13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

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13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop

Good morning ladies and gentlemen . And hello to all my readers (big cashers), and my 17,000 Twitter followers.

I have to show y’all some love, it’s Darrell back at you 10 am on Sunday morning a cool 74 degrees in Iowa.

Today guys it’s going to be a serious share. Basically for the newbies but it can help  anybody  who needs that “pop” in their content.

I have been getting a lot of questions and comments about my writing(content) most of you guys love my style and flow.

I would say  8 out of 10 so that’s cool with me. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

But today I’m going to share my personal writing tips  Yes ! the one’s I USE when  I write  that engaging content  you guys love.

Most of them I got from  Mrs. Small’s , my  highly respected  9th grade teacher and     some  I  learned from   copyblogger.

So today’s post guys is titled. “13 Beneficial  Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop.”

In 2016 on the blogosphere ,things have changed competition is tough. It has become survival of the fittest. Your content has to be fierce. It has to attract readers and draw them in like a magnet.

Good content begins with knowing what to say and taking charge to say it in your own words.

Read my Top and  helpful post  How to Write Headlines like a Professional.

Too many people don’t do this. They write the facts. It is how you present the facts that really count.  Let’s Roll with the Tips.

1. Aim for an average sentence length of around 16 words.

2.Vary between short and long sentences to give you writing rythym.

3.Use positive inspiring language on what the reader can achieve and will be able to do. Avoid negative terms that might dampen spirit.

4.Leave long paragraphs to novelist and and limit yours to a single thought. Two or three sentences is adequate.

5.Use power words to charge up your writing’s impact such as “revealed” “proven”  “scientific” “breakthrough”.

6..Ensure every word and sentence means something to the reader and adds to your argument.

7.Don’t use words just because they seem impressive.

8.Use facts or personal history to build rapport,empathy and to show the reader that you feel their pain.

9.Write in your reader’s language and the style they’re comfortable with.

10.Break up your page with subheads and bullets to aid skim reading.

11.Split long sentences into two if they’ll survive on their own. Use connecting words such as  “so” and “because”.

12.Get a  axe to flabby language and unnecessary  words.

13. Writing is often compared to a conversation with a friend in a bar. So it should be conversational and sound similar how you speak.  Read aloud to hear whether it flows smoothly.

Guys remember the more beneficial the information you include the more curiosity you’ll generate.

Please read ”  How to Write Great Website Copy That Sells for Small Business” for more ideas.


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Here are 12 proven words that you can use in headings and titles to gain more interest from your readers.

  • Absolutely
  • Beneficial
  • Dependable
  • Easy
  • Free
  • More
  • Powerful
  • Proven
  • Quality
  • Revealed
  • Secret

Sprinkle some of these words and phrases throughout your content to keep each sentence flowing. And for other super tips   quicksprout  is unbeatable.

  • And we don’t stop there
  • But wait there’s more
  • By the way
  • On the other hand
  • Even better
  • Think about it

Guys  that’s going to be it for today.

Just a serious but short share let me know how you like those tips and if they  are helpful  to you.  Please help me  share and retweet THIS  post. That helps  me out a  lot  guys , thanks in advance.

Leave me comments  below  tell me what’s on your mind topics  you would like me to write about  and  ask  me  questions.

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Thanks guys and take care.


12 thoughts on “13 Beneficial Writing Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

  1. Hello and I’m very happy you enjoyed the article its music to a bloggers ears keep stopping by and leaving your input. Thanks very kindly.


  2. Hi Darrel. These are useful tips for a writer to make content pop, glad to read it. My thought is point 5 “use power words to catch up your impact” rather in contrast with point 7 “don’t use words just because they seem impresive”. Do you have any explanation about it. By the way thank you for writing your tips.

  3. Hello Mark thanks for leaving such clear cut feedback. And yes I would agree with you if one doesn’t add some sizzle in their content, Mr.Google might be issuing them a pink ticket. Thanks for adding value to this post and have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for sharing an excellent content creation tutorial Darrell!

    And let’s face it, the printed word alone, already has more
    than enough competition!

    So as you have so wisely pointed out, you’d better take the time,
    to learn how to give you print content some much needed pop!

    Or it’s most certainly game over!LOL!Thanks for sharing another excellent post!

  5. Hello Ugyen
    Thanks for stopping by and yes we agree it’s better to write for your readers not the search engines. Thanks for stopping by and supporting us here and come on back we do update daily.

  6. Hello Darrell,
    Many people, in the process of creating content for SEO, they tend to forget about the readers. The content more of becomes like Robotic. But it is really nice and helped me alot with your 13 beneficial writing tips.
    As you have mentioned some powerful words, I am with it.
    1. Absolutely
    2. Beneficial
    3. Dependable
    This three words, it sounds so convincing and powerful….
    Thanks for updating my Brain’s DATA base. 🙂
    Have a nice day……

  7. Hello Bonto

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your input my friend. I’m happy those 13 tips were of value to you and those 12 words for headlines. That’s what we do here Bonto try to help each reader learn and succeed. Keep visiting and supporting us. Take care.

  8. Thanks Darrell for those helpful tips on getting attention on blogs. yes it is true presentation is more important. Often times a blogger may have the facts about is content but may not know how to present them to get the desired traffic. Thanks for giving those 12 proven words for captivating headlines.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Hello Jose thanks for stopping by here and leaving your comment. Yes I try to post issues concerning beginner bloggers and any issue pertaining to making money online. You are definitely welcome to stop by we usually update daily. Thanks for visiting and keep coming by and supporting us.


  10. Hello Matthew

    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your valuble input. And I agree everyone doesn’t have a natural gift to be a writer but these 13 tips of mine will definitely point them in the right direction. Thanks and keep visiting and supporting us.

  11. Hey Darrell,

    Really appreciate the tips. While I was reading, a bunch of light bulbs went off in my head on how I could improve the content on my website with all your suggestions.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Do you regularly post on ways to improve a blog for beginners? Thanks for taking the time to write the article!

  12. When it comes to small niche online businesses, it usually takes a lot of writing for individuals to produce enough content to earn Google’s trust and rankings – and that production of content really never ends if you want to hold and/or improve those rankings. Some have the natural gift of being good writers, but others not so much. Do you think writing skills can be easily acquired? I think the tips you’ve provided can certainly assist those people, especially being “conversational” with each piece.

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