19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online While in College

19 Proven Ways  to Make Money Online While in College

Hello ladies and gentlemen it’s Darrell the chief blogger here at euro-317926_1280 the cash blog back at you today for a  epic share.

It’s a rainy cool 60 degrees here in Iowa.  I have been getting hundreds of questions and comments from my readers who are in college asking me “What are the best ways to make money online ? ”  “for them”.

My two kids are grown and long gone,guys I had my first kid at 18 so y’all get the picture. Now  I do have two nieces and a nephew who are in college and they are included in  the ones asking questions and the reason for this  post.

The majority of the information out there regarding  making money is mostly fluff. The fact of the matter is most make money online information is written by a writer who only writes for a living. Never by real entrepreneurs that actually make a living from online.

In internet marketing we would say “they don’t drink their own Koolaid.”

The last four years I’ve made a living working from online since Jan 2016 on a full-time basis. I’ve seen the good ,bad and ugly.

In this post guys  I have provided you with well researched  information you can use and have left out the bad and ugly. I have left out time-wasting programs that will earn you a candy bar  and a coupon at the end of the month.

In case you are thinking who the hell are you lol, learn more about me, read my article   About Us

Even though some freelance and survey companies are legit and serve their purpose, I didn’t include them either. Check my archives  I  did  a previous post on them. But now  Let’s Roll with this post  ” 19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online.”

Digital Products

Guys there has never been a better time in history to make money from online. The internet has made it easy to sell your skills and information to the masses.

The digital age is now and it has never been bigger than today. Whether it’s reading products digitally or watching videos more and more people are getting used to online purchasing and there is no sign it will stop soon.

Please read  Dave Ramsey’s  Complete Guide to Money…………………..Today ….for more ideas.


There are several different platforms you can sell video products on and each will give you a different result. If you want to start a video classroom and teach consumers, the most popular video classroom site is  Udemy.com.

It’s really a super site that is free to sign up with. I have used this site for both buying and selling video material.

The content and quality of material I have purchased as a customer has been top- notch. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to upload videos even for a non-techie like myself.

The beauty of Udemy and selling digital products online is that the income is passive. Yes, once you are finished making your videos and posting them to the site you no longer have to work on them again.

Think about it while you are in class or even at the soldout football game your income  G-R-O-W-S !

Udemy has a flexible pricing structure. Classes can be free or you can charge in the hundreds based on the content.

It is important that the videos you make contain great content ,because customers will review your courses. As  reviews go up so will your sales. Hey readers, I recommend you add this  revenue stream to your life.

Skillfeed  is another video teaching platform that is starting to gain popularity. Although not  as popular as Udemy. You get paid based on how popular your content is,which is determined by the total monthly minutes played.


Stone River eLearning

If you are well-versed in computer technology,programming , software training or web design then StoneRiver eLearning might be the perfect place to upload your video classes.

The  site allows customers to receive IT certifications. If you are an expert in the technology space, it won’t hurt to post your videos and allow them to grow with Stone River eLearning.


Teaching Game and App Creation

Zenva.com  – This site is designed to teach students how to create games  and apps. The site is diverse allowing users to create and sell games on the website itself.  So far the site has received five-star ratings.

I have a few of my techie friends doing really well on this site,guys don’t sleep on Zenva.

Writing for Pay


Kindle has become a great way for many self-publishing authors to get their books into the hands of readers directly. The beauty of Kindle is that it user the Amazon platform, which is the # 1 marketplace on the planet.

When it comes to eReaders, Kindle is king. It owns 75-90% of the eReader market. Want to write a fiction on a topic you’re interested or a non-fiction book helping customers?

Sure no problem, no topic is out of bounds for a platform like Kindle. The digital revolution is truly here so don’t get left behind. Kindle offers a great royalty program.

Giving writers 70% royalties on all books $2.99 or more allowing you to generate passive income month after month.  What is  passive income ?.

Kindle makes it simple to start your writing career today just go to  kpd.amazon sign up and start making an online income.


Although kindle has most of the market share in  self-publishing don’t sell yourself short. There are other sites that allow you to sell your ebooks as well such as  smashwords, nook ,and apple iBook.

For the best results it is great to sell your books on multiple platforms, some sites will forbid  posting the same book on others under certain conditions.

The key to self-publishing is  building a name brand. With a big enough brand name your fans will sell your books for you.

Physical Books

Did you know you can turn any of your ebooks into physical books for Free ? Yes FREE!

Sites like    createspace.com (owned by Amazon ) is a print on demand company that will print your books as they are ordered and send them off to customers.

Createspace is a great compliment to Kindle  it will lead to additional sales of your books.

Audio Books

More people are not only consuming digital content now more than ever,but are consuming their content by audio.

