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Article Marketing is one of the most successful types of marketing a business can do. This type of marketing strategy can help bloggers acquire new visitors and increase sales on their websites.

Article marketing is also one of the cheapest ways to market a company. According to wikipedia article marketing has been used by professionals for nearly as long as mass print has been available.

The advantages of article marketing

1.Increasing brand awareness – A company can use this marketing strategy to establish a good relationship with their readers.

2.Increase in page rank and SEO- An advantage of article marketing is that if the articles are good enough,their search results will get higher ranks.

3.Free way to make money -By doing article marketing the company will not have to spend money to advertise.

4.Articles may go viral – If a company writes a great article it may become viral and their site traffic would increase.

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The disadvantages of article marketing.

Can be expensive – Hiring a freelancer can cost especially if freelancers are great content writers.

Time consuming -The process of presenting articles can be time-consuming.

There are many places on the net where you can upload your articles,some are free and some make you pay for exposure.
Let’s look at a few marketing communities.

Is a very convenient article marketing community that is free and allows you to post affiliate links directly within the main text of your article.

Article marketing will definitely help spike your traffic,but you should have your website ready to convert the traffic into sales.

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Direct Marketing

Not all article marketing is done through a distribution service.Direct marketing seeks to drive a specific “call to action” Direct marketing emphasizes traceable measurable responses.

You can offer to provide free content in exchange for them allowing you to include your links directly within your article.

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An Article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects.

Sometimes article directories are referred to as content farms.They definitely are gaining in popularity.Here are the Top 30 Article Directories.


Alexa ranking 1,397 1,458 2,016 3,256 5,481 8,228

7.biggerpockets 10,142

8. 12,358 13,684 18,236 20,406 22,289 23,111 24,314 30,480

16.technorati -35,959 38,635 41,384 43,928 46,124 48,020 48,101 50,738 53,122 59,136 61,684 63,142 71,893 89,355 90,124

Well guys that is all we have today,if you have used article marketing,let me know which ones you used and did it increase your traffic?,in the comment section.

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