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7 Causes of Blogging Burnout !

7 Causes of Blogging Burnout !

As you guys know I have been blogging full-time since January 2016. Before that I was the Clickbank and Amazon affiliate king and I ran my family’s 4 restaurants as the general manager.

Have you heard?About Me.

But I sincerely think blogging is tougher. I’m at home more now,and when my better half leaves. I actually have no excuses to leave the house Anyway guy’s today’s post is about burnout.

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What causes burnout ?

People suffer from burnout from different reasons. Today guys we are  going to discuss the most common causes.

1. The  Wrong Job

This is the most common cause of burnout. If you’re not doing what you love. If you dread being a blogger you don’t have passion for this job it might not be for you.

This doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You just don’t like blogging with a passion it’s the wrong job. You came online to escape the ratrace but it’s not as easy as you thought it would be.


2. The Wrong Niche

Another cause of burnout is being in the wrong niche.

Maybe you picked  the right business model but it’s in a niche that doesn’t inspire you guys it’s likely you will suffer from burnout or walk totally away.

Since I have been blogging I have seen tons of bloggers just walk away with no explanation.

3. Not Informed Enough

Yes life ain’t fair. You’re a smart guy but that guy’s smarter than you.

Yep admit it. You even watch your favorite marketers to see what they do but that just doesn’t click for you.

We always feel we need to learn more about the latest and greatest  technique instead of sticking to wha’s working for you. Stay in your lane.

Of course you want to broaden your skills and knowledge, but don’t keep buying info product after info product.

Now guys if you’re really struggling you can always hire a mentor to kickstart your blog or business. (as long as you can afford it.) I’ve heard about a couple great coaches.

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4. Trying To Do Too  Much

This can definitely lead to burnout. If you’re new to blogging you probably can’t afford to outsource a lot of daily task So,downsize and stop things that aren’t working. Manage your time better.

Remember guys once you have a reliable cash flow then outsourcing is a huge way to expand your business. You want be able to reach the level you want on your own without feeling burned out.

5.Stick to Your Strengths

Guys you might wonder how can this lead to burnout . Simply if you are focusing on things you’re not good at it will take your mental energy. Anything you aren’t great at outsource it with an expert in the field.

Spend time figuring out what your strengths are and work with these. Guys remember  it makes sense to  work your strengths then spending all your energy and valuable time working on your weaknesses

6. Networking the Wrong Way

You need to network and get to know other people in your field. Find possible clients and partners.

There’s a fine balance between being inspired by others taking action to create your own success or simply watching their success until until it brings you down.

Remember guys they put in a lot  of long hours and hard work to get where they are today. If you take action and do the same you can have similar results or better. However breathe deep and take timely breaks or it will lead to burnouts.

7. Not Planning Ahead

As a newbie this was a huge fault of mine. This is an area where many newbies fail. It can lead to burnout because if you don’t spend time making weekly plans you will end up wasting time each day trying to figure out what you should be doing. Soon this can frustrate you and you will make very little progress.

Guys sit down and define your weekly and monthly goals. Check your daily schedule and focus on it and follow it. Also on Sunday look over your weekly schedule and your weekly plans,do it for you! This is your business. Act like it. Work harder for yourself than anybody.

Just remember even the best plans are bound to change and working online means you have flexibility to change them if needed.

Make plans they will help with your productivity and reduce feelings of burnout.

I hope you enjoyed this short share “7 Causes of Blogging Burnout” Leave me some comments and share this post to your friends and social media outlets. Thanks guys take care.

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6 Questions Answered About SSL Certificates !



6  Questions  Answered About SSL  Certificates

Hello to all my readers. (Big cashers)  and all my followers and friends. Boy! It’s beautiful out there with a capital B  a beautiful 83 degrees here in Iowa guys.

Have you heard ?  About me.

I have a serious share today .So many of you guys have been asking me about SSL certificates and what do they do and what are they for?

I’m sure you guys have heard about “SSL certificates anytime someone is talking about online security. This post will clear things up for you. That’s what we do at  “the cash blog”

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The title “6 Questions Answered About SSL Certificates.”

Why Use  A SSL Certificate ?