Sites like  acx.com (owned by Amazon) allow you to take your books and turn them into audio books. So now your one Kindle book, is now making money for you three separate ways.



I know its a long read guys  but if you’re looking for an all-purpose place to sell audio, video or written products?    Gumroad.com is your answer. The site has it all allowing you to share and sell any digital product you can imagine.

With Gumroad you are 100% in charge simply direct visitors to your Gumroad page and collect the money as your information sells.


Make Money Writing Articles

You can make money writing for various websites. Sites like   toptenz.net offer $ 50 per blog. The site   listverse.com will actually pay you $ 100 for each article you write for them. Keep in mind guys your article must get accepted to get paid.

Prominent magazines like  Thesun.com allow freelance contributors to write for them. The site pays up to $1000 for high quality articles and interviews.


Peer to Peer Lending

Did you know you can act as a bank and allow someone to borrow money with an interest rate? Peer to Peer lending allows you to do just that.

Sites like this give you all the tools you need to loan money to consumers,including their credit ranking. Turn your $ 1000 into $ 1250 in just a few months.

The two giants in this space are   Prosper  and    Lendingclub.com. I have used Prosper a couple of times.

Each time I chose someone I thought would be responsible. I got all my cash back plus some. You can loan up to $35,000. I would advise you to start much lower and get your feet wet first.


Teaching and Tutoring

Teach  a language to citizens of other countries on sites like  italki.com , verbalplanet.com  and recruit.tutorabc.com which allows you to teach students one on one.

You will get paid by the hour. Not only is this a good way to generate income you will be helping someone achieve their dream………….of learning a new language……….now that’s Cool !


Smart college kids . Are you smart in subjects like algebra or biology ? Become an online tutor on sites like   tutor.com  or tutorvista.com.

Another way to teach students is by tutoring for the SAT. You will need to score high on the prep test but if you pass you can earn up to $50 per hour on sites like  trueprep.com.


Sell Physical Products with No Money Down

One way many people are making money online with no money down is by selling t-shirts. Yep t-shirts. Sites like cafepress.com and zazzle allow sellers to customize their own t-shirts on the website,open a store and start selling them on the spot.

Of course cafepress is going to take a percentage of all your sales. But the site takes care of all the fulfillment for you. All you have to do is electronically make the design.

This can work without spending a dime I started a Twitter page and began to build a following selling my own personal brand just  goofing around and it turned into a few hundred dollars a month. Give it a shot y’all. What do you have to lose?


Affiliate Marketing

One of the most profitable and common ways to sell products for free online is through affiliate marketing. The idea and process of affiliate marketing will take three books  to  explain but I will simplify it so you start to make money today.

The easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to sell products that already exist online. By simply signing up for a site’s affiliate program you are given a special link to the website that you can post anywhere.

When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase on the website you will receive a commission on the sales.

The  Top Amazon Sellers Store   and  my Making Cash Online Bookstore are examples of  Amazon  affiliate stores. One of the most popular and easiest affiliates to sell items from is Amazon.

The program allows you to sell Amazon products from anywhere and keep 4-9% of all sales you make.

Read this Top post  “Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper”.

Read this  in depth  “Amazon Affiliate Program Review

One super aspect about Amazon Associates is even if the customer doesn’t buy your particular item, if they buy anything from your link you will receive credit for it.

There are places such as  Clicbank.com  and  Maxbounty.com that allow you to be an affiliate for digital products.

Read this post that went viral   “How to Make Money with Clickbank”.


Did you know the second largest internet search site in the world is YouTube.com ? This site receives more visits than most sites in the world combined and is a great platform to be seen and make money.

YouTube works on an advertising model. The more people that visit your site and view commercials the more money you make.

Not only is YouTube good to make money through advertisements but it is great for brand awareness and exposure. Unless you have a video that goes viral it takes time to build an online audience. Well guys those are all the best ways you can make money online with no money.

Read this  insightful post  “Make Money with YouTube”.

Start a Website

The ultimate way to make money online is to start your own website. Having your own website gives you the control that you need and gives you the best chance of financial freedom.

Your own website is 100% yours and gives you unlimited options whether you chose your own products or affiliate marketing. The good news is starting a website is cheap.

Get  your free   website Today.

Whatever you do the website must look clean and be user-friendly. People only buy from websites that look professional and that they feel they can trust.


People love talking about their ideas and dreams, but if you actually start working on them that puts you ahead of like 90% of the people.

Then the other 90% will stop at first hurdles so if you keep going you’ve already got a good chance at success . There is no overnight. The Good news is that now it’s much  easier than ever.

That’s going to be it for today guys, Leave me some feedback about this post below. I hope you enjoyed this  post ” 19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online While in College.”

And make sure you share it with your friends and social media outlets. Also leave me your email address  so you can  get  my updates  first. Thanks for  visiting  and supporting me and  the cash blog.  Take care.



