6 Things I wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging


Hello to all my readers (big cashers) and my fans it feels great to be back I had a long

beautiful weekend. It’s 90 degrees here in Iowa and I’m on my front porch typing on the Mac watching the kids walk to school. I am well rested and ready to go. Let’s Roll.

Guys I believe that things happen for a reason,purpose or even a lesson . I’m not a person who lives with regret. Unlike a lot of bloggers I did do research before I started blogging full-time.

I actually took a 9 month business marketing course  in preparation which was half -off for veterans here at the community college.

Have you heard ? About me ?

I also talked to bloggers here in Iowa and they gave me their opinions and advice.
I’m financially set so the whole nut in the shell was could I adapt to being home so much and would I get bored.
Before I started blogging full-time I attained four clients for my social media management service. And since that time I have doubled my clients.

The goal is 20 by Jan 1st. Hey guys nothing prepares you until you put your feet in the fire. Talking about things sounds good. You have to DO IT.

I have learned a boatload since I started blogging full-time and that’s what the important share is about today.

I’m going to call my post “6 Things I wish I Knew Before I started Blogging”. And I hope it helps those of you who are just starting on your blogging experience to be more aware as you set out.

Read my first post that went viral  Blueprint to Success.

1. Be Yourself From Day 1.

You will hear this advice over and over if you hang around the blogosphere for any length of time. Be You. What ever your blog is about,inject it with a massive dose of you!

This is done through the way you write,the phrases you use, your humor, your personal story your blogs design,  the topics you write about and so many other ways.

Don’t do what I did and get caught writing what you think you should be writing or writing similar to your favorite guru’s ” style.”  It isn’t sustainable.

Hey guys be true to yourself and write what you believe in and what you are opinionated about and blogging becomes pure fun.

And blogging should be fun, it should be inspiring for the blogger and to your reader.

Take a time out and think about what makes you unique and let loose with your pen and be  You!.

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2. Experiment

Try different things out and see what works for you. It is okay to not have everything set in stone. Just start writing.  Hey guys embrace the trial and error process  it will help you find your way faster.

Try a few topics and see what lights your fire.

I’m non-technical so when I started my blog, I was very careful messing around with plugins,emails and  anything with the dashboard .area because bloggers had spooked  me , kept telling me be careful your site might “crash”.

But guys take it from me watch a few  YouTube tutorials and the more you play with that tech stuff the easier it will get to you. It’s basically common sense.

3. Don’t Compromise Quality for Quantity

This was a huge mistake I made early on.

There is so much advice out there telling bloggers to pump out the post,saying you should be publishing every day or even more ! Don’t listen guys!

Don’t publish a post just because you feel you are supposed to have something on your blog everyday.

Be generous to your readers by taking the time to write to write blog post that add value to their lives.

Whether it’s a post with that amazing infographic or it’s a post with that value-packed how-to guide. There are many ways to offer quality to your readers, and they will love you for it.

Please read  Jeff Walker’s Launch : An Internet Millionaire’s Secet Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online. for  more ideas.


4. You Don’t Have to be An Expert to have Something to Offer

Each of us has something to offer. Yet so many of us get caught up in feeling like we aren’t qualified enough,don’t have enough experience.

Or haven’t been blogging long enough to have anything of real value to offer. This simply isn’t true. We all have a different life journey with different experiences and blog differently to that of anyone else.

You don’t need to be an expert to have something to offer and to me that is the beauty of blogging. Just work hard. At  backlinko they analyzed 1 million Google searches. Now that’s working hard.


5. Connect.   Connect.

Blogging is about connections, so it might seem strange for this point to be included. Bloggers. Take the time even when you are very busy starting out with your blog to visit other blogs.

Comment on post when you feel you have something  meaningful to say. Jump on social media and connect.

Go out to a blogging meet-up, workshop or event. It might seem intimidating for those who find social situations a challenge,but the connections and friendships you make thru these events and by reaching out online will benefit not only your blog but your life.  Maybe a mention from  an influencer  like  Neil Patel.

Connecting with others is also a great way to grow your own readership and who knows guys opportunities might arise through people you meet when you reach out.

6 Avoid  Comparison

Guys I still struggle with this. I’m very competitive. I am a “compare and contrast.” kind of person. I blame my 6 years in the Army for this.

Comparing is an easy trap to fall into especially when you are a new blogger. Every blog will grow and establish in different ways and a different pace.

Don’t feel discouraged because that blogger over there is  crushing it has the readers and opportunities you crave.

Chances are they have been working harder and  longer on their blog much longer than you.  Run your own race, step up and you will be rewarded for your hard work in due time. Until then don’t hate. Congratulate.

