5 Blogging Tips That Get Huge Results

5 Blogging Tips That Get Huge Results.
Recently I’ve been critiquing and experimenting with various blogging strategies to find those little things that get huge results. Guys today I want to share 5 that are working for me.

1.That “You Can’t Miss” Headline

A compelling headline must promise some kind of benefit or reward for the reader,in exchange for the valuable time it takes to read me.I have recently noticed headlines that have just “a little something extra” in the titles of blog posts on popular sites like lifehacker and copyblogger.Read more about that in a post just about headlines

2. Start with a Story

We love stories. We can’t help but finish a story that we’ve started,so when you start your article with a story,people are likely to continue reading,and the further down the page they go,the likely they are going to keep going.
On blog posts where I do start with a story,the bounce rate (which is a user who only visits one single page and leaves within 30 seconds) is significantly less. With that said start with a story and put the hook in them and it’s all good.

3.Check Analytics. Add Opt-in Forms. Enjoy a bigger list.

Track your website performance,individual page performance,banner ad performance and the bounce rate,this strategy only takes a few minutes yet some days hardly anyone follows through with it.

When I learned I had a ton of traffic visiting my AboutDarrell, I immediately added opt-in forms to the page,and after 2 months I experienced a 80% increase in opt-in conversions on that specific page.

This is why I also include an opt-in form at the bottom of all my posts,near the comment form,because it’s one of the most heavily visited areas on the site.

Whether it’s a post or a page,it doesn’t matter.Where ever most people end up on your site,that’s where you want to put an opt-in form.

Just in case you need it below is a link to my Social Media Management service.

Click here for my Social Media Management service

4.Isolate Super Important Links

Did you notice how I linked to my Social Media Management service above?

The link is isolated on it’s own line and it takes up the entire line too.

That link is an important link within this post,one that can help a lot of people.

I’m giving this link the best chance possible to be clicked on by isolating it the way you see it there.

How so?

We cannot control the device people use to consume our content. A computer,a laptop or mobile device-that’s not up to us,but our audience.

I learned that while catching a presentation by Greg Hickman from mobile-mixed.com he talked about optimizing our content for the ever-growing mob of mobile users we have coming to our websites.

So how does an isolated link help?

Have you ever tried using your finger to tap on a link on a mobile device,and clicked the wrong link instead?
It happens to most of us,because most websites are not mobile optimized?

It only takes a few seconds to implement,but isolating your important links can mean the difference

between someone easily clicking through and going to where they need to go,or someone not finding their

way around or getting frustrated and leaving for good.

5.After You Hit Publish,This Step Should Be Next

For a long time,I would blog until I hit the publish button. Once I hit that button and confirmed that

the post I just wrote was up on my website,I considered myself done until it was time to start the next


I know that writing a post is just half the battle,and hitting the publish button is actually just the beginning of what blogging really is about

Blogging isn’t just about publishing content,it’s also about marketing that content and getting it out into the world for people to read,share and take action.

There are of course several different ways to market a blog post,and we all seem to understand the

importance of sharing our post on Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels where our audience

hangs out–but even before doing that,there’s one step in between that you should implement that will

help get your content in front of more people who have yet to discover you.

Since hearing,Gary Vaynerchuk say on his podcast “take a little time create an image with some text and your logo on top of it,then I should share it on Facebook and other platforms.

Since starting this strategy my friends,Facebook has become the #1 referring website for Making Cash Online

As far as tools to create these images,I use pixlr or paint.net.

Well I hope you guys implement at least one of these strategies,all of these tips don’t take very much time to implement except the last tip if you’re not familiar with image editing, but they can get huge results in your blog and online business.

If you would like to add anything or a tip of your own,Just add that into the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Blogging Tips That Get Huge Results

  1. Thanks for stopping by Shane and I’m glad those few tips were able to help.Keep coming by Shane because we post new information daily and yes we will be having a follow up post.Again thanks much for your valuable input its really appreciated,Darrell.

  2. Great tips. I have bookmarked your page and will be back for more information. I am new to blogging and I really like your ideas here. I’ll give them a go and let you know how I make out. Will you be doing a follow-up post on #5? I would be interested in learning to work with a logo in an image editor.

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