Wow ! 5 of the Most Expensive Apps


5 of the  Most  Expensive Apps


Hello  to all my readers aka (big cashers) , friends and   all my 17,000 Twitter followers.

It’s going to be just a short share today. As you guys  know  I have  7 cats, 4 tabbys, Vivian,Blue, Alice and her brother Sam.

Then my Maine coon cats are  Little Girl, Clara and my prettiest Bella. The 3 little guys are between 2 to 3 months.  But they have to go to the vet. So let’s get on with this short share. Just a warm cloudy day in Iowa.

Have you heard? About me.

Last night I picked up my iPhone from the repair shop and  checked the apps out.  And Wow! did you know an app can cost $1,000?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I found out there are others.

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I had to pump my brakes and get out that store. I did a little research  on  apps last night. So today I have just a short share  called “5 of the Most Expensive Apps.”

Apple launched  it’s App store in early 2008 since then  there have been millions of Apps developed for the iOS platform.

The number stands well over 700 million. Most of the apps available on the App store are free.

There are other apps: that cost more than your iOS  device These are the most expensive iPhone  apps in the App store.

1. iVip Black

This app put on the list of elite members who get super treatment at clubs,restaurants and hotels. The world’s first premium lifestyle app iVip is The Millionaire’s App . This million dollar app cost $999–$1399.

With this iVip Black app you can book islands,private jets and much more. So this is definitely for you if you love showing off. This app is designed for both iPhone  and iPad .


2. Mobigagelaser

This app used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. This app is for manufacturers and industrialist. The mobile version is $ 999. This app has a Leica laser and can measure different objects with high accuracy,so it is very useful manufacturing plants


3. iStutter

This app can analyze your vocal fold activity and help you get rid of stuttering or any other speech problem. This product  is for those who stutter.

This product is $999 but they have within the last year developed cheaper versions  for $99.


4. Agro

The  next iPhone  app you can get for the same $999 is Agro. It is designed for agronomist to help them create inspection reports in all agronomy fields.

This app is supposed to help agronomist save a lot of time,so maybe some of them will be ready to pay that much.


5.BarMax Ca

And the last $1000 app that’s found  on iTunes  is Bar Max Ca: probably the coolest app on the list.

It’s actually a complete bar exam prep course made by Harvard lawyers that includes lectures for more than 12 subjects.

Education is the best investment ever so I guess if a teaching app is really worth the money you pay for it even if it’s $1000 for a single app.

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I’m sure there are other expensive iPhone  apps out there guys.

So if you’ve run into any other pricey apps not on my list drop me a comment,let me know what’s the most you will pay for an app?

Please share this post guys to your friends and social outlets. Just a short share for a lazy Tuesday in Iowa.

Quote of the week:

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12 thoughts on “Wow ! 5 of the Most Expensive Apps

  1. Hello Weston Im always happy to help someone learn about more apps. I am truely happy to pass some of the knowledge that has been given to me.

  2. Wow! I’ve never heard of these apps and would never be able to afford them. It’s crazy how expensive they are and that people actually pay for them.

    The iStutter app sounds very helpful, but I don’t understand why it costs so much. The other apps don’t really sound all that necessary to me. But I guess if you have the money, you can buy whatever you want.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hello Ravi
    It’s hard to believe someone would pay $999 for an app but when money is not limited and someone has the service that’s needed it’s very understandable. Thanks for your valuable input it’s appreciated Take care.

  4. Hey Darrell,

    It’s hard to believe that people are using such apps. I mean who is going to buy these expensive apps.

    There are many apps which can work the same for you. If these apps can turn the game then they are worthy.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

  5. Hey Owain, yeah those apps are a little pricey. Yeah they will have more apps this price if there is a market for it. Only time will tell my friend. Thanks for your comment and keep coming by. We will be giving away makingicashonline sweatshirts in September. Take care man.

  6. Hello Dave thanks for stopping by. I was surprised to see apps at that price so you know I had to keep my readers informed too. All these apps are getting 4 and 5 star reviews Dave get back with me tomorrow and I will have a sales figure for you.

  7. Wow they are expensive apps. They’re not designed for the everyday joe though. Heaven helps if you can accidently signed up for them if that’s possible. I suppose more and more apps with this price tag will be on the store. I wonder though whether there will be even higher priced apps in the future.

  8. Hello Jenna: Yeah surprising wasn’t it. Y es looks like each app is for a select group. Thanks for the compliment and don’t forget signing up for our email updates.Thanks and have a great day.

  9. I had no idea that there are such expensive apps available! Your description of each of the five most expensive apps was surprising, to say the least…

    Each seems to be targeted towards a highly selective niche market, and I can imagine that a lot of work went into the development of each, hence the high prices…

    I do have a question for you. How many sales has each of these apps made since being introduced, and how are they doing on ratings from users?

    It kind of makes me want to go our and develop a tool that I can turn into an app myself! This was an interesting read…

  10. Yo Darrell, I got blown away by how expensive is the apps, thanks for the great share though it is short. I guess the apps are only meant for specific group of people or ‘niche groups’. And, I like the way you communicate in the article, it sounds more like chatting than reading articles.

  11. Hello Healthguy33 I was surprised too! But the guys who purchased the iVip Black apps surprisingly said “It’s worth every penny”. So when you have plenty of money some are willing to pay for it. Thanks for stopping by with your input my friend and have a great night

  12. Wow I am so surprised by this. I didn’t think app prices got over $19.00. But boy was I wrong. Do you think these are worth their prices?

    I will be sure to share this post in my Facebook group. It’s about overpriced things in the current times. I think this will shock many of the members in the group.

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