Every SSL certificate will provide some form of visual proof to your user that your website is secure,and the certificate is valid.

Users of websites have become accustomed to seeing a padlock icon,or a green address bar in their browser, without it the majority will not checkout or enter sensitive information.

For E-commerce sites an SSL CERTIFICATE is a must and is required for anyone accepting payment an data. Guys don’t take any chances. Generally any website that accepts sensitive information should use an SSL certificate.

SSL  Basics

SSL  is an acronym for  Secure Socket Layer. It was created for the purpose of making sure that there is a secure link between a website and the person viewing it.

When SSL is used,all of the information transmitted back and forth- between website and visitor -passes through it and is encrypted  in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

You will see it most often on commercial websites that that handle credit card transactions and services that send or receive other sensitive information.


What  Does the Certificate  Do?

A SSL certificate can be compared to a passport or any other official ID.

It’s basically a sign that tells a visitor of a website that they are in the right place, and have not visited a fake version of Paypal or bank website in order to steal personal information from users.

These fake websites will not have the correct SSL certificate and can be avoided  by checking first before logging in or entering other private information.

How Will You Know a Website Has SSL ?

If you are suspicious or cautious. Before entering your login or payment information check for a valid SSL certificate.

The method for doing this varies depending on the type of device. It also depends on the validation level of the website. In most cases you will see some type of indication in the address bar.

What to look for

Make sure the website address starts with “https” (secure) instead of “http” (not secure). If you see neither of these check for the other indications below.

Google prefers encrypted and secure sites these help  users better..

Look for a padlock symbol. Common colors for the symbol are green, gold or black which means SSL is working.

A red padlock,a crossed out lock or open lock means it is not secure. The address bar being highlighted in green also means it is secure.

If there are no different colors present and no padlock symbol it is most likely not secure. That does not make it a bad website– it just means proceed with caution.

Be cautious  of entering any sensitive information. If you are only there to read an article you don’t need to worry about SSL.

Some online stores only introduce SSL protection during the checkout stage. So don’t be turned off right away.

Different Validation Levels of SSL  Certificates

There are two main validation levels of SSL certificates.

Both are just as secure as each other,so if you do not operate any websites yourself then you do not need to worry about this. For website owners and application developers, the differences may be of interest

Standard Validation

This is the most common type of SSL certificate in use today. It is cheaper as well as being easier to get with a lot of waiting time. It is less visible to the viewer of a website on most common browsers.


Extended Validation

As the name suggest,an EV certificate requires more of a background check before it’s issued by a certificate authority.

It is also a lot more expensive than a standard certificate. Any organization applying for an EV certificate must go through extra steps in order to prove their identity,physical location and control of the domain in question.

This type of certificate is more visible to the viewer of a website in the address bar of most common browsers.

EV certificates are most often used by high end online stores,banks and other common targets for the “fake website” scam mentioned earlier in my article.

It gives users an extra sense of security –usually with more visibility and brand name recognition in the address bar — but on a purely technical level it is just as secure as a standard certificate.

The bottom line is that SSL CERTIFICATES HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME AND HAVE STOODTHE TEST OF TIME. They work very well and seem to be here to stay.

It is perhaps the most common form of security used online today,and its definitely the most visible one.

If you are running a website that handles sensitive information you really should have a certificate especially when they’re easy to purchase,and if you’re shopping online you just need to remember what to look for.

Hey guys I hope this post cleared up a lot of questions you had.

If you enjoyed reading “6 Questions Answered About SSL Certificates.” leave me a comment below  and if you didn’t do the same.

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Wow ! 5 of the Most Expensive Apps


5 of the  Most  Expensive Apps


Hello  to all my readers aka (big cashers) , friends and   all my 17,000 Twitter followers.

It’s going to be just a short share today. As you guys  know  I have  7 cats, 4 tabbys, Vivian,Blue, Alice and her brother Sam.

Then my Maine coon cats are  Little Girl, Clara and my prettiest Bella. The 3 little guys are between 2 to 3 months.  But they have to go to the vet. So let’s get on with this short share. Just a warm cloudy day in Iowa.

Have you heard? About me.

