5 ” Boss” Traits to Emulate from Donald Trump !


Since June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency he has commanded the most attention.

The billionaire from Queens,Ny has garnered the lion’s share of the headlines and been a powerful force in the race.

Even though I haven’t decided who I will be voting for in the presidential election (which one is the lessor of the 2 evils) Love him or hate him.

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Donald Trump has definitely  got  traits that once incorporated,would enhance my business. That’s  why I’m writing this post “5 Boss Traits to Emulate from Donald Trump”

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1. Be Yourself

Donald Trump has a very bold  personality and can  sometimes be outright arrogant. He is not changing the personality that people expect from him just because he is a candidate for president. He is Donald all the way.

Do you know who you are?

  • Become more aware of your thoughts.
  • Follow your Intuition.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it

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2.Be Courageous

Nothing has changed during the presidential campaign. Donald Trump seems to say what he wants when he wants. He speaks his mind and if you don’t like it “too bad”

So how can you be courageous like Donald Trump?

  • Always say what you want to say.
  • Do not give excuses.
  • Don’t let people control you.


3.Know Your Audience

Donald Trump has been speaking to sold out arenas all over the country.

That’s because he’s going to locations where his support is strong and decisive. Donald Trump knows his core audience and does a great  job keeping them engaged.

Donald Trump doesn’t care if  you love him or hate him. He’s speaking to a very select group of voters who believe in him and will support him.

If you have a huge following on social media you want to keep them engaged with great content find out their problems and present solutions to them.

You have to know your audience and have answers to their concerns in a relevant way.

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4. Be Genuine

When you bring up the name Donald Trump there’s usually a strong reaction,they either love him or hate him. You will rarely find someone in the middle.

Donald Trump has found a way to get people on either end of the spectrum. It makes it easier to go where you are celebrated when you know your fans are hardcore fans.

If someone doesn’t like your brand. Keep the haters away and cater to  the people that love your brand. In anything you do there will be people who don’t like you. Stay authentic   and be genuine because you are causing real emotion.


5.Have Swagger or Attitude




1. (intr) to walk or behave in an arrogant manner
2. (often foll by:about) to brag loudly
3. (trrare to force, influence, etc, by blustering
Well guys just a short share today for you. I hope you enjoyed my post “5 Boss traits to Emulate from Donald Trump”.
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2 thoughts on “5 ” Boss” Traits to Emulate from Donald Trump !

  1. Hello Jason

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback. I am glad you got value from this post and I’m in agreement with you Trump definitely has a strategy that works for him. Again thanks for your input and keep supporting us here.

  2. Yeah it’s funny how much people dismissed Donald Trump as soon as he decided to run for office. They immediately seemed to forget how they’d been pointing to him as an example of success for so many years. Like you said, like him or hate him, you can still learn from him. He’s definitely proven that he has a strategy that works even if you don’t necessarily like what he’s trying to do.

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