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How To Make Money on eBay This Year

money eBay year

Good morning to my friends and readers( big cashers) what a beautiful Saturday morning. It’s 74 degrees already at 10 am. This doesn’t feel like Halloween or November,especially in Iowa.

Well I have been getting a lot of questions , and comments about eBay asking “Is it still a viable work from home option?”  from my readers so today I want to clear things up. The title of this post ” How To Make Money on eBay This Year.”

A recent report said thet 900 people earned over $ 1 million dollars in one year selling stuff on eBay. That is a remarkable feat when you think about it.

It also should inspire and give hope to almost everybody that yes you can make cash online and make money on eBay this year .

I have sold on eBay a few times just during the holiday season and made really great money. But my primary focus was the restaurant businesss then so  I  didn’t totally focus on eBay but if you do it can be very lucrative.

Read this useful  post  The Wealthy Affiliate Start-Up Course    I recommend this course  100%.

Here is  How to make money on eBay this year.

1.)Get started the right way. Accurately describe your item. If it is new say so, if it is not—state that as well. An accurate description will ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting.

According to comScore  eBay sites around the world hosted 251.4 million to rank No.5 in the world.


2.)Have great keywords in your title. Look for an item just like yours in an eBay search. See what comes up.

Using great keywords will get your item further up on the search listings. People can only purchase your item if they can find it.

Read this resourceful post How To Make Money with Clickbank.


3.)Use pictures. Now that the gallery is free there is no reason not to use pictures. A digital camera is all that’s needed.

Accurately list your shipping and handling charges. Buyers are turned off when listings are padding their shipping. Another option is to have a buy it now option with free shipping.

Read this fun post 4 Unusual Ways People are Making Money Online.

4.)As with any business guys to make more money you have to know what your competitors  are doing and react accordingly. Also find products that do not have as much competition and make the most money.

This is one of the secrets to making money online. Can you out think your competition or eliminate it altogether. (I know sounds brutal).

According to  Google News while eBay got it’s start in America it is Britain that buys more items on eBay than any nation.

5.)One of the nice things about making cash online with an eBay business is how easy it is to set up your payment system. eBay owns Paypal so you have to get a Paypal account to process your sales.

Read this helpful post Make Money with YouTube Videos.

6.)Immediately ship your items after you receive payment. A delay in shipping equals unhappy buyers. Always ship items with a form of delivery confirmation.

Keep good communication with your buyer. Let them know their item has been shipped. Send them a follow-up email to be sure they are cool with their purchase and ask them if you can put them on your email list.

Developing a list of happy customers is the ticket to repeat business.

7.)Stay Informed. Use eBay forums to know what is going on. Workshops are a great way to learn more about eBay. The more you know the better you will run your business . Know what is hot on eBay. Visit the What’s Hot page daily.

Know what is selling in your category of items.

When I started on eBay , I had to figure it out. All of these tips will help keep you profitable. eBay can be rewarding and fun.

Do not worry about knowing all details. Get started and keep improving your business as you go. I hope you enjoyed “How to Make Money on eBay this Year.”

Have you sold on eBay ? How did it work out? Let me know in the comment section below.   Please share this post. That helps me out a big deal. And tell all your family and friends  about   the cash blog. Thanks a lot and take care.



What E-commerce Model is the Best for You ?

e-commerce model

Hello to all my friends and readers (bigcashers) it’s Darrell back at you on a  beautiful  sunny  afternoon here in Iowa for a serious share.

A lot of my readers have been asking me questions and for my advice lately on what type of e-commerce business model to pursue.

So I want to go over all the different models out there and give you enough information so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

This holiday season more than $ 600 billion will be spent in the U.S alone so hopefully with this  e-commerce information my readers will get their share of that holiday money.

Here at the cash blog the number one questions I do get is how long will it take to make money with a blog or with an e-commerce business ?

Read this  helpful post How Long Does it take to Make Money Blogging?

The pattern I’m seeing is entrepreneurs tend  to choose the business model to pursue based purely on how easy it is to start, as opposed to considering the actual probability of success.

In fact a lot of people ask why go through the hustle of selling physical products online when they can just be an affiliate.

Read this  top post about the Top 4 affiliate marketing programs.