Last night I picked up my iPhone from the repair shop and  checked the apps out.  And Wow! did you know an app can cost $1,000?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I found out there are others.

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I had to pump my brakes and get out that store. I did a little research  on  apps last night. So today I have just a short share  called “5 of the Most Expensive Apps.”

Apple launched  it’s App store in early 2008 since then  there have been millions of Apps developed for the iOS platform.

The number stands well over 700 million. Most of the apps available on the App store are free.

There are other apps: that cost more than your iOS  device These are the most expensive iPhone  apps in the App store.

1. iVip Black

This app put on the list of elite members who get super treatment at clubs,restaurants and hotels. The world’s first premium lifestyle app iVip is The Millionaire’s App . This million dollar app cost $999–$1399.

With this iVip Black app you can book islands,private jets and much more. So this is definitely for you if you love showing off. This app is designed for both iPhone  and iPad .


2. Mobigagelaser

This app used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. This app is for manufacturers and industrialist. The mobile version is $ 999. This app has a Leica laser and can measure different objects with high accuracy,so it is very useful manufacturing plants


3. iStutter

This app can analyze your vocal fold activity and help you get rid of stuttering or any other speech problem. This product  is for those who stutter.

This product is $999 but they have within the last year developed cheaper versions  for $99.


4. Agro

The  next iPhone  app you can get for the same $999 is Agro. It is designed for agronomist to help them create inspection reports in all agronomy fields.

This app is supposed to help agronomist save a lot of time,so maybe some of them will be ready to pay that much.


5.BarMax Ca

And the last $1000 app that’s found  on iTunes  is Bar Max Ca: probably the coolest app on the list.

It’s actually a complete bar exam prep course made by Harvard lawyers that includes lectures for more than 12 subjects.

Education is the best investment ever so I guess if a teaching app is really worth the money you pay for it even if it’s $1000 for a single app.

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I’m sure there are other expensive iPhone  apps out there guys.

So if you’ve run into any other pricey apps not on my list drop me a comment,let me know what’s the most you will pay for an app?

Please share this post guys to your friends and social outlets. Just a short share for a lazy Tuesday in Iowa.

Quote of the week:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain




How to Make MONEY with Clickbank !


Hello to all my readers aka (big cashers) and fans . Today  at the cash blog, I’m going to put you guys up on how to make money with Clickbank.

I worked with them about 2 years and once I got traction,made a decent income with them about $650-  $1100  a month it all depends on what you choose to promote and what products you choose to make money with.

Have you heard ? About Me


Where Does Clickbank Come In ?

Clickbank comes in to help millions of overworked,underpaid people break the chains of the 9-5.

Here’s how it works: by signing up with  Clickbank,you can make money in one of two ways..

One,you could go the old-fashioned way and create a product,list it, then wait for sales.

Or you could go right ahead and skip all that nonsense  and earn serious money by just promoting products,earning commissions and having fun in the process.

What is Clickbank?

I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably one of those sites where you get paid like .03 cents to click a few links per day. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Boasting of six million plus registered users, Clickbank is an affiliate program that seamlessly handles over 32,000 digital sales on a daily basis.

Users here create and promote an array of digital products. As a promoter,you have the potential to earn a 5 to 75% commission rate depending on which products you choose.

Just follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to make money on Clickbank for free.

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1. Grab Some Free Training at Wealthy Affiliate before Signing Up on Clickbank

Immediately after you sign up to become an affiliate with Clickbank,you gain instant access to browse all products up for sale.

At any given time,there are roughly tens of thousands of products available.

This is why you need to carry out meticulous research to find out the ideal niche to promote,as well as the levels of commission percentage available.

Wealthy Affiliate  equips you with all the tools and information you need to land on the perfect niche products to promote.

You also get insider insight on how to identify potential champion products guaranteed to generate tons of sales and how to avoid vendors with dead-end products.


2. Promote Products with Clickbank

At this point, I’m gonna assume you’ve already got a website for promoting the products of your choice.

If not,don’t even trip! The great thing about joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program is that you get 2 free websites to kick start your online business career.

Once you’re all set up with a marvelously designed website, a clever,relevant domain name and a popular product,it’s time to shift that marketing gear to full throttle.

