5 Things to Promote on Your Website!


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5 Things to Promote on Your Website!

I have been an affiliate marketer since 2011,but only full-time since January 1,2016.

I have noticed one of the things that holds many people from progressing besides finding a niche is Not knowing what to promote on their website.

Don’t worry about what to sell,finding your niche should be your first goal. Once you establish your niche finding what to promote is easy.

Without identifying a niche,they can’t really pin point the right products to sell.
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Find what your niche crowd needs (products that solve problems) and give it to them. Once you do find what they like or want,try to sell them for a fair price.

Say you came up with one awesome product to sell to your niche audience ,but there are two different affiliate programs selling the same product at different prices.

If one affiliate program sold the product for $ 125 and another for $ 3,000. Which would you pick?

My opinion is that you should pick the $125 one because it gives your customer the same quality or service that the $ 3,000 does,that would make them happier.

If you would make $12.50 for promoting the cheaper one and $300 for promoting the more expensive one,if you only care about the $300 commission then you can call yourself a scammer.

If you bought something and found out you spent 5x the cost,I’m sure you would be mad as hell,customers don’t forget when they get screwed.

Sometimes you can sell more of the cheaper product.You end up selling more volume of the cheaper product which would add up making more people happy.

The 5 Different Things You Can Promote

1.)General affiliate marketing. This is how most websites monetize themselves,you will definitely always find something to promote.

Whether it’s a physical product or a digtal product or it can be services. You can sign up with most of the big affiliate networks such as Wealthy Affiliate,Maxbounty or Amazon for free.

Find the product you want to sell or promote get the affiliate link and begin selling it on your website.

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2.)Sell your own services/products.

Hear what my client said about my Social Media Management service.

If you have the knowledge to create and sell your own product or service that is comparable or better than what you see,you will be able to make money doing this.

Two great examples is my Blog Comment Service and MakingCashOnline’s Social Media Management Service
You always want to go with a niche,because if you are credible it’s very easy to make your product.

Example If you’re a public speaker you can sell advice about that through your

3.)Affiliate marketing,just on a more local level.

Instead of doing business with big networks like Amazon,you do it with a business close to your local area who will compensate you adequately.
I would recommend you be highly educated in social media marketing,this would increase your chances of finding employment with top tier companies online.

4.)Ads. This is sort of like local marketing,but instead you host businesses on your page and promote them.

5.Just collect leads and don’t sell anything yet! Anything you do decide to promote later,whether it’s services or products Collect an email list and do the other 4 things I told you about not through your website,but through the list you will accumulate.

In Conclusion:

There’s no such thing as not having something to sell or promote.

In the 5 ideas above,I have given you thousands of ways to make money online,let me know how they work out and if you have some suggestions let me know.

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  1. Hello Leomon thanks for stopping by,and yes whatever you do grandpa taught me to go all out with 100% and do it like you mean it.It’s also easy to do that if you are enjoying what you are doing. Thanks for your valuable input and keep coming by,Darrell

  2. That’s a straight forward way to reel in traffic going all out no brakes just like keanu Reeves from speed or Leslie nelson from spy hard.
    You really took the whole process down to the bare bones necessities in turn making the entire cashflow system super easy to grasp just like an infomercial with billy maze! Boom shamwow!

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