4 Clever Audio Apps to Connect With Your Audience


4  Clever Audio Apps to  Connect  With Your Readers

Hello to all my fans and all my readers (big cashers) It’s  the chief  cash blogger Darrell coming at you, the last holiday weekend of the summer. Happy Labor Day. As a veteran it’s a special holiday.

I’ve got my family and friends here “Isley Brothers  playing on the cd and bar-be-que and hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. It’s a beautiful 78 degrees in Iowa today.

Rand  Fishkin of  moz.com said, “we need to think about a broader spectrum of content than what our target audience wants.” That’s why guys once a month  we will do a post pertaining to apps.

The last couple weeks I have been getting questions and comments asking me about podcasting. Now podcasting is a great way to build and connect with an audience, but it takes a lot of commitment. From the writing to promotion and then managing.

I know many podcasting “rock stars” have made it big. I’m a huge fan of  Pat Flynn’s podcast show  but guys if that’s not your thing you can still leverage audio to connect with your readers (audience)  and get the same benefits.

Guys todays share is titled ” 4 Clever Audio Apps to Connect with Your Audience.” There are hundreds of audio apps you can use with your smartphone but I’m going to share four apps that I use and am experimenting with for an upcoming audio journal.

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Audio Apps

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Each app mentioned is available for iOS and android. Each one has a FREE option.


Is an audio hosting platform.  They make it easy to follow broadcasters you love,upload and record from the web.

Share and comment on the shows and playlist you follow. You can apply to create a podcast from a playlist of your sounds.

For those who prefer to listen to content versus watch a video or read a post this is the perfect option.



Promotes itself as  “the leading mobile,web and connected device platform for the very best spoken- word content in news, business and sports.

Once you download the app and setup your account, you’ll be able to follow download and create playlist. On the top navigation bar,you’ll find the record button.

Tap it and you can immediately begin  your recording up to 10 minutes. You also have an option to apply as a podcaster and to create an iTunes feed for your broadcast.



Is a newcomer to the audio scene. Anchor serves a different purpose. It’s designed to spark conversation. As a broadcaster you record short audio clips,include a short description and relevant hashtags.

Your listeners can respond easily thru audio which gets a conversation going between you and among your followers.

Recording is as easy as talking on the phone. Literally to  record tap the record button then hold your phone up to your ear,like talking on the phone and well talk. Recordings are limited to two minutes.

And you are able to review before you publish. As I mentioned above, I’m experimenting with the idea of creating an audio journal during my vacation to the Virgin Islands.


Rev is not a social media app. It’s a straight-forward recording app. The cool thing guys is that the people behind Rev also offer a transcription service for $1 per minute.

Why I like it Record. Review. Share via email. Transcribe.

Well it’s not exactly an audience engagement app,but if you’re a blogger I just know you get great ideas when you’re not in front of your Mac.

Grab your phone and record on Rev,then send it immediately to get it transcribed.

A two or three-minute recording is usually turned around in less than 24 hours. Copy into a new blog post and save as a draft. Now you have the outline for your blog post in writing.


  • What message do you want to send?
  • Who is the message for?
  • Do you want to tell a specific story?
  • What’s your call to action?

These questions apply to using the first 3 apps.

Anchor is ideal for engagement,getting feedback, quick promotions or blog post.

Audio Boom- with its longer recording time can work for a micro-podcast,daily tips, tutorials and how-to’s.

Soundcloud- is similar to AudioBoom. Personally it’s great for repurposing videos and recording blog posts.

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Guys I recommend experimenting with new tools and apps to find the one’s the work best for you and the type of content you create. You have to figure out which ones work best for you.

Well that’s all for today guys. Let me know if you  like “4 Clever Audio Apps to Connect With Your Audience.” Leave comments below and help me out and share this post to your friends and social media outlets.   Enjoy the holiday and take care.



12 thoughts on “4 Clever Audio Apps to Connect With Your Audience

  1. Hello Mark thanks for stopping by and yes we are delighted to inform you about these apps. And yes Mark we do have a couple of “how to” projects in the pipeline. Again thanks for your truly valuble input.

  2. Thank you Darrell!

    I’m not too proud to admit, when it comes to knowing anything
    meaningful about which apps to use, I simply have to plea the 5th!LOL!

    So thank you (so much) for taking the time to make us aware of some
    of our options!

    I just quickly glanced at your “about page”, and big congrats on what
    you and your team have been able to accomplish with growing your
    family restaurant profits by leaps & bounds!

    That is awesome!Thanks so much for sharing it!I’m surprised you don’t offer
    (either) a course, or paid “how to” consulting in that area as well!LOL!

    Great job! And thanks for being our eyes!

  3. Hello Andrea

    Thanks for stopping by and I am glad we were able to inform you about podcasting and the other ways to connect with your audience. Thanks for your input and start coming by more often we update daily.

  4. Really great, informative post. I wasn’t even sure what podcasting is so I enjoyed reading your post and also being introduced to alternatives.

    I am particularly intrigued by Anchor, it seems like something I would like to use in the future so thanks for sharing as I probably would have never heard of it otherwise!

  5. Hello Dnaksha
    Thanks for stopping by and I agree with you 100% about everything you said about podcasting that’s why these apps will give people another option to interact with their readers. Thanks for your input and have a super day.

  6. Podcast requires a lot of input in making and promoting it. First making is very important, we have to take due care of things so that it is a best podcast that people like. promoting podcast on channels is a difficult task. We should look for the best channels where our podcast can be viewed and appreciated better.

  7. Hello Taufeeq
    Thanks for stopping by with your valuable input. Yes it was unique information so I wanted to share this with my readers. Have a super day.

  8. Hello Michel thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.No I don’t outsource. It can get very tough with a blog there is always something to do, but when it’s your own business you don’t mind working hard for yourself because there are huge dividends to receive and I personally love helping people especially myself. Thanks for coming by again it’s appreciated.

  9. It sounds like a great idea to use apps to make connecting with your readers easier. The only problem is that once you start doing this, you need to find the time to regularly keep it up to keep your readers coming back.

    How do you manage to fit this in time wise with all the other things that are required on a blog? Do you outsource at all? I am beginning to think this is the only option to keep on top of things.

  10. Hello Life thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment here,I’m but as the article informed it’s a unique way to connect with your audience. It’s not for everybody but it’s an efficient way to grow and connect. Thanks for your support and comment have a great day.


  11. Very interesting article on apps connect readers, since I am not a tech man all this information sounded amazing to me. I just never can understand how these apps work, but they do work very well some how.

    I do not know much about readers as well, but I have been tempted to purchase one since I love to read especially with winter coming soon again.

    You know anything about these readers, how do you choose the right one? I am a very simple person, nothing too complicated for me.

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