Unlike the affiliate marketing programs,Clickbank starts at what should be initially the last step –the product.

Since you already have a list of products to promote, the next stage involves pulling in the masses.

“Come one  come all; I got exactly what you’re looking for !

3. Generate  Huge Amounts of Traffic  !

What’s the quickest way to get customers to visit your store?

Simple: print some fliers, post a couple of ads, get the newspaper in on it, heck; the idea  is to get the word out.

However all these methods are super expensive and don’t actually hit your target audience.

This is the internet-to get the word out: you need to bust that Microsoft Word out.

Nothing creates a more loyal and ever expanding following than fresh,unique and highly exciting content that is relevant  to your audience.

I know, I know, writing a clear concise and lengthy piece about how some product worked wonders for you can be a bit tough,especially if writing isn’t your forte.

Guess what building houses isn’t my strong suit,but I live in one,don’t I?

The point is,there’s lots of people out there who can provide absolutely gorgeous content that will have massive amounts of traffic crowding to your website

Guys it’s like clock work: create content,draw people in,promote products then sit back for the finale.

4. Make the Commissions Drop Like It’s Hot

Although it all started with the horse in front of the cart,Clickbank allows you to take advantage of this and throw stuff in. By creating your content : your business based around around products you ensure that you reach out to a specific audience looking for that product.

The larger your traffic base,the higher the conversion rate, and of course, the more sales you make by directing people to the products through your website. With each purchase

you get a hefty commission of up to 75%.

However,it’s not that easy. DO NOT make the mistake of confusing increased traffic for

amplified sales.

Most newbies think that more traffic automatically results in more sales. Well that might be true to some extent, but the only way to increase sales is by focusing on conversion rates.

Guys if you can find some way to raise traffic while increasing conversion rates, the profits could be substantial. You have to keep enhancing the value and authority of your site on a regular basis,though

Conclusion: To ensure your chances of success, I recommend creating an account at  Clickbank to get access to their wide array of products and start the free training at  Wealthy Affiliate so you can have the right know-how to build your first site,attract visitors and learn how to increase sales.

I always insist onbeing as honest and as open as possible with my readers which is why I must reiterate the fact that Clickbank is not a get rich quick scheme.

Guys like all my other recommendations for successfully  turning your blog into your personal cash cow,this too requires training,hard-work,determination and patience.

With the right attitude and  a precise guide on “How to Make MONEY with Clickbank” you will be smiling to the bank in no time.

Bonus : My top 4   Products I sold at Clickbank

1. Fat diminisher

2. The 3 week diet

3.Diebetes destroyer

4.Legit online jobsI

Guys those are the best products that worked for me the first two mainly the first three months of the year when weight loss is the rage. I have put you in the car but you have to drive it.

So that’s going to be it for today guys. So please share this post to your friends and your social media outlets.

And I would like to know if you’ve made money with Clickbank? Did you like it and how successful you were? Please leave a comment?

Is FOREX Paradise a Scam?

Comic_Characters_Laptop_clip_art_mediumEver since 1997,when my brothers best friend, worked as a futures consultant at Daniel’sTrading. He explained trading to me,and

I have been intrigued by commodity and currency trading.  And yes guys you guessed it, lost over $400 in futures trading.

Here at , the Cash blog we try to do one review a month.

Well a lot of my readers (big cashers)  have been asking me about “Forex Paradise Is it a Scam”so I’m going to give you the lowdown on them today.

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What is the Forex Paradise?

Forex Paradise  is an investment company and it focuses on investments in foreign exchange. The company shares the profit with its members when they invest some money in the company.

This company is an HYIP which means High Yield Investment Plan and I will tell you later in this review what a HYIP is exactly.

In this review I will try to determine whether Forex Paradise is a scam or not.  It is important you read my full review before investing in this company.

How Does Forex Paradise Work?

Following are the steps that you need to take to earn money from the site.

1.You have to sign up by filling a simple form through there official website. When you open their site,look at the top right hand corner where you will see the sign up button click it and complete the form.

2.You need to have an account with one of the following sites: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash ,Bitcoin, BTC Skrill, Neteller, Payza and OKPAY.