16 thoughts on “19 Proven Ways to Make Money Online While in College

  1. Hello Mark thanks for stopping by and try some of these ways I have mentioned and you will definitely do much 10x more than you are making

  2. Hello Sherab thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuble feedback. I’m glad you liked some of my proven ways to make money online and I’m glad you are doing affiliate marketing and writing articles. One bird in your hand beats 3 in a bush. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

  3. Hi Darrel,

    Good list of platforms or rather ways from where college students can make money online.

    When I was in college, I have tried surveys. But money they give is very minimal and doesn’t even justifies time spent. Your recommendations seem better.

    Of course I am with making money being affiliates or writing articles. They won’t fetch money as often as one wants. But the amount one can earn at one better stride beats many.


  4. Hello Jeff thanks for stopping by again and leaving your valuable feedback and of course I’m not going to suggest any nickel and dime programs,my job is to sincerely help these college kids that’s our mission here at my website. Thanks for visiting and your support.


  5. Hello Michael thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment . I am glad we could help you that’s what we try to do. Michael I suggest you register for all the ones you are interested in and decide does it fit your goals and requirements. Touch back with me and let me know your progress.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I never knew sites like listverse existed. I love to write and it’s part of the reason I started my own blog. The idea of writing articles and getting paid for it is fascinating.

    Do you have any thoughts on which companies of the ones you listed are the most forgiving to new writers?

  7. Darrell,
    In trying to help students earn money while in college thank you for not promoting survey taking and other silly schemes of that genre. The amount of time one spends in those ventures does not come close to equaling what they make monetarily in the end- indeed if they don’t get disqualified from even completing surveys as example.

    The legit methods that you did suggest as examples – teaching/tutoring, writing, making educational videos, video game app creation, affiliate marketing are so viable in today’s world due to the amazing growth regarding technology.

    Back when I was in college in the mid/late 1970’s none of this was available. The Internet did not exist. To earn extra cash for myself I was lucky to have gotten a job as a dorm switchboard operator – which today would be obsolete as many students of course have their own cell phones. Still, I remember I made really good money for a student at the time. And it was easy work, even allowing me to get some studying done in between answering the switchboard phones.

    The type of jobs that you suggested for students today even have carry-over benefits that could fit in with that first job that they land out of job. My switchboard job meant absolutely nothing once I graduated!

    Great article and info Darrell!


  8. Hello Albert thanks for stopping by and commenting here and I’m glad this post enlightened you to more opportunities that’s my job and I take it very serious to help and inform my readers. Keep visiting and supporting us here and if I can be of any more help get in touch . Thanks and have a super week.


  9. Wow! That was a lot of different ways to make money. I thought I was already well versed in the online business world(have my own website now for 2 months) but I didn’t know about these other options. I am personally going to look into those blogging sites. The writing sites that I know of don’t pay that much. Initially when I wanted to make money online I browsed places that offer to pay for writing but the pay out of was so little for the amount of work I would have to put in. Thank you for such an in depth look at this!

  10. Hello Maggie thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. And I’m glad to see you have read quite a few of my post and enjoyed them that’s music to a blogger’s ears. Just don’t get overwhelmed by all this information as a new internet marketer. There are wordpress plugins for Google Analytics . Again thanks for your valuble feedback.


  11. Hi Darrell,
    Thank you for the helpful information in your site, particularly the Blueprint to Success as that is essentially what we all are looking for. Your top affiliate marketing post was great, it’s helpful to know where to focus my attention. In addition, I really like how you broke down the “blueprint” into sections, this was very helpful. I was wondering if you might be able to provide some additional detail around the Google Analytics, Google + and Google Webmaster Tools. As a total newbie, I’m a bit lost with this. Is this something WordPress does for me or something that I would do? You clearly have a great deal of expertise in this area, I’d be grateful for your thoughts on how to use these tools to ‘make big cash online’! Thanks!

  12. Hello Anh

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback. I’m glad you feel this post is helpful to you. I appreciate your insight and hope you have a great week.


  13. Thanks for sharing with us all these ways to make money online as a college student. I like that you’ve include both passive and active online income streams.

    My method of choice is affiliate marketing since it allows you to really scale on the long run and create a good stream of passive income as opposed to having to work for every dollars you get.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Hello Julie thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I am glad you found value in my post and wish the best of luck in implementing your plans, Thanks for visiting and supporting us here.


  15. So glad I found this site. I am not young, but I am back in college and have had to cut down on work hours which makes things tight.
    I love to write and never knew it was so easy to publish an ebook so I’m going to try that. I also love that there are multiple platforms and that there is a place to have your book actually physically published!
    Also love the idea about the t-shirts and writing articles and I’m excited about maybe bringing a little more money in while I finish school.

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