7 Causes of Blogging Burnout !

7 Causes of Blogging Burnout !

As you guys know I have been blogging full-time since January 2016. Before that I was the Clickbank and Amazon affiliate king and I ran my family’s 4 restaurants as the general manager.

Have you heard?About Me.

But I sincerely think blogging is tougher. I’m at home more now,and when my better half leaves. I actually have no excuses to leave the house Anyway guy’s today’s post is about burnout.

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What causes burnout ?

People suffer from burnout from different reasons. Today guys we are  going to discuss the most common causes.

1. The  Wrong Job

This is the most common cause of burnout. If you’re not doing what you love. If you dread being a blogger you don’t have passion for this job it might not be for you.

This doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You just don’t like blogging with a passion it’s the wrong job. You came online to escape the ratrace but it’s not as easy as you thought it would be.


2. The Wrong Niche

Another cause of burnout is being in the wrong niche.

Maybe you picked  the right business model but it’s in a niche that doesn’t inspire you guys it’s likely you will suffer from burnout or walk totally away.

Since I have been blogging I have seen tons of bloggers just walk away with no explanation.

3. Not Informed Enough

Yes life ain’t fair. You’re a smart guy but that guy’s smarter than you.

Yep admit it. You even watch your favorite marketers to see what they do but that just doesn’t click for you.

We always feel we need to learn more about the latest and greatest  technique instead of sticking to wha’s working for you. Stay in your lane.

Of course you want to broaden your skills and knowledge, but don’t keep buying info product after info product.

Now guys if you’re really struggling you can always hire a mentor to kickstart your blog or business. (as long as you can afford it.) I’ve heard about a couple great coaches.

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4. Trying To Do Too  Much

This can definitely lead to burnout. If you’re new to blogging you probably can’t afford to outsource a lot of daily task So,downsize and stop things that aren’t working. Manage your time better.

Remember guys once you have a reliable cash flow then outsourcing is a huge way to expand your business. You want be able to reach the level you want on your own without feeling burned out.

5.Stick to Your Strengths

Guys you might wonder how can this lead to burnout . Simply if you are focusing on things you’re not good at it will take your mental energy. Anything you aren’t great at outsource it with an expert in the field.

Spend time figuring out what your strengths are and work with these. Guys remember  it makes sense to  work your strengths then spending all your energy and valuable time working on your weaknesses

6. Networking the Wrong Way

You need to network and get to know other people in your field. Find possible clients and partners.

There’s a fine balance between being inspired by others taking action to create your own success or simply watching their success until until it brings you down.

Remember guys they put in a lot  of long hours and hard work to get where they are today. If you take action and do the same you can have similar results or better. However breathe deep and take timely breaks or it will lead to burnouts.

7. Not Planning Ahead

As a newbie this was a huge fault of mine. This is an area where many newbies fail. It can lead to burnout because if you don’t spend time making weekly plans you will end up wasting time each day trying to figure out what you should be doing. Soon this can frustrate you and you will make very little progress.

Guys sit down and define your weekly and monthly goals. Check your daily schedule and focus on it and follow it. Also on Sunday look over your weekly schedule and your weekly plans,do it for you! This is your business. Act like it. Work harder for yourself than anybody.

Just remember even the best plans are bound to change and working online means you have flexibility to change them if needed.

Make plans they will help with your productivity and reduce feelings of burnout.

I hope you enjoyed this short share “7 Causes of Blogging Burnout” Leave me some comments and share this post to your friends and social media outlets. Thanks guys take care.

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18 thoughts on “7 Causes of Blogging Burnout !

  1. Hello Sam thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input it’s appreciated here. Yes burnout can get even the best of us but I’m glad you came back Sam so we can keep getting your view on all these topics that surround us. I have visited your blog and you are doing a super job and have some different perspectives that are needed on the blogosphere. Again thanks for coming and thanks for sharing your journey man.


  2. Hello Darrell!

    It’s finally nice to read this post and be able to comment on it…

    …I mean I’ve bookmarked this for later read and today just as I came back to check some of the comments piled up on my blog that am yet to respond to, I found yours and thought to come back to reread this post.

    Sir, you shared amazing points here and I am glad I stumbled on it today and I’ve decided to link to it in my upcoming guest post and some friend’s blog.

    There are lot of reasons why bloggers experience burnout and these seven reasons are part and top on the list.

    Sometimes in 2012, I called it a quit on blogging because of the technicalities required and a couple other things but a year later I came back to it having read so many articles and book on blogging and how to get success doing it.

    These information were the bedrock for my successes online and my passion for the trade is what has kept me ticking and going all these years.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this subject man, it was really helpful. 🙂


  3. Hello Donna I agree with you 100% that choosing the correct niche is very important as far as not getting burnout because if you have a passion for that niche it won’t be hard to blog. Those other reasons you mentioned were also very valid reasons also,thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input.

  4. Hi Darrell,

    You’ve given every blogger a lot to think about here.