You need an account with these sites so that you can invest and withdraw money.

3.After depositing money you can invest the money in two plans and these plans are called Classic 430 and Superior 1777.Obviously the second plan that I mentioned gives you a higher rate of profit.

The Classic 430 gives you a percentage of profit around 0.08% to 3%. The percentage of profit offered by Superior 1777 plan is around 18% and goes as high as 25%.

4.You can get paid using your payment methods.

You can also earn money by using their affiliate program which pays up to 5 levels deep

Note: Everything that is written about the how the program works is based on their official website however it is not yet proven if this investment really works.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

The cost of joining is zero  but to earn money you have to invest money. The minimum amount that you can invest is the cost of joining in a certain way as you cannot earn without investing the money. The minimum amount that you can invest is 25 dollars or 100 dollars for most payment methods.

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How Much Can I Earn ?

Your earning depend on the type of investment plan that you use to earn money.

As I mentioned earlier there are two plans. Superior 1777 is the plan where you can get a return of up to 1777 percent when you invest in it.

However,there is always a risk when you generally invest money in a foreign exchange so you should still be cautious about it.

I would like to tell you that even though this program seems legit,you should still be careful with the money you invest in it.

Are There Any Complaints?

There are some complaints that I have learned about Forex Paradise,but I just listed the important concerns that I have about this program.


Although  they have given a glimpse on how much you can earn when you invest ,this is still not guaranteed.

The reason for this is that you have no control over the money you have invested. So whenever it becomes a profit or loss it’s out of your control.


Forex Paradise has been in business  for some time compared yo other HYIP programs out there. But this does not secure that it will last for a long time. So again be careful with your hard earned money.

My Conclusion:

My conclusion is that Forex Paradise is legit. I didn’t find one single case or any evidence they were scamming anyone. The sight also looks convincing.

Just make sure you check your daily email updates  here at  the Cash blog.

This site qualifies as a HYIP and HYIP means an investment plan where high returns are possible but only at a higher amount of risk. The risk is taken care of by the insurance so that you can be sure about your money.

Again I would like to remind you there is no evidence of this site being a scam so that’s why I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I still do not recommend you spend your money on this site,because whether this site pays or not hasn’t been confirmed and the percentage of profit is not high enough considering the risk and time taken to generate the profit.


Ladies and gentlemen I know you guys want to join Forex Paradise because you are hoping it could give you that extra income to help with your expenses and bills,however this is not guaranteed because there’s no proof this system works

There is no such thing as easy money. Would you rather an actual online opportunity that has made me and others very successful. Well check out  my # 1 recommended online business training course  that you can start  for free.

It is an online  program that teaches people  how to build there own online business. You receive step-by-step training that’s easy to follow.

At first I was hesitant to join, but then realized that I have nothing to lose because it’s  free to join. Y’all come join with me. GET   STARTED TODAY.

Well that’s all for Today Guys just a short share.  Make sure you guys hit the link above me and check the best training program on the internet out.

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Video Testimonials…………………It’s a NO BRAINER

Webcam_clip_art_smallVideo Testimonials………….It’s a NO BRAINER.

Video testimonials are much more effective than simple text………….You hear the facts but you can see the authenticity. But guys my #1 reason I like video testimonials is a unbiased customer communicates how awesome you are.

People have always valued opinions expressed directly to them.

Some marketers spend millions on high-tech advertising campaigns yet what really makes up a customer’s mind is not only simple but also free: a word of mouth recommendation from a trusted source.

Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. It’s influence is greatest when people are buying a product for the first time or when products are relatively expensive,factors that tend to make them conduct more research,seek more opinions,longer than they otherwise would.

McKinsey Quarterly

Quite a few of my readers (big cashers) and friends own online and offline businesses. And they have asked me how did I go about getting my video testimonials I  have been using for the last 3 months,for my  blog comment service  and  social media management.

The good news is that it’s really pretty simple… have to ask. Ask your client or customer to take a few minutes to give you a testimonial. You can do this face to face, or in writing format (“like an email interview”) or check  out  Google hangouts and make a quick video.

