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One of the best affiliate programs for you to gain experience online is named after a river. It’s a certain website,often described as “Earth’s biggest store” Yes, you guessed it that website is

For anyone just dipping their toes into online commerce,I suggest you get the most out of Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon offers a great low risk way to get started. It’s the equivalent of training wheels and good guidance for newbies. Amazon’s offering it’s affiliate program (“Amazon Associates”) Here’s a link  to check it out

Follow the link and you’ll find a complete description of the program. For those too lazy to read Amazon’s lengthy,lawsuit-proof text: here’s the affiliate program in a nutshell. As an affiliate,you can select from really anything in Amazon’s catalog.

Amazon’s selection is as wide as the Amazon river,so there’s bound to be something that appeals to you. Choose from products,categories,banners and search-result pages. After you’ve made your selection,you can then paste links to the desired items elsewhere.

One smart place to paste your links would be an Amazon niche site,you’ve built. Pretend for example that you have a website reviewing video games.

Your website would be a natural fit for Amazon because Amazon has no shortage of video game products.

You could review these products,and then post links to their Amazon pages. This would enable people who read your reviews to then buy the desired video game. And of course you to get paid.

On that matter,payment Amazon pays you an advertising fee. Your fees are based on what Amazon describes as “qualifying purchases”.

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Those purchases occur when when people follow your links and buy off Amazon. Keep in mind, that the total value of a purchase does not include things like shipping,taxes or credit card processing fees.

Your earnings are based strictly on a items base monetary value. Amazon affiliate sites are indeed an easy first step for aspiring online entrepreneurs

You can easily post links on your niche ,on Facebook or in a custom Amazon store (“astore”)  The Making Cash Online Book Store and our “Top Amazon Sellers”store are examples of “astores”. check them out 30% of profits are donated to charity that’s how we pay it forward.

What isn’t nearly as easy is making huge Amazon affiliate commissions. This is where  the issue of profitability comes into play.

Amazon isn’t exactly doling out huge affiliate commissions.

The average commissions are 4%. Headphones for example will fetch you a 6% affiliate commission.

Industrial products are even better at 8% commission and you can earn 10%  off a few categories like game downloads.

You also get a performance based commission structure,where the more items you refer the more you get paid.

Still even with a 10% commission,a product’s own price may prevent you from getting rich. You could have that problem with a game download that cost two dollars.

If you are new or just starting out in the world of online marketing, I would like you to,

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My other way is a very inexpensive book “Starting an Online Business for Dummies ”

Here the ten percent commission would leave you with a whopping 20 cents. You’d be no richer than with the video game products,despite earning a higher commission.

GO For High Ticket Items

Volume is one definite way to rake in profit. You could also flip the equation and focus on transaction size.

An approach like this would work with industrial equipment. Run a quick  search on Amazon for Industrial equipment and you may come face to face with the “WTC 200 Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber.

We couldn’t tell you what this thing does. But we can tell you it’s not cheap. At $ 39,620 this is one pricey product. It’s also an opportunity for the right Amazon affiliate. Recall how the industrial products category paid an 8% commission.

That translates into approximately $3,170. A far cry from 20 cents.Opportunities like the WTC 200 are out there if you look for them.

That’s another benefit of using the Amazon affiliate program. As an affiliate you have access to awe- inspiring products in Amazon’s catalog. Millions of products to choose from. Some of these products may make  you enormous profits and some just coffee money.

Use Amazon’s Reputation To Your Advantage

You’ve also got the backing of one of the internet’s strongest brands. Linking to Amazon is nothing like linking to BizarreSiteNoOne’

In contrast to the latter,which represents lesser known sites. Amazon is trusted and well known and that’s why a lot of people make a full time income off Amazon.

Most web users have either made a purchase from Amazon or they are at least comfortable with the idea of doing so. Being an affiliate allows you to use this trust and brand awareness to your advantage. As you promote products you won’t face the uphill battle of convincing people to buy from a website they have never heard of. Your primary challenge will lie in getting people interested in your promoted products.

Cookies are an area where Amazon seems to empower and weaken it’s affiliates. On one hand Amazon empowers it’s sellers with a universal cookie.

The universal cookie allows you to track sales from anything on the site. Whatever  you promote,wherever it is on Amazon’s huge site,you’ll be rewarded when someone buys it.


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There’s no risk of your cookie getting lost in billions of site pages or confused with another affiliate cookie. That’s the good news with cookies.

