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Hello guys, Darrell here again to let you in on a secret and point you in the right direction.

For those of you who are searching for the top affiliate marketing companies out there, search no more.

I am going to give you my top 4 right now. This is not a full review.
It’s simply a little bit of information to help you save a lot of time.
When you start, I suggest that you start with  these 4 programs listed below

I truly want to save you a huge amount of time. I have already done the research.

After launching my web site, I  wasn’t really sure of where to go or what to search for.
I read, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, video fruit, Jon Morrow  all gave me superb advice, but I wanted to know who offers the best affiliate marketing programs.

I  was new to the internet world. Guys because I’m  an affiliate with these programs, I can honestly tell you they are the Top 4.

Let’s start from number 4


I have to say that these guys know what they are doing! They have the most major merchants have awesome promotions listed on their site. If you like big and popular brands, this is the place to be.
Read the viral post 4 unusual ways people are Making Money Online.

Their reporting system is easy and quick.

It is also very easy to use. Their website is built perfectly. You can easily find your way around.

For commissions,each merchant is different. Depending on who you choose to represent,the commission amount is always clearly stated before you agree to join.

Let’s start  to  number 3

Amazon the name says it all .They are the biggest store on earthen they are going nowhere any time soon. They have a variety of products,you already know,millions of products.

There website is pretty easy to use,it’s very self-explanatory. there’s no jumping around from page to page,whatever your niche is,they sell it.

As far as commissions are concerned,it really depends on what you sell for more about Amazon read the article  I wrote.

Who’s at number 2?


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As you know Jaaxy is the number one keyword research tool. I have been recommending it,they got me to number 1 on google and it is Free. Yup Check it out.



Wealthy Affiliate

I have seen no program like this on the internet !

It’s  very lucrative and interactive I have written a review about it as well. You should read it. was one of my great decisions.

I have made many great decisions in my life. I have also made poor ones. Who hasn’t.

Well joining Wealthy Affiliate was one of my great decisions. Judge for yourself.Take a look here.

No strings attached.

The best part about the Wealthy Affiliate University is the product stands for itself.

It’s something that is a positive benefit on others and adds value to their lives.

I find great  enjoyment in saving others from the headache of scams and showing them how there is actual opportunity online.

I am apart of all these 4 programs and I love them all, thats the Bottom line.

Any questions or comments  touch base with me at

6 thoughts on “Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Hello thanks for stopping by and visiting here and I am glad to inform you about Wealthy Affiliate they are considered the best online work from home “university” . I strongly advise you to enroll in their free trial.

  2. Carolyn thanks for your valuable input and I have to agree with you about how helpful people who are at Wealthy Affiliate are.Keep up your good work and I wish you continued success with your affiliate marketing,Darrell

  3. Wealthy Affiliate and Amazon are the ones I chose for now. I must say I have learned a lot about Internet marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. I particularly like the community of people there. They have answered many of my questions and helped me build a great looking website and get more and more visitors. This is certainly a great place to start learning how to make money out of content marketing.

  4. Hi! Darrell.

    Thanks for your post. It was not too long and not too short, it was just right.

    It looks like you write as you would talk, which is a good thing as you are being authentic.

    There were, however, many grammatical errors, including a lack of spacing after your commas. This is not a major issue, but I believe that for you to be super successful, your audience would want to see that you take the time to make sure that you present them with your best work.

    Thanks against for your post and the best of luck to you.


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