How To Make Money on eBay This Year

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Good morning to my friends and readers( big cashers) what a beautiful Saturday morning. It’s 74 degrees already at 10 am. This doesn’t feel like Halloween or November,especially in Iowa.

Well I have been getting a lot of questions , and comments about eBay asking “Is it still a viable work from home option?”  from my readers so today I want to clear things up. The title of this post ” How To Make Money on eBay This Year.”

A recent report said thet 900 people earned over $ 1 million dollars in one year selling stuff on eBay. That is a remarkable feat when you think about it.

It also should inspire and give hope to almost everybody that yes you can make cash online and make money on eBay this year .

I have sold on eBay a few times just during the holiday season and made really great money. But my primary focus was the restaurant businesss then so  I  didn’t totally focus on eBay but if you do it can be very lucrative.

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Here is  How to make money on eBay this year.

1.)Get started the right way. Accurately describe your item. If it is new say so, if it is not—state that as well. An accurate description will ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting.

According to comScore  eBay sites around the world hosted 251.4 million to rank No.5 in the world.


2.)Have great keywords in your title. Look for an item just like yours in an eBay search. See what comes up.

Using great keywords will get your item further up on the search listings. People can only purchase your item if they can find it.

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3.)Use pictures. Now that the gallery is free there is no reason not to use pictures. A digital camera is all that’s needed.

Accurately list your shipping and handling charges. Buyers are turned off when listings are padding their shipping. Another option is to have a buy it now option with free shipping.

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4.)As with any business guys to make more money you have to know what your competitors  are doing and react accordingly. Also find products that do not have as much competition and make the most money.

This is one of the secrets to making money online. Can you out think your competition or eliminate it altogether. (I know sounds brutal).

According to  Google News while eBay got it’s start in America it is Britain that buys more items on eBay than any nation.

5.)One of the nice things about making cash online with an eBay business is how easy it is to set up your payment system. eBay owns Paypal so you have to get a Paypal account to process your sales.

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6.)Immediately ship your items after you receive payment. A delay in shipping equals unhappy buyers. Always ship items with a form of delivery confirmation.

Keep good communication with your buyer. Let them know their item has been shipped. Send them a follow-up email to be sure they are cool with their purchase and ask them if you can put them on your email list.

Developing a list of happy customers is the ticket to repeat business.

7.)Stay Informed. Use eBay forums to know what is going on. Workshops are a great way to learn more about eBay. The more you know the better you will run your business . Know what is hot on eBay. Visit the What’s Hot page daily.

Know what is selling in your category of items.

When I started on eBay , I had to figure it out. All of these tips will help keep you profitable. eBay can be rewarding and fun.

Do not worry about knowing all details. Get started and keep improving your business as you go. I hope you enjoyed “How to Make Money on eBay this Year.”

Have you sold on eBay ? How did it work out? Let me know in the comment section below.   Please share this post. That helps me out a big deal. And tell all your family and friends  about   the cash blog. Thanks a lot and take care.



6 thoughts on “How To Make Money on eBay This Year

  1. Hello Zinette thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback, great question once you have the sale you have to ship the merchandise but you don’t want to choose a product that weighs over 5lbs. in the first place,this problem can be avoided. I hope this answered your question and keep coming by.

  2. Hi Darrell, thank you for your informative post. I still haven’t figured out shipping, though. Does eBay calculate the shipping for you or do you have to dictate that yourself? because when I tried to put up an item for sell, there was a part that asked for shipping details like if it was for local or international. I see that some sellers are able to provide free shipping to even international buyers without the product being overpriced. I was just wondering if you had some tips for me on this. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hello Gomer thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback and supporting us here. And Gomer eBay does have an affiliate program. Just hit up eBay and register for these holidays coming up. Again thanks for stopping by and take care


  4. Hello thanks for stopping by Edward and leaving feedback. I do believe the product has to look good also to increase sales. So thanks for giving a new perspective and keep coming by and leaving your views

  5. I must admit that even though I’ve bee here for a long time now making money online, the eBay thing is yet to be discovered for me. This article of yours has sparked some motivation for me to dig deeper about making money with eBay. Thank you very much.

    I have a question: Can we make money with eBay like the way we’re making commissions with affiliate marketing? Like for example, instead of selling our own products, just promote other people’s products?

  6. I believe having attractive product image is one of the most important aspects when it comes to catching attention. When we surf marketplaces like Amazon we tend to look out for product image rather than the text itself.

    Of course, having good aftersales service is important as well, but you have to grab the customers’ attention first before you can do anything.

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