    The wrong niche will certainly throw you off your game, and not scheduling your goals on a production basis, in advance… just leaves you confused as to what you’re doing.

    I think the biggest problem, though, is that bloggers just try to do too much. They try to learn too much, observe others too much and buy too many things that they think will make it all “push button” simple.

    They get overwhelmed and burn out.

    Focus on ONE thing. Don’t go on to the next until you’ve DONE IT and done it well.

    That’s what keeps you on track, and as you succeed in something, keeps you motivated and moving steadily toward the success you’re looking for, instead of the burn out that makes you just want to drop out.

    Great “warning” list, and I hope people read this very carefully.


  5. Hello Brian thanks for stopping in and adding your valuable input on my blog it is really appreciated. And yes this is a topic thet’s simple yet can do so much for our psyche. Thanks again and have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Hello Nirmala
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me hear your views. Yes I think all bloggers eventually suffer from burnout if they don’t take precaution. Again thanks it’s appreciated.

  7. I agree, fantastic article really. I like to do walking or biking,helps clear my mind and allows me to get back into what I’m doing. More so for marketing rather than blogging but I think it works for anything.

  8. Hi Darrel,

    I found your blog in BlogEngage community. Glad to be landed over here and I would say that you are doing a fantastic job.

    I too did the same post before few months. I am aware of the reasons for blogging burnouts. If we overdid and didn’t have a proper strategy, it would happen.

    You have crafted the post nicely; I cast my vote in BlogEngage. Keep your good work, have a great weekend ahead.

  9. Hello Robert thanks for stopping by it’s always nice to see someone who has been blogging for years give relevant advice. I will definitely implement more images in my post and thanks for this valuble advice to help me elevate to the next level. Thanks very kindly and have a super day.

  10. Hi Darrell:
    I came here from Kingged and enjoyed your post thoroughly.

    Just a couple of comments and suggestions.

    I liked the opening image, and your formatting is perfect with no paragraph more than four lines. And your 7 points are in boldface.

    However, I would suggest including a lot more images (relevant to the particular associated content).

    A great source of quality images is Pixabay at http://pixabay.com

    These pictures and images require NO ATTRIBUTION, which means no credit must be included upon publication to the creators.

    When I discovered Pixabay, I spent 15-30 minutes EACH DAY downloading pictures that were relevant to the categories on my blog (and saved in labled folders), so that I now have a ready inventory to use with any post I create.

    Lastly, I would suggest you use some HTML of color and/or size for EMPHASIS in your text.

    Most visitors are going to skim much of your content so you need more attention grabbing/stopping visual elements at work.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hello Ravi
    Great point ! I believe blogging takes time and it’s good to meet other bloggers who are your peers and influencers so that you won’t have those causes of burnout. Thanks for your valuable input and sharing this information.

  12. Hey Darrell,

    Blogging is something which needs the time to explore the blogosphere and the people. There are many mistakes people make.

    Especially the content and not connecting with other bloggers. The points you have mentioned should be followed.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Hello Paul thanks for the compliment that’s what I look for from my readers. I hope they get some value from my post and my goal is to teach others how to make an income online.

    Yes Paul read my post about How to make money with Clickbank and another one “Top 4 Affiliate Marketing programs.”,those will point you in the right direction. Thanks for your valuable input and keep me posted on your progress.

  14. Hello Anh that’s great you haven’t had burnout yet and that is great it’s a refuge for you that means you’re probably a passionate blogger and that’s the best kind. Thanks for your input and keep coming by we update daily. Thanks very kindly and have a super day.

  15. Interesting topic, Darrell.

    As a blogger, I know how the task can be a daunting and tiresome one. I’ve never experienced a huge burn out in my one year of blogging, in fact, blogging is actually a refuge to me from my life struggles.

    I love your genuine shares on what may cause burn outs. I’m sure I’d find these knowledge helpful in the future.

    Thanks for sharing!


  16. Hey Darrell,
    Great blog!
    I was interested to read your blog as I am now a blogger too since Oct 2015.
    It is amazing to see how I had some of the same symptoms you noted in your blog.

    One of the things I still need to work on is weekly planning. Between my full-time job, wife and kids, when I do have time to blog I find myself getting distracted.

    I’m currently in the middle of another project, but once that is finished, hopefully in the ext month I will be getting a white board to jot down my weekly plans, checking them off as I go. I really need that constant visual to keep me on track.
    May I ask how you learned about making an income from blogging? Were you fortunate enough to have found the best online affiliate program available?
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Hello Owain thanks for stopping by again my friend and I’m glad this post resonated with you,that’s what a blogger loves to hear. I try to write articles that resonant with my audience and give my opinions to questions they ask me. Thanks for your valuble input it’s appreciated . Have a super day and keep checking in with me

  18. Wow, you certainly are a busy man. How do you keep it up? This was a great read and a few of the pints resonated with me.

    I really do need to write a schedule. The only thing is finding the time to work on my site. For my job I work different hours and days, so it’s never the same week by week. I just try to fit it in whenever I can.

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