7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers !


“7  Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers “

Hello  to all my readers (big cashers) it’s  Darrell back at you.  The chief blogger at the cash blog, today I’m doing a weekend social media share. Actually it’s evening 6 pm a beautiful 69 degrees here in  Iowa.

Here at the cash blog my  go-to social media outlets are Facebook and Twitter. I already did  my post about Facebook  ”  31 Tips to Get More Facebook likes.”

So I decided to do one  about Twitter  since my readers (big cashers) requested that.   Join my 19,000  Twitter followers and follow me too ! thanks in advance everybody.

Today’s post “7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Follower’s” took about 4 hours of research  so I am expecting my loyal reader’s to use that donate button today and show me  “some love”. Now back to the post.

Guys instead of focusing on getting as many followers as possible focus on engaged followers.

The difference is that engaged followers with whom you have established relationships  with are more likely to Retweet, and Like your content than someone who only followed you because you followed them first.

Twitter’s 320 million current active user’s represent an all-time high. Of course Facebook is king with 1.7 billion.

However Twitter is a great platform for businesses, brands and professionals with more than 135,000 daily signups.

75% of businesses are on Twitter to engage with their customers.

7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

1. Use Attractive Clear Profile Images, Cover Photo and Background

Only three images can be added to Twitter therefore you need to make the most of these photos. The three areas where you can add a picture are the header,profile and background.

If the profile you have on Twitter is personal you should use a picture of yourself as the image.

The background and header can be used to represent your company. It is for attracting new followers.

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2. Asking Questions is an Effective Way To Attract Followers

Questions in your tweets are more likely to get more conversations started. So start tweeting questions to get answers.

Come up with relevant questions about your niche.

When you get responses,make sure to followup with those who answer you. Show them  you’re listening and care.

You may also want to highlight certain answers by retweeting them with a response to keep the conversation alive and inspire even more interaction and followers. I recommend tweeting questions at least three times a week

Read fun post ”  Make Money  with YouTube Videos.”


3. Attach Images for Better Interaction and  Followers

Images always attract more attention from people than text. Images in your text will definitely increase your followers So start adding images with your tweets.

You may not always have time to add images to your tweets, but you’re likely to be rewarded.    ” Tweets with images received

  • 18% more clickthroughs
  • 89% more favorites
  • 28% more followers
  • 150% more retweets

Source:  digitalinformationworld.


4. # Hashtag Your Topic

Your tweets are only seen by your followers. However when you use a hashtag followed by a word they can potentially be seen by any user.

By including the hashtag symbol (#) you categorize your tweets  which make them appear when a user searches the term.

Clicking a hash tagged word shows other Tweets that include the same hashtag.

Please read  Social Media Marketing for “Dummies” for  more ideas.

5. Include Emoji’s and Symbols

Those little icon’s we once called “smileys” have come a long way. Today a lot of emoji’s and symbols appear in tweets and people seem to love them.

Guys try including non-text characters to make your message stand out.

From your smartphone,it’s easy to grab emoji’s straight from the keyboard and catch the eyes of many followers.

6. Face Your Followers

To everybody I want to encourage you to feature yourself in your tweets every now and then.

It will definitely help get more of a personal connection and build trust with followers. Toss a candid selfie on Twitter.

7. Quote Someone

Twitter users really connect with quotes,funny quotes. Toss the occasional quote into your tweet mix, especially when you come across something thoughtful or inspiring.

Don’t let the 140- character limit for tweets stop you from posting a longer quote. Quotes as well as images will attract more eyeballs and get more followers.

Hey I hope everybody liked my post “7 Clever Ways  to Increase Your Twitter Followers”.   Leave me some comments below.

Share this post with your family and friends and social media outlets,    and have a  super weekend everybody.  Thanks for your support, Take Care

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  2. Hello Mairaj thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback and I’m ecstatic when my readers find my content helpful to them. Thanks for visiting and supporting us here.


  3. Hi Darrell,

    Indeed an excellent post about Twitter, well you have nicely shared with us some useful tips with the help of these one can easily increase our twitter followers nicely and effectively.

    Tip no. 3 is a very powerful way to increase more followers according to my opinion.

    Thanks for fantastic share 🙂



  4. Hello Mark thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable feedback. I am always glad when my readers find value in my post.And I am sincerely happy to help you elevate your social media using Twitter. Thanks and have a great day Mark.

  5. Thanks for sharing your seven proven twitter marketing tips Darrell!

    Because I have definitely dropped the ball, with regards to
    effectively using twitter, in the manner you have provided!LOL!

    But I thank your for sharing all seven excellent tips, because now,
    going forward, I can and definitely will make far more use of tip #’s
    3,4 & 7!

    They are incredibly easy and non time consuming! Thanks!

    You just helped me add nicely to my fairly mediocre social media marketing
    efforts! Especially when it comes to pro-actively utilizing twitter!LOL!

  6. Hello Mickey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and I definitely agree with you that content is king. Thanks for visiting and supporting us.

  7. Hello Amar
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. And I am in total agreement with our bio is a huge opportunity to let people know what you do and sharing other people’s content is a sure fire way to get on their radar and all of this is beneficial to increase Twitter followers. Thanks for visiting and supporting us here,have a super day.

  8. Hey Darrell,

    Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to our blog, get more eye-balls on our content, promote our products/services and increase our influence on the social web. If we’re managing the Twitter account for a brand where various people have access to the Twitter account, it’s good practice to tag individual tweets so people know who they are talking to. Our bio is an opportunity to tell people what we do and what we’re about it’s a great opportunity to people why they should follow you.One of the key steps to gaining more followers is to help people out and share their stuff.

    Sharing other people’s content and tagging them is a sure-fire way to get on their radar.This is an important step in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. Eventually, you have explore great keys which are really looking beneficial to increase twitter followers.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  9. I think you need good “content” on your twitter. If you don’t have changing profile or other simple things won’t help you. You know what they say – content is the king.:)

  10. Hello Liz thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I am glad you got value from my tips. Keep visiting and supporting us here. Thanks and take care,Darrell

  11. This was timely advice for me as I have just recently decided it is time to take social media more seriously. I have kind of been avoiding delving into all the different platforms for fear I just don’t have time. However, I think if you can kind of treat social media posts as mini blog posts that take far less time and post on a consistent basis, then this is better than doing nothing. Thanks for your twitter tips. I will be sure to follow them!

  12. Hello Joseph thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I am glad these tips were able to help you,that’s music to my ears. Well keep visiting and supporting us. It’s appreciated and have a super day.


  13. Hey Darrell,
    With all the social media platforms, I’m trying to keep up with every one of them, these are quite some informative tips, I have to apply these and get to see the results. I am familiar with all the other social networks, it took me sometime to get twitter, this article is quite helpful for me. Thanks man!

  14. Hello Derek

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes I’m glad we are in agreement as far as we want an engaged follower. Again thanks for visiting and supporting us here. Have a great day.

  15. Hi there Darrell,

    Awesome article! some great fantastic tips on getting more followers on twitter. Thanks for sharing it with us, really appreciated.

    More followers on whatever social media platform does not always mean a greater engagement or presence. So you a spot on when you mention and advise to engage with your audience. It is also very important to have a targeted audience and not just any follower!

    Again thanks for sharing this article with us!

    Derek ..70K followers!

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