Today’s post I’m just going to show you the ‘7questions to ask your customer for a video testimonial.”

1.) Give me a one-minute history of your career. (or success) (Get them relaxed and comfortable. Everyone loves talking about themselves.)

2.)How did you get involved with our company?

3.)What was the reason that you chose us?

4.)Was price more important than service and quality? (This question gets to the value of the products/services you provide?

5.)Tell me what your experience has been with our products/services. (Ask for customer’s experience and wisdom.)

6.)How has working with us changed the way your company does business?

7.Why would you recommend us to someone else? (This is the key part of the testimonial).


1. Keep It Short and TO The Point

Audiences determine whether to watch videos based on two things your thumbnail and the videos length.

In order to maximize the impact of your video be sure to keep it short. In order for you to maintain their attention your video should be between 2 and 3 minutes.

2. Don’t Skimp on Quality

According to Brightcove 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.

Don’t have the equipment readily available? Work with someone that has experience and the correct equipment

Listen to both of the video testimonials below helped increase conversions 75%.

Check out my first video testimonial from small-biz owner George O’Reilly  Listen to Him.

Listen how e-commerce biz owner Ray Vandenberg  feels about our social media service..

So guys  I would recommend you try video testimonials  its working for us here at the

Cash blog. That’s going to be all for Today just a short share. Tell me how you guys feel in the comment section .

Keep sharing my content so I can reach more people and gain some traction. Take care guys and make sure you sign up for my updates.

Wow ! Blogs Really Influence a Shopper’s Decision’s


What’s going on guys ,what I’m posting about today is the power we have as bloggers. People really count on us to help them make the correct consumer choices.

Yes the power of blogs,in 2016 , influencing a shopper’s decisions is stronger than you think.

Have you heard ?  About Me?

According to data from a research study conducted by Small biz trends nearly 9 in 10 consumers (84%) make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog.

Among shoppers between the ages of 18-34 blogs ranked as the second most important source  of information to make buying decisions.

Among shoppers between the ages of 35-54,blogs ranked as the second most important source behind friends and family.

Even older consumers (55 and older) value blogs when making purchase decisions ranking them third in terms of importance behind friends,family and editorial articles.

Read one of my  post that went viral  “17 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog”.

Some Cool Blogging Data

  • The research found that boogs influence  household purchase decisions for
  • 54% of the survey respondents.
  • Gifts that shoppers are buying for themselves.
  • Gifts they’re buying for other people (30%).

In fact 25% of respondents said they buy something each month based on blog content.

Shoppers are turning to blogs for specific reasons.

  • Nearly one in two (46%) use blogs for initial product investigations.
  • 43% use blogs for inspiration.
  • One in three consumers (33%) use blogs to narrow down their purchase options.

30% use blogs to confirm their purchase choices.

15 Cool  Blogger Stats

Guys It wasn’t that long ago the statement “Im a blogger” produced lots of eyes rolling,snickering and  hearty chuckles.

But when 81% of U.S online shopper’s trust information and advice from blogs and 37% watch online videos about someone’s experience with products they’re considering that’s certsinly nothing to laugh at.

1.77% of Internet users read blogs.

2.57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog. Source: Hubspot

3. Keywords in blogs drive traffic from search engines.

4.23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs. Source :

5.Blogger is the leading blog site in the U.S with 46 MM unique monthly users. Source : Nielsen

6.17% of U.S cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on the phone. Source :

7.31% of product reviews need to be negative for a buyer to doubt the quality of a product.

8.61% of U.S online shoppers made a purchase based on blog reviews. Source: Blogher.

9.79% of online shoppers spend 50% of shopping time researching. Source: Hubspot

10.65% of potential consumer electronics buyers,inspired by consumer vs. professional review.

11.Average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on the path to purchase.

12.81% of U.S online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. Source Blogher.

13.37% watch online videos about others experience with products they’re considering.

14.28% ask social network friends or followers about a product they’re considering.

15.74% search online for consumer electronic reviews before buying.

Why Blogger’s Succeed

  1. Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t. Source: thinkcreativedigital

2.U.S small businesses, totaling 22%,have planned to utilize YouTube within next year,as a means to promote their business.

