6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media


Good morning everyone it’s a chilly 51 degree chilly morning in Iowa. It’s Darrell back at you with a serious share today. Get ready y’all I think it’s gonna be a cold winter this year.

As most of you know 70% of our income here at  the cash blog is derived from our social media management service.

Yesterday I was cold calling business owners all afternoon and it really surprised me how many felt that a social media presence isn’t necessary.

With our social media management service  we help establish your brand presence in social media channels, but also tighten the relationship you have with existing customers ,while driving word of- mouth advertising as well as conversions.

So this post is titled “6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media”. so  Let’s Roll.

Social media marketing is one of the greatest developments in the marketing world in the past decade.

Some companies have risen to unbelievable heights solely on their social media  acumen while others have refused to adopt any strategy at all.

1. They don’t understand how ” Social Media work”

Some business owners have convinced themselves that social media platforms are weird and  strange and it’s only for teenagers.

They haven’t taken a moment to learn how Facebook timelines work or  why Twitter is used for different types of interactions than LinkedIn.

Basically a few hours on any platform are all it takes for even a beginner user to grow accustomed to the basics and the basics are all you need to be effective.

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2. They’re overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms.

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google +, Inform are just a handful of the most popular social media.

That number grows bigger everyday and to make things worse there are multiple ways for businesses to use every platform.

The number of options is overwhelming to a novice. The key is identifying which platforms will be your best option.

Listen to what small business owner  Ray Vandenberg said about us.

3. They don’t want to hire someone new.

Social media marketing is usually seen as a new wing of marketing, and in order to tackle it a business person would need to hire someone new who specializes in it.

However a full-time person is rarely necessary  for a social media marketing strategy, except for larger brands who might even need more people.

According to  social media examiner by tracking conversions you can connect a dollar value to your social media marketing efforts.

4. They don’t understand purpose.

The purpose of social media marketing is debatable but too many entrepreneurs are skeptical of it’s benefits simply due to how it’s been presented to them.

The reality is social media marketing isn’t some magical booth that will suddenly flood paying customers to your business.

It has a number of subtle benefits, such as increasing your visibility on the web and providing information to several-savvy customers, but most importantly ti can drive lots of people to your website.

5. They don’t want to change from traditional advertising and networking.

Some entrepreneurs are so familiar with traditional methods they refuse to change. The traditional and social media efforts can be done in balance to give you the best of both world’s.


6. They don’t see value.

The objective value of social media is hard to calculate  as a result it scares many businessmen away.

Since most of social media’s effects are indirect or hard to measure. As long as people continue using technology as a means of communication there will be a space for social media marketing.

If social media marketing is properly understood and implemented it can yield a positive ROI  (return on investment)  for any business. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, give it a shot , signing up for most platforms is free.

Let me help you elevate your social media presence.  Get Started Now

Well everybody that’s our post for today. Let me know how you feel about having a social media presence. If you are ready to elevate your presence contact me Today.

Please share this post with friends  and your social media outlets. Thanks very kindly and see ya .

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12 thoughts on “6 Fears Businesses Have about Social Media

  1. Hello Lisa thanks for stopping by glad to see a blogger of your stature visit. And I’m in agreement with you these small businesses should at least try one platform and see how it works because they would still have the traditional ways to run back too. Thanks for your valuable feedback and come back again.


  2. Hi Darrell,
    You are right that so many small businesses are still not using social media. I think if they just start with one channel and see results after several months they could move on to one more channel. But starting with more than 1 could cause a setback and leave them running back to traditional methods.
    I know I used to be on multiple networks and now I just stick to 3 and that is more than enough Darrell!

  3. Hello Sammy thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback and that is super you guys are only concentrating on Facebook and Twitter good luck in the future my friend.

  4. There are really a lot of social media platforms popping out today. And I agree with you that so as not to be overwhelmed, one should choose the best, working platform for one’s business. Currently, we are just concentrating our efforts more on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Hello Donna thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input it’s appreciated. And I’m definitely in agrrement with you as far as companies new and a lot of the older ones are sleeping on the goldmine they are losing out on in social media marketing. Change is not easy for some businesses. Again thanks for visiting and supporting us here and have a super day now.

  6. Hi Darrell,

    You’re so right about business being afraid of social media.

    The ones with big enough budgets will hire outsourcing to handle it, or even assign an employee to be in charge.

    But smaller ones tend to just drop the ball.

    It’s too bad because there’s such a gold mine in social media marketing, as you’ve suggested here.

    Your blog is actually a great resource for folks trying to understand all this, with all your articles on different aspects of social media.

    As a blogger, I’m used to using FB, YouTube and all the rest, but I still have to get my feet wet with re-targeting.

    For some reason, I keep avoid it… sigh.


  7. Hello Mark thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. And yes if businesses realize the huge amounts of people on the internet for such low cost it will bring super paydays. Mark I do believe a lot of older businesses are more reluctant to embrace social media. Again thanks for stopping by and keep visiting us here.

  8. Hello Amar thanks for stopping by again and leaving your valuable input. I’m in total agreement some businesses don’t like change and are entrenched in their routines, rules and tactics. Always great to hear from you Amar because you always bring value to the issue at hand,again thanks for supporting us here.

  9. Hey Darrell,

    Change is not easy for some businesses, especially if they are firmly set in the habit of attending chamber mixers and industry events. Too often businesses are stuck doing the same thing they have always done or what the industry has always practiced.

    The potential to misstep, whether networking traditionally or online, is always present. We need to try to view “mistakes” as opportunities for breakthroughs. I posted something in a group chat room once and was chastised by a few members because it was posted incorrectly. My reply was sincere and catchy, yet professional, and I actually ended up getting a new client.There are many privacy settings for the top professional sites. We can decide whom to allow into our network, set up filters and e-mail notifications and even block people with whom we don’t want to connect. Eventually, thanks for sharing much information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  10. I think that Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more important for even small businesses these days. If a business can reach a large amount of people without expending too many costs, they will set themselves up for huge profits.

    Thanks for your article. It explains well why some businesses are hesitant when it comes to Social Media.

    Do you think that it is the older business that are more rigid towards social media?

  11. Hello Dominic thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback. Hey we all have to start from somewhere as far as social media. Read some of the articles on my site for Twitter,Facebook and YouTube and that will get you going in the right direction. Again thanks for visiting and supporting me here and have a super day.

  12. Even I am not aware of all the types of social media and how they differ from each other. For the record, I only had Facebook before I started working on my website and I use it for personal purposes only. Heck, I don’t even know the business side of these tools.

    When I started venturing into the online world was the only time I researched other media such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and soon, Linkedin. But deep within me, something tells me that I should use these tools because they are there for a reason.

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