7 Simple Tips to Attract New Clients


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Every blogger wants to attract new clients. But why is it so difficult to attract new clients?

Every blogger whether an experienced blogger like Mitch at  Im just sharing who has well over 10 years experience and  owns 3 blogs.

Or a blogger like myself who has under a year running a blog. We both  need to attract new clients.

Well once someone is on your  website,what are you doing to get them to stay and and to inquire about your business?

Here are 7 simple tips to attract new clients –paying clients.

1.Freshen up your image. -Is your business logo outdated? Does your website need revamping? Is your online marketing strategy working? Could it be time to rename your business?

2.A very clear and very visible call to action. What’s the single most important action you want people to take action on with your website?Whatever it is make it easy for people to find.

And include your call to action on every single page and blog post on your website.

If you have more than one call to action,then prioritize them. Which is your primary?Mine, my  Social Media management service.

Listen to what small biz owner George says about my  Social Media Management service.

Make that most visible. Maybe  your secondary call to action is to have them use your blog comment service. That’s great.

Make that visible too. Just don’t have your primary and secondry call to action competing.

Instead place them on different areas of each of your pages. Clear,visible calls to action are vital to attract more new clients.

3.Know your blog visitor. Think about what they want and how you can appeal to them.

Always aim to be special or offer better value for money than your competitors.

People run when we start talking about statistics. But Google Analytics (free) does all the heavy lifting of collecting important data about the people who visit your website.

With a little understanding you can find out what content is most popular (write more).

What sites are sending you the most traffic (do more on those sites) and what pages are causing people to leave. (fix them)

4.Go back to basics. Get on  kingged and meet 5 bloggers you don’t know everyday for a week. Get on Facebook and Twitter (follow me there) and touch base with old friends and meet new ones.

Maybe it’s time to also promote offline. Distribute leaflets. A direct mail campaign or email campaign can be a very effective way to meet new prospects also guys.

Check out all the influencers in your niche and see what they are doing on their websites. Just be creative.

5.Give away valuable content. Hopefully you have a blog and consistently write useful articles that help your readers resolve their problems.

valuable type of giveaway keeps people coming back for more and establishes your expertise.

Give your readers a valuable ebook in exchange for their email address.

Give your subscribers some of your best content.

Knock their socks off. Over-deliver and you will have some immediate fans and attract new clients. Guys be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

6.Stay in touch. –Most people who visit your website are not likely to return. That’s not your fault.

They have busy lives. They come to your site find what they want and move on. So find ways to stay in touch.Your email list is one way.

Just be sure to use it regularly by sending out consistent articles and updates. Social media is another place where you can stay in touch with people  who visit your website.

Make your social media links clear and easy to find guys or people won’t use them.

Find the people who you want to stay in touch with and use conversations on social media to attract new clients,don’t just share content.

7.Be seen on your website. —Usually one of the most read pages on your website will be your  About page. That’s because people want to connect with you in some way on your website.

Attract new clients by being visible on your site. Photograph—-yes. But also consider video and even audio.

As a influencer,,coach,professional service provider,blogger your clients will build a relationship with you.

Why not give them a chance to begin when they arrive at your website?

Well guy’s that’s it for today just a short share.

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2 thoughts on “7 Simple Tips to Attract New Clients

  1. Hello Dejan thanks for stopping by I am glad you enjoyed this post.That’s exactly what a blogger looks forward to is helping my readers and clients to get some value that they can implement into their own strategies. Thanks again for your valuable input and keep coming back we update daily. Thanks,Darrell

  2. Hey there!
    I agree with you on every point. You have to make your website look nice and have good qualitty content on it. When you have that, you can focus on attracting visitors, weather that is through social media or just by keywords.
    E-mail list is always a good way to try and keep your users.
    As you said, make your content interesting for your viewers, add loads of pictures to it, or even videos. That will make them stay.

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