Why should they start their own inventory when they can simply dropship all their goods and why should they even bother setting up a shopping cart when they can just put up a blog and sell advertising?

I’m going to go over all the different e-commerce business models that I’ve seen online,discuss the pros and cons and let you decide for yourself.

I believe the more work and the more effort you put into your business to be successful the more sustainable your business will be in the long run because it will be that much harder for someone to copy you.

Read this book Dropshipping and E-commerce for more ideas.

According to the Huffington Post the e-commerce barrier to entry continues to get lower as more tools help more entrepreneurs go digital.

One of the most popular business models I get asked about is drop shipping.


Dropshipping is basically when you put up a website to take orders,but you don’t have to carry any inventory. Instead of fulfilling the products yourself,the vendor is responsible for shipping the order to the end customer.

It’s really cheap to start up a drop shipping business because all you need is a website essentially. All you need to do is find a vendor who is willing to dropship for you and then list his products on your website.

The downside of drop shipping is that margins are super low. Mainly because someone else is storing all the inventory doing fulfillment.

Because the margins are low paid advertising becomes tougher many times you are going to be stuck relying on search engine optimization.

The other downside of drop shipping is that you are not really in control of customer support, anything that goes wrong is on you.

What’s also complicated is maintaining inventory issues.

But overall what makes drop shipping fragile in terms of a business model. You are heavily dependent on your vendors for your business reputation. A vendor can cancel the drop shipping arrangement anytime.

eBay /Amazon arbitrage

The next business model I want to talk about is drop shipping from Amazon to eBay. This is also know as eBay/ Amazon arbitrage.

First you find products at Amazon that are selling higher on eBay and then you take the images and the product copy from the Amazon product and you post an identical listing on eBay that is significantly higher in cost.

This business model works because people who shop on eBay tend to not shop on Amazon and because people are not aware eBay is not the cheapest place to shop.

As soon as the auction closes on eBay the seller then purchases the exact same product on Amazon and has it shipped over to  the eBay customer. And so basically you are just leveraging the difference in prices from Amazon and eBay.

Read this post that went viral Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper.

Basically all you need is an eBay account and an Amazon purchasing account. It’s easy to get started. You might get banned on eBay but it is attractive if you want a business that has no overhead cost.

Retail Arbitrage /RA

The next business model I want to talk about is called retail arbitrage or RA for short it has become popular over the last couple of years.

A good friend Ritchie makes 6 figures doing this and he teaches others how to do this as well and here’s how it works.

According to Fortune magazine 40% of the world’s online population has bought something online.

You walk into a liquidation store like a Big Lots or TJ Maxx and go straight to the clearance section. So you basically go in buy the entire clearance section and then you list these products on Amazon.

The reason this model works is because alot of consumers don’t have access to some of these stores, the onlything they have access to is Amazon so they are willing to pay higher prices.

What’s nice about this business model is you don’t need a website you can use Amazon’s huge market place for instant sales, there is practically no start up cost except for your initial inventory.

The downside is that your business is 100% at the mercy of Amazon and you constantly need to go on these shopping trips to find new goods to list on the platform.

So basically this means the amount of money you can make doing retail arbitrage is limited to the amount you can go shopping for bargains.

Lately Amazon has introduced alot of new rules that discourage this business model. Amazon has been preventing sellers from selling certain brands without approval from the manufacturer.

These factors are making retail arbitrage difficult right now. While this business is easy to do and can be lucrative, it is risky right now because Amazon can ban your brand you are selling.

Dropshipping on Amazon

The next business model I want to review is drop shipping on Amazon. That is droppshipping on Amazon against versus your own site,they are similar.

The only difference is that you are drop shipping to people who have bought on Amazon instead,and the procedure is the same.

You need to find drop ship vendors who are willing to ship products to the end customer on your behalf and it’s important to note that this business model does not use FBA or fulfilled by Amazon.

Basically you are responsible for filling the order to the end customer in a timely manner, this business model is attractive because there is no start up cost and you don’t need a website.

The drop ship vendor usually has hundreds of products but everybody drop shipping  has access to the same exact products.

The other bad thing  about this business model is Amazon has really strict requirements on seller quality and on time to shipment dates.

The hardest part is finding a reliable vendor. If for any reason your distributor has a inventory problem and you can’t fulfill the products to the end customer Amazon will and has been known to ban your account.

