39 Blogging Communities to Boost Your Traffic


So how do you get traffic to your website? As you know there are basically two kinds of traffic Free and Paid.

There are different strategies of driving high quality traffic to your website completely free,No PPC,no banners creating strong content.

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Quality content should always be the most important aspect of your traffic building strategy.
Create a proper social media campaign to distribute your content.Reach out to the leaders in your niche.

There is a chance you can get them to share your content with their audience.
Updating your content and keeping it relevant can help you a huge way.

If you want to increase your blog rank take a look at these “39 Blogging communities to boost your traffic.”

1.Top Blogging
This directory is sorted by unique visitors.

It is a bloggers hangout and directory on the internet.

Is a small site that you can submit your blog to.

Ontoplist helps you find new blogs to follow and even search for specific articles.

Another blog directory that measures and ranks the best blogs.

Here you can search for blogs and subscribe to to a blog topic RSS feed of interest to you. And of course you can submit your blog.

7.Globe of blogs
You can search for blogs by topic,title,location. It’s a great place to submit a blog.

8.Scoop it
A popular site that helps you publish,discover and curate content to get more online exposure.

Built as a community of inbound marketers.The goal of Inbound.org is to allow you to become a better marketer by sharing and discussing ideas,finding jobs and events.

10.Best of The Web Blogs
A blog directory that is organized by categories. You can get your blog reviewed and listed here.

It is a site that helps you discover new blogs and gets yours discovered by others.

Is a blog search engine. It can help your blog.

13.Ice Rocket
Backed by Mark Cuban and based in Dallas,TX. IceRocket has a high-priority indexing queue for blogs that you can submit to.

Regator curates the best articles and blogs from around the internet.
You can submit your blog for review and once accepted your latest post will be featured on their website.

You can submit stories here. It mostly focuses on science and technology.

A clean website that allows you to submit your blog to its directory. Users can post reviews and find blogs by search.

You can submit your blog here where sites are listed by category.

Another blog directory you can submit to.

Spillbean.com is a good place to submit your blog or find others where everything is categorized by different topics.

Here you can browse,search,review and rate thousands.

Blogflux is just a simple blog community with 159,900 blogs as of this article.

22.Blog Listing
Here you can submit your blogs to directories with good Pagerank.

50 random blogs will be shown every time you reload the page,so you can discover more blogs and get yours discovered.

Blogs are carefully reviewed before they are admitted on this site. This is great for higher quality blogs.

25.Ave Blogs
Just an average directory with a submission service.Can help blogs.

26.Buzzer Hut
You can submit and advertise your blog here for more exposure.

27.Million Blog List
They call themselves a blogosphere experiment. Their goal is to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blogs to list with their site.

28.Blogo Wogo
Another directory for bloggers where people can also review your post.

It’s a blogging directory of over 11,000 weblogs in over 190 categories.

30.The Ageless Project
This site is mostly for personal blogs that aren’t as business oriented it’s goal is to prove that the creative side of the internet is ageless.

31.Total BlogDirectory
A very nicely designed blogging directory with lots of categories.

It has submission for bloggers,reviews,tools and even a forum to help with all your needs in one blog community.

Blogdire is another blog directory and search engine.

Their primary objective is to list high quality blogs in their directory.

Blogit is a small community of bloggers.

Web-dir has been around since 2003 as an information directory where you can submit your site.

Bloggernow is a place to search for latest blog news,political and entertainment topics.

You can search for blogs here by keywords,URL or an advanced search.

39.BlogTop Sites
Another blogging community with tons of traffic.

Well guys there are plenty of awesome blog communities to submit and market your blog to and get discovered.

Submitting to these sites can have a huge impact on your traffic and name recognition.

Let me know which ones you decided to use and the results.

Like always share this post to all your social media outlets to help me get more exposure,later take careof yourselves.

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  1. Great…!! that’s great advice good work, I read and also saw your every post, nice artical very usefull your post Thank you so much for sharing this and the information provide.

  2. This is EXACTLY the kind of post I was looking for! You’ve provided an incredible list of blogging communities. I especially appreciate your effort and this list is what I’m seeking for two days. I just began with Kingged about three weeks ago, and I’ve seen an enormous spike in traffic to my blog.

    Blogging communities can be tough to understand, especially to those who aren’t interested in joining and those who are doubting. However, there are many benefits of joining and it is a great opportunity for everyone in the community. I just signed up for DoSplash about four days ago and thought the process would take just a day. Now I feel better that it takes 2 to 4 days to get registered. I also use Blokube, and I have been finding a lot of helpful blog posts lately on there. So it’s on my top priority list!

    I make sure I don’t get involved in too many communities. It can be overwhelming! But definitely, it’s great to have these valuable offers just in case something chases or if I want to raise the bar in my blogging!

    Actually, I need this type of information and love to read your added article for more information. This sort of information is very helpful for new blogger…
    I’m very thankful to you for sharing this type of information….

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