Are You Making These 24 Hours In a Day Mistakes?


What are you going to do with your 24? Everyday provides an opportunity to utilize the same exact amount of time. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.


It’s what we do with that time that determines  how our lives are going to pan out in the future.

Would you agree what you do right now will determine your future. Right now we could break a law and get thrown in jail. Right now we could begin building the foundation of a business and set the tone for our future.

Everyone has the same 24,from master basketball player LeBron James to top savvy investor Warren Buffet. From the homeless on the streets to the people living in the mansions of the world.

Your life is going to be determined by what you do within every single 24 hour period of your life. Your life is going to be determined by what you’re doing right now.

LeBron James focused most of his 86,400 seconds every day towards mastering everything related to basketball. That’s how he became a master with his craft as a professional basketball player.

Warren Buffet focused most of his 86,400 seconds every day towards mastering the stock market.By doing so he created an empire

The proof is in the pudding,people like these guys focus all of their time towards one thing and they accomplish it.





Don’t Spend Too Much Time Coming Up With Ideas

This does not mean that coming up with ideas within a 24 hour period is what will manifest things into your future.

Execution is essential.Ideas are cheap,action is where the magic happens. It’s the actual execution on an idea,the action required to bring an idea into reality. That’s where manifestation takes place.

It’s rare to see people actually take consistent action towards a goal or something actually worth doing.

Read my article Blueprint to Success.

Some people consistently look for ways to boost their income,some people consistently come up with ideas to build their future,some people  consistently plan out a diet to lose weight.

Few people consistently complete actionable tasks to increase their income,few people consistently take ideas and actually create them to see what happens,,few people consistently eat right and exercise to lose weight.

Everyone is taking action towards something within every single 24 hour period.

It’s what you do with the time that you have –That is what will determine what you’re going to be doing and what you’re going to have in your future.

But I Don’t Have Time………….

I hear that all the time.

If you have a great idea,whether it’s to make extra money online or become a football player then half the battle is won.

If you have a deep desire inside of you to create something that you are visualizing then you’re inevitably going to find the time. A fire is going to burn inside of you and you’re going to do whatever it takes to get it done.

When I first had the idea of building an online business so that I could spend more quality time with my family and friends rather than at the labor service,I wanted it so bad that I spent all of my free time building that kind of lifetime.

Instead of drinking on the weekends with friends,I would watch videos that would show me how to get my website indexed with Google.

Instead of playing video games or watching netflix every night,I would instead spend time implementing what I had recently learned.

I did that every single day.

My desire to have my desired lifestyle was deeper than my desire to relax and to be content with what I already had.

I took this period of time and dedicated it to growing my online work. I wanted to make money online,that’s what I truly wanted to accomplish.

Then one day it happened.

Now,I’m working full-time in the comfort of my home making a very comfortable  living from home.

Don’t Settle,Get Uncomfortable

All in all I was able to create the lifestyle that I envisioned within through not settling for a dirty blue collar job and by getting uncomfortable by learning and getting into something that I thought I never would do.

I spent a lot of time taking action towards my vision.There aren’t many people that actually do that today.

I had never conducted any business on the internet but I knew what working from home would mean to me.It would mean FREEDOM and that IS a beautiful feeling.

Get consistent with leveraging your time towards your life’s goals. Consistently take action towards it’s fulfillment and with patience you will get there.

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So what are you doing with your time?

TIME is the most valuable thing in anyone’s LIFE.

Do YOU spend your time wisely?


14 thoughts on “Are You Making These 24 Hours In a Day Mistakes?

  1. Thanks Warren for your valuable and very helpful comments. I really appreciate you stopping in here and I definitely agree with you about not stressing about yesterday.


  2. I really like your article, Darrell. We are only given so many days, hours and minutes on this earth and we need to take advantage of all that time. Plus being engaged and active and moving forward will slow down the aging process. At the same time, we need to not stress about yesterday. It’s gone and we need to try to better use today.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jenny and you are definitely correct we do need to visualize what we want to achieve then be persistent and determined and make it happen thanks for leaving a comment and if you have any questions or comments email me at

  4. Wow this is a very inspirational motivating post. It comes at the perfect time also. I have been in a slump with content creation for my online business. I felt like I wasting my time and money but then I come across this post. I was beginning to believe the lie that I would be stuck making someone else rich the rest of my life. Now I know better. Thanks

  5. We definitely need to visualize what we want to achieve and take the time to make it happen. I didn’t realize how much time I spend working and doing nothing instead of learning how to get financial freedom. Great post!

  6. Hello Neil and thanks for stopping by,my friend and yes we definitely need some type of urgency in our business routine Neil and the first steps of any 10,000 mile journey have to start with that first step.Thanks so much for stopping by my friend,Darrell

  7. Since you break down the 24 hours, it seems that we don’t have that much time every day at all!

    Yes, I agree that every 24 hours is important to us! It’s not what we do next week or even next month that counts. It’s what we do in the 24 hours that’s in front of us that matters.

    After reading this, it’s inspired me to now focus on something every 24 hours I have.

    I also hear from people that they don’t have time. But it’s about getting out of bed earlier and sacrificing things to “make” time!

    When people expand their comfort zones and really focus on working hard for what they want each day, anything is possible in life!


  8. Hello Roamy,thanks for stopping by and for your comment,yes sometime we have to kick ourselves in the rear end and get ourselves back on the right track.Thanks for the input,Darrell

  9. Hello Darell
    thanks for a very informative post.After reading your post, i realize how much time im wasting in a day, time l could use to work on my website and improve the look of it and publish more content.

    Just as you say in your post,im always like *but i dont have time now* and things like that which really are all just excuses.
    Having said that, l realize l spend too much time in social media than l should.
    Thanks for reminding me of these simple facts that in time l have come to ignore and my website has started suffering.

  10. Well hello Louis thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,and yes you are correct, it is all about execution an follow thru.Yes Louis as long as you don’t give up things will be okay we all go thru a time when we go blank you just have to grind it out

  11. Hi Darrell,

    Agreed with your points. Execution is important to success, but most people fail to do that and just stay in the idea stage. I am also facing this problem sometimes when I try to think too much about making things perfect in the first place, then come up with different ideas and then keep changing mind, then some other ideas and so on, without taking the first step. So I need to keep reminding myself my goals every day and ensure I really work on something substantially without thinking too much. We can always make things better after the first release.

    Thanks for your sharing


  12. Hello thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you try to stay productive also Sasay that’s the route I try to take.One thing you can’t get back is your time my friend thanks for the comment,Darrell

  13. Way to make a motivational point come across any reader! Upon reading, you definitely made me ponder what I do with my 24 hours and do a little reality check. Thank goodness I spend my time being productive because time is valuable and without a plan of action there is no plan!

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