A well-known blogger John Rampton got banned for not fulfilling orders in a timely manner. He lost a 7 figure business over night.

So guys while this business model is very easy to get into and it doesn’t have that much upfront cost it is extremely risky and it’s not really a sustainable business model.


Private Labeling

The next business model is private labeling your own goods. Now private labeling is the act of placing your own brand or label on a product that you produce yourself.

Basically the way it works is you first have to find a manufacturer to produce products for you in bulk and basically they will allow you to put your own brand on the product.

What a lot of people are doing right now is they are going to Ali Baba to find these manufacturers .

Once you produce your product then ship all of your goods to Amazon FBA and you take advantage of Amazon’s huge market place to sell your goods.

Because you are manufacturing and you are buying your own products in bulk you have to put more money upfront to actually get those products into Amazon’s warehouse first.

So the typical minimum  investment to do a private label product would be about $1000. Preferably $1 to $2,000 to purchase that initial inventory.

What is really nice about the business model is that you don’t need a website, you don’t need to generate your own traffic,because Amazon’s marketplace is getting you all the sales.

There are no inventory requirements because Amazon is housing all the inventory and the best part is that you are producing products with your own brand on it.

Overall this business model is a bit more challenging than the others,because it requires interaction with a vendor outside the country typically.

You will probably have to deal with Asian vendors where cultures are different but the huge positive is that you own your own brand,you own your own products and the margins are super high 66%.

Because Amazon’s marketplace is so large you can make a lot of money really quickly especially over the holidays.

The downside of private labeling on Amazon is that you are dependent on Amazon and it has really gotten competitive. If you have a successful  listing on Amazon you will probably get hijacked or piggybacked.

What this means is you might have other sellers trying to sell on your listing something that’s not the exact product. If you end up selling a popular product be ready to monitor your products like a hawk.

You also have to monitor your feedback for your products because Amazon can ban you at anytime in the event that you get a large amount of negative feedback.


Private Label Own Website


Now I saved the best business model for last which is basically selling private label products on your own website. It has the highest long term potential because you are in charge of everything.

You own the product because you are manufacturing your own products. You are driving traffic to your own store you are in control of your own traffic.

The downside of course is that you really need to know how to do all those things on your site. You can’t rely on Amazon to drive traffic for you.

You have to learn how to drive traffic yourself. You are in control, you can set pricing, you can never get banned by anyone. So in the long run this is the business model that I really favor in cane you want to start a long term business.

If you are willing to work hard, selling your own branded products on your own website is easily the best way to run an e-commerce business. This is a overview of the different e-commerce business models

Now it’s important to note there is nothing that excludes you from combining the different models, for example just because I run my own site doesn’t mean that I can’t sell on Amazon as well.

Just because I sell my own private label products does not mean I can’t dropship either

Take it from me I suggest you give all these business models a try to see which one fits your personality.

Keep in mind that selling private label products is the way to go in the long run if you want to create a long term business.

Leave me some comments about “What E-commerce model is best for you?”. Did it help you out? or  It was whack ? Tell me how you really feel.

Please share this post to your family friends and your social outlets that helps me a lot.  And leave your email address so I can keep you updated. Thanks and take care.

Is Swisscoin REALLY a FUCKIN Scam ? The Honest Truth

Swisscoin scam

Good morning to my fans and all my readers (bigcashers) I have received hundreds of comments and questions just in the last week about  Swisscoin.  Asking me , “Are they legit imate?”.  “Well here is the honest truth”.

It’s Darrell back at you today, a beautiful cool 68 degree sunny morning ,with a very important and serious share.

This  post titled “Is Swisscoin really a scam? The honest truth” should clear things up for my readers (big cashers) where I stand, that’s what we do here at  the cash blog we draw the line in the sand if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck ………………………’s a  duck.     

If you are looking for more information about Swisscoin you are not alone. The Swisscoin website provides no information at all about their opportunity and consist of basically a signup page.

When a company does not publicly reveal information about how they operate their business it’s usually because they have something to hide.

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Swisscoin Products

Swisscoin offers no retail products. All products and services offered by swisscoin ( training packs ) are only available to be purchased by and from affiliates.


