What Level Blogger are You !


What Level Blogger are You!

Before I started blogging I ran my family’s highly successful restaurant operation. Therefore I was well known in town and I knew hundreds in the blogging community.

I know people who started their blogs several years ago. I also know people who have recently started their blog.

Have you heard? about me ?

The truth as you are reading this some people are either starting their first blog or starting another blog. Everybody wanted to be a rapper in the 90’s,and now everybody wants to be a blogger.

While thousands of blogs may open their doors everyday ,survival can be harsh and many fall with disrepair very quickly.

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For 4 years I did affiliate marketing basically promoting Clickbank ,JVZoo and Max Bounty. Got my  marketing degree.  While  being the general manager of 3 family restaurants.

On the side, I was blogging and  learning my craft of blogging. So you can say I was a novice blogger or hobbyist. I didn’t start blogging full-time until Jan 2016,this year .

Guys building a business out of blogging like any business, involves investment both in time and money. Like any business it will take handwork,dedication,being savvy and a bit of luck.

There are different levels of bloggers in the world.,but I’ll limit the numbers to five based on the focus of this blog

As a blogger in the U.S, you deserve to make lots of money if you are doing what’s right with your blog. If you put  alot of hours into your blog every week and you don’t actually earn anything from it. I think you have a choice.

Your blog itself won’t make you money. It is what you do with your blog that makes you money. You have a choice to either do the right thing or keep doing what you are doing.

Approaching blogging as an entrepreneur looking to build a business is very different from the view taken by a hobby blogger.

From the very beginning you will be planning and thinking about the blog as a product,what it will cost,what it might return,how it will grow and where its heading. You might be alone, or you might have partners and investors.

You might begin with alot of capital, or you might bootstrap the operation with whatever resources you can find.

Most importantly,as someone looking to build a business,you will always have your eye on the big picture.

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Opportunities in Blogging

Publishing is changing quickly as more and more readers migrate from paper–based products to electronic media,whether it’s a computer tablet or an e-reader.

Change creates opportunity and in the last few years it’s clear that professional blogging is one of them.

The last decade saw a generation of blogs grow from being side projects and hobbies into sites with enormous readerships and real revenues.

Very quickly blogging has become a legitimate publishing business.

While today the blogging industry has some very professional outfits operating there is still lots and lots of room for the newcomer or “newbie”.

I understand that blogging could be a hobby for most people reading right now. A hobby isn’t always as profitable until you make it professional.

To make money with your blog requires you determine, “What Level Blogger are you” and then constantly seek to improve yourself.

Below are the levels of bloggers online Decide what level you are guys and work hard to improve yourself daily that’s what I do,because I have a long way to go still.

Level 1:  Novice

As a novice what you do is not clearly defined. You blog for general purpose. You blog about anything that fascinates you.

You blog because you just want to have a presence online, and be in the know. This is what people refer to as “just blogging for fun”.

At this level depending on the strategies you engage you should be making around $35 a month.

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Level 2: Hobbyist

As a hobbyist you finally found out that being a noviceis not really profitable. You are now focused on creating value for your audience.

You are getting more serious. What you do here is not just to publish articles on your blog but also to solve problems for your readers. If you do the right things,you should be making $50—$150.

Level 3:  Semi-professional

As you create more value,more opportunities begin to open up for you. Here you build a “tribe around your passion and niche”.

You have blogging mentors you follow,peers you network with and active followers you are leading.

You are now taking blogging more serious and using effective blogging tools and resources. You should be making about $450 a month.

Level 4:–Professional

You have  established yourself as a blogging leader. You know your market.

People place value on you and your blogs. You create your own products—books,e-books,videos,webinars,online courses etc.

You have moved from just publishing blog post/articles that fascinate you. You publish post strategically. Post that will be very useful to your readers and also bring you some returns on the time you put into writing the post.

At this level you should be making over $750 depending on the specific strategy you use based on your niche.


Level 5:  Business Builder

The focus here is to solidify all that you have built over the years into one huge business that auto-generates income for you which means you have built a system that makes your money passively on auto–pilot.

This is because you have built systems with your blog that makes you money while you are probably on vacation.

Here you have fully incorporated a business with your blog. This happens through repetitive leads,having optimized your customer value chain.

Some other things you can do include joint venture partnerships,collaborations creating audio/video courses,membership sites etc.

And the system can generate millions for you monthly depending on the idea you have and the strategies you deploy.

Please note,you don’t get to become a business builder if you have not gone through the other levels. Sometimes, most times actually this takes a number of years to get to

Personally I  have friends who have been blogging 8–10 years and are making a high six figure a year amount and some who have been blogging the same time frame and are barely staying afloat.

But if you apply all the things  you find and read on this blog; go back and read all the archives.

You can become an online business builder. The aim of this blog—–Making big cash online   is to become an online business builder and  to help you to become an online business builder.

Thanks guys thats all for Today . Please leave your comments they are a huge help. They help me get better. and Please share this post. Why? Because it helps  increase my exposure,more people get to know me. Thanks guys take care.




6 thoughts on “What Level Blogger are You !

  1. Thanks for your valuable input Travis it’s very appreciated and anytime this website can help or inspire positivity it’s a blessing. Keep checking in daily and thanks so much for your helpful comments my friend. Darrell

  2. Hello Tyrell thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. And I’m glad you got some value from my content that’s music to a blogger’s ears. You are welcome to use any post I’ve written if it will help you or enhance your website .Again thanks for your time ,input and stop by daily for tips and techniques. Stay on your grind,Darrell

  3. My rap career did not take off in the 90s so blogging it is!
    Thinking about blogging as a product is fresh and very useful, so I will be adopting that. You just made it onto my bookmark list of key resources. I am a Level 2 Hobbyist, aspiring Level 3.

    Your clearly defined levels have just mapped out my vision until i achieve the ultimate Level 5 Business Builder. With your permission can I can copy the 5 levels onto my plan so that I can use the description as a review of my progress. This is brilliant.

  4. It is quite surprising how much things have changed through the years with all the blogging. I see you have a few levels of how bloggers have been making out and the end game to where one can head with it all.

    I like the idea of making money with an online business but also like you when you’re already running a brick and mortar business your time is limited.

    I will probably do the same as you and work my online business alongside my primary business until I can get it developed. Great post by the way.

  5. Hello Nigel thanks for stopping by and leaving some input,I’m glad you enjoyed the article that really makes a blogger’s day. Thanks for that advice,I will definitely get on it tonight thanks so much and I appreciate you taking time out to read my blog. Kindly,Darrell

  6. Hi Darrell. I like how you described each level of blogging and the estimated revenue they can earn. Puts things into perspective. Nice article man.

    Quick Tip: you might want to add some headers, otherwise it looks like a really long read.

    Which blogs do you read and inspire you the most?

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