57 Tools to Step Your Blogging Game Up !


Just like you guys,I spend a lot of time in front of my Mac,
researching, writing and promoting my content.

“Hello guys,It’s your guy Darrell,Making Cash Online’s blogbanger,with just a quick share today.”

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This post is about my favorite tools that save me time and money.
Not an affiliate with any of these tools,but have used all of them at least once.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with a few of these tools so get to know all “57 Tools to Step Your Blogging Game Up”.


1.Buzzsumo -content analysis tool that can give you endless ideas for new content.

2.Dribble -huge amounts of creative inspiration from designers all over the world.

3.Qualaroo -get insights from your website visitors to understand what they want to see from you.

4.Survey monkey -great tool to run polls and surveys.

5.Worldometers-real time world statistics.

6.Yutongo -crowdsourced brainstorming and ideas platform.

7.Balsamiq -easy to use design wireframing software.

8.Quantcast -gather stats on millions of websites.

9.Nerdy data -source code search engine

10.Evernote -organize all of your campaigns and have a central location to store your ideas.

11.Basecamp -project management platform simple to use and can save you a lot of time.

12.Trello -free project management platform that’s great for organizing content from multiple authors.

13.Consumer barometer a project created by Google that gives free consumer insights across a whole range of sectors.

14.Visual.ly-my favorite library of infographics.

15.Feedly -Rss reader for storing a feed of all the best blogs within your niche.

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16.Instant.ly -consumer insights from all over the world.


17.Licecap -free software for creating animated gif images.

18.Camtasia -screen recording and video editing suite.

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19.Tagcrowd -create simple word clouds from any text.

20.Guides.io -create interactive step-by-step guides.

21.Writtent -hire good quality content writers.

22.Hype my hangout -create cool Google+ videos to promote your content.

23.Press books -turn your content into an online book that’s ready to go into the kindle store and more.

24.Recite This -Turn a sample quote into a beautiful image.

25.Pinwords -overlay text to your images for sharing in Pinterest. Simple but effective tool.

26.Piktochart -create your own infographics,reports and presentations.

27.Slideshare -create and promote online slide shows.

28.Infogr.am -free infographic tool.

29.Speech pad -Speech to text and video transcriptions.

30.Google Fusion tables -create interactivecharts and tables for free.

31.Grammerly -checks spelling mistakes.

32.48hourslogo -Desgn content community,designers bid to work for you.

33.99designs -huge base of designers that can create all kinds of content on a budget.

34.Resize it -resize and crop any image.

35.Print friendly -Turn any webpage into a compressed PDF.

36.Punchtab -competition/giveaway platform.

37.Swiftly -cost effective small design jobs.

38.Rafflecopter – Run giveaway and sweepstakes promotions.

39.Kuler– fantastic color wheel tool from Adobe.Create your own color palette.

40.Crowd spring -top online logo and web design.


41.TubeAssist -Automated You Tube marketing tool.

42.StumbleUpon Paid Discovery -StumbleUpon’s paid advertising service.

43.https://www.reddit.com/advertising/-Reddit’s advertising service.

44.MuckRack -tool for connecting with journalist and bloggers via social media.

45.PitchBox -prospecting influencer and relationship platform.

46.HARO -Connect with journalist and bloggers.

47.http://www.responsesource.com- UK-focused journalist enquiry service.

48.BuzzStream -blogger outreach tool ,link building and digital pr tools.

49.Buffer -social media sharing tool

50.Mail chimp -email marketing software.

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51.Social Locker plugin for WordPress allow users to access locked content in return for sharing.

52.Wisestamp -custom email signatures that allow you to insert a link to your latest post.

53.SproutSocial-social analytics

54.Outbrain -Paid content delivery network.

55.Imageraider -Reverse Image search tool.

56.Pinstamatic -Pinterest marketing tool.

57.Boomerang for Gmail -free app for Gmail to schedule email sending an automate follow-ups.

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