27 Easy First Year Blogging Goals ! (my favorite # 16)


Good morning ladies and gentlemen  and my loyal readers (big cashers) it’s Darrell coming at you on a rainy Wednesday here in Iowa. Today I have a serious share with you.

Have you heard ? AboutMe.

I have received  a lot of comments from 1st year bloggers who have quit blogging . So this post is to help and give some encouragement  titled  “27 Easy First Year Blogging Goals”.

Personally what helps me is  I truly enjoy  writing and blogging  I constantly measure my progress  and   see that I have made tremendous  progress .

That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  Thanks to all of you.I  am getting over 500 visits a day.   Whoa ! On to the post. Let’s Roll.

Blogging is about having a good idea and working hard to make it a reality. Success  in blogging doesn’t happen overnite. It takes a lot of sweat effort and commitment over a long period of time.  It is a marathon not a sprint.

And the best way to run a marathon guys is to break up the race into smaller segments and set small milestones in order to make the distance more manageable. Same works for a blog.

When I was in the army, at PLDC (primary leadership development course) my favorite instructor Sgt. Lopez used to say to me Harris if you keep winning battles eventually you will win the war.

Same with a blog, accumulating many smaller milestones and wins regularly over a period of time will lead to big results and achievements of large blogging goals.

Think of  Very Simple Yardstick Measurements for Your Progress

Guys no matter where you are at currently the path to where you want to be starts with the step you are taking right now.

Blogging goals are achievable by simplifying it all and taking one small step at a time. Take one day at a time. One blog visitor at a time.

One Facebook like at a time….. think of very simple yardstick measurements for your progress. One mention from Brian Clark  of  Copyblogger  could  increase your traffic immensely.  Big cashers one step at a time.

How can you know for sure that what you’re doing is moving you forward? It’s important to  measure your progress and ask questions. Look for examples. Explore what could go wrong.

Guys there is no magic trick and there is no secret. The shortcut and quick fix promises from certain gurus and their sales pages that you might read online.

Or the secrets and tricks of SEO industry are just empty and will not do the magic trick for you. Instead you must focus on the basics of plain old hard work. If you don’t believe me ask my friend Michael Arrington at  at tech crunch.

Get Strategic and Set Your own Blogging Goals

So where do I start and what do I  do first? And what do I do right now? First of all you have to figure out your goals, set your objectives and plans you want to reach with your site.

What does it mean to be thinking strategically? It means to identify the purpose of your site and start working smart with a plan and goal in  mind.

1. Determine where you want to go. Think about what you want to accomplish in the next year. Things that are important to you and goals you want to achieve.

You need to know what the definition of success. If you don’t have goals you will be like sand in the wind aimless in your blogging and won’t be accomplishing much.

2. Develop where you want to go. Create a roadmap for upcoming weeks and months.

Think about the steps you need to take where you want to go. Break the goals down into smaller and actionable practical steps that you need to take.

3. Take the first small step right away. When you know your goals and what you need to do to achieve them, you become more focused,efficient and strategic in your activities.

That will then lead you to the right decisions and will help you make right choices.

In terms of goal setting and planning I learned the smart system in the Army and it still works for me.

  • S – Make your goals specific
  • M- Make your goals measurable.
  • A-  Make your goal attainable.
  • R –Make your goals relevant
  • T- Make your goals time-bound.

Please read  The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris  for more ideas.


Time flies by guys days might feel long but a year is short and sooner than you think it is time to do a yearly review.

If you don’t have a plan and don’t know your priorities the year might go by without you feeling any growth and without achieving any big goals.

You have to sit down and make these decisions for yourself this will put you in control of your time and life.

Figure out meaningful metrics and key performance indicators (kpi) that are aligned with  your goals.

Repeat visitors and time spent on site are so much valuable than than page impressions  for many sites. They show that content works and gets people engaged. It shows quality of your content.

Read one of my 1st Post  the Beginner’s Guide.

The following are 27 goals and ideas I have set for small milestones and tiny wins. I am going after and if you’re in your first year you do too. Some are easier than others.

  1. Registering your own domain name.
  2. Setting up a new wordpress site.
  3. Getting a personalized site design.
  4. Setting up your about page with information and contact form.
  5. Installing Google Analytics and starting to collect visitor data.
  6. Publishing your first post.
  7. Attracting your first visitor.
  8. Publishing another post.
  9. Getting the first comment to your post.
  10. Getting  your first visitor from Google’s search traffic.
  11. Getting your first visitor from social media
  12. Posting your first comment on another site.
  13. Launching your own Twitter profile.
  14. Submitting your first guest post proposal.
  15. Getting your first newsletter subscriber.
  16. Achieving the first day of 100+ visitors.
  17. Making your first affiliate sale.
  18. Getting an enquiry from a company interested in working with you.
  19. Getting your first guest post published
  20. Creating your first product.
  21. Making the first sale of your own product.
  22. Publishing your first how-to instructional guide.
  23. Getting a cool email from a loyal visitor
  24. Starting own newsletter
  25. Recording your first video.
  26. Publishing your first infographic.
  27. Recording first podcast.