Swisscoin Compensation Plan

The Swisscoin compensation plan is based on investments in tokens as follows:

Trainee ( 25 Eur) – 200 tokens

Tester-50 ( 50 Eur) -500 tokens

Tester-100 (100 Eur) -1,000 tokens

Tester-250 (250 Eur)-2,500 tokens

Tester 500 (500 Eur)-5,000 tokens

Trader 1000 ( 1000 Eur)- 10,000 tokens

Crypto Trader ( 2500 Eur)-25,000 tokens

Crypto Maker (5000 Eur )-60,000 tokens

Crypto Broker (7500 Eur)-90,000 tokens

Crypto Manager (10,000 Eur)-120,000

Crypto Director (15,000 Eur)-200,000 tokens

These tokens are later converted into Swisscoins which are a digital currency developed by Swisscoins.

The value of a swisscoin is solely set and established by the owners of Swisscoin and Swisscoins are not available for purchase by the general public. Therefore Swisscoins have no real external value.

The Conclusion:

We have  seen it all before. Swisscoin  is another case of an MLM company attempting to capitalize on the allure of cryptocurrency though the company actually has nothing to do with digital currency at all.

Essentially affiliates are investing in a fake currency that does not exist outside of the Swisscoin ecosystem and worse the value of this fake currency is an arbitrary number set by the company.

Swisscoins are not traded on any crypto exchanges and cannot be used to purchase anything outside of the Swisscoin website.

In short, Swisscoin is a scheme designed to prey on  unsuspecting investors  and crypto newbies and and separate them from their hard earned money. As a former investor  always remember the old adage . “If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is”

I  personally won’t be investing in Swisscoin and I would wisely advise  my  readers (big cashers) who sent questions and comments to me to think about it long and hard before doing so. Let me know if you agree with “IS Swisscoin Really a Scam the honest truth.”

Until next time be sure to share all you have heard about Swisscoin in the comments section, and spread the word about the cash blog.  You my readers are the future and voice of this blog. Thanks and take care.

57 SEO Terms You Should Know


Good morning  everybody especially to my readers (big cashers) it’s a sunny but chilly 53 degree  morning here in Iowa.

I just eat a huge ham and cheese omelette ,so I’m nice and full. It’s Darrell back at you guys today for an informative share, what a beautiful day.

Ladies and gentlemen if you have a website or a blog, or if you work with anything related to the internet, you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO).

A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the most common terms of the trade and below you ‘ll find  57 of them. ( For those who already know use this post as a refresher.)   Titled  “57 SEO Terms You Should Know”.

Have you heard? About Me.

1. Domain Authority: A system devised by SEO software company Moz to estimate how a website will rank in search engine results. Points are awarded for each factor Moz believes search engines use to rank any domain and the cumulative score out of 100,is a site’s Domain Authority

2. Google Analytics (GA): A tool Google provides to help you analyze your website’s traffic and learn key information about your audience, allowing you to tailor your content toward your readers and gauge the success of your marketing techniques.

3.Search engine optimization:Tools,techniques,and best practices related to improving a website’s ability to be on the internet and ranked highly among search engine results

Rand Fishkin is cofounder of, and a huge leader in the field of SEO.

4. Digital marketing strategy:The goal-driven approach a company takes to market its products and services online.

5.Content marketing: A modern marketing strategy in which sellers provide potential customers with relevant, valuable and consistent content in order to establish authority and a trusting relationship in the hopes that it will eventually lead to sales.

6.Direct traffic: Users who reach your website by clicking a direct link.

7.Inbound marketing :Marketing techniques that bring potential customers in to your company by providing their valuable content. Contrasted with outbound marketing.

8.Bounce rate:The percentage of visitors who leave a website after arriving on the landing page rather than clicking through to more pages.

9.Content management system:The system used to manage all aspects of publishing a website’s content including creation,modification,formatting publication,index,search and removal.

10.Blog: A webpage with multiple entries called post,which is updated often and usually displayed chronologically. They vary from personal to informational.

11.Gray hat SEO: SEO strategies that toe the line of search engine guidelines. They are questionable but not in violation of guidelines as black hat SEO tactics.

Read this fun strategic  post  my Backlink strategy.

12.Cost-per-thousand-mpressions (CPM): The price paid for every thousand views of an ad.

13.Adwords:Gooogle’s advertising services that allows your business to appear at the top of the search results page.

