17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Site


Starting a website and making real money with it are are two different things. I read an interesting post last night that 73% of the world’s 100 million bloggers make less than 1 dollar a day.

So today,I’m going to show my readers “17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Site” and get some of this cheddar to have with your crackers. All 3 of my tabby cats are sleep next to me on this couch so let’s get started before they wake up.


is a Google powered platform which gives you freedom to show ads on your blog.
This was my first way I monetized this site,making cash online.

For getting Adsense approval you’ll have to submit your blog on Adsense.com. They’ll ask questions on the form like your name,your blog’s URL and your blog’s subject.

Just fill the form out carefully and submit it.
The guys at Google will go through your form manually and approve it if you meet the guidelines.

#2-Display Banner Ads-

This is one of the best methods which all the big companies are using. They charge a fix amount of money from different companies which want to display their banners on their websites.

Display banner monetization methods work on a monthly basis where companies pay the upfront money before displaying their ads on your blog.

The site BuySellAds is one of the biggest market places to buy and sell banner ads.

#3 Write Paid Reviews about Products

Many of the reviews of various products are paid reviews.
Companies pay large amounts to bloggers for writing positive reviews about their products.

So you can pitch some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote it with your blog’s authority.

#4-Affiliate Marketing-

This is my favorite method to make money online,65% of Making cash online’s revenue is generated using this method.

When you join the affiliate marketing program for a company,they will pay 10-75% of every sale you make.

You will get your unique tracking link which will tell the company that a particular sale was made by you.
Like here is the affiliate link of Wealthy Affiliate


This link has my unique affiliate ID (8df9bcff) in this case. So everytime anyone clicks on this link,they will know that person was sent by me.

Read my post that went viral BlueprintTo Success

#5-Text Links in Articles

Many companies just want a text link inside your article for doing SEO of their website. So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert that company’s link anywhere in the post with a suitable context.

#6- Make Videos About The Product

If you have a popular blog,companies will pay you a much higher amount if you can make video review about their products.
Video is a great way to spread the information within a very short time.

#7- Sell Your Own Service

Hear what George said about my Social Media Management service.

Once your blog has authority in your niche,you can start selling your own services.
You can make any software plugin, write a book or create video courses to sell on your blog.

An example of this is our new Blog Comment Service

#8-Provide Online Training

Once you have a popular blog,it’s easier to sell your online training.

You can find the interest of your audience and build product around it.Like Matthew Woodward did with his Seo courses,he is now easily making $500,000 a month.

#9-CPA Marketing

This is one of the top money making methods which all big internet marketers in the world are using.
With this method you need to drive people to the page and make them do an action.

This action can be filling out a form,submitting details,submitting their credit card details for a free trial offer,or any type of action.

CPA means cost per action/acquistion.
Companies will pay you just for an action. No need to sell the product.

#10-Using E-Mail Marketing

You might have noticed that I am giving away my newsletter on my blog in exchange for your email address. By doing this I am collecting emails of my readers so that I can send them anything when I want.

By giving away FREE goodies on your blog,you build a relationship with your readers and establish trust with them.

By giving away free tips to your readers you build respect and trust. Soon they will start following your suggestions and listen to what you have to say.

#11-Paid Guest Blogging

A paid guest post involves allowing an author to write a guest post on your blog for money or another form of compensation.Of all the monetization techniques that are focused around editorial,this has to be the most profitable

The fact is that most respectable blogs will not do this kind of thing,so it’s not easy to find good quality sites to pay for a guest post.
As a result you can charge a premium.

To learn more about guest blogging readhere

#12-Run Training Courses

A great way to build on the reputation that your blog has is to offer training courses relevant to your niche.
This is done regularly within the online marketing industry and a great example would be Jon Cooper’s link building training course.

#13-Host Premium Webinars

If you have an engaging community and hold a lot of expertise within your niche,you can host private webinars that require payment to be a part of.
There’s loads of software that you can use to do this both free and paid.

Some examples of paid platforms are Mega meeting,Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and infinite webinars.
If you want to go with a free solution then use skype

#14-Paid Blog Membership

If you’ve got a really active community within your blog that are looking to learn more about what you’re writing about, then there could be an opportunity to create a paid membership area.

This would require members to pay a fee to see extra content on your site (usually learning resources).
An example of a blog that does this is the Treehouse blog.

A great article on Problogger goes through some of the top reasons for failure for paid membership schemes, so I’d recommend giving it a read before making a decision.

#15-Run an Event/Conference

This method involves using the blog to promote an offline event/conference that you’re running.

There are some major blogs online that run an event as their core monetization strategy.
One of these blogs isSocial Media Examiner which runs events that turn over around 1,000,000 each year.

There’s a lot of money to be made in running events. Not only can you bring in money from ticket sales,sponsorships,training sessions etc. but you can also start really building your brand and reaching a wider audience.

#16- Private Forum Membership-

If you run a forum (or If you’re thinking about setting one up) then you can make users pay for access to it, or just pay for access to specific areas.

A good example of this in action is with the SEO book forum

If your blog community looks at you as an expert within your niche then your advice can come at a premium -with premium content areas you have a huge potential for making long term revenue.

#17-Sell Your Blog

It doesn’t get much more straight-forward than this-you can make money by selling your whole website.

There’s a few different ways that you can go about this and you’ll get a better price if you have proven revenue coming into the site regularly,not to mention an old domain that gets a lot of organic search engine traffic.

You can go down the route of finding a buyer on your own (maybe you’ve received a personal offer via email,phone etc.) or you can go through a third party auction site like Flippa.

Just a quick share today guys.So give me some feedback in the comment box,and Please help post this article on your social media sites for more exposure.Thanks and take care y’all.

4 thoughts on “17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Site

  1. Hello Matthew thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoyed my post about monetization strategies and yes if you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Amazon,I would suggest you read my article titled Top 4 Affiliate Programs it will definitely point you in the right direction.Thanks again for your input,darrell@makingbigcashonline.com

  2. My personal favorite monetization strategy is affiliate marketing as well, especially over options like cost-per-click ads (ie. Google Adsense). Not only do you not have to create your own product or service, hold inventory, or handle customer service issues, but the payouts are typically pretty good as well. The biggest affiliate network I know is Amazon Associates, which pays about 5-10%, but if you can find high-quality private affiliate programs, they’ll typically pay commissions of 30% or higher.

  3. Hi there Darrell and thanks very much for this informative post.
    You have provided some great options there for monetizing your site. I hope to be in that top 27% one day!
    Just wanted to point out a typo in the second paragraph – you said ’19 ways’ but there are only ’17!’
    Thanks again, Kris

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