The bad news is that Amazon’s cookie only last 24 hours. If someone follows your link you’ll get the commission. But if the sale comes after this 24 hour window,you won’t get credit for the sale.

The exception here is when someone has already added a product to their cart Amazon offers a ninety day cookie for products that are in the cart but haven’t been bought.

Their ninety day cookie gives a shopper enough time to complete their purchase,regardless of how many ringing telephones and screaming  babies keep interrupting the shopper.

Knowing all of this,you now have a choice to make. At least if you’re new to making money online. Will you dive head first into an online business,quitting your job or making some other “all in” commitments to the new venture. As I have made clear,I recommend Amazon’s affiliate program it’s an excellent way to gain experience. I think the main reason that most people start with Amazon sites is because they’re the easiest way to get started.

Anybody who is a Amazon affiliate tell me how the progam’s working out for you? or How do you plan to get started on Amazon Affiliates? Leave your coments below and don’t forget one of the best way’s you can HELP me is by SHARING my post to all of your social media outlets. Thanks so much,Darrell


15 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Program Review

  1. I actually understand why you are recommending it to others – because of its simplicity, trust worthiness, and having a wide range of products to choose from.

  2. Thanks for the great info!
    I’ve recently started as an amazon affiliate and it’s so true that the possibilities are infinite!
    However I find a bit annoying having to register to each of the country amazon sites if you want to also get commissions from international sales. I totally assumed I just needed to register for one and I would automatically get commissions for all over the world!
    Thanks, I’m bookmarking your site, I’ll be back!

  3. Hello Denise and thanks so much for stopping by,I really appreciate your input and I’m glad you liked the article,yes Denise if you don’t make a referral in 6 months they will close your account and I’m with you I wish their cookie was longer than 24 hours.Well have a great night and keep coming by,Darrell

  4. Hello Wendy thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input and I’m glad you like being an amazon affiliate and you enjoyed my post,great hearing from you again and don’t be a stranger.Take care and have a blessed day,Darrell

  5. This is some good stuff about the Amazon affiliate program. I wish their cookie lasted longer than 24 hours. Amazon does have a wide variety of products that one can promote.
    A down side with Amazon is the fact that they will close you associate account if you donot make a referal within a certain time period. I’m not sure what the time period is but they will let you reapply. I do love their universal cookie.

  6. Hello Martha thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the post about Amazon and I’m glad you agree with me as far as Amazon and WA,good luck in your endeavors,Darrell

  7. I use Amazon affiliate, but looking into branching out more. I really hadn’t considered looking into their high priced items and trying to fit that into my niche. I will have to look into that more. Another good point to Amazon is that you receive a commission off the entire purchase. So if they click on your link to buy a book, then also purchase a tv, your commission just went up.

  8. Great combination to start making money online. Amazon and WA. You can’t go wrong with them. I’ve been with amazon working with the affiliate program. It’s easy to use and to understand. All you need on the other hand it’s big traffic for your website, and WA provides you with tools and tecquines to increase traffic. Thank you for sharing these tips Darrell.

  9. I love being an amazon affiliate. A very large part of my affiliate commissions comes from Amazon. Yes, their commissions are low, but the thing that I love is if your customer buy other products along with the one your recommended to them, you get paid commission on everything. And that is really neat.

  10. Hello Vallery and thanks for stopping by and I wish you well in affiliate marketing it can be very lucrative if done correctly,I would suggest you read my article about “Affiliate Marketing” and you are correct because of the simplicity and trust worthiness of Amazon,I highly recommend them.Take care Vallery and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at

  11. Hello Anh and thanks for stopping by,the answer to your question Anh is a high ticket item is no harder to sale than the normal item you just have to catch that high ticket purchaser at the right time,yes it’s basically is about timing and if they need the product.,Anh I would definitely recommend Amazon because of their brands high recognition factor. Any more questions or comments e-mail me at

  12. I’ve yet to be into Amazon Affilates’ program, while I do promote some books, they are no so prominent.

    I agree that Amazon has that trust coming from their brand. I’ve heard others making more sales on Amazon thanks to that.

    While high ticket items guarantees better commission, are they much harder to sell though? I’m still confused on that matter and would love to hear what you think.

    Thanks for sharing!


  13. I am a new person in affiliate marketing and i’m glad to have found your article about the amazon affiliate program.

    I actually understand why you are recommending it to others – because of its simplicity, trust worthiness, and having a wide range of products to choose from.

    Will definitely have to check it out.
    Thanks and all the best.

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