14.Graphic display ads: Also known as banner ads. Ads appearing at the top of webpages which usually consist of image and text.

15.Link juice:A link to a webpage that provides SEO value to that page.

Last time I read  the  semrush blog  I came  away with some clever  Seo  tactics.

16.Internal linking: Also known as page to page linking. Links between one page on a given website to another page on that same site.

17.Landing Page: The webpage a potential customer reaches after following a search engine result or advertisement.

18.Cookies:Cookies are files used by websites to track your movements on the site and remember you after you leave.

19.Click-through-rate (CTR):The percentage of times an ad was clicked on out of the number of times the ad was shown.

20.Long-tail-keywords: A keyword phrase containing at least three words, often used when searching for something specific.

21.Cost-per-click (CPC): In a pay-per-click system, CPC is the price a business pays each time a user clicks on its ad.

22.Lead generation:The practice of getting leads interested in your company’s product or service.

23.Conversion : A marketing term for an audience member taking the seller’s desired course of action. That can vary from clicking on a link,providing contact information to making a sale.

24.Anchor text: The text of a hyperlink which when  clicked will bring you to another webpage.

25.Backlinks:Links on an external webpage pointing back to your own.

26.Algorithm:A set of rules a computer is programmed to follow to solve a basic problem or issue. SEO is essentially about understanding Google’s algorithm.

27.B2B: Business to business selling,as opposed to selling to customers.

Our   social media management service is a great  example of B2B.

28.Content Farm:A website that contains very large quantities of content,typically of low quality.

29.A/B testing:A strategy for measuring the success of a marketing campaign in which two landing pages are created and incoming traffic is split between them to compare the conversion rates of each.

30.Alt tags: HTML code that enables you to tell the search engines what words to associate with an image.

31.Nofollow Links:A link to a website that does not add any search engine value, such  as paid advertisements.

32.Organic traffic :Clicks through to your website that do not result from paid search engine results.

33.Podcast:Digital audio files that are usually part of a series,like radio shows.

34.Rich snippets: The sample of content from your website that appears in search engine results.

35.User experience (UX):A person’s overall experience using a product or service.

36.Wordpress: The leading online content management system platform for websites.

37.SSL : An encryption protocol that renders a website safer for users. SSL-encrypted websites have an “s” added in addresses https:// rather than http://.

Read this useful post about SSL Certificates.

38.Slideshare:A network for sharing presentations and infographics online.

39.Search engine rankings: The ordered listing of organic search engine results.

40.Robots.txt file : Also known as the robots exclusion standard or robots exclusion protocol.

41. Structured data and schema:Special website code that gives search engines extra information about the content on your website: that information is sometimes displayed in search results,such as star ratings.

42.Search engine crawlers: An internet bot that systematically scans the World Wide Web so that it can be indexed.

43.Manual actions: Penalties that Google imposes on websites engaging in practices it does not condone.

44.Outbound marketing ;Traditional marketing techniques that “interrupt” a medium such as a television  program non-associated ads.

45.Organiic search results: Listings that are the natural result of a search engine inquiry as opposed to those that are sponsored (paid for)

46.Online review profile:The  totality of online reviews of your business.

47.Black hat SEO: Aggressive and outdated SEO practices that try to manipulate search engines in order to elevate website’s rankings. These violate SEO guidelines and if caught, will be penalized by Google.

48.Impressions :The number of times a webpage comes up on a search result page that a user has viewed.

49.B2C : Business to customer selling,as opposed to selling to other businesses.

50.Raw URL text:Links that use the URL as anchor text.

51.Linkbuilding:The process of acquiring backlinks to your website.

52. Keyword stuffing:The practice of overloading a webpage’s content and /or tags with keywords. This practice violates search engine guidelines

53.Infographics: Information presented in graphic or image form to make it readily accessible and understandable. 

54.Unique selling proposition (USP)The key factor distinguishing a service or product from it’s competitors.

55.Value proposition: A company’s statement explaining the benefit or feature it offers uniquely well.

56.Warm leads:Someone who has already shown a measure of interest in a company’s products or services such as following it on social media.

57.Webpage template: A predesigned webpage that one can purchase and use as a design for their own content.

