Read about my #1 work from home recommendation

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8 thoughts on “Why I Write REVIEWS Here !

  1. Alec thanks for stopping by my website and thanks for your comment and yes you are exactly correct I try to make the internet a much better place by exposing scammers and time-wasting sites that sell dreams.Feel free to stop by anytime,Darrell

  2. you experience seems really good, WA sounds really good, we can trust in WA? is not a scheme where you put your money and then you don’t receive anything? because some business online offer you everything and when you finally log in there’s nothing for you, not attention, mentor or strategies to follow, why WA is different? Thanks

  3. I think it’s important that we continue to work on exposing these scams. Many people fall for them and end up losing all their money.

    Internet business is growing, but it’s still a lot like the “Wild West.” People like us have the ability to make the internet a better place for everyone and help people get closer to their dreams of making money online.

  4. Thanks for stopping by makingbigcashonline.com Troy and I’m glad you enjoyed my article and you are exactly correct we have to put our fears totally away or it can definitely stop our progress and growth.Please don’t hesitate to stop by and thanks for your comment.

  5. Hello Nigel I’m in the same situation as you I learned my lesson and am very happy with my decision to join the WA community,but I still try to inform my readers of all the trickery and scams so they are aware,”to be aware is to be alive”.Any questions or comments touch base with me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  6. I’ve also tried many of these sites that claim to have your best interests at heart and they just want you to make money. Then you find out that you handed over your hard earned cash to them and you’re left with a bunch a PDF files that teach you a few basic old concepts that possibly ‘Used’ to make you a few dollars online.
    I’ve had enough of those scams and joined WA, haven’t looked back.

  7. Darrell, I am very glad that you are informing others on the Money Making Scams that are out there.

    It is unfortunate that people have entered into these programs looking to make their hopes and dreams come true without the results expected.

    I my self have also entered into other Online Money Making Programs in the past including some MLM programs with alot of hype and no results so after my experience it did make me hesitate in joining the Wealthy Affiliate Program but sometimes we have to put our fears aside and have a positive mental state to actually move forward to try once again.

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