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I’m a big fan of Amazon’s affiliate program. I love the program because it’s straight forward and nearly anyone can get started earning money online.

“Hi” guys Darrell again from pointing you in the right direction,so you can get some of that Amazon “cake”.

The “Making Cash Online Book Store” and this websites “Top Amazon Sellers”store are both Amazon affiliate stores.  Check them out 30% of profits are donated to charity.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate read on , we’ll show you how to get in the game and become an Amazon affiliate and prosper.

To sign up for the affiliate program,log in to your Amazon account (if you don’t have one creating an account is free and very self-explanatory.)

After logging in look for the “Join Associates” link. You’ll find it on the left side of the home page. Click the link and fill out the subsequent electronic application.

With the application, you’ll be asked for information such as your site’s address,it’s purpose and your name (as a contact) If at this point,you don’t yet have a website,no worries.

You can skip this item. Amazon’s affiliate program is still able to generate affiliate links for you.

The links will have your affiliate code and can be placed in media such as e-mail and Facebook pages. You can also add the code to your website– if or when you build it

Amazon’s acceptance of you not having a website at sign up is another of it’s affiliate program’s strengths.

We love that you can get started without being held up by web design.

Bear in mind though that once that once you get your first sale,they will do a manual review of your site,so you’re not entirely out of the woods.

Your next step in signing up is to review the terms/conditions. Make sure to give these a thorough review. You owe it to yourself to do so since this affiliate program is serious business.

Once you have read it click the “agree” button and submit your application. Amazon will then respond,usually within 24 hours,either confirming or denying your request.

If your request is approved,Amazon will then provide you with links to place on your site. These links will allow people on your website to order Amazon products.

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Once you’ve gotten into the program,the next stop is to find products.You get to browse looking through products and knowing that it’s not wasting time.For once browsing Amazon is actually productive behavior.

After you’ve found one or more products,post the affiliate link from Amazon on your website.

Then when visitors to your website click on the link,they will be able to reach Amazon.(through the link) and purchase the given product.

If that transaction does occur you will get your affiliate commission. Amazon will send your regular reports about your sales and commissions.

Using e-mails,you’ll be able to track how much money you’re earning from the program.

Keep your expectations realistic in the beginning.If you’ve never been an Amazon affiliate,your initial earnings may seem meager.

You may not blaze out the gate earning five figures per month on affiliate commissions.

You can prosper as an Amazon affiliate though. Success is possible through a variety of strategies. One of the easiest is to just pick the right products. Pick products that your audience actually wants.

Products that are relevant to them and satisfy their needs.

Another strategy for success as an Amazon affiliate is to promote products in the right way.

By the” right way” we mean promoting products in a way that walks the line between enough and too much.

Unfortunately,we really can’t advise you on what that line is exactly. It depends on your niche and your audience itself.

Know How to Promote Things the Right Way.

Some niches and audiences are going to be OK with obvious product plugs. Other audiences,though might take offense.

We can’t take tell you who those audiences are though. But we can say that there are definitely cases where a product plug makes more sense than others.

A review of a product for instance,is a case where you would be justified in putting your affiliate link at the end.

Having the link would seem natural to most visitors on the website because it tied in with the rest of the content.

Also on promoting the right way,be sure to not hide your affiliate interest. Make it clear,when needed that you have an affiliate stake,in a product or service that you’re linking to.

The degree to which you make these kind of disclaimers may again depend on your audience. When in doubt it never hurts to be transparent.

You don’t want to be “played” and neither does your audience online.

Be honest and you’ll develop a level of trust which allows you to prosper greatly as an Amazon affiliate.

The easiest way to promote Amazon products, without your audience getting annoyed is to write “reviews” or “best of” articles.

When people read these posts,they WANT you to tell them about the products. A post like this one can give you inspiration. But success is only going to come if you get started doing it yourself. With that in mind,I’m going to conclude this post so you can get started. Take what you’ve learned here and go for it. With patience and persistence you’re bound to become a successful Amazon affiliate.

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  2. Hellothanks for stopping by and leaving some valuble input and feedback . Good luck on your affiliate site and I wish you nothing but success with your website and your endeavors.

  3. Hi, Darrel!
    I am glad that i find a site like yours to understand the way that Amazon affiliate program works! You see i am starting a site about tennis and i think that Amazon affiliate program must be one of the main affiliate programs of my site! Very informative article! Keep up the good work!
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  4. This article was very informative.

    I have just started out when it comes to building a website. I have been looking for a good and trusted affiliate site that I can depend on.

    Based on all of the research that I have done, amazon seems like the way to go. The commission rate may not be high, but it seems like the best step to take for beginners.

    Thank you for the information.


  5. Hello McNinja thanks for stopping by and yes from what I understand if you have adblocker running products won’t display.I hope that answers your question Mc ,thanks for coming by and take care of yourself,Darrell

  6. Very good overview of how the Amazon affiliate process works.
    Hopefully you can answer a question for me…
    Many of my associates place Amazon widgets into their site, but they tend to be blocked by adblockers. I have seen only a few where this doesn’t happen. Do you know how to get around this so the products display even if someone has an adblocker running?
    Many thanks.

  7. Hello Noble thanks for coming by and I am always truly happy to inform my readers about online opportunities that are legitimate or that can help them take their online business to the next level. Take care and keep stopping by,Darrell

  8. Hi Darrell,
    I am really grateful for such a post. I have a website of my own and I have joined the amazon associates program. I read testimonies of other affiliates and I get excited but I have never had the opportunity to write a testimony of my own. I noticed that I had to add a disclaimer to my website so my audience will know that , items purchased from my links will generate a commission. I must say that, it really hit me there and I am going to work on that ASAP. Thanks pal!

  9. This is a really good field to be in. First there is drop shipping that a lot of people do on amazon, and then there is being an affiliate, which I think is the best thing to go into because no overhead stuff to worry about. Keep up the good work with your site and I look forward to new stuff!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed my article Mimi-cu and I’m glad you thought it was very informative that is my goal here to inform, and educate about any legitimate way to earn a honest living online.Take care and keep coming back,Darrell

  11. Great post on becoming an Amazon Associate. I know a lot of affiliate marketers run from Amazon, because of it’s low percentages. But Amazon is still a leader, and makes up for this with paying a percentage of everything that you purchase on the site. It is also very easy to qualify for as long as you have a valid content website. Quite an informative post and I enjoyed reading every word! Thanks for sharing!

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