Ok that’s 57 terms that will be extremely helpful for those blogging 120 days or less. They will definitely get you up to speed and  and should help in your daily blogging

I know when I started blogging I didn’t understand all the SEO terminology and fell behind because of it .

For my intermediate bloggers these terms will be like a refresher . So everybody leave  me some feedback in the comment section about these terms and how you liked them.

Are they helpful?  And definitely share my post to your friends,family and social outlets. Again thanks for stopping by and for supporting me here at the cash blog  and y’all have a  great weekend.


6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media


Good morning everyone it’s a chilly 51 degree chilly morning in Iowa. It’s Darrell back at you with a serious share today. Get ready y’all I think it’s gonna be a cold winter this year.

As most of you know 70% of our income here at  the cash blog is derived from our social media management service.

Yesterday I was cold calling business owners all afternoon and it really surprised me how many felt that a social media presence isn’t necessary.

With our social media management service  we help establish your brand presence in social media channels, but also tighten the relationship you have with existing customers ,while driving word of- mouth advertising as well as conversions.

So this post is titled “6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media”. so  Let’s Roll.

Social media marketing is one of the greatest developments in the marketing world in the past decade.

Some companies have risen to unbelievable heights solely on their social media  acumen while others have refused to adopt any strategy at all.

1. They don’t understand how ” Social Media work”

Some business owners have convinced themselves that social media platforms are weird and  strange and it’s only for teenagers.

They haven’t taken a moment to learn how Facebook timelines work or  why Twitter is used for different types of interactions than LinkedIn.

Basically a few hours on any platform are all it takes for even a beginner user to grow accustomed to the basics and the basics are all you need to be effective.

Read this helpful post 31 Tips to Get more Facebook Likes !


2. They’re overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google +, Inform are just a handful of the most popular social media.

That number grows bigger everyday and to make things worse there are multiple ways for businesses to use every platform.

The number of options is overwhelming to a novice. The key is identifying which platforms will be your best option.

Listen to what small business owner  Ray Vandenberg said about us.

3. They don’t want to hire someone new.

Social media marketing is usually seen as a new wing of marketing, and in order to tackle it a business person would need to hire someone new who specializes in it.

However a full-time person is rarely necessary  for a social media marketing strategy, except for larger brands who might even need more people.

According to  social media examiner by tracking conversions you can connect a dollar value to your social media marketing efforts.

4. They don’t understand purpose.

The purpose of social media marketing is debatable but too many entrepreneurs are skeptical of it’s benefits simply due to how it’s been presented to them.

The reality is social media marketing isn’t some magical booth that will suddenly flood paying customers to your business.

It has a number of subtle benefits, such as increasing your visibility on the web and providing information to several-savvy customers, but most importantly ti can drive lots of people to your website.

5. They don’t want to change from traditional advertising and networking.

Some entrepreneurs are so familiar with traditional methods they refuse to change. The traditional and social media efforts can be done in balance to give you the best of both world’s.


6. They don’t see value.

The objective value of social media is hard to calculate  as a result it scares many businessmen away.

Since most of social media’s effects are indirect or hard to measure. As long as people continue using technology as a means of communication there will be a space for social media marketing.

If social media marketing is properly understood and implemented it can yield a positive ROI  (return on investment)  for any business. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, give it a shot , signing up for most platforms is free.

Let me help you elevate your social media presence.  Get Started Now

Well everybody that’s our post for today. Let me know how you feel about having a social media presence. If you are ready to elevate your presence contact me Today.

Please share this post with friends  and your social media outlets. Thanks very kindly and see ya .

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Here are my Top 2 Online Education Recommendations !


Hello to all  my friends, readers (big cashers)  and my loyal 19,000  Twitter fans thanks for stopping by and supporting me.

It’s Darrell back at you on a rainy 68 degree  afternoon with a  real serious share. It’s titled ” Here are my Top 2 Online Education Recommendations”.

I have got lots of questions and comments from my readers  asking me what’s the best place to start  and  make a living online  so Let’s go.

Many people online will try and bamboozle you and tell you that making money online is going to be easy. Run from them fast. 

I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true.  Now what I will say is I find this much easier than going to a boring job, taking orders from a boss and is 1000% more rewarding.

Do you want a actual online opportunity that has made me and many others successful ?

Guys check out Wealthy Affiliate  they are hands down # 1 for online education.  This is where I started and still hang out there.

