Is FOREX Paradise a Scam?

Comic_Characters_Laptop_clip_art_mediumEver since 1997,when my brothers best friend, worked as a futures consultant at Daniel’sTrading. He explained trading to me,and

I have been intrigued by commodity and currency trading.  And yes guys you guessed it, lost over $400 in futures trading.

Here at , the Cash blog we try to do one review a month.

Well a lot of my readers (big cashers)  have been asking me about “Forex Paradise Is it a Scam”so I’m going to give you the lowdown on them today.

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What is the Forex Paradise?

Forex Paradise  is an investment company and it focuses on investments in foreign exchange. The company shares the profit with its members when they invest some money in the company.

This company is an HYIP which means High Yield Investment Plan and I will tell you later in this review what a HYIP is exactly.

In this review I will try to determine whether Forex Paradise is a scam or not.  It is important you read my full review before investing in this company.

How Does Forex Paradise Work?

Following are the steps that you need to take to earn money from the site.

1.You have to sign up by filling a simple form through there official website. When you open their site,look at the top right hand corner where you will see the sign up button click it and complete the form.

2.You need to have an account with one of the following sites: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash ,Bitcoin, BTC Skrill, Neteller, Payza and OKPAY.

You need an account with these sites so that you can invest and withdraw money.

3.After depositing money you can invest the money in two plans and these plans are called Classic 430 and Superior 1777.Obviously the second plan that I mentioned gives you a higher rate of profit.

The Classic 430 gives you a percentage of profit around 0.08% to 3%. The percentage of profit offered by Superior 1777 plan is around 18% and goes as high as 25%.

4.You can get paid using your payment methods.

You can also earn money by using their affiliate program which pays up to 5 levels deep

Note: Everything that is written about the how the program works is based on their official website however it is not yet proven if this investment really works.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

The cost of joining is zero  but to earn money you have to invest money. The minimum amount that you can invest is the cost of joining in a certain way as you cannot earn without investing the money. The minimum amount that you can invest is 25 dollars or 100 dollars for most payment methods.

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How Much Can I Earn ?

Your earning depend on the type of investment plan that you use to earn money.

As I mentioned earlier there are two plans. Superior 1777 is the plan where you can get a return of up to 1777 percent when you invest in it.

However,there is always a risk when you generally invest money in a foreign exchange so you should still be cautious about it.

I would like to tell you that even though this program seems legit,you should still be careful with the money you invest in it.

Are There Any Complaints?

There are some complaints that I have learned about Forex Paradise,but I just listed the important concerns that I have about this program.


Although  they have given a glimpse on how much you can earn when you invest ,this is still not guaranteed.

The reason for this is that you have no control over the money you have invested. So whenever it becomes a profit or loss it’s out of your control.


Forex Paradise has been in business  for some time compared yo other HYIP programs out there. But this does not secure that it will last for a long time. So again be careful with your hard earned money.

My Conclusion:

My conclusion is that Forex Paradise is legit. I didn’t find one single case or any evidence they were scamming anyone. The sight also looks convincing.

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This site qualifies as a HYIP and HYIP means an investment plan where high returns are possible but only at a higher amount of risk. The risk is taken care of by the insurance so that you can be sure about your money.

Again I would like to remind you there is no evidence of this site being a scam so that’s why I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I still do not recommend you spend your money on this site,because whether this site pays or not hasn’t been confirmed and the percentage of profit is not high enough considering the risk and time taken to generate the profit.


Ladies and gentlemen I know you guys want to join Forex Paradise because you are hoping it could give you that extra income to help with your expenses and bills,however this is not guaranteed because there’s no proof this system works

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5 thoughts on “Is FOREX Paradise a Scam?

  1. How we buy Forex Paradise, is there any online platform to buy it. Is there any blog or post for edubirdie price . I’m looking for some content on it to improve my writing skills.

  2. Hello and thanks Mr.Knowles I will definitely relay that information to my readers. Thanks for coming by and leaving valuable input it;s appreciated. Keep visiting and supporting us here.Have a super day.

  3. Hello Mr Harris. I can tell you that you will DEFINITELY get paid with Forex Paradise as i have been investing with them since 2015 and have always gotten paid on time. If you feel so inclined please register an account using my referral link and make a small deposit and see for yourself. You can choose a temporary investment plan and make a better assessment that way

  4. Hello Edward thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I see you feel like I did about the review it appears legit but we want to see things on paper. We both know about Wealthy Affiliate,well again thanks for touching base here and have a great day.

  5. Very interesting review about Forex Paradise. I can see why people want to invest. It looks tempting. It sounds like you can make money by investing and not have to work for it.
    Well that’s the promise but we’re not sure about the reality of it. WA teaches you how to earn it. You have to work hard but at least there’s no chance of getting ripped off.
    Edward Mijarez

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