Guys everybody that I know who is successful has goals and when they attain them they , wash rinse and repeat it is always good to  have a yardstick measurement for your progress. I hope y’all enjoyed the read “27 Easy first Year Blogging Goals.”

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Take care.

14 thoughts on “27 Easy First Year Blogging Goals ! (my favorite # 16)

  1. Hello thanks for stopping by Jeremy I’m glad this post helped you and continue to stop by and thanks for your valuable feedback and have s super day.


  2. Great post idea, I am still in my first year of blogging and I wish I had seen this when I first started.

    I’m glad to see I have already accomplished quite a few off of your list, including my first affiliate sale!

    However, one I still am working towards is my first day with 100 visitors.

  3. Hello Mitch
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I’m glad you liked most of the tips for beginner’s I just tried to point them in the right direction. Yes I know writing that newsletter for 10 years sounds like a total chore man. Hey again thanks for visiting and your support .

  4. Those are some pretty good beginners tips. Too bad I’ve never done #14 and #15 was a pain! lol

    I’ve written guest posts but only when I’ve been asked; I don’t like it as a strategy for me.

    On the other, although the initial bump felt good, I wrote one newsletter for 10 years, the other for 8, and it was tortuous to keep up with, especially with the lack of return I got on it. That’s the one thing people need to think about with them, you not only need to make sure it’s content your readers can’t get anywhere else but you have to be consistent; whew!

  5. Hello Umesh thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuble input. And you are correct without any goals there is no way to measure our growth. I haven’t accomplished everything on the list but that’s why it’s called a goal. Thanks for visiting and supporting us here.

  6. Hi Darrell,
    Great tips dude!

    Everyone should some goals before they start blogging. All the goals you have mentioned in your post are essential to be a successful blogger.

    I have some of them but still many of them I am thinking to borrow from your list.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.
    Umesh Singh

  7. Hello Brian thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. Yes I know it can be tough but you have to think of the end result and push through,grind it out and get it done. Hang in there thanks for visiting and supporting us here.

  8. Hello Riaz

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving input. I agree with you we should push ourselves if needed and when we reach that goal reward ourselves with time off. Thanks for the helpful comment .

  9. Hey Darrell,
    These are great blogging goals you’ve just laid out, I’ve been blogging for so long I forgot what my aim is actually. Reading your goals here helped me get back on my feet.

    It also helps if we keep pushing ourselves on more specific goal like writing 3 posts this week, and 4 posts the next week. Once we reach a certain goal, we should take a day off and rest by the beach or something as way to reward ourselves.

    If we don’t do that, goals will be nothing more than chores. Just sharing my 2 cents, all the best in your site!

  10. I really loved reading that! It shows exactly what I’m lacking and what I should really focus on. My biggest problem is setting goals and getting the measures in place to reach them. I have done a lot on my first website, but after being around for nearly 2 years I still have yet to get my first affiliate sale though I have earned some revenue in Google AdSense. I really like how you posted the 27 goals for yourself and for others to use as well. Great stuff!

  11. Hello Josh thanks for stopping by again. I’m glad you enjoyed my post man. Ok cool you like #23 the most that’s awesome man. Well thanks for visiting and supporting us here and Keep rocking and take care.

  12. Hello Oren thanks for stopping by and leaving your input and that’s super you’re going to follow the 27 goals. Thanks for visiting and supporting us here. Have a great day.


  13. Hey Darrel,
    I absolutely loved reading your post. I had just finished working on my blog and decided to call off for today and chanced on your website.

    It is true, you cannot expect to make a living income overnight and you have to keep working on your blog consistently for months to see the results.

    I am already through with 1 to 13 and slowly working my way through the remaining.
    My personal favorites are #17. #19 and #23.

    #23 is my unicorn. It would be so cool to be able to achieve this by the end of the year.

    Thank you for the awesome post. Keep Rocking

  14. Great tips! Growing out a blog is like planting a tree seed. It starts out as a frail sapling, then develops a few branches. Over time, a blog grows into a mighty tree of many branches and lots of roots. I have recently started a few blog sites. I will certainly take your 27 steps to heart. Thanks!

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