Dom Wells  of   humanproofdesigns   featured in   Entrepreneur is  a Wealthy Affiliate graduate.

Myself I have spent a lot of time inside this program, learned and developing content. It has really taken me from just a desire to work online to an actual career.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and are known as SEO experts in the business. The owners Kyle and Carson  are two super down to earth guys who have helped me personally and reach out in this community.

Guys take it from me,  an Ivy league type online education from Wealthy Affiliate and persistent hardwork = online success.

You receive step-by-step training that is easy to follow and you can even  Get Started Today

Want to know the secret to making money online?

Here it is :    My # 1 recommendation

You’ll learn how to build a successful online business.

It’s absolutely  Free  to join. No hidden cost.    No  credit card information.

A truly honest way to make a living on the internet.  Try it out.

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Now My  # 2 Online Education Recommendation Guys!

Finally get paid for your writing. No experience ?    No clue where to start? No problem.

The top question I get asked from news writers is if they can really make a living from online writing ? And you know what I tell them?

Yes of course you can! And to be a highly-paid writer, you don’t need previous experience or a writing degree.

Let me introduce  you guys to  Write Your Way to Your First $ 1K

It’s a proven method to help new writers get set up and succeed at freelance writing from scratch. This complete course gives you the tools you need to be a well-paid and sought after freelance writer.

What is Write Your Way to Your First $ 1k

It’s an in-depth writing course,from beginner to professional writer. It has over seven modules, 41 lessons and is entirely writer self-paced

Get paid to write and start making money with your words.


Don’t believe me?  This is what Adam  Connel, of  bloggingwizard has to say about freelance blogging.

The most effective way to earn a full-time living from your blog is to become a freelance blogger. The best thing about this is that no matter how challenging it is to make money in your niche,you can make it happen by leveraging your skills and knowledge as a blogger.”

Make your money back in no time.

This course pays for itself. You only need one client that pays $ 50 a post twice a month. That’s less than five hours of work  and you break even in less than a month. It’s that easy.

And you know what? You can do this all from scratch. No experience necessary (you don’t need a degree).

Guys I have personally seen this course,help my own sister who has a education and admin background to make a living writing on a variety of topics while still able to take care of my nephew and nieces.

You have the freedom to chose the clients you want to work with, pick the writing gigs that interest you and scale your business how you want.

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But here’s the catch .  This course isn’t for everyone.  It does take work, persistence and passion to earn your first $ 1K.

But ladies and gentlemen I can guarantee you that with this course you’ll get the tools you need to find clients faster and at the same time grow your business to have clients come to you.

If you want to be successful  and a highly paid freelance writer this course is for you. If you want the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and control how much you earn this course is definitely for you . When you sign up to Write Your Way To Your First 1K here’s what you get.

when you sign up to Write Your Way to Your First $1k here’s what you get:

  • 7 modules of step-by-step self-guided lessons
  • Enhanced video training on popular tools and best practices
  • Specific exercises within each lesson to help stay on the right track to making your first $1k
  • Ready-to-use templates, email swipe copy,  pitch archive of the exact pitches that landed clients, including the pitch that landed  my very first client – $100 for an 800-word blog post and the current pitch that has awhopping 75% closing rate!
  • The pitching handbook with more tips to help you perfect your pitch and increase your conversion rate.
  • EVERYTHING you need to know to build your writer platform – what will help you attract clients come to you
  • And much more…

Take advantage of this step-by-step guide with action steps, a private Facebook group and enhanced materials. No experience required.

How this works

This is a self-paced online course.

Once you sign up and pay for your course level, you’ll have access to all the modules and supplemental material. You can read all the lessons in a module in one day or take as long as you need to go through each of them.

Each module is full of action-packed, easy-to-follow lessons.

By the end of the course, you should have a solid foundation, a new skill set and the tools and steps you need to earn your first $1k (and more) from freelance writing. So Let’s do it guys.

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If you’re the type of person looking to get rich overnight. I can’t help you. I’ve seen many people create life changing incomes online but they put in work.

You won’t get rich overnight, but if you put in the work you can create a very nice income or if it applies to you 2nd income alot faster than you think.

I hope you guys enjoyed ” Here are my top 2 Online Education Recommendations”.