3.Email marketers have shown blogging to be the most significant explanation for increased email traffic,given those who blog see two times as much email traffic as those who do not. Source: Hubspot


4.Blogging increases inbound links by 97% for those companies that produce a blog. Source: Hubspot

5.More than 345 million people consider themselves blog readers. Source (the future buzz).

Thanks guys just a short share today, I want you to share this post with your friends and all your social media outlets.

Leave me  some comments about this post guys and have a super weekend. Please share this post to your friends and your social media outlets.


31 Tips to Get More Facebook Likes ! especially # 9


Well hello to all my friends and readers (bigcashers). Another month is here wow! this year is going fast I can’t believe it’s August 1 already.

I was hanging out at Facebook yesterday grinding  checking in on old army friends  and ol’ high school partners.

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I also got a new social media management client, that’s my third  business client,so I feel s-u-p-e-r  today guys.

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I’ve also been increasing my likes on my Facebook page the last couple of days.

And hear what  my client optometrist Ray Vandenberg said after I wrote those wallet-grabbing premium articles, for  his company.

And if you’re struggling to find new ways to grow your Page and get more Facebook likes for your fan page keep reading guys.

That’s  the post for today. I’m gonna show you “31 Tips to Get More Facebook Likes” especially # 9


1.Embed a Facebook like box on your blog.

2.Tag another business  Page in your post. They may return the favor.

3.Focus on posting content that’s useful, entertaining or inspiring this is the type of content that your fans will find most valuable and will be more likely to share.

 4.Link to your Facebook page as your place of employment in your personal profile’s “About ” section.

5. Include  like buttons on your website or blog.

6.Host an event at a specific time every day/week.

7.Share breaking news:Your fans will likely want to share important news with their friends.

8.Make sure your “About section is complete:include keywords people may be searching for.

9..Be human: Let your personality shine in order to show  there’s a real person behind your brand. People want to connect with other people, not faceless brands and logo.

10.Post a variety of original content. Share your own thoughts and tips: don’t just reshare other people’s content.

11.Share your Facebook Page with your Twitter or Instagram followers.

12. Hold a contest…..It’s a great way to gain more visibility everyone loves to win.

13.Use a call to action at the end of your blog post asking readers to connect with you on Facebook.

14.Cross-promote with a business in a complimentary niche.

15..Talk  about a Facebook discussion on your blog to entice your website visitors to like your page.

Read  my favorite  post………Make Money With YouTube Videos.

16.Invite your email list to like your page

17.Leave intelligent comments on blogs in your niche:When asked for your URL, use your Facebook page address.

18.Invite your Facebook personal profile friends to like your business page.

19.Link to your Facebook  page in the bio of your guest post.

20.Run a Facebook ad campaign and set your goal as Page likes.

21.Include your Facebook Page URL on your business cards.

22.Invite your email contacts to like your page.

23.Follow other pages in your niche to see how they are getting more fans: Facebook Insights allows you to watch pages in your industry.

Simply go to the “Pages to Watch” section of Insights and add your competitors Pages. Keep an eye on which ones are growing the fastest and try out their strategies for your page!

24.Use eye-catching profile and cover photos. Using  professional-quality photos that convey what your brand is about will increase the chances of passerbys liking your page.

25.Create your own infographics to share on Facebook: These are great for getting shares. Piktochart is a great tool for this.

26.Share videos with your fans. Videos on Facebook have never been bigger.

27.Use Facebook Insights to see what types of post your audience likes……and post more of them.

28. Offer discounts to anyone who likes your page.

29.Leave helpful comments on other Page’s posts. Be sure to comment as your page (not from your personal profile.)

30.When asked for your URL,use your Facebook page address.

31.Finally… Make sure  your content is right for your audience.

If you’re using every single one of the 30 strategies above, but aren’t posting amazing content your fan’s love, all your hard work will be in vain.

That’s all I have today guys,share my post to your friends and your social media outlets. Thanks for stopping by the Cash Blog.

And let me know “What are your best tips for getting more Facebook likes? in the comment section. I gotta go have to take 2 of my 6 Maine coon cats to the cat doctors office.

Guys holler at you tomorrow.