My Backlink Approach (strategy)


For the last 3 weeks , I have been getting  bombarded with the same question from a lot of my readers.

Most of you guys asked, me what is my backlink  strategy? and most of  you suggested I write more post about backlinking. So  today  let’s roll.

According to Brian Dean of  Backlinko  one of the top SEO  influencers 85% of a website’s search engine ranking  position (SERP) is quality incoming links (backlinks) from other sites.

Of course backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) sites are desired more than  the low DA sites.

For my newbies…..What is a Backlink?

A backlink is when a web page links to another site using a hyperlink. They are usually colored blue,and when you click on them it opens up a new tab or window and redirects you to a new destination.

The more backlinks a web page has,the more popular it is in Google’s eyes. Think of backlinks as votes. The more votes you have,the better chance you have at ranking.

It is also important to note that Google ranks web pages and not websites. This means guys we want to focus on ranking individual post and or pages instead of website domain.

Make sure you have a list of keywords before you try to rank for search terms. Try the Jaaxy keyword tool if you need help.

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How Do Backlinks Affect SEO

Not  all backlinks are created equal. Backlinks carry more power if they have PR (page rank) and relevance.

Page rank means that the website has high authority; relevance means the website is in the same niche as you..


If your website was about finance,then a back link from the Wall Street Journal would carry a lot more power than a backlink from a random book website.


Well the Wall Street Journal has high authority and is well respected and in the finance niche. A random book website won’t have any authority,and it has no relevance to finance.

DoFollow vs  NoFollow Backlinks

There is an important distinction between DoFollow and Nofollow backlinks, and it plays a huge factor in terms of ranking in search engines. A  DoFollow link will count as a vote for your website,while a NoFollow link will not.

A doFollow link will look like this:

<a href=”URL”> LinkText</a>


A nofollow link will look like this:

<a href= “URL” rel= “nofollow”>Link Text</a>

The reason nofollow links were introduced was because SEOs were abusing the power of backlinks strictly to rank content in the search engines.

Thus, Google introduced nofollow links to prevent that from happening.

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Black Hat vs White Hat vs Grey Hat  SEO

These are common terms in the SEO community,and I wanted to give a quick definition for each before we move onto my backlinking  approach.

  • Black Hat SEO refers to aggressive ranking tactics that do not abide by search engine rules.
  • White Hat SEO  refers to 100% natural and organic ranking. This strategy takes forever to rank content.
  • Grey Hat SEO is less aggressive than black hat more aggressive than white. As long as you do correctly then you won’t suffer any slaps on the wrist by Google.

My Backlinking Approach

We are going to focus on using web 2.0 properties to assist  in ranking our web pages. A  Web 2.0 property refers to a page from a website that allows user-generated content.

For example: You Tube,blogger,Wikipedia,Hubpages, and Squidoo  are all Web 2.0 properties.

This is how the process works:

Step 1: We write blog post that we to rank for on our website. The blog post is 1,000 words.

Step2: We rewrite the article 4x(300-400 words) and publish it on different web 2.0 properties using different anchor text,creating 4 backlinks from high quality sites.

Step3:We repeat this process for keywords we want to rank for and build up authority in the search engines over time.

Best Web 2.0 Properties

Press Releases

  • PitchEngine

Document Sharing



Guest Posting

  • Squidoo
  • Hubpages
  • Tumblir


Social Bookmarking 


Blog Commenting

  • Leave comments on others within your niche. Be sure to check for dofollow links.

Well guys that’s our backlink approach .

I’m here to tell you be persistent and blog consistently do this for 9-12 months and you will have more traffic than what you can do with.

Guys make sure you share this post to your social media outlets,y ou already know that helps me out a great deal with my exposure.Leave me a comment and tell me your lnikbuilding strategies

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  1. Hello Dejan, I’m glad you found this article useful and I do understand how this new internet terminology can leave you puzzled. With links you have “nofollow” and “do follow” links.Dejan currently the single most important factor in your site’s search engine ranking is quality incoming links or (backlinks). The more you have the better your ranking.Any more questions email me Dejan at

  2. This has been such a useful read! I’ll even save it to my favourites for later on in the evening.
    I myself have recently started at wealthy affiliate and have often seen this term pop up, but didn’t really know what it means. Thank you for clarifying it for me.
    One more question, I didn’t fully understand your backlinking approach, could you eleborate a bit ? Thanks!

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