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Hello to all my readers aka (big cashers) and fans . Today  at the cash blog, I’m going to put you guys up on how to make money with Clickbank.

I worked with them about 2 years and once I got traction,made a decent income with them about $650-  $1100  a month it all depends on what you choose to promote and what products you choose to make money with.

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Where Does Clickbank Come In ?

Clickbank comes in to help millions of overworked,underpaid people break the chains of the 9-5.

Here’s how it works: by signing up with  Clickbank,you can make money in one of two ways..

One,you could go the old-fashioned way and create a product,list it, then wait for sales.

Or you could go right ahead and skip all that nonsense  and earn serious money by just promoting products,earning commissions and having fun in the process.

What is Clickbank?

I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably one of those sites where you get paid like .03 cents to click a few links per day. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Boasting of six million plus registered users, Clickbank is an affiliate program that seamlessly handles over 32,000 digital sales on a daily basis.

Users here create and promote an array of digital products. As a promoter,you have the potential to earn a 5 to 75% commission rate depending on which products you choose.

Just follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to make money on Clickbank for free.

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1. Grab Some Free Training at Wealthy Affiliate before Signing Up on Clickbank

Immediately after you sign up to become an affiliate with Clickbank,you gain instant access to browse all products up for sale.

At any given time,there are roughly tens of thousands of products available.

This is why you need to carry out meticulous research to find out the ideal niche to promote,as well as the levels of commission percentage available.

Wealthy Affiliate  equips you with all the tools and information you need to land on the perfect niche products to promote.

You also get insider insight on how to identify potential champion products guaranteed to generate tons of sales and how to avoid vendors with dead-end products.


2. Promote Products with Clickbank

At this point, I’m gonna assume you’ve already got a website for promoting the products of your choice.

If not,don’t even trip! The great thing about joining the Wealthy Affiliate training program is that you get 2 free websites to kick start your online business career.

Once you’re all set up with a marvelously designed website, a clever,relevant domain name and a popular product,it’s time to shift that marketing gear to full throttle.

Unlike the affiliate marketing programs,Clickbank starts at what should be initially the last step –the product.

Since you already have a list of products to promote, the next stage involves pulling in the masses.

“Come one  come all; I got exactly what you’re looking for !

3. Generate  Huge Amounts of Traffic  !

What’s the quickest way to get customers to visit your store?

Simple: print some fliers, post a couple of ads, get the newspaper in on it, heck; the idea  is to get the word out.

However all these methods are super expensive and don’t actually hit your target audience.

This is the internet-to get the word out: you need to bust that Microsoft Word out.

Nothing creates a more loyal and ever expanding following than fresh,unique and highly exciting content that is relevant  to your audience.

I know, I know, writing a clear concise and lengthy piece about how some product worked wonders for you can be a bit tough,especially if writing isn’t your forte.

Guess what building houses isn’t my strong suit,but I live in one,don’t I?

The point is,there’s lots of people out there who can provide absolutely gorgeous content that will have massive amounts of traffic crowding to your website

Guys it’s like clock work: create content,draw people in,promote products then sit back for the finale.

4. Make the Commissions Drop Like It’s Hot

Although it all started with the horse in front of the cart,Clickbank allows you to take advantage of this and throw stuff in. By creating your content : your business based around around products you ensure that you reach out to a specific audience looking for that product.

The larger your traffic base,the higher the conversion rate, and of course, the more sales you make by directing people to the products through your website. With each purchase

you get a hefty commission of up to 75%.

However,it’s not that easy. DO NOT make the mistake of confusing increased traffic for

amplified sales.

Most newbies think that more traffic automatically results in more sales. Well that might be true to some extent, but the only way to increase sales is by focusing on conversion rates.

Guys if you can find some way to raise traffic while increasing conversion rates, the profits could be substantial. You have to keep enhancing the value and authority of your site on a regular basis,though

Conclusion: To ensure your chances of success, I recommend creating an account at  Clickbank to get access to their wide array of products and start the free training at  Wealthy Affiliate so you can have the right know-how to build your first site,attract visitors and learn how to increase sales.

I always insist onbeing as honest and as open as possible with my readers which is why I must reiterate the fact that Clickbank is not a get rich quick scheme.

Guys like all my other recommendations for successfully  turning your blog into your personal cash cow,this too requires training,hard-work,determination and patience.

With the right attitude and  a precise guide on “How to Make MONEY with Clickbank” you will be smiling to the bank in no time.

Bonus : My top 4   Products I sold at Clickbank

1. Fat diminisher

2. The 3 week diet

3.Diebetes destroyer

4.Legit online jobsI

Guys those are the best products that worked for me the first two mainly the first three months of the year when weight loss is the rage. I have put you in the car but you have to drive it.

