12 of the Most Influential Bloggers

14347_business_6926jpg_553025Some of the most influential bloggers of the moment demonstrate that inspiring strings of words can change mindsets and turn losses into profits.

The success stories of today’s best loved influencers in the business content industry go to show that a blog is an invaluable asset that can bring you money and fame in the long run.

12 of The Most Influential Bloggers

Seth Godin[http://sethgodin.typepad.comGodin is an overall genius: author,entrepreneur,marketer, and public speaker.

The sky is the limit when it comes to an inventory of the number of things you can learn from Seth Godin.

Land on his website,check out his blog,fall in love with his newest bestseller entitled What to Do When It’s Your Turn and don’t forget to take a glance at the section entitled “Free Stuff”In this corner you’ll be able to download and analyze manifesto’s PDF’s and ebooks for free.


2. Neil Patel [https://twitter.com/neilpatel]. Neil Patel is a Seattle-based angel investor,entrepreneur and analytics specialist.

As the founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics,Patel gives SEO/blogging tips meant to help small business owners succeed where others have failed.

Patel takes his relationship with his readers/potential clients to a whole new level by introducing a new option:

Reserve Neil Online http://neilpatel.com/blog. At a touch of a button,you can schedule a confidential discussion with Neil Patel and discover the secrets of the entrepreneur who has turned multiple blogs into a successful online business.

3.Darren Rowse [http://[https://twitter.com/problogger].As a former minister with plenty of interest,including food,reading,movies wine and photography. Darren Rowse has what it takes to fit the profile of a successful blogger.

Rowse is the founder of multiple blog networks and blogs, including http://www.problogger.net.

4.Noah Kagan [https://twitter.com/noahkagan]    is the founder of two multi-million businesses,successful  blogger and  Taco lover.

His blog is an excellent source of inspiration for those who are looking forward to revamping their content strategy and putting their talent and excellent writing skills to good use to supplement their income.

Post like What I’ve Learned about Email Marketing after Losing $135,000 a Day are  educational,information-rich and tailored to the needs of readers who wish to reduce their losses and boost their productivity in the content industry.

Read my  viral post “17 Easy Ways to  Monetize Your Site.”

Whether you want to learn how to grow your email list or improve your writing,Kagan’s expert advice will guyde you in the right direction.

Read about my #1 work from home recommendation

5. Pat Flynn [http://www.smartpassiveincome.com Pat Flynn can teach you everything you need to know about foolproof ways of making passive income.

If you also want to hear the ka-ching sound effect while resting on your couch with your laptop on your lap,follow Flynn and find out how he managed to make 3 million dollars over the course of six years by creating websites that target different niches.

An interview published by Forbes reveals some of his well kept secrets: he surprises his audience with well written informative materials that answer their daily questions.

By providing digital books and other freebies,Flynn keeps his readers coming back for more time after time.


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6. Matt Marshall [http://venturebeat.com/author/matt-marshall] Matt Marshall is the founder and CEO of VentureBeat. For almost a decade now.

VentureBeat has made a name for itself as a leading source of information delivering fresh news that can help tech enthusiasts,entrepreneurs and executives make smarter decisions.

Marshall has a series of interesting must-read articles that will automatically catch your eye,especially if you are interested in the entrepreneurial field.

7.Gina Trapani [https://www.thinkup.com] Gina Marie Trapani is the CEO and founder of Lifehacker. She is also a reputable web developer,writer and  tech blogger and the author of several bestselling books that deserve a spot on your book shelf including Lifehacker and Upgrade Your Life. She is constantly active on social media platforms and spends most of her day podcasting and coding.

8.Timothy Sykes[http://www.timothysykes.com Sykes is a wildly successful blogger who knows a great deal about stock investment.

He writes one of the highest earning internet blogs in the entire world!. He makes about $ 180,000 a month just from his blog ,proving that turning a website into a profitable business is far from being impossible.

Born in 1981,Sykes is a educator,financial activist,entrepreneur and stock trader. His blog contains a collection of interesting post that will help you rethink your moneymaking strategies.

He currently is sharing his wisdom with more than 1,800 students from 60 countries.You can always sign up to start or improve your trading education by getting Sykes’ free 7 video lessons.

9.Pauline Cabrera [http://www.twelveskip.com is the founder of a popular blog on all things Internet Marketing.

TwelveSkip is a top-rated resource whose purpose is to address the problems and concerns experienced by small business owners striving to boost their online visibility.

The blog also provides countless practical tips,educational information and step-by-step tutorials.


10.Ileane Smith [https://twittter.com/ileane?lang=en] Ileane Smith is not your average Social Media Diva.

As an active blogger,You Tuber and podcaster,she provides free expert guidance allowing her followers to improve their relationships with their audiences and maximize their earnings the easy way.

Her website lets you uncover the secrets of the digital media,write better content,find your own voice and keep your audiences engaged and entertained. What more could you want?


11.Jon Morrow [https://twitter.com/jonmorrowMorrow’s Twitter account counts 28 photos/videos,7960 tweets and 33.4k followers. You may be wondering what lies behind his huge success?.

Morrow is the former editor of Copyblogger, one of the most reputable resources offering fresh tips on how to master SEO  copywriting and explore your full potential as  an online marketer

As the CEO of Boost Blog Traffic Morrow signs a series of bold,attention-grabbing posts with shockingly on-point headlines,such as How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers, How to be Unforgettable  or Make Money Blogging:20 Lesssons Going from 0 to $100,000 per month.