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As a blogger my main goal  is to reach and help others with my words, especially to those who relate to my experiences but you must take  action.

I recommend both of these programs, take action friends.

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5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business ! (Blog)


Hello everybody and a special  “whats up” to all my loyal readers ( big cashers) it’s Darrell back at you today  with a  share titled “5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business”.

I love to read and I love to learn. My passion for reading has really helped  me understand people, places and things.

And reading other books were useless. However I have come across some phenomenal reads that have helped change my perspective in my journey to business success.

Ladies and gentlemen if you are considering starting a blog or a business of your own. Do not take a step further until you have read the books I will recommend in this post.

According to  Entrepreneur  17 of the top 100 Kindle books in 2012 were self-published,the number gets higher each year.

Take what you  learn from reading these books and apply it to create a successful path for yourself.

1.The $ 100 Startup ( Chris Guillebeau)


The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

The $ 100 Startup is a book I really enjoyed reading. Chris Guillebeau shows how you can leverage your natural talent or long-loved hobby to build a thriving business.

He shows case studies of entrepreneurs who have built businesses earning more than $ 50,000 from budgets (often $ 100 or less)

If you’re looking to build a small business that allows you to lead a location independent lifestyle this is the book that will point you in the right direction.

Read this post that went viral  What Level Blogger Are You?


2.The 4-Hour Work Week ( Tim Ferrris)

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

This book strongly rejects the traditional approach to life planning where people work their butt off: take very little time off from work over the years and save up money for retirement.

Tim talks about building a business that works for you and not a business that you work for (get it? )  It is about having a lifestyle where you are in control and not one where circumstances dictate your activities

Tim Ferris wrote the 4-Hour Work Week for those looking to maximize their productivity and freedom. The book is an excellent read so good it was on the New York Times bestseller list for years.

Many entrepreneurs consider Tim Ferris the ultimate business guru and he has a huge devoted following to prove it.

So what’s in the 4-hour work week:

It includes Tim Ferris story of having a lifestyle of $ 40,000 per year and 80 work hours per week to $ 40,000 per month and 4 hours per week.

There is a lot of practical advice and case studies in here that will help you rethink and reinvent how you should do business.


3.The Happiness of Pursuit (Chris Gillebeau)

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

This book is basically about finding purpose in life by working to accomplish big goals and seeking out adventure.

Chris Guillebeau decided to visit every country in the world. The people he profiles in the book chose a wide variety of quest,taking a vow of silence.

You can chose to pursue whatever quest happens to interest you. Check this book out it really is a fun read.

4.Starting an Online Businesss for Dummies  (Shannon Belew)

Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies

Shannon Belew’s start-up classic is a great replacement for whatever text book you would use in an entrepreneurship class to prepare for business ownership.

The book offers insider information on a wide range of topics,covering all stages of the start-up process from raising money to motivating staff.

There are plenty golden nuggets of information truly a  very good read.

Read this post 5 Blogging Tips that Get Huge Results.


5.The Lean Start-Up ( Eric Ries)

The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

The Lean Start-Up stresses that start-ups should be more innovative than conventional if they want to survive or bettter still escape competition in the marketplace.

Basically author Eric Ries shares insightful stories from his experience with software start-ups.

Ries presents a number of practices that will help you shorten the product development cycle and measure actual progress. And this without wasting your budget  on seemingly relevant business processes that will take you nowhere.  Super-read. Guys go get your copy.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed ” 5 Top Books to Read Before YOU Start Your Business”.  Just a short Sunday share.

I  read these books this summer and now that it’s fall and getting colder outside, I definitely will be getting my money’s worth out of that $ 10 unlimited Kindle deal.

5 Book Facts

  • People in Iceland read more books per capita than in any other country.
  • It is predicted that within three years 75% of books will be sold online and only 25% in brick and mortar bookstores.
  • Former American president Theodore Roosevelt read an average of one book per day.
  • Top 3 most read books in the world are: The Holy Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and Harry Potter.
  • The world’s most expensive book ever purchased was bought by Bill Gates for $ 30.8 million.  It was Codex Leicester by Leonardo DaVinci.


How do you feel about these 5 books? Did  I leave off your favorite?  Is there a book not listed here that you would recommend? Please share your thoughts and kindly share this post. Thanks and take care.