When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.


When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.

There is still this illusion that job security is possible in this day and age. Even though we see other people lose their jobs,we never really feel insecure about our job until we no longer have one.

There is also this illusion that unless you are rich,you must have a job in order to be financially secure. College grads and high school grads alike; simply end up working a nine to five job,often in an industry or position you don’t enjoy and possibly being under paid.

Then there’s that thing called “retirement” Many of us are aware of the baby boomer’s financial crises.Try finding a decent job after the age of 50.

The BlackRock 2015 Annual Report states that 71% of Americans in the workforce are concerned they won’t be able to retire. Many are unable to save money due to personal debt and household bills.

This means preparation and other strategies are needed,in order to insure that you and your family continues to thrive. Starting an online business is an easy and effective way to earn a passive income or replace your current job.

Wealthy Affiliate University has a step by step training platform that makes learning easy for beginners and advanced marketers alike. You will discover a self-paced educational environment that will train you to become a professional online marketer the right way.

Plus,you get to learn and grow as an expert in your niche as your business grows.

Unlock the Power of Your Full Potential by Creating Financial Freedom with an Online Business

When you learn niche marketing you will discover the perfect avenue for creating an income around what you love. It’s not work when you are doing what you love every day. For instance,if you love cats.You could create a website and start an online business for cat supplies.

Read how I started  my career online.

To drill it down a bit more,you could specialize in “herbs for feline health”,write articles about the health benefits of certain herbs for cats. You could then join the Amazon Store and make money promoting products discussed in your blog posts.

There are many ways to get started making money online. The internet marketing industry is ever changing. Therefore choose a quality educational resource like Wealthy Affiliate to insure your online business has a good reputation and becomes a trusted authority of your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate University  can teach you how to create rich,niche marketing websites that follow Google’s guidelines. You can create a professional online business from the start.

I personally invite you to try Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.

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27 thoughts on “When the Workforce Fails You Employ Yourself.

  1. Hello Jose thanks for stopping by I am glad you got value out of this article and keep coming by and supporting us.


  2. This is the easiest and best way of being your own boss.By doing affliliate maketing it is an easy way of earning money while home,what a suprise, earning money without sweating.Computer and internet makes things easier.I will join affliaate marketing soon thank you for inviting us .Thank you for the information.

    All the best

  3. Hello Matt thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. Yes ,not everyone has the balls to walk away from their secure job to follow their dreams but uou only live once. Thanks for your support and take care.


  4. Most people tend to think it’s risky to pursue their own business, but in many cases, it’s the only option that will set you on a path to financial freedom. The “safe” route of working for an employer is filled with taking direction from a boss, working a job you hate, receiving a couple weeks of vacation each year, and earning a modest income until you’re old enough to retire. With online business, there’s so much lifestyle flexibility that can be achieved as well as financial potential. But the reality is – people are scared to pursue it. It’s sad to see. Do you think more people should pursue their own internet businesses?

  5. Awesome information, it seems you truly have found a home. Can I bring my existing website over to Wealthy Affiliate? You have built this site for free? Who wouldn’t want to jump in and try it!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by here Kris at makingbigcashonline.com,I’m glad you liked the article and I would agree with you about it takes hard work to see any profits out of a website.Thanks for coming and keep coming back,Darrell

  7. Hi, that is a really helpful article, but also rather depressing at the start! Is it true that college graduates are not ending up in jobs that they have trained for, simply because there aren’t any? I am a nurse and have always believed I will be employable in this profession however I have continued to see governments cutting nursing jobs within the public sector time and time again. That is scary and makes me want to look elsewhere for long term job security. Mind you, I don’t think there is any such thing as ‘passive income’. It all takes a fair bit of hard slog to get anything up to the stage when you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. I wish you the best of luck though!
    Thanks, Kris

  8. Thanks for stopping by my website Mason, and Mason I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate this is where I learn and hang out almost everyday,Mason you can have a website up and running usually in a couple of hours and if you have questions there is someone to help you. Any questions or comments email me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  9. Hi Darrell,

    been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for some time now but haven’t had a chance to head over and have a look.

    Just a few quick questions:

    How long does it take to get through the training? Is it quite extensive or can I have everything up and running within a day?

    Can you see other peoples websites to get an idea of what do to etc?