Hey  everybody I hope these “6 Things I wish I knew When I Started Blogging” helps you guys who are just strarting out to avoid some mistakes and misinformation I experienced.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would really appreciate it if you take 3 seconds to share it. Not only will it help my blog to grow it will put a big smile on my face the rest of the day

Leave me some of your opinions and comments below.   Take care of   Business.


Quote of the day      “Your network is your net worth”.  Jitendra Vaswani

14 thoughts on “6 Things I wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

  1. Hello Amar thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input it’s really appreciated and I’m in total agreement with you as far as bloggers needing relationships with other bloggers. Again thanks for visiting and supporting us here and have a awesome day.

  2. Hey Darrell,

    Trying something new for the first time can elicit a whole range of emotions. Whether we’re nervous about the outcome or excited for the new challenge or both, there’s always that element of the unknown.

    To build an effective business blog, we not only need writing and editing skills, we also need various inbound marketing skills. We need a knack for analyzing data to understand what’s working and what’s not on our blog. We need design resources to build our blog’s template and some basic design skills of our own to create calls-to-action for lead generation.

    We need email marketing skills to manage our blog’s subscriber emails. We need social media marketing skills to promote our content. And we need optimization skills to spot opportunities for growth. I would never have dreamed how important relationships are when it comes to blogging. And by relationships, I mean the relationships we’ll form with other bloggers, as well as those with our readers. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  3. Hello Roamy

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your valuable input and your experiences. Thanks for your kind words and keep visiting and supporting us here. Have a beautiful day.


  4. Hello Darrel
    Such a pleasure to read your post on things you wish you knew before you started blogging.
    It`s true many bloggers get confused in this new field and after just weeks do not know where to go for help or how to go on.
    This is where compromise starts, one is under pressure to produce content but not knowing what to blog about,they start producing poor quality content not knowing the site will suffer in the long run.
    Personally, my biggest problem has been connecting with people in my niche,im always like,which expert will want to be in touch with a newbie.
    Thanks to your post, l now feel confident to connect with people in my niche, your post is a real pleasure to read.

  5. Hello Ravi
    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your valuble input it really is helpful to my readers to get an experienced bloggers opinion. Thanks again. Have a super day.

  6. Hey Darrell,

    Before entering in the field of blogging, the bloggers should understand about the blogosphere.

    Quality has always a major over quantity. You should never compromise with that. Your readers want to read more quality content.

    The other points are helpful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Hello Katherine thanks for stopping by,It’s very appreciated,yes I try to help the newbies also. Everybody who stops in here is as important as the next.Readers are my bloodline. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. Have a great day.

  8. Hello Dennis thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your valuable input. I don’t like using slang on my blog this is a place of business. Usually my blogs are from 500 to 1000 words, but you will have some longer and shorter. I would suggest you just do your research and write. If you are interested in blogging events check the Social Media Examiner or just Google it. Again I really appreciate your input and I hope I answered your questions and have a great day.

  9. Hello Philip thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I appreciate taking your valuble time to do that. And PhilipI know you’re new but don’t lose hope. Stay the race,learn your craft,choose a niche you are passionate about work hard and be persistent and stay in touch with me here and you will be fine. Remeber this is a marathon. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Thanks for sharing this! I started writing blogs a few months ago. At times I do question myself like I’m not an expert in my niche and I really need to work on my connections as well. It’s also about a comitment! I understand I can’t expect to see traffic within a few first months!
    So thanks for this inspirational boost!

  11. Hi Darrell Harris, this is an awesome post for the beginners. This post definitely gonna help the new bloggers,as you have said “You Don’t Have to be An Expert to have Something to Offer” yes its quite true. You don’t need to be an expert but with time and experience you can be expert with the effort you put over it. You have explained different factors that should be considered before starting the blog .Great Post and thank you!

  12. Those six things are so essential in writing a blog. You hit it right on the head. Especially the one about being yourself and letting it show thru in your writing. What are your views on using slang? Also what do you think about length. Can a blog be too long, or too short? How do find out about blogging events?

  13. Hello Matthew

    Thamks for stopping by again my friend. You hit the nail on the head it doesn’t take a special person but hard working ,the right niche and persistence thanks I really appreciate the value you have added have a super day man.


  14. I really like your point that you don’t have to be an expert to have information to offer. Everyone has unique experiences and knowledge to share with the world. When you pursue blogging, you don’t need to be a know-it-all, but as you go, your knowledge within your chosen niche will certainly grow as time passes. I’ve seen this be a big roadblock for potential bloggers and they should relax knowing that it doesn’t take a special person or genius to succeed in the online space. Just hard work, a marketable topic, and a unique voice. You don’t have to be an expert to start, but eventually you’ll become one through massive exposure and writing within your niche.

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