9 Ways to Kill Your Blog


Maybe you have a blog but don’t know where to go with it. Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen that’s why I wrote this post.

9 Ways to Kill Your Blog !

1.You Don’t Have a Plan

When I started my first blog,I was all over the place. That is the most common blogging mistake I see newbies make. They have no clue what to blog about so they blog about everything but nothing particular.

Before you start your blog have a plan for it.
I’m sure you guys have heard the saying,”A man without a plan can’t make a stand.”

For example this blog is to educate and inform newbie internet marketers proven techniques to make money online. Guide them with correct detailed information so they also prosper and succeed.

Know what You want to accomplish with your blog.

2.You Don’t Show Your Own Personality

There’s an over-saturation of blogs on the internet. According to Smartblogger,com there are 255 million blogs,therefore you have to stand out from the crowd with your own personality.

I have noticed a lot of bloggers try to copy the style of influencers in their niche. But remember people are drawn to genuine and unique bloggers who don’t to fake the funk.

My best tip to you guys is to write like you would speak to your best friend. Don’t be like Mike. Be Yourself.

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3.They Don’t Make Money Right Away so They Quit

Building a blog is like building a brick house. It takes along time to build but once it’s built it’s built to last.

Spend 9-12 months grinding hard and you will have a well oiled blog machine spitting out sales everyday.

The quitters will be knocking themselves for giving up early.
With blogging you have to sacrifice short-term pain for long-term gain.

If you are only focused on money people will feel your sense of desperation.
Guys focus on helping people first making money second Trust me it works.

4.Identify Your Audience

Your blog isn’t supposed to cater to everybody.You should focus on a specific audience create all your content with them in mind.

When you know your audience creating content is easy because you know them like family.

You know their struggles,wants and needs. So when you create content that speaks to their heart,it creates instant trust and credibility for you.

5.Poor User Experience

You do notice how my site has a clean list of navigation tabs and social icons to connect.

Overcrowded navigation bars,confusing layouts,childish graphics and slow loading speeds are all examples of poor user experience.

Keep your navigation bar simple,have an organized layout and use professional graphics. Don’t have blinking ads and flashing banners everywhere. Sometimes less is more.

6.You Have No Mystery

Blogs that have all their business opportunities or producets on the wall for everyone to see is a definite turnoff. Guys create mystery around your brand and what you do.

Start with value so people will be dying to opt in to your email newsletter to find out more. Then you can sell your products and services on the backend.

7.Ineffective Copywriting

Inject curiosity and excitement into your blog titles and headlines,so your readers will “want to click”. This is called copywriting. Most blogging newbies don’t know how to “sell the click”.

Read my Top post about headlines

8.Don’t Promote Content

Writing a blog post and hitting publish is only 50% of it. The other 50% is marketing your post.
If you notice all my social media icons are used to share all my new blog post to my social media channels. Google Alerts is another option.

9.Don’t be Inconsistent
Most blogging beginners fall victim to the blogging “crash and burn”.
They get high on blogging for a few wekks or months then they disapear like beer on a hot summer day.

The best way to stay on track is to keep a posting schedule and stick to it.

Be realistic though,don’t set yourself up for failure. It’s better to blog less and stay consistent. This is also out of respect for your readers and the search engines.


Blogging can be a very profitable part of your business or a big waste of time. It all depends on your approach and execution. Preventing the mistakes in this post is a very good start.

So guys let me know if you agree with my post and how many blogs have you murdered? Also share this post to all your social media outlets.Thanks Y’all.

4 thoughts on “9 Ways to Kill Your Blog

  1. Hello Lawrence thanks for stopping by and leaving such valuable feedback and I agree totally with your assessment,again thanks for visiting and supporting us and have a super day.


  2. There are a lot of different types of blogs out in the world. If you want to succeed you have to find something to blog about that you can write great posts about, market, and be passionate. This means that you have to show a piece of who you are in your writing in order to be unique. As you said, this can kill your blog. These are all ways that can kill your blog and poor user experience is one of the most blog killers. I hate going onto blogs loaded with poor content , ads, and run super slow.

  3. Hello Igert:
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on the MBC blog.
    That was really nice of you.
    I’m glad that the post helped you in some way.
    That is definitely music to a blogger’s ears. Have a phenomenal day
    Again thanks for your input Igert it’s appreciated,Darrell

  4. Hi

    Some great points you mention here, I am a firm believer in all of them.

    I am glad you mentioned creating mystery. Mystery connects to the emotion, it teases and invites the brain to sit up and listen.

    Schedules are so necessary. The web is a place where you can so easily go exploring while the work is waiting. Sticking to a schedule gives you focus and purpose.

    Great post.

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