So that’s going to be it for today guys. So please share this post to your friends and your social media outlets.

And I would like to know if you’ve made money with Clickbank? Did you like it and how successful you were? Please leave a comment?

27 thoughts on “How to Make MONEY with Clickbank !

  1. Hell Darrell,
    I started a blogging way before but I am earning through only the Google Adsense. I never tried any other method to earn through blogging. I am searching for any new method I found Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank. As per your blog post I am going to try Clickbank method to earn some extra Money.. 🙂

  2. Hi Darrell,

    I am new to Blogging, Affiliate marketing and espicially very new to Clickbank.

    I’ll start using it and hope, I will make some money from this network.

  3. Hello Mark thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you got value from this post! And yes it’s all about transparency and keeping it real here. Thanks for your valuable input Mark it’s appreciated and have a great weekend.


  4. Thanks for sharing the real word step by step details Darrell!

    Because I often see certain online marketers, professing to have done
    this and that, with regards to affiliate marketing, but too often,
    they keep the real “how to” nitty gritty details to themselves!LOL!

    And only make it available, to their big buck, one on one coaching/consulting

    It’s refreshing to see, their are some online marketers, more than willing to
    share their proven expertise up front!Thanks!

  5. just come to know about clickbank…will give it a try for sure…many of my friends looking for similar opportunity…thanks for sharing it…

  6. Hello Matt
    I hope I have helped you make plenty of money that’s the reason for this webste my friend.I truly enjoy helping my readers anyway I can thanks for stopping by and check in daily we appreciate you.

  7. Hi Darrell, I must say that your post help me to make money with ClickBank. Really thanks for valuble post.

    Have a good day!

  8. Hello my friend I’m very happy you enjoyed this post. Keep coming by here it’s always a great feeling when my readers get such great value from my post.

  9. Hello Owain thanks for stopping by, with the right teaching and attitude and mindset you can make much more than $1000 a day Clickbank has thousands of products get over there and register and keep me posted about your progress let me know if you need my help. Take care

  10. Hello Jenna, thanks for coming by,sorry Clickbank didn’t work out for you. I’m full-time with the cash blog now,but I dibble and dabble with Clickbank with reviews and I have the Amazon top sellers store on my blog so it’s all good here. Thanks for touching base with me.

  11. Hello Caleb thanks for touching base with me. Yeah give Clickbank another shot they have much better pay than Amazon or adsense and then once you get some traction if you want kick that deadbeat job to the curb. Hang in there and take care.

  12. So far in my affiliate marketing Ive solely used Amazon and adsense. I’d completely passed over Clickbank and its opportunities. I’ll head over there next chance i get to look around for relevant products to promote. I hope to start making enough money to quit my current deadbeat job, even though I know it wont be immediate!

  13. Great post mate. I hope I can make at least $1000 per month through Clickbank. I am building a genealogy site packed with information. Do you know whether there is anything to do with family history on Clickbank that I can affiliate to? That would be great as I want to add as many revenue streams as I possibly can.

  14. Darrell, thanks for letting me to know more about Clickbank. I have tried to promote Clickbank products but some are good quality and some are not though they pay high commissions. Are you still with Clickbank? How do you normally promote Clickbank or Amazon’s products? Any special structure to follow in writing reviews?

  15. Hello Ayuba Thanks for stopping by again. What you need to do is register with and Wealthy and tell them you would like to become an affiliate with their programs. And you are on your way but you have to grind hard my friend do that tomorrow and let me know how it goes. Now take care have a great day.

  16. Hello Healthguy33 Hang in there you can do it, Clickbank has one of the best programs online,as far as percentages paid out. I like Amazon too I just wish they paid more than 4%. Well come on back this blog is 24/7. Take care


  17. This is a great post. I have been trying to make mone online for some time now. This is great. I am on my 15 at work right now. So I will bookmark your site and be sure to re-visit it once I get off.

    I’m ready to get this show on the road so I can leave this dump soon. Thanks I’ll be back in a few hours.

  18. Hello Robin thanks for stopping by here and I’m glad I could inform you about Clickbank.I would definitely recommend this program it’s one of the best I have seen.Check it out when you get a minute. And again thanks for your input.


  19. Hello Ravi
    Thanks for stopping by I agree with you 100%. And even though I like Amazon’s affiliate program I love that Clickbank pays a much better rate.

    And I agree with you watch what you promote and how you do it. I appreciate your valuble input.


  20. Hey Darrell,

    Affiliate marketing is the best platform for the people who want to make money online.
    ClickBank provides the opportunity.

    It depends on how you promote it. You should choose the product carefully.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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