6 Questions Answered About SSL Certificates !



6  Questions  Answered About SSL  Certificates

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I have a serious share today .So many of you guys have been asking me about SSL certificates and what do they do and what are they for?

I’m sure you guys have heard about “SSL certificates anytime someone is talking about online security. This post will clear things up for you. That’s what we do at  “the cash blog”

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The title “6 Questions Answered About SSL Certificates.”

Why Use  A SSL Certificate ?

Every SSL certificate will provide some form of visual proof to your user that your website is secure,and the certificate is valid.

Users of websites have become accustomed to seeing a padlock icon,or a green address bar in their browser, without it the majority will not checkout or enter sensitive information.

For E-commerce sites an SSL CERTIFICATE is a must and is required for anyone accepting payment an data. Guys don’t take any chances. Generally any website that accepts sensitive information should use an SSL certificate.

SSL  Basics

SSL  is an acronym for  Secure Socket Layer. It was created for the purpose of making sure that there is a secure link between a website and the person viewing it.

When SSL is used,all of the information transmitted back and forth- between website and visitor -passes through it and is encrypted  in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

You will see it most often on commercial websites that that handle credit card transactions and services that send or receive other sensitive information.


What  Does the Certificate  Do?

A SSL certificate can be compared to a passport or any other official ID.

It’s basically a sign that tells a visitor of a website that they are in the right place, and have not visited a fake version of Paypal or bank website in order to steal personal information from users.

These fake websites will not have the correct SSL certificate and can be avoided  by checking first before logging in or entering other private information.

How Will You Know a Website Has SSL ?

If you are suspicious or cautious. Before entering your login or payment information check for a valid SSL certificate.

The method for doing this varies depending on the type of device. It also depends on the validation level of the website. In most cases you will see some type of indication in the address bar.

What to look for

Make sure the website address starts with “https” (secure) instead of “http” (not secure). If you see neither of these check for the other indications below.

Google prefers encrypted and secure sites these help  users better..

Look for a padlock symbol. Common colors for the symbol are green, gold or black which means SSL is working.

A red padlock,a crossed out lock or open lock means it is not secure. The address bar being highlighted in green also means it is secure.

If there are no different colors present and no padlock symbol it is most likely not secure. That does not make it a bad website– it just means proceed with caution.

Be cautious  of entering any sensitive information. If you are only there to read an article you don’t need to worry about SSL.

Some online stores only introduce SSL protection during the checkout stage. So don’t be turned off right away.

Different Validation Levels of SSL  Certificates

There are two main validation levels of SSL certificates.

Both are just as secure as each other,so if you do not operate any websites yourself then you do not need to worry about this. For website owners and application developers, the differences may be of interest

Standard Validation

This is the most common type of SSL certificate in use today. It is cheaper as well as being easier to get with a lot of waiting time. It is less visible to the viewer of a website on most common browsers.


Extended Validation

As the name suggest,an EV certificate requires more of a background check before it’s issued by a certificate authority.

It is also a lot more expensive than a standard certificate. Any organization applying for an EV certificate must go through extra steps in order to prove their identity,physical location and control of the domain in question.

This type of certificate is more visible to the viewer of a website in the address bar of most common browsers.

EV certificates are most often used by high end online stores,banks and other common targets for the “fake website” scam mentioned earlier in my article.

It gives users an extra sense of security –usually with more visibility and brand name recognition in the address bar — but on a purely technical level it is just as secure as a standard certificate.

The bottom line is that SSL CERTIFICATES HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME AND HAVE STOODTHE TEST OF TIME. They work very well and seem to be here to stay.

It is perhaps the most common form of security used online today,and its definitely the most visible one.

If you are running a website that handles sensitive information you really should have a certificate especially when they’re easy to purchase,and if you’re shopping online you just need to remember what to look for.

Hey guys I hope this post cleared up a lot of questions you had.

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    You have provided a very detail info about the SSL,which I have been long time wondering what it stand for.I only aware about the padlock symbol that found on those internet banking website.

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