You should know that all his tips are absolutely free and help you unlock a whole world of new opportunities.


12.Enstine Muki [https://twitter.com/enstinemuki] Why do most companies blog? Because they want to sell faster and better,reach their audiences and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Enstine Muki,the founder of the website understands the basic need and shows people how to make moneyy online the easy way. His post will raise your curiosity as a reader and he gives a lot of great tips.

So  Why Blog?

The  list of benefits associated with blogging for business is virtually endless and includes a simpler method to generate traffic,a great opportunity to establish authority and the chance to witness long-term positive results,in terms of site traffic and new leads.

The success stories revolving around strategies that you are now familiar with prove that you can turn a blog into a thriving business.

So what now? Create,innovate and contribute to a great user experience through your quality content.

Guys that’s it Just a quick share with you today. So let me know what you think in the comment box. Please help post this article on social media for more exposure.


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  2. Very interesting approach writing about the most influential bloggers and how you can get better, always good to have people you can learn from. What is your relationship with these bloggers, do you know them personally?

    One of the best methods to become better at anything is practice and training, learning from people like the bloggers you mention in your article can be very educational and help you succeed.

  3. Hello Simon thanks for stopping by here at makingbigcashonline.com and I’m glad the post helped you informing you about the many success stories in our industry.I’m still learning everyday and making a living with my blog,Simon but like everybody I plan on getting better and taking my business up another level. Keep in touch mate and thanks again,Darrell

  4. Hey Darrell, great post mate. You’ve certainly done your research.
    This is going to give me plenty of information to follow up on. There are so many inspirational stories of ordinary people who have found success.
    I have a blog been going about 3 months now so just building out the content.
    What’s your success so far?
    Good luck and thanks for this.

  5. Thanks for posting this!

    I’m definitely bookmarking this post for later. I have been following Tim Sykes a while and his penny stock methods are so interesting!

    As for blogging, I just started a blog myself and it has been a ride! Do you have any suggestions on how to manage blog content?

    Looking forward to more posts from you.

  6. McNinja thanks for stopping by makingbigcashonline.com and leaving your valuable input and I’m glad we are able to show you that thru hard work and persistence it is very possible to earn a great deal of money thru blogging,keep me informed about your online progress, Thanks,Darrell

  7. Hello Darrell, I spent a long time on this post since it is has so much great information on the experts in our field! I looked at a few of their pages and I will go back and look at some more. I bookmarked this for future reference.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable summery of internet knowledge! It is nice to look around and see what others are doing and how they got to where they are. It is also nice to see they started out small and worked their way up!


  8. Marie thanks for stopping by makingbigcashonline and leaving your valuable input and yes those two ladies you mentioned,Pauline Cabrera and Gina Trapani are two gurus I definitely follow because they are rocking it. Thanks again and if you have any questions or suggestions email me at darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  9. It’s amazing the wealth of knowledge this group of people provide! Alot of information to check out.
    Years of hard work (and little money) developing your brand this effectively can be a bit intimidating, but this serves as a great example of how it’s possible to earn a great deal of money thru blogging.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Darrell there’s some great info here, some of the bloggers I know and follow already but there are a few names now that are new to me.

    I’ll definitely be checking out the women since blogging seems to be lacking exposure on good female leaders. Gina Trapani in particular looks very good and also Pauline Caberera, thanks again for highlighting them.

  11. Ruth thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input,I’m glad you enjoyed my post and bookmarked it.Yes Ruth you are so right as far as not trying to invent the wheel look at what the gurus are doing and do what works.Take care and stay in touch,Darrell

  12. Samuel thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,I’m glad you enjoyed my post and that is awesome you really like Pat Flynn,he’s one of my favorites also because of his transparency and him being so down to earth.Well stay in touch Samuel and keep coming by,Darrell

  13. Hey Darrell,

    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational article on some of the top bloggers out there. Now, I’m very sure that I chose the right path. And I saw that you mention Pat Flynn. I’m a huge fan of Pat, he’s of the the only affiliate marketer out there I really like. Because of his genuineness, his fans are very supportive and loyal to him! (Including me)


  14. Great stuff! I haven’t heard of a lot of these names, but as a blogger myself I think it’s really important to check out the top ones (well I do now anyway), to see what they are doing and how they do it.

    There is a saying, I can’t remember the exact words, which about don’t re invent the wheel take a look at what the top people are doing and copy it. I don’t think they mean copy in the pure sense of the word though

    This is really interested read, I have bookmarked for later.

  15. Hello Benjamin thanks for stopping by makingbigcashonline.com and giving us your valuable input,my recommendation for small business marketing tips and assistance would be to check out Bryan Harris who has a blog called video fruit and check out Ileane Smith also for marketing help,she is one of the 12 influential bloggers.Thanks and come back again we post new financial advice and tips daily.Take care,Darrell

  16. What a great list you’ve compiled together here. I’m really impressed with what you’ve done and the expertise you’ve detailed in your article.
    I’ll definitely be following Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Darrin Rowse, and the others you listed.
    Who would you recommend for a good influence for small business marketing strategy?
    Thanks again!

  17. This is a really great article, very useful for persons like me that are working building a website and try to get traffic there and earn money. We can learn so many things for the major leagues and professional bloggers. Thanks for shares this information with us, I guess you put this information and make you a great blogger. Best regards.

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