    Thanks heaps mate

  10. Chrissie thanks for stopping by and leaving your valued comment and yes I’m happy to inform you that if you stay persistent and learn what they teach you at Wealthy Affiliate you will easily replace your current income and have your freedom to do as you want.Take care and have a great day,Darrell

  11. Tom thanks for stopping by again and thanks for the comment and the wise words of wisdom.I definitely agree with you the employee has to diversify their income sources before they are layed off or terminated.Keep coming by and touching base,Darrell

  12. Hi Darrell
    There are so many people searching desperately for a job nowadays that working for yourself does sound like a good option.
    Can Wealthy Affiliate University really teach me all I need to know in order to be successful online? And is it really free?
    Thank you so much for your very informative post.

  13. Hi Darrell!

    You are absolutely right about the lack of stability people have if their only income source is their job. Labor in the workforce today is expendable. People can be easily replaced, and often they can be replaced for less money than the business was paying the original employee.

    I have seen this happen on both an individual and large group basis.

    Thanks for helping get the word out about this instability in the labor market. I hope that you can influence people to at least diversify their income sources.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, not only can they diversify their income, but, they can replace it!

    All the best to you in your endeavors!

  14. If you don’t have any unique passion or dreams that you really desire and the desire behind it is very strong, you do not want to waste your time working for someone that you have no interest in.
    If you do have a big dream and a strong desire to make it happen, you should step away from what everyone else does and start planting your seeds.
    It can be very intimidating to let go of what you are used to and what the big crowd expect you to do. However, I think it’s worth it to go after what you believe in.
    What I like about starting my online business is that it is “Me” It’s not anybody else but it’s totally ME. I believe if you want to make it big, you have to represent yourself because there’s no other people that’s going to be like your unique self. And online business is one of the best opportunities to do that.

  15. Hey Martin great for you to stop by again and give your input and I’m very sorry to hear that your pension is being cut.Wealthy Affiliate would be a great fit for you because they do have a Free starter membership,so touch base with me ,within WA or email me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  16. Hello and thanks for stopping by Michel and I agree with you wholeheartedly all it takes is patience and persistence and a no stop attitude.Thanks for your comment and take care,Darrell

  17. Hey Darryl, you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the insecurity of today’s jobs. I think we all should be looking to add to or replace our present income.
    As I am finding out my pension is being cut and I wonder if Wealthy Affiliate is a way I can build a business to replace and add to my income. Is Wealthy Affiliate expensive. Do I need a credit card to join? So many online businesses want a lot of money upfront. How about Wealthy Affiliate?

  18. Some great points made. Most baby boomers have not saved adequately for their retirement, and what better way to do it than start with your own online venture.

    All it takes is patience and commitment, and in time you could have a sustainable income source coming in, just in time for that long awaited retirement. Just know that blogging is not an overnight remedy to riches.

  19. Hi there Alex,

    Being self employed and doing what I absolutely and completely love is the most enjoyable and fantastic thing ever. Becoming a respected expert is my chosen niche makes me feel proud and valued.

    Best of all, I get to help people and help them to improve their lives.

    It all comes down to what I learned at wealthy affiliate.

  20. Hello Jesse and thanks for stopping by mbc its always great hearing from you and I’m glad you also took advantage of the great training at Wealthy Affiliate.Thanks for your comment my friend and have a blessed day.

  21. Hello Alex thanks for stopping by and engaging on my post and I’m glad we feel the same way,working for yourself means freedom my friend.Keep coming back Alex and take care,Darrell

  22. Being self-employed is the best thing ever! And not only when the workforce fails you, but every single time. I would choose to be self-employed over any job. Because you can set your own working hours and schedule and do things you like. Do not wait to be failed, start it today, everybody.


  23. I’m currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate. The training is very good and I have learned a great deal about setting up my website and Affiliate Marketing. One thing that the training doesn’t provide much information on though is how to actually utilize Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster Tool. The training only recommends that you set them up. Do you have any specifics on how to actually use these tools?

  24. I encourage anyone to try wealthy affiliate! There is nothing better then to be paid doing what you love right? I myself got trapped in the 9-5 workforce and hated it! Once I found wealthy affiliate I felt relieved! I could get training on how to Work from home at a really good price! I joined for free to try it out and loved it! I have not